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Saturday, 11/03/2012, 06:29 am

“Out Of Respect” The Count Seeks Bout With Franklin | UFC NEWS

Michael Bisping has done everything he can to become a UFC champion. He had an impressive run in the 205 pound division that saw him go undefeated for the first three years of his career until he faced off with fellow TUF winner Rashad Evans at UFC 78 to get handed his first loss.

The defeat sent “The Count” packing down to the UFC’s middleweight division where he has been able to put together an impressive 9-3 run.

With his most recent loss being a razor thin decision against Chael Sonnen, Bisping is almost ready to attempt a title challenge. However, as he tells it to ESPN, he’d also like a crack at the former middleweight king, Rich Franklin.

“Alan Belcher has been calling me out for a long time, he’s been quite impressive, so I’d love to fight that guy,” Bisping said. “Anderson, Weidman, Belcher… they’re three names I’d like to fight.”

“Rich Franklin, I’ve always thought he’d be a good fight,” Bisping said. “I’ve always looked up to Rich Franklin, he’s an incredible fighter, he’s got incredible passion for the sport, we match up well in terms of a fight, and he’d be a tough fight.

“I’d like to fight him out of respect – he’s one of the all-time greats. I’ve got nothing but respect for Rich, he’s a fantastic fighter.”


16 Responses to ““Out Of Respect” The Count Seeks Bout With Franklin | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Nice try Bisping too bad UFC just announced you would have to fight Vitor instead. Vitor vs Bisping Jan 19 th in Brazil. i’ll believ it when I see it. This a horrible matchup for Bisping and he knows it. I’m sure Bisping will avoid this fight same way he did Lombard.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Haha avoid Lombard?!? what have you been smoking, Bisping would destroy Lombard….most overrated over hyped fighter to come to the UFC.

      If Bisping gets through this tough test he’s got to get a shot at Silva.

    • ballsackface says:

      wtf are you smoking?
      hes not remotely scared of lombard or avoided him.
      nor is he scared of vitor, he said he would like to fight vitor and if you read and watch the sources from this quote you would understand it.
      this is just bad writing from bjpenn and you obviously dont actually follow mma properly as you would know that bisping will fight anyone and is scared of no one

  2. stephen riddle says:

    Everybody likes Ace! Its going to be a war with him and Cung Le, i cant wait!

  3. Gack says:

    I really used to HATE Bisping. He was such a loud mouth disrespectful shit, with an annoying accent. I remember jumping off my couch and yelling when Dan dropped the H-bomb on him! The last couple of years though…he’s mellowed out and is very respectful and I can’t help but find myself liking the guy :-/ Not really sure why he would be seeking a fight with Franklin though. There’s a fight that only offers risk with nothing to gain. Bisping is in title contention…a loss to Franklin or even a thin decision would only hurt him and a win offers little to nothing but a +1 to the “W” column. Now…Vitor…after almost submitting JBJ…that’s a fight that at least…if he wins…keeps him fighting relevant fighters at least.

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Bisping did duck Vitor and Lombard b4.Looks like hes not gettinghimself outa this one

  5. KIDD433 says:

    Bisping did