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Tuesday, 09/20/2011, 11:18 am

Overeem Leaves Golden Glory Over "Breach Of Trust"

Former Dream and Strikeforce heavyweight champion and new UFC roster holder Alistair Overeem has announced his departure from his longtime management team Golden Glory.

In a statement he said (via twitter):

“I would like to make a statement regarding the recent news of the separation from my long-time management Golden Glory. As with any relationship, there are good times and bad times – you have your common ground and your differences. As with any relationship, you have trust. When differences lead to a breach of trust, there’s no turning back and no way to continue a positive, working relationship. I don’t air my dirty laundry. I would appreciate the respect regarding my privacy to not disclose any further details on this matter.

Again, I would like to thank team Golden Glory for all the years we worked together and wish them success for the future.”

His manager Bas Boon took to in response to the news and even went as far as expressing possible legal action against the top 10 fighter.

Bas stated:

“I wasn’t really surprised, actually, after the last three months because he already had a lot of different ideas on how he would divide certain percentages which were normal in the past, and apparently, are not now. I think the judge will decide on this issue that we have, and when that is decided, we will see who was right and who was not.”

“The deal with the UFC was done by me. This was a brilliant deal out of a very difficult situation. Four Golden Glory guys were sacked by Zuffa, and I made a statement, and I negotiated a very, very good contract in good faith with the UFC.

“The UFC is not to blame for this. I understand that they wanted direct payments to fighters. They made their rules very clear, and we obeyed that and didn’t have any problems with that. I think now, this thing could actually be a benefit for us.”

“I’ve been together with Alistair for 12 years. He slept in my house; I treated him like real friends. It’s kind of sad that maybe other influences by other people made him decide to go away, especially on the deal of a lifetime. That’s very disappointing.”

While it is clear that Overeem is done with his manager and the management entity that is Golden Glory, what is still unclear is whether or not he will leave his training home at Golden Glory Gym and their fight team to pursue new training elsewhere. According to reports, his trainers are hopeful that he will return to the fight team even if differences between the management team cannot be sorted out.


14 Responses to “Overeem Leaves Golden Glory Over "Breach Of Trust"”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Wasn’t DW saying that something about them was shady, or something to that effect…?

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Overeem needed to get away from Golden Glory about as bad as Fedor needs to get away from M-1 and those Russian criminals Finklestein and GANG (Russian Mafia)

  2. markhjos says:

    @GreenBandit, Yes, Dana White is very opposed to paying the management team the fighters purse. It only makes sense that the fighter gets the money and then he pays his team. Not the other way around. What Dana is doing, is ensuring that the fighter, actually gets his money and isn’t screwed by underlying fine print from management.

    • black flag says:

      yeah, only dana should be able to screw the fighters.

      • josh says:

        actually the ufc policy to pay fighters directly is based on the athletic commissions policy that for bouts that are sanctioned in the U.S all money for fighters has to be put in an escrow account up front before the event and then the athletic commission pays the fighters directly out of that..

  3. mike f says:

    I guess when Overeen saw how much money GG wanted him to give them, he realized maybe it.was time to say bye

  4. Mike says:

    More money for reem

  5. Dana Black says:

    on a side note, after Overeem left Golden Glory, it is now to be called Golden Glory Hole, coming to rest stop near you!

  6. Sounds like Zuffa was whispering in Overeem’s ear about dumping GG. Knock em dead in the UFC bradduh REEM!

  7. CHART...the faggot says:

    no one cares what this chart the enforcer thinks cunt thinks

  8. Xaninho says:

    I dunno what percentage GG thinks is reasonable. Maybe after doing some calculating Overeem thought:”Wait…I am the one fighting for it..I am the one getting injured for it…I am the one training for it, so why does my management get more money than I do?”

  9. Penn Nation says:

    Amazing how bradda CHART has so many fans that follow him, burt hurt much brah? CHART must’ve hurt feelings, LOL!

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