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Friday, 11/11/2011, 06:29 pm

Overeem Wants To Send Lesnar Back To The WWE At UFC 141


29 Responses to “Overeem Wants To Send Lesnar Back To The WWE At UFC 141”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    I like the way Alistair conducts himself… confident yet humble, with that said I hope he knocks Brock’s juggernaut block off!

  2. Long-Strong says:

    lol that’s harsh. i guess lesnar wants to send you back to the netherlands.

  3. Creature says:

    I have nothing against Brock, but i gotta go with Reem here, been a fan of his much longer, and would love to see him fight Cain or JDS more than Brock fighting either of them

  4. Kyle says:

    Love Overeem he’s the man. But can’t see him stoping the takedown so I think he’s fucked… winner fights Dos Santos for sure.

  5. Kyle K. says:

    reem has alot of shit going on. He says he isn’t gonna underestimat brock but I think he has then he has a law suit going on lawyers calling him all the time how focused on brock is he really?

  6. stone cold says:

    demolition man is going to get smashed by brock cuz stone cold said so!!

  7. Mike S says:

    Overeem’s confidence is laughable… LOL! Good Luck Bud!!!

  8. aaxantonio says:

    he couldnt beat shogun, or little nog, or chuck lidel, how in the fuck is he gonna beat brock, reem will be cut buy the middle of next year, i dont think he will win one fight in the ufc

  9. Bert-Joe says:

    i think The Reem will take the belt by the middle of next year…

  10. Xaninho says:

    He will win because he got bigger and better since Shogun, lil Nog and Lidell…

    I know the UFC is the top league in MMA, but in my opinion the Dream, Strikeforce ánd K-1 champ has better prudentials than a former UFC, WWE champ….

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t know where Alistair comes from but I can assume that English was not his first language. He is surprisingly very articulate and has better command over the English language than most people who solely speak English for the entirety of their lives. I also admire his calm demeanor. That being said lets have a good fight.

  12. chosefightsanotherway says:

    Brock is a punk. He has no buissness in UFC. He definatly should not be in a title shot spot. He did not deserve the first chance against Cotoure. He and every other heavy weight should have to fight Big Countrys fat ass first.

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