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Monday, 04/09/2012, 12:15 pm

Overeem Moving Forward As Planned | Applies For License To Fight Dos Santos

At this point in time we all know what is going on with the UFC 146 main event.

Alistair Overeem failed a random drug screening for elevated levels of testosterone and as a result has put his shot at the UFC heavyweight title at risk.

While the Overeem camp has still remained silent on the situation at hand, they have responded with an application to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 146.

Overeem is currently unlicensed in the State of Nevada. He last took to action against Brock Lesnar in Las Vegas but did so under a conditional license and this most recent bout of testing’s has put his ability to get licensure at risk.

For his part Overeem has not requested the B sample be tested to clear his name, at this point in time it is unclear how the Overeem camp will handle the testing result and the licensing process, but surely they have something up their sleeve or else why apply?

Overeem must answer to the testosterone charges later this month in front of the Nevada State Athletic commission, but his application for a license means he is planning on fighting the results and going to make an attempt to compete in the UFC 146 main event.

Whether or not he can pull it off is yet to be seen.

Stay tuned…


37 Responses to “Overeem Moving Forward As Planned | Applies For License To Fight Dos Santos”

  1. Dustin says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yea!!!!!!!!!!!! ufc knows the world is gonna end soon so we gotta get this fight to happen. and we are ok with nick diaz not fighting.

    • Andrew says:

      WTF?!? who would do that!!! i see him waiting out for a while then asking them to test sample B and when it comes back inconclusive because he waited too long and testosterone levels decrease over time the reem will be like ohh well i got fresh samples right now lets test it lol!! damn this guy knows how to trick the system!!

      • C.M says:

        Andrew: Sample A and Sample B are part of the 1st sample Reem sent. Its not another sample. 1st sample was divided in 2, A and B. SO, sample B its the old one.

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          did you even read what andrew said? he said that its the old one, if they leave it too long it may be degraded so they have to take fresh samples and then hell come up clean.

          anyways hes tarnished his name, hes lost fans

    • jonesy says:

      your an idiot…why are we ok with diaz not fighting ??? cuz u an idiot ?

  2. Xaninho says:

    He might have a prescription from Sonnen’s doctor…

  3. CanILive says:

    Idc…. Definitely wanna see ao vs Jds still

  4. Jason says:

    who cares. let him fight. so many pro sports people use roids it’s not really shocking.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      meh…but then one is running on normal levels and the other is jacked up; it destroys the validity of the fight. If both of them failed then I might agree.

  5. jbeamazing says:

    overoid might be the smartest guy I know you know they will give him a license because he is smart

  6. jonesy says:

    ofcourse he is just looking for a doctor now to lie and say it was trt and his levels would be down befor the fight happend….very clear what he will say…trt like all the other cheats….if his levels are down for the fight then its ok i think

  7. Tony Hill says:

    He failed the test by a large margin. He should be out of the fight, and probably out of action for the next year as a result. Lets move on and figure out who should take his place in the title fight. I’m voteing for Frank Mir. That would be a great fight.

  8. Rey Rey says:

    So can we get a non-sanction fight between him and King Mo fighting in like Manilla

  9. josh says:

    If they let him fight and keep diaz suspended for weed then somethings not right

  10. Silvas scared says:

    My bet is that he is on TRT and he’s gonna blame his Doc for his levels. This is just the beginning and he is only the first fighter that will be caught abusing TRT.

  11. Silvas scared says:

    Caught abusing TRT in training camp.

  12. Deeznuts says:

    Diaz>>>> Overeem just saying

  13. jesse says:

    listen I don’t care if overeem drinks his own urine on is time off as long as he comes out clean pre and post fight he’s still the man.

  14. Tyler says:

    Even if he is granted a license, this has to be a major distraction. So much of the fight game is mental…I can’t imagine his mental state right now.

    • tom says:

      You are right had not thought about that. He at very least has to very embarrassed, and maybe even feeling like a fool. If I got busted like that I would be in shock, and my head would be floating around oblivious to what was around me. I would have found a hole to hide in. Maybe He does not care. Hope it does not affect His fighting performance. Either way He WILL destroy Dos Santos.

  15. FresnoMMA says:

    Overeem shouldn’t and won’t be suspended from any action because his license ended after the brock fight. He has no obligation to be in 6:1 ratio that’s why he still going up to get his license

    • JEC says:

      Yeah exactly , I just don’t think there is a precedent for this, because to my knowledge these are the first random drug test done by the nsac. So as long as he didn’t pop for an anabolic, he should be good, well as long a doctor prescribed him trt. Now maybe they can deny his license on the grounds of his trt prescription but I don’t think it works like that.

  16. JEC says:

    I don’t know, the whole issue is so muddy rt now. He didn’t fail for an anabolic , it’s high testosterone. So then we get into the next issue, this was a random drug test, so what’s the criteria for t levels during training camps? Is there a standard, i mean testosterone can peak at high levels, especially since its injected and not oral.

    All in all, everyone is bias at this point. Dan Henderson, Todd Duffe, and Chael Sonnen have all used and still do use trt. I just don’t see the same level of outrage about those guys using, I mean Sonnen tested at 16.9-1 post silva fight. So where’s the line and why treat this guy like he’s Satan and even suggest that a known test user like Hendo take his place? I’ll have to say at this point trt is a joke and needs to be done away with. Without it alot of the dramatic weight cutting would stop and there would be a solid standard.

    • jbeamazing says:

      because for years now everybody has been saying he is hiding over seas where he won’t be tested even Fedor turned down fighting him for years because of his known roid use just saying brah

  17. jbeamazing says:

    I guess weed is frowned on more then roids in sports it saddens me on the ignorance

  18. Seedy says:


  19. FresnoMMA says:

    Jbeamazing I agree with you on how they take marijuana use way more serious than steroid usuage.

  20. BellatorIsBetter says:

    Is he really on that stuff, really? It’s not from Bowflex and Wheaties, awh how disappointing. Oh and he just started using it after his last fight. Lesnar should join Bellator and fight the little emporer no cheating there.

  21. Mark says:

    he also applies to fight brock.

  22. DMAC says:

    All he needs to do is say he’s been doing trt. Get a dr to sign some paperwork and he’s just as legit as chael, hendo, rampage and all them. Simple as that! If he tries to get his b sample tested his camp is a bunch of fools. Just say trt and its all good!

  23. Brend0magic says:

    MARK HUNT!!!! haha

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