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Friday, 04/13/2012, 08:09 am

Overeem Breaks Silence | Confident He Will Face JDS At UFC 146

By Lewis Mckeever:
With the recent alarming news of Alistair Overeem’s run in with PED troubles, anarchy has plagued the MMA sphere and “The Demolition Man” had remained as quiet as a church mouse. Until now. The enigmatic heavyweight broke his long awaited silence on the recent episode of “MMA uncensored live”. The Reem had assertive words to say:

“I am bigger, I am stronger, I am better in the stand-up and I’m better on the ground. So for me, I don’t think about what he is going to do to me. I think about what I am going to do to him and I am only thinking about what I am going to do to him. I am going to be ready wherever the fight takes me. I do prefer to strike, I do prefer a knockout over a submission win but I’m going to be ready for anything.”

“You know I’m strong, I’m fast, I feel good. I’m going to get this guy, I’m going to beat him. Nothing scares me about Junior dos Santos. Everything he’s doing, I’ve seen it before. I’m not worried about it, I’ve experienced it all. There’s no fear, there’s only two things – trained and untrained and when I step into the octagon on May 26 I’m going to be trained. ”

Refusing to declare a statement on his failed drug test, Alistair Overeem’s segment on MMA live was rather anti-climactic. Overeem however, clearly feels confident that his long awaited showdown with Junior Dos Santos will eventually come to fruition, conversing on MMA live as if there were no PED concerns to even discuss.

Even if the Overeem/Junior Dos Santos bout is signed on the dotted line, with the controversial outrage erupting from The Reem’s PED accusations, the life and pre-fight hype has been somewhat sucked out of the match-up.

Given the mounting controversy arising from Overeem’s legitimacy, are you still salivating at the mouth to see The Reem slug it out with Junior Dos Santos?


100 Responses to “Overeem Breaks Silence | Confident He Will Face JDS At UFC 146”

  1. mike r says:

    cheating son of a bitch!! I hope JDS knocks him in to a coma

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      Which one made you laugh the most? 😉
      PS : I’m not an Overeem hater.
      I only did this just for humor.

    • your mom says:

      No he needs to be suspended just like the other cheaters. Shit they are suspending Diaz for weed. Give me a brake. If they don’t suspend him I am done with this shit.

  2. thegoodstuff says:

    No. He’s a cheater. Next!

  3. Oliver Cross says:

    I dont’ get it, if he broke the rules how is he still fighting?

  4. IknowMMA says:

    No! He’s a cheater!

  5. Khanny says:

    He’s got a idea up his sleeve that’s why he’s so quiet about it. He’ll still fight JDS, but if he loses.. Damn

  6. the original steve says:

    “i am bigger i am stronger” not the best way to start alistair

  7. matt laipple says:

    Hell no, it’s tainted.

  8. YEAH RIGHT says:

    Go choke on some horse meat you cocky fuck

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    lets see if this fight even happens…

  10. greatest harry potter wizard says:

    overeem needs to be banned from mma for being a cheater. fu overeem! All your previous fights are probably bs as well, due to your rampant cheating.

  11. Danny says:


  12. Garrett says:

    Very disappointing I was a huge Alistair Overeem fan and now hes pretty much doing the same thing Sonnen was when he fought Silva. The fight won’t be fair I’m one of his biggest fans but he doesn’t deserve the title shot anymore. Sad but true.

  13. steven says:

    Overeem is a cheater…. his name should say it all. Were over the overeem match up with Jds. Get the next fighter in who deserves it.

  14. Derrick says:

    He hasnt cheated yet. If they test him before the fight and his levels are elevated then you can say its unfair. But this thing happens months before the fight and he can get his levels back down to normal. Plus i mean im sure the guy has high testosterone as it is.

    • Jay says:

      He’s not a cheater???? Just because he doesn’t use the needle RIGHT before he steps in the octagon doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat. For people who think once you stop using steroids you stop getting the benefits, you need to crack open a science book.

