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Monday, 02/03/2014, 03:28 pm

Overeem Responds To Dana White’s Criticism, Admits To Playing It Safe Against Frank Mir

Dana’s a very upfront character. I like that about him, I like to know where I’m at. He’s entitled to his opinion, as we all are. Do i think it’s fair? I think it was a very technical performance. It is what it is. I can’t make more of it now. I can understand him, he’s a promoter, he wants to have exciting fights. Ratings matter, fans matter, fans want exciting fights. That is important. I hope he also understands my position. I mean, of course I’m fighting in a loser leaves town match, so of course, for me, and also since the Travis fight, that has been a factor, a lot of things about my cardio. Sometimes, in life, you don’t always get what you want. Of course, I’d rather had punched him out in one minute, but then, I would have gotten, ‘Yeah, but he can’t last three rounds.’ Then maybe I wouldn’t have learned my lesson from the Travis fight.”

“Listen, I’m still that guy that wants to knock people’s head off. But it is important to have that switch. Sometimes it’s not possible. You can want it as hard as you want, and if I look at my history, my last fight, that was my downfall, going for that knockout. So, it’s logical and I hope that viewers back home and everybody watching can understand that.”

During today’s episode of ‘The MMA Hour’ UFC heavyweight, Alistair Overeem, addressed the recent criticism from Dana White and talked about his cautious game plan for his UFC 169 bout against Frank Mir.


78 Responses to “Overeem Responds To Dana White’s Criticism, Admits To Playing It Safe Against Frank Mir”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Man, I really like Overeem. He’s good at what he does, but he is a dead fish once he’s on his back and Cain would kill this dude. I think a healthy Lesnar taking him down and putting him on his back, it’s over. Don’t think the OverHulk can fight on the ground much. Too bad he wasn’t a wrestler. Typical kickboxing retard. I’d like to see him slug it out with JDS though!

  2. Gomay Sheet says:

    Guess he has nothing to say about the sorry ass undercard fighters/

  3. Michael Johnston says:

    I kind of want to see Overeem win some more fights so he can get knocked the fuck out by a superior striker again. Fun to watch him fight.

    • Canscrubenha says:

      Superior Striker? You mean like Bigfoot who was getting outstruck very badly before Overeem gassed?

      Or Travis Browne who was hurt very badly and was losing badly before Overeem gassed?

    • Xaninho says:

      Bigfoot and Browne were in no way a superior striker. They were completely outclassed up until Overeem gassed out. In fact I don’t see any fighter in the UFC with superior striking. You’re talking about a k1 champion here.

  4. Canscrubenha says:

    I figured it all out. Dana is just pissed because Overeem forces him to fire Mir now. It’s his own fault for saying that one of the guys isn’t gonna be in the UFC after the fight.

    Mir should retire now though.

    • B0$$ says:

      Eat a dick loser. mir should just fight fighters slightly out of the top 10.

      • Canscrubenha says:

        Mature response. From a guy who calls himself B0$$ nonetheless.

        I’m saying Mir should retire because I know he has a future outside of the sport as a trainer or an analyst… or both. He’s a highly intelligent individual, but his career is nearing its end.

        Truth be told he hasn’t been the same since he broke his leg.

        I wasn’t bashing Mir at all, I was saying that Dana is pissed off because now he has to fire Mir in order to not look like a total puss.

        So maybe instead of flying off the handle and passing out the “Eat a dick” comments you should use the grey matter in your head and think rationally.

        I know it’s the internet, I know it’s cool to be a douche bag when you’re anonymous, but get over it.

  5. Robert Åkergren says:

    Fakk Dana you did great

  6. Marky13 says:

    Alistair did what he had too, and beat the pulp out of Mir and got the win, Alistair is right everyone is intitled to there opinion,(Dana White) , im just glad to see that the majority of the comments here are for the best intrest of Alistair.. He may have played it safe but not to safe, his 139 strikes landed to Mirs 5, I think that says it all…

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