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Friday, 11/30/2012, 08:50 am

Overeem: Cain Is Going To Take Care Of JDS For Me | UFC NEWS

“If I waited for Cain vs. JDS, it would probably be next summer already. It’s been a year since I fought, so you’ve got to consider ring rust. You need to have the experience to use fighting as much as possible. Being out for 18 months would not have been positive. I want dos Santos to win so I can beat him, but I think Cain is going to take care of him for me, unfortunately. Junior is going to get taken down. He’s going to get ground-and-pounded. (Junior’s) been doing the zig-zag. He wants to fight me then he doesn’t, so then he fights Cain. I think he’s going to have his hands full with Cain. He’s going to lose.”

– UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem talking to The Las Vegas Sun.


7 Responses to “Overeem: Cain Is Going To Take Care Of JDS For Me | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dandy says:

    I also think Cain will win, JDS is a great champion but i think Cain got what it takes to go that extra mile.

  2. punchkick says:

    no, jds is going to break both of your jaws

  3. Danish White says:

    That’s a nice thought but JDS will prob KO overeem and his newfound mancrush cain. Again. He must be basing his prediction on all the aggressive Metro PCS commercials

  4. hello people says:

    JDS knocks pretty much everyone out in the first round unless they have a crazy chin like carwin and nelson. Plus he knocked Cain out already

  5. confucius says:

    ive always believed in most statistics. name any champion besides couture & GSP who won the title, lost it and then won it back. Once you loose the title youre pretty much on a downward slope. cain is one of the best but unless his chin got better history will repeat itself.

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