    • KTalbot says:

      Out of competition testing is designed to find out who is using PED’s and Overeem was at impossibly high levels to Not be using. He’s dirty and he should be banned for one year. His size gains are not only suspicious, but I don’t believe they would be possible without steroids.
      Unless Overeem can show some scientific explanation for being 14x higher in testosterone, which I’m quite sure he can’t, then he’s done and should be suspended. As for Sonen and others who cheat, I’d love to see a zero tolerance policy.

    • ThePitBull says:

      Dde are yu dumb any advantage he got from peds is cheating even if was before after during or while he was banging his mom cheating is cheating period

  15. Rinjo says:

    Always thought he was doping. Now we know for sure. Cheater. Next.

  16. TheCrippler says:

    This is one time I could give a shit less. This is THE perfect heavy weight fight. I say let them fight and then kick Overeem out, win or lose, until he’s no longer retarded enough to try and sneak this shit in.

  17. Benny Blanco from the BRONX says:

    No cheater deserves to win! JDS, mama said knock his roid shrinking balls ass the F@#K OUT!!! Nite Nite!

  18. Chris says:

    Ok, so when Chael can have a crazy Test Levels, and get a away from it. And Overeem cant, comon wit da BS! Everyone wants 2 c whos the best HW! If Chael can get band for like 6 months i think, y dont Ufc Ban Overeem? To much BS in the ufc!

    fyi when Chael got caught his test. was way more the Overeem test. levels.

  19. Sick Brah says:

    Why do all you faggots care so much that his on PEDS?

    So what if its not ‘fair’, it hardly matters, they can all go on it, it will make fights even more interesting…

    It was kinda obvious he was on something…

    At the end of the day, they are there to punch each other in the head..

  20. Osmany Mena says:

    you must all be a bunch of morons… all these guys take PED all of them! Some get caught and others don’t. Its all over sports so live with it.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Steroids don’t work. Look at Ivan Draggoff from rocky 4. He lost JDS just needs to run in the snow and he’s got this

  22. paul blart says:

    I say let them fight. Mainly because I want to see JDS knock the shit out of overeem now. Before I was wanting overeem to win, but now i want to see him get his ass beat by a real warrior

  23. Jim says:

    Of course you’re bigger and stronger Overroid, you have more testosterone than a freakin’ gorilla!

  24. FhailSonnen says:

    It’s crazy how many people label him a cheater but defend poor ol’ Phael Sonnen when he FOUGHT with elevated testosterone. All Alistair has to do is hide behind the “TRT” excuse and the public will forgive him.

  25. Howard says:

    They all cheat. Some get caught. Some have figured out how. Doing before a fight is signed then laying off once it is coming into fruition would suffice. So what?? Really? You think Lesnar never took anything? Stop being blind.

  26. jbeamazing says:

    he is delusional or stupid if he thinks he is fighting unless he knows something we don’t

  27. FhailSonnen says:

    They all cheat? This isn’t baseball.

  28. GET RID OF TRT says:

    JDS – Natural

    Overroid – Testostereem

    Velasquez – Sucked all the Roids from Lesnar’s blood

    Mir – Added 20 pounds o muscle, overpowered Nogueira like a ragdoll.
    C’mon man, there’s something fishy.


    Bigfoot – Boldenone

    Gonzaga – Gorilla Steroids!!

    Del Rosario – Who the fuck cares


    Struve – “Makes you look skinny” Version of Steroids.

  29. Bear says:

    OMG WHO CARES! i just want to see a good fight. These guys are being paid to beat the shit out of eachother. If it puts on a good show then so be it. Randomly test every fighter right now and i bet more than half will be users especially those above middle weight. Then what banned them? then wtf are we gunna watch the same people fight eachother. All i hope is that this hype over PED use, people are giving it doesnt kill MMA like how boxing is dead

  30. nate says:

    90% of all pro athleats cheat at some point and dont get caught…the reem was teated out of compition and he wasnt licances so thefore they canr revoke a licance he didnt even have i the 1st place. As for the fight i thonk it should go ahead… reem wont be usig anything for the next month…also he wasnt the first and wont be the last to get caught.

