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Tuesday, 08/07/2012, 11:15 pm

Overeem Says Dos Santos Was Happy Last Bout Didn't Happen And When Confronted He Pretended Not To Speak English | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Alistair Overeem comments while appearing on UFC Tonight.

Overeem firstly commented on the UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos and discussed a conversation he had with the Champion.

“I think he’s afraid to fight me. He was happy that the last fight on May 26 didn’t happen against us. I approached him at the UFC Fighter Summit in Vegas and said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s prove something to the world and lets fight.’ Then he suddenly acted like he didn’t understand English and how he wants to fight Cain first. The fact of the matter is, I’m the number-one heavyweight in the world and if he wants to be the number-one heavyweight, he has to come through me.”

The last bout between Overeem and Dos Santos was derailed due to Overeem being tested following a press conference  and the results revealing an elevated testosterone level. He then had his licence suspended for nine months, however this time around Overeem thinks he will have no problem getting his licence.

“My manager and I have a good relationship with the (Nevada State Athletic) Commission and we’re taking all steps necessary and following all the rules, and I don’t expect any problems to get my license from the commission when the time comes.”

Dos Santos recently called out Overeem saying ‘I Want To Knock Him Out And I Want To Knock Him Out Now’ Overeem admits he is amused by all the Champions talking.

“First he wants to fight Cain [Velasquez] and now me. Talk all you want. Come into the Octagon. I will immediately say yes. Give me and the fans what they want. But he’s expecting that fight not to happen. I would welcome that fight and want it to happen. I would say yes every time to that fight.”

He then finished off by making a plea to Dos Santos to accept the bout with him and not Cain Velasquez.

“Junior, give me and the fans and the UFC what they want. You’ve already fought Cain. That would just be another win. But a win over me would give you the number-one spot. Without a win over me, they’ll always question your championship. So bring it to the table, my friend.”

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44 Responses to “Overeem Says Dos Santos Was Happy Last Bout Didn't Happen And When Confronted He Pretended Not To Speak English | UFC News”

  1. drew says:

    absolutely no way reem beats jds

  2. Akid says:

    I’m sick of hearing this Reem talk his way into a title fight. Fail Sonnen really has lesft a black cloud over mma. Every fighters manager is clearly telling people to talk their way into fights! You got busted with elevated testosterone levels. Reem needs to get 2 more wins after this debacle imo…

    • Majestyk says:

      First of all, don’t compare Overeem’s ability to to be provocative or interesting with Sonnen’s. There is absolutely NO comparison. Sonnen is a master of promotion who uses creative wit to push people’s buttons, and to spark interest in his fights. There is nothing funny or even remotely original in any of Overeem’s comments. That said, your assertion that Sonnen has created an atmosphere where it’s become acceptable for one fighter to goad another into a fight is ridiculous. Calling someone out, with the intention of getting a title shot, is nothing new. Why you would label that as a “dark cloud” escapes me.

  3. Xaninho says:

    I would like to see this fight, but I do think after the whole testosterone issue Overeem needs to fight his way up. I’d say Werdum-Overeem III, and JDS-Cain, eventhough I still think one win over Bigfoot shouldn’t be enough to get right back in the #1 contender spot. Winners face eachother after that.

  4. CombatRusse says:

    Overrem is a fucking cheater, not the best at MMA but he’s damn good at marketing

  5. Mike b says:

    Overeem is starting to get on my damn nerves.he said he’s the number one heavyweight in the world….Lol.who did u fight bro,Lol.brett Rogers,Brock,werdum don’t count that boring ass fight.overeem is a good fighter but I can’t wait till JDS knocks his fucking block offf.

  6. Me says:

    I’d love to see JDS vs Overeem, but you cannot take away Cain’s title shot away from him, He is such a nice and humble guy and he deserves the title shot, He took the first fight whilst injured to help the UFC on their FOX debut. Let Cain fight JDS & the winner gets Overeem, He doesn’t need to have a ‘warm up fight’ or a fight to ‘prove himself” He is a force to be reckoned with in the HW division.

    • Scotty says:

      Cain wasnt injured, he was coming off surgery and he was 100%… Just like Cain said he was fine, he just went away from his gameplan and got KO’d!

    • Mike b says:

      Actually JDS said he had an injury,I forgot what tho.he said it on the prime time show they had on UFC 146.cain is a beast and is very respectful.i think cain should be next in line for the title to.allistar had his shot and fucked it up.he should fight the winner I agree.

  7. Trevor says:

    I keep looking for pictures of the reem to see if he’s any smaller. So far I haven’t found any that he looks any different. It will be interesting if he does when he finally weighs in

  8. maurice says:

    um reem is losing his fucking mind. how can u say jds is scared of u and this and that, when the man is trying to call of the cain fight to whip ur ass? this is like chael vs anderson all over again. guy gets popped for doping, then talks major shit to get his way back into a title shot. chael and reem dont/didnt deserve a title shot, but ppl wanna see them get whooped so badly it will probably be made. i hate the idea of reem fighting for a title let alone a top dog, but ill pay money to see his sorry ass get knocked out and sent directly outta of the ufc. if everyone was suspicious of me for years of doping, then i FINALLY get caught doping, i wouldnt even show face anymore, let alone run my mouth as much as possible about shit i dont even deserve anymore.

  9. Zack says:

    Reem sucks. Cain and jds would beat him. He’s trying his best chael sonnen impression. Fails drug test for steroids then talks shit into a title shot.

  10. Gaylord Focker says:

    Whos this Allister Overoid? Is he an ape or a prehistoric bitch? No you wont beat Junior, only Yves Lavigne can beat the fuck out of him.

  11. JDS is the world champ so Overeem needs to get through him, not the other way around. WTF is this guy talking about? Overeem is getting really annoying with his JDS bashes. JDS even said he’ll hold off on the Cain rematch (who he easily beat up) just to knock Overeem out. Seriously, Overeem is starting to remind me of Tito talking smack about Chuck Liddell back in the day.

  12. Veek says:

    I think Overeem should get the shot if the man has paid his due then why not I mean Cain is an awesome fighter but he beat Big foot who really isnt all that impresive at all so why should he get the shot plus big foot was a replacement for mir so I think that fight doesnt prove much. As for Overeem he was lined up for the shot and hes paying his due and if Cigano is saying he wants to fight him then I would pay to watch it. I think both fighter are impressive but I would give the advantage to overeem because of experience and He is a multiple time champion whether his opponents were credible or not in those wins. He has also beaten alot of good names in the past. Cigano has got amazing boxing and take down defense but we really haven’t seen any other aspects of his game. To be honest If cigano wins I would be surprised thou he is an amazing fighter either way this fight is a win for fight fans.

    • What? says:

      Agreed. I don’t know why everybody gets all worked up about who is better. They are obviously both great fighters. Jds has proven himself a great champion in UFC whereas overeem has proven himself a champ in different promotions simultaneously. To say overeem doesn’t have a chance is ridiculous just because people don’t like him because of his one mistake. Get over it everybody and let’s see who is the best.

  13. lolziez says:

    just have Cain and Reem fight for the next title shot

  14. jbeamazing says:

    as much as i dislike the cheating reemroid he is kinda smart to keep talking shit but in reality cain should get the shot

  15. Scotty says:

    Overeem has a case here.. JDS already KO’d Cain and Overeem is the real number 1 contender.. So to see who actually is the best HW, this is the fight that needs to happen.. This is almost the same case as Sean Sherk when he got caught taking steroids.. BJ became the champ but Sherk said BJ wasnt the real champ because he didnt beat him for it.. The UFC let Sherk get that shot at BJ once his suspension was over.. Same can go for Overeem, he is the number 1 guy, he is doing his penalty of 9 months suspension and doing everything the commission is asking of him.. So i dont see why he shouldnt get the shot to see who is the best HW?!

    • rick james bioch says:

      Um, how can Reem be the #1 HW if he’s been cheating this whole time? Without roids he that chump that was getting his arse handed to him in pride!!!

  16. rick james bioch says:

    Here is a thought? Don’t F’n cheat, get caught roiding and all this would have been a non-issue cuz then both would have fought in May… Now this douche wants to come back and cut in front of folks that actually play by the rules.

    Dana is even a bigger turd if he gives Reem a title shot without making his fight at least once before then and will send a bad message to the rest of the fighters that there is no repercussions getting caught cheating.

    BTW F Rory McDonald!!!!

  17. Zero says:

    That is complete garbage, Overeem is the biggest liar, just like he lies about steroids. Junior is just not the type of guy to lie or talk something up, nor is he the type of guy to dodge someone in a fight, he’s gone up against the best and put them on the bitch so he’s not gonna be scared of Overeem the pootrid cunt he should go get knocked out by shogun again or something

  18. X says:

    How the fuck are you going to get suspended for cheating and then try to call someone out? That’s like someone holding a gun in a boxing match and calling his opponent scared when he won’t enter the ring.

  19. lol REEM! says:

    lol the reem is delusional.. cain AND junior would smash him.. I still think cain is going to get the belt back as well

  20. MartelW says:

    So many hateful “fans”. Overeem cheated or did Overeem OD on Trt. Overeem didn’t cheat, no anabolic steroids, no weed, and no “illegal” drugs. Overeem is over 30. Lots of fighters and athletes are more than likely taking some kind if enhancing drug. Jds is still young. Ofcourse he’s going to talk shit about because he doesn’t need it yet. A real fan of MMA or any sport would enjoy all of it’s assets. But, unlike the majority of the people here…you pick favorites and talk shit about who you dont like.

    • giuber says:

      yh whats your point its not accepted in any other sport why should it be accepted in mma hes been doping since he was in pride the only reason he wasent done their because he was a big name if anything he shouldnt be allowed to fight again CHEATING FUCK!!

  21. ging says:

    wtf is the overroid on fucking jumped up prick he tested positive not jds were as cain got dropped by jds the muled bigfoot , let me see would i wanna watch a jumped up drug takein mouthy twat or a hardworking dangerous and tough challenger in cain????

  22. Tossers says:

    This Roid Monkey has no right to even talk about fighting JDS. Dude has built his name off being doped to the eyeballs. He is a fake athlete that doesn’t deserve squat! Ps. most of the people that consistently post here are homos! Balls in your mouth fags :)

  23. slacker says:

    If the Reembear sneaks under the Roid radar, he will beat JDS. But, I don’t really care. It’s tarnished and meaningless.

  24. Trex says:

    LOL Overeem is obviously irking Dos Santos so he could get a title shot by pissing off JDS. He saw the conflict of words between Mir and JDS so he exploited it, so he could benefit from all those trash-talking by earning a title shot. Wise move.

  25. giuber says:

    reem needs to sort his steroid problem out before anything lets see him be the big man when his ball are producing the testosterone!!

  26. the original steve says:

    so let me get this straight overroid. he said he didn’t understand then said he wants to fight cain right after he knocked him out. and now he’s scared because he want to fight you instead of cain now. okay okay this all makes sense

  27. In my opinion Cain Vs Overeem could be a good number one contender matchup.

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