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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 08:45 am

Overeem Turned Down UFC Title Fight, Opted For Quicker Debut

“I got offered to fight for the championship belt but that would mean I had to wait, because of course (Junior) dos Santos is fighting (Cain) Velasquez Nov. 12, it’s going to be a great fight, then probably these guys are going to need some healing time, relaxing time, so November plus six months, that will probably be May. I’m a fighter, I like to be active, so then some names came rolling out and Brock Lesnar was among them and I think it’s a dream match-up. The fans wants to see it; I want to see it. I’m very excited about this fight, so I immediately said yes.”

Newly signed UFC heavyweight fighter, Alistair Overeem, went on record with the guys over at about his recently announced main event bout with former UFC champion, Brock Lesnar.

What is interesting is that, according to his account, Overeem could have waited on the shelf for an immediate title shot but instead opted for monster wrestler. Brock Lesnar, in his debut UFC outing.

Anyone think that was a mistake? Sound off….


24 Responses to “Overeem Turned Down UFC Title Fight, Opted For Quicker Debut”

  1. Steven says:

    do it cuz!!!!!

  2. desmond says:

    reem will destroy brock! great way for him to introduce himself to the average fan.

  3. Rusk says:

    for some reason I think brock is gunna win this fight

  4. markus says:

    I think its a great move for Reem. Most guys freeze up coming from the ring to the cage. Like Desmond said, its a good introduction and a good win over a decent opponent. Let’s face it, Brock is on the way down and I predict out of the UFC unless they start feeding him lesser talent. Getting hit rattles him and Overeem is going to hit him hard and a lot.

  5. Jason says:

    I agree. Overeem comes with heavy hands. Hope Brock learns to take a punch by December. Bad fight for Brock.

  6. AJ says:

    Brock’s fight. He’ll take it to Overeem.

  7. Andy says:

    Brock is going down!

  8. Jason says:

    This will be the beginning of the end for Brock

  9. Dosan says:

    I pray to the MMA Gods that Brock doesn’t win!

  10. TheDEEN88 says:

    don’t count brocks wrestling. when did reem fight a wrestler like Brock last or ever. but yeah if it goes to the ground its a short night voer reem and standing up brock can say good night

  11. Watchout UFC world Overeem has arrived.. He came.. he saw.. he conquerored!

  12. Big Balla says:

    Overeem’s win over Verdum was his 1st win against a TRUE contender since losing to Shogun in 2007. Meanwhile, Lesnar, a green mma fighter, has fought the best in his short career.

    Don’t believe the Overeem hype.

  13. Funkyfinish says:

    That is the difference between ‘Reem and Hendo–‘Reem wants to fight, Hendo just wants the title shot.
    Brock should get beat up in this one.

  14. Jason says:

    Much to big of a fight for Brock to take for his first fight back. If Brock decides to stand with this guy it will be lights out! This could be very embarrassing for Brock.

    • Dom#1 says:

      Could be more embarassing for Overeem. Brock beat mir.. Mir would smash overeem. Overeem has been fighting in japan because he cant beat a good fighter.. He was a vagina fighter against werdum showed how much of a coward the “greatest heavyweight” in the world is. Now he goes up against brock, Brock has fought the best he beat mir couture herring (who hasnt been ko’d) and carwin. He lost to cain but cain is on a tare right now. Brock can and will take overeem down and smash him. Overeem has fought nobody in the last 6 years. Werdum lost his way the hell outta the ufc and he barely beat werdum =/

  15. Tadow says:

    I’m pretty sure that Brock’s aware of Overeem’s punching power. This will end up with Brock on top, pounding ‘reem in the ass!

  16. zack says:

    brock better learn to take a punch or he is not gunna win period

  17. Jason says:

    Overeem win by KO second round!

  18. EffLay&Prayfighters says:

    what shocks me is that people actually thinks that Cock Lesnar has a chance.. LOL, NOT!!

  19. rich says:

    lmao any fighter has a fighters chance inside the octagon… anything can happen and brock has big wins inside that octagon reem has zero big wins period non the less inside the praised octagon im personaly looking forward to this fight, brock isnt a sacrificial lamb like forrest was supose to be to shogun in ruas debute, brock is the former hvyweight champ and im assuming the winner gets a shot out of the victor of cain vs jds for the belt… brock has the advantage on reems power is no where near cain or carwins power i think brock will finish reem with ground and pound going back to whut got him the belt to begin with reem is the one who needs to live up to the hype people give him but im predicting hes going to let his fans down, im glad to say i never bought the hype and am not a fan of reem but if he comes in and gets a dominating win he would be one step closer for me to buy his hype as of right now i have to sell it

  20. toker247 says:


  21. james willison says:

    Let’s see including his amateur wins Brock is about 110 wins and 5 losses. Oh, yeah he also took on everyone. Lesnar will take this guy, and it won’t be close. I am glad that people who have no experience in the ring, can slam Brock…it rteally shows today’s Hide behind key board talk …. mentality is here to stay. Oh, BTW who is at 95%, wins, Overrem…don’t think so

  22. Lesnar KIA vs The REEM says:

    Above comment not withstanding, one keyboard warrior to another, but Lesnar is lesser to AO. Overeem’s professional accolades alone outweighs anything Lessnar has done in his amateur career, GET REAL. AO is a K1 champion, Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, and last time I checked HAUS, Strikeforce holds their fights in this steel meshed ring aka. a fkn cage. All the clowns who don’t know about The Reem you’ll soon see whats up…

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