  31. TheMick says:

    May the best man win. The whole controversy over steroids is stupid. Time to move w the times. Every D/O lineman in the NFL takes them. Not to mention female tennis, pro golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, track and field, whatever man. I’ve seen jucied up Pride boheamths get the snot kicked out of then by the not so juiced up guy. So this is a battle and its time to fight! Grow up! Just ignore it like all of the rest of the sports world and move on. As long as there’s a battle and someone kicks someone elses ass at the end I’m all good.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Your excuse is because “everybody’s doing it” it’s ok. Good job with the 4th-grader-defense. You’re the one that needs to grow up.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        That came off a little harsh. Really though, you getting entertainment is not the only aspect of the sport. There’s more to it than that; and if someone cheats to get an upper-hand, it taints the work of everyone who tries hard to become the best in a sport.

        The only reason anyone ever looks the other way is because they can make money from an athlete/team people like to watch.

    • Kaliko says:

      You’re an idiot probably on steroids

    • Earl says:

      it’s about being fair. and it’s also for the safety of the fighters.

  32. Gomay says:

    I don’t really care because steroids doesn’t enhance your cardio or strengthen your chin, or enhance your skills on the mat. Yea strength is great but technique and speed will win over strength.

    • TheMick says:

      You are 100% correct. I am glad to se at least a few guys get it on here

    • AJ Eade says:

      ummm you realize that steroids esp. Test. severely cut recovery time of muscles and boost energy allowing the fighters to train twice as hard. You think being able to train way harder might help with mat skills??? come on

      • cheesetoochalk says:

        Thank you!!!!!!!

      • H says:

        Think of it like Trump cards lol, if a fighter has all attributes equal apart from strength and endurance, he wins, of course not always but you have a big advantage, also strength gains on gear are astronomical. I am not against people taking gear (e.g. medical reasons, strongman, bodybuilding…) just not in the fight game, to much of an unfair advantage. In allot of ways this is why we have weight divisions, its not like the old pride days where you have someone with no skill i.e. bob sap vs mirko cro cop with awesome stand up for his time, the game has evolved and you don’t get to the UFC without a good knowledge of all aspects therefore having an unfair advantage that will help in all aspects of the sport is not fair plain and simple

    • Dan says:

      You think steroids doesn’t affect MMA?! Explain to me what happens when a Jujitsu black belt, or any fighter with good technique does roids. True, you need technique, but strength enhances any technique to do. If you’re technically sound and taking PEDs, you basically make yourself unstoppable. Chael Sonnen proved that. The reason he lost is because he spent so much time bashing jujitsu and not enough time practicing it

    • vincejai says:

      voted dumbest comment I have ever seen. think before you speak dummy.

  33. Alistair overeem says:

    We want war

  34. Paulo Saison says:

    I love Overeem in every angle. He’s not only skillful but sexually appealing.

  35. GET RID OF TRT says:

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  36. lol says:

    Hahahahah great list !
    AliSonnen OverChael,
    AlisTurd OverHorseMeat,
    laughing my ass off simply golden xD

  37. noway! says:

    Dumb name for this fucken post bjpenn writers! He never broke his silence….what a waist!

  38. AJ Eade says:

    It’s enough that fighters are gaining a huge training advantage with illegal PED cycling but It really sucks that they are supporting glorified drug dealers. At least Nick Diaz had a prescription a purchased his weed legally. I’m betting Overeem didn’t go to a doctor and get a prescription.

  39. A.James says:

    I was really hoping he wasn’t using but of course I fucking knew it. Such bullshit.

  40. GET RID OF TRT says:

    AlisCheatair OverPower

    AlisPed OverInjection

    AlisHorse OverKillForMeat

    The Strikehorse Champion

  41. John says:

    Ok Overeem chill out a bit there on the self hype. On the ground you guys are a push and you ARE NOT BETTER than JDS in the stand up. You are stronger and have better kicks (barely) but JDS’s technical striking beats out the power punch every day barring a lucky punch and JDS has the best boxing skill maybe of anyone in the UFC, definitely in the HW division. Maybe you win maybe you dont, but either way you cheated so shut it and go away till you can pass the pee test

    • Bushido7 says:

      I dont think you can discount Overeems thai skills in the stand up game. He was some of the most brutal knees in mma. It will be intresting to see if he can close the distance to get the plum. Either way it is a dream match up, controversy aside i think if the fight goes ahead every one of the haters is going to want to see this war. I can only imagine how all this PED talk will have motivated JDS to train harder to prove that the natural athlete can prevail.

