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Wednesday, 02/12/2014, 07:41 pm

Overeem Responds To White: Injury To Blame For JDS Turndown, Not Fear

Earlier today we were told by Dana White that Alistair Overeem ‘was literally hiding from Junior dos Santos’.

Now, thanks to, Overeem has spoken out about these allegations:

“I’m hurt. Rib problem. So first [I] need an ETA on recovery time. [It] would be unwise to accept any fight before knowing exactly what’s up. [I] wouldn’t want to pull out of any fight [due to] being unfit, especially an anticipated fight as this one.”


17 Responses to “Overeem Responds To White: Injury To Blame For JDS Turndown, Not Fear”

  1. magoo says:

    Which freakin promoter goes and says one fighters dodging another! I know a prick named Dana…. Think before you diss your fighters damn putz!

  2. Gogoplata says:

    Dana needs to take a break from the business for a while. He’s saying things and doing his job too emotionally, more than before. He’s gonna make himself and the company fall if this keeps up. Dana needs some vacation time. Just get Lorenzo to handle the press for a few months or something. Dana’s snapping.

  3. Keith says:

    This fight is pointless anyway, does anyone have any doubts that Dos Santos would obliterate Overeem? I dont, and when Dos Santos wins, what have we learnt? I dont think beating Frank Mir in his worst performance ever qualifies him for a shot at the #1 contender. Stupid

  4. Xaninho says:

    He’s trying to pressure Overeem into signing the fight using playground tactics. “What you don’t want to fight him? You scared?”. If Overeem does have an injury then it’s smart to let that heal instead of signing for the fight and end up fighting a beast like JDS on 80% fitness.

    • arynhood says:


    • King_DG says:

      overeem is scared though that’s why after the mir fight, he called out Lesnar( someone he already beat, doesn’t even fight and he knows he would destroy if they ever fight again).

      • Xaninho says:

        I don’t think so. Around that time there was talk about Lesnar making a come back. I guess he just wanted to ride along on the hype train. I’m not saying that was a smart move because it was quite stupid and embarrassing. I don’t think he’s scared of JDS, Cain showed that he’s not invincible, he’s just smart enough to know that he needs to be in shape and injury free to stand a chance against JDS.

  5. ^ says:

    Usually agree with most of what Dana does, this whole thing has been a dick move on his part.

  6. Dj Drama says:

    couple of knees by reem in mid section of Mr. wild swing n miss aka JDS will break him out, dana always banter about fighters he dint like

  7. Tony Thouin says:

    That fight would be called ” The Reem Cream”

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    As White continuously says; I paraphrase, ” We are in the fight business and not the nice business”. There are alot of things going on in the background with fighters, managers, negotiaitons for contracts, cheating(as Overeem has continuously done), etc. that none of you crybaby tools are even aware of to be judging what White does to motivate these fighters. White does seem like he doesn’t care too much for Overeem and maybe he wants him out, but that’s the game. Has anybody thought that maybe Overeem has been playing games in the background that is getting White to do what he is doing?

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