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Wednesday, 10/24/2012, 10:10 am

Overeem Wants Title Shot, But Won’t Wait For Championship Fight | UFC NEWS

“Right now, he’s not even licensed so the UFC’s hands are tied. Until he gets licensed, the UFC can’t book him a fight until he gets licensed. So right now it’s all talk. Based upon when he gets licensed and it also depends on the winner of dos Santos and Cain (Velasquez) fight come out unscathed. What if the winner comes out and has an injury and doesn’t want to fight for 8 months? So there’s a lot of “what ifs”, so right now we’re just focusing on getting licensed, and once we get licensed then we’ll figure out who we’re going to fight. We’d still rather jump in and get a fight, so we’ll see what happens. He would like to fight as soon as possible after he gets licensed. We’re appreciative that Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) want him to fight for the title, and we’re thankful for that, but right now the focused is to get licensed.”

Glenn Robinsion, manager of Alistair Overeem and “The Blackzilians” recently discussed the state of Alistair Overeem and what they want for the former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 champion.

With Overeem currently serving a suspension the camp just wants to see him get licensed and booked for whatever fight they can get shortly after.

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16 Responses to “Overeem Wants Title Shot, But Won’t Wait For Championship Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jasplanet says:

    This dude is a BEAAAAASSSTTT! I dont care if e deserves it or not, look Chael Sonnen got the Jones fight, MEANING the whoever is the top conder thing dont matter anymore, never will. And do u know why Dana did this?? Cuz greg f*ucking Jackson gives most of his fighters the advice to just get the W, nomattet how. So instead of having a bunch of Jackson supermario coincollectors in line Dana shows that the W dont mean sh*it if ur boring, i personally think thats a good thing, F*uck greg and his advices

  2. punchkick says:

    let him fight cormier for the strikeforce heavyweight title. winner get’s to fight the ufc champ. unification bout.

    • some guy says:

      thats actually a really good idea! my only concern is that there is a significant size difference there, but that may not matter if DC can get inside and do his work idk tho thats something that we would have to see i guess?

    • will says:

      i thought the reem was the strikeforce champ he just dropped it to move to the ufc right?

      • bri says:

        where have you been…..he was stripped of the strikeforce title

      • Kay Oss says:

        He was strikeforce champ but it went on the line in their Tournament which he only completed the first round of if memory serves then he was injured and they wouldn’t wait for him or something so he had to drop the title and that’s when he decided to head for the UFC.

        I think it’ll be good to see him back and I second the idea that the Cormier fight might be good for him, both of them in fact. Although I think in UFC-level competition Cormier’s size disadvantage is going to be a problem these days. He’d be better at LHW in my opinion.

    • m says:

      That sounds solid.

      Cormier v. Overeem for SF HW Title. Winner fights Valazquez v. JDS Winner.

      If that doesn’t go down, I could see him fighting Carwin v. Nelson winner or maybe Bigfoot Silva.
      Cormier fight still sounds the most interesting to me.

    • punchkick says:

      the ufc has to unify the championship since strikeforce is dying.
      cormier needs and asked for better competition. overeem needs to fight a solid fighter to regain his number#1 contender status.
      classic fight between a wrestler and a striker.

  3. Jose says:

    i want to fight this guy, i’m 5´9 150 lbs 😀

  4. Joe says:

    Cain will destroy both of them fools with roids or no roids junior dos santos got lucky that nite he won’t get lucky again guarantee fools

  5. DC says:

    Overeem………….who cares about Overeem its all talk until he gets his license back for testing positive for steroids I for one can’t wait to see Cain get his ass beat again by Dos Santos. I’m hoping for a quick and decisive fight, a loss so overwhelming that he might consider retirement.

  6. 11thhour says:

    yeh no lucky punch for junior this time… i see him getting pounded on.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    so he needs to get licensed then. I think Glenn should have wore his ‘Get Licensed Overeem’ shirt rather than sputtering this crap out.

  8. Generation X says:

    I don’t know why people think that Daniel Cormier is so small. He weighs around 240lbs which is about what Junior weighs. I think it would be a great fight between Cormier and Overeem. Cormier handled Josh Barnett and Big Foot Sylva easily.

  9. Trent says:

    Thing about overeem he probably is the best after cain and dos santos but hes a cheater :/ you look at him 3 4 year ago he looked like a middleweight now hes the biggest man in UFC, rightfully so he will get a shot and he will probably beat either of them two just steroid use should never be allowed.. Chael uses it and gets a title shot so suppose if them two can then why doesnt everyone start :/ just not right

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