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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 01:10 pm

Overeem Shelved For Nine-Months By NSAC For Positive Testosterone Test

After a lengthy hearing infront of the NSAC today, Alistair Overeem was denied his license to fight and has been put on the shelf for 9-months.

We have a full summary of the hearing and report coming soon so stick with us at BJPENN.COM for all the details!


47 Responses to “Overeem Shelved For Nine-Months By NSAC For Positive Testosterone Test”

  1. Island power says:

    Go figure

  2. Derrick says:

    Damn it reem you let us down!

  3. MMAPrince says:

    Good, we need to punish the cheaters, and we need to start being much more strict with this type of stuff.

    • charles says:

      100% agree.
      guys like chael, hendo, gsp…they all need to be banned.

      • Anthony1994 says:

        Why Hendo and GSP? Hendo has a TRT license, so he ain’t cheating and George has never once tested positive for any banned substance. Also fuck Alistair!

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Innocence until proven guilty for Hendo and GSP.

      • charles says:

        Haha GSP. Well I suppose he does look more like Mark Coleman these days than….well…..Mark Coleman. HA!

        As for the other guys, license or not, it’s still cheating. Cheating father time. Cheating mother nature.

        If you can’t compete with the youngins anymore, then maybe it’s time to hang em up….just like everyone else before you had to do.

        • Aaron says:

          You’re an idiot.

        • Pijan says:

          He actually raises a good point. If you can’t naturally compete, then you shouldn’t compete. Whether you’re naturally too small or just too old to produce enough testosterone. Either fight in a smaller weight class or lean to fight with what you have. You either play the hand you’re dealt, or don’t play at all. If you need TRT, you’re shouldn’t be in the ring.

        • baldy says:

          well said charles and pijan…licinse, perscription, or whatever…theres really only 2 reasons why a guy needs trt…either youve taken something in the past thats tricked your body into not producing its own testostrone or your gettin old (hypergonadism sounds kinda…well…like bullshit). either way trt is not fair…and it gets abused.
          also…it might be a good idea to surprise a certain fighter who has already PHAELED (lol) once, and continues to defend trt and fighters who get caught using it…just sayin.

        • kyle iampen says:

          You are such a fuckin idiot gsp would never do steroids. The Guy is just a natural athlete. He shows no sighns what so ever of being on roids. If u ever have watched him train before u would realize why he is so ripped. Gsp is one of those guys that truly believes that their is no magic pill just hard work. Dip shit!

        • Sérgio says:


      • Lolz says:

        Gee pretty sure chael served his suspension and had to fight twice before getting another shot.

  4. &; says:

    9 months? really? Diaz smokes some pot and gets a year, this guy is intentionally cheating and he gets 9 on what can be considered his second misstep with the commission. It like they are just throwing darts at a board to figure out these punishments.

  5. Thomas says:

    Perfect! Just as derserved.

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guess he couldn’t come up the the medication for his rib injury. Why have a hearing at all really? That’s 0-3 for Overeem, Cyborg and King Mo.

  7. Clay says:

    Why didn’t chael get any punishment? All he got was another title shot

  8. Popp24 says:

    I think they should come down harder on these guys. I wanted to see this fight as much as anybody but he is getting what he deserves and really should have gotten at least a year.

  9. Ste says:

    Gives him 9 months to get even BIGGGGGGER

  10. brawler says:

    good, ban the cheater for life next time

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    the ufc losing yet another PPV name…

  12. Ste says:

    Just read this on another news post about Random drug tests on all fighters in the UFC –

    “Unfortunately the idea has already been shot down by Dana White claiming it would be impossible to conduct random drug tests with the amount of fighters the UFC has all over the world. ”

    Its not impossible, its just he knows that a mass of his fighters will be on suspensions and planned fights will have to be re arranged etc etc like the big Overeem fight…

    Im surprised he didnt pay them off to keep quiet, I bet Reem v JDS would have been a bigger seller than Mir v JDS………….

  13. Xaninho says:

    That was to be expected. Now after the 148 presser do a ‘surprise’ test on Sonnen. Or at his camp, I bet he will piss hot.

  14. Coco says:

    Do the right thing Overeem and fight clean you still have fans bro

  15. Pijan says:

    Damn, guess JDS will be getting shelved too. Maybe not but it’d be the smarter thing to do to wait for Mir or Velasquez.

  16. Arron France says:

    Should be banned life! Drugs cheats (that’s he is, I don’t believe a word!) are scum and bring disgrace to every sport!

  17. Mani says:

    Next time read the packet before you put it in your body. Your a grown man and a professional athlete and you don’t bother to check whats in the medicine your taking???? You blithering idiot. Liar. Scumbag. Batty man

  18. KIDD433 says:

    This doesnt 9 months Dos Santos will still be champ and when the Reem comes back they can still fight

  19. KIDD433 says:

    He is gona retiire MIR in the mean time.

  20. Dd says:

    Why should he be suspended at all he wasn’t fighting and he wasn’t licsensed. Suspension is bullshit.

  21. slacker says:

    Just dessert for Overeem. For everyone accusing GSP, when would you say he started using, because I really don’t see any difference in his physique from now to say way back in his Pete Spratt fight. If you are gonna accuse the guy, at least say when abouts you noticed a difference in his size. Otherwise, you are just randomly slagging the guy. And if Hendo had been testing higher than 6:1, the NSAC would have detected it at least once in the last 5 years. Stop sullying people’s reputations with no evidence.

  22. MARV3L0US says:

    Hopefully he learns from this and quits what a punk .. not fair to anyone who competes in a fighting sport against someone who is 255+ on p.e.d or in any situation

  23. Wimp wailer says:

    Is trt really that bad doesn’t the body naturally produce this so is it a drug really I know my body doesn’t produce ice or meth so testosterone could be a natural supplement I think Reem is a loss to the UFC and its fans it would have been good to see what impact he would have had on this division

  24. Poopdawg says:

    So he gets banned for 9 months, takes more juice, hopefully times the test right this time then fights juiced again? couldn’t it be maybe a once a month thing?

  25. slacker says:

    I’m not sure how he can time it if the testing is random, which it will be. Anyways, for me I am not interested in seeing someone fight on roids or TRT above 6:1. I know some people out here believe two wrongs make a right, but I’d rather catch some of them than none of them. Eventually, you will probably get caught.

  26. TJ says:

    What a joke, letting him fight this year is way to light. Diaz’s case should be dropped entirely then…

  27. Stevo the great says:

    Alistair Overeem has the testosterone of 14 men, gets 9 month suspension.

    Nick Diaz smoked the marijuana of two men and gets a year suspension.

    Sorry but something is really really wrong with this. And Nick is legal in CA.

    Fuck you NSAC… guys got your heads up your asses!

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