  42. Josh Waite says:

    Im against TRT use but at the same time i dont think its so much an issue as far as giving you some major advantage. i do however think the concern should be safety. if i were taking brain damage from getting punched in the face i wouldnt really want the person punching me to be taking a substance that might enable him to POSSIBLY punch me even harder.

  43. DMAC says:

    Hope this fight is still on. JDS is doing all he can for this fight not to happen, don’t be scared homie! Everyone in MMa knows the chances of them facing a juicer is greater then the past. Can’t do shit about it.. You can plead that it’s not good for MMA etc but no ones trying to hear that. It’s prize fighting!

    HW needs reem, this dude is a huge star, and he cocky as hell which brings even more Interest. Can’t crucify him for high levels when everyone is doing the exact same shit.

  44. Beaner says:

    Yeah I say let them fight. Your still a human and you have the same weaknesses even with PEDs. One good direct kick to the knee straight on he will buckle and crumble. One good hit to the liver or sternum and they are gonna drop. Or just take him to the ground and drop many big knees from side control and break some ribs.

  45. That’s fucking oid rage right there…doesn’t even talk about taking steroids…that’s how you know he did them

  46. Trevor says:

    F*$# Yes we are excited to still see it!!! JDS is still going to sleep that big pussy

  47. murphy lee says:

    Marion Jones went through Olympic testing & that bitch didn’t get caught so if she can go under the radar imagine how many MMA fighters are doping. U don’t need to look d part to play d part meaning u can look like shit(barnett) & b juicing. I say let the fight go on

  48. twinkle toes says:

    id like to know if JDS even wants to still fight a cheater

  49. hahahanninen says:

    I hate this shit, If the fight happens all I want to see is JDS knocking Overeems head of his massive shoulders……If Alistair wins then he shouldn’t be able to have the Belt…all my favorite fighters are in the UFC but if this is what is happening to the organization then I would rather watch Bellator.

  50. Anthony says:

    I was excited to see this matchup but Overeem is a Pussy cheater and got caught..he prob is use to testin up and gettin away with it….Junior gonna knock you out son…I think a stipulation should be put on this matchup if it happens or junior should have the op to test as well.

  51. Dexter says:

    No I’m not “eagerly awaiting” this match up. Overeem got huge fast. Too fast. Now he fails a drug-test? This match up definitely won’t be fair

  52. Dexter says:


    Damn you’re dumb. Hopefully we aren’t ever overrun with people that see injustice and are like “eh w/e it happens”.

  53. whatever says:

    Personally I don’t care who is the best fighter in some ideal world. I just want to see these guys fight in this world. Roided or not.

  54. joseph wyatt says:

    i think personally that if overeem is down to the required test levels before fight night just let the fight happen…most of the supplements these fighters take contain some form of altered testosterone e.g prohormones or there probably on growth GH ( undetectable in urine sample) if everythings even on fight night who cares? i wanna see this fight the most..theres no one out there whos gonna make this fight more entertaining

  55. Kelly says:

    Let them fight!!!!! Don’t let the media ruin mma like they have baseball. Steroids is not even an issue when it comes to professional athletes. In the words of Big John ” Let’s Get It On!!!!! “

  56. shaun says:

    if the roids didn’t make that much difference then why the fuck would fighters take them .Anyone sticking up for users is a busted fuck nut. mma has evolved . weight classes , times , rules-including DON’T TAKE DRUGS YOU FUCKIN CHEAT.

  57. scott levesque says:

    he cant even train without t what the hell is u with that I have no respect for the reem he it almost cost him the fight with brock and now junior so how many chances does he get

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