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Monday, 04/09/2012, 11:17 am

Overeem Aftermath | According To UFC Pres. Mir vs. Cain Still Slated | Public Wants Mark Hunt

With the holiday weekend behind us and my recent stint of inactivity on BJPENN.COM (I apologize) I have yet to inform our readers about the latest and greatest happenings in the MMA world surrounding the aftermath of Alistair Overeem’s failed drug screening.

With Overeem’s scheduled bout with Junior dos Santos now in jeopardy fans and fighters have been putting in their two-cents about who should replace Alistair if removed.

On the top of the list, Frank Mir seemed like the logical choice. Especially when you consider his statements following last week’s announcement proclaiming he would fill the UFC 146 main event void.

However, Alistair Overeem has not yet been removed from the card. He has a scheduled hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to address the charges brought against him and see if he is eligible for licensure.

UFC president Dana White came out recently through fielding twitter questions from fans and stated that Mir vs. Velasquez is still a go and that fight will go on as planned.

So, at least it would seem for now, Frank Mir vs. Junior dos Santos will not serve as the new UFC 146 main event.

With Mir off the table as a replacement opponent, it opens up a wide range of possibilities.

I am sure by this point in time you have all heard of the campaign for Mark Hunt. Riding high on a three-fight win streak over formidable opposition, Mark Hunt has become the fan favorite to fill the possible void left by Alistair Overeem.

The UFC has remained silent on the issue, more than likely because they will wait and see what the NSAC decides to do with Overeem.

We will continue to cover this story and we will do it more in-depth over the next few days, but this is your update from events passed that happened while I was away on Holiday.


16 Responses to “Overeem Aftermath | According To UFC Pres. Mir vs. Cain Still Slated | Public Wants Mark Hunt”

  1. pat says:

    Let cain fight him after he puts mir to sleep shouldnt take long

  2. pat says:

    Or let bones fight him he has a better chance than anyone else back to back ufc titles

  3. Anthony says:

    MARK HUNT???? Lame as fight if you ask me…Dos Santos is gonna walk through him, if anything let Hendo have the fight or Fedor!!! Even if Fedor gets wooped like i’m sure he will it will attract alot of viewers and if UFC signs him Maybe we can see the emperors records get blasted a bit by the top comp of the UFC>

  4. cheap says:

    hunt does not deserve a title shot. that being said, i can see him winning if he keeps it standing. fatty barnetto or cormier would be more deserving if dana really wanted to pull strings.

  5. Mojo jojo808 says:

    Some of you who leave comments are dumb as rocks.

  6. Zach says:

    Mark hunt COULD KO jds

    Gaurantee itll be WERDUM though

  7. G says:

    Hunt prob doesn’t deserve the shot but it would be a good fight. Werdum is prob the next best choice of available guys but he was beat by JDS already and Hendo really shouldn’t brought into this discussion. Fedor should never be thought of anyway. Dana don’t want him. He’s on the downside of his career, demands were previously too high and that invisibility is gone. Hunt deserves it before these guys. It’s too bad most top guys are locked up in a fight now and I think Dana is keeping the Mir Cain fight set is because he’s hoping or gonna do what it takes to keep this current title fight. This is the best fight possible. Damn shame it came to this and we may not see it.

  8. b_lum says:

    The fuck? How is mark hunt even in the conversation? He’s not even top 10..

  9. Enzo says:

    Mark Hunt is an exciting fighter and does bring it to the octagon. He is also underrated and had great battles that he lost in his past years. However, I can’t help but feel that he maybe doesnt deserve it, but it would be awesome if he fought for the title still :)

  10. jon says:

    He’s on a 3 win streak ya… AFTER a 6 loss streak..

  11. george says:

    no one can replace overeem it was the pufect matchup i still hope that somehow the match happens but there’s not a big chance :(

  12. Sick Brah says:

    Hunt doesn’t deserve it, but fuck, what a fight it would be. You people are worrying about the title too much, who cares, its about the quality of the fight.

    As for saying JDS would knock out Hunt, that seriosuly wound’t happen, his been knocked out a few times, in about 60 fights. Mark hunt has been in some wars (watch his K1 highlights), beat wanderlei and crocop back in pride.

    If it doesn’t happen for this one, maybe Hunt gets a title shot for the Bris-vegas event later in the year.

  13. White Pride says:

    DAMNIT! I was hoping they might move up Francisco Santos Miranda (Frank Mir to most) up to fight against JDS but oh well. I *WILL* be pulling for Cain to win his fight so that he has another shot at the UFC strap! :-) I hope that JDS can beat whomever he ends up fighting, so that we can see that rematch!!! I truly think a rematch between Velasquez and JDS would be EXTREMELY different, with Cain utilizing his powerful wrestling and cinder block fists, to put a straight up BEAT DOWN on JDS! Anyway that it goes down, I don’t think Mir would be able to handle Cain’s superior wrestling to pull out a win.

    Rainbow coalition is going to go crazy when Cain wins again!!! YYYYEEEAHHH!!!

    ( and NO this is NOT some mocking or white “power” racist $%&^ either ya haters! There is no reason why people cannot be proud of their heritage NO MATTER THEIR RACE. ONE planet, ONE people, PLEASE. :-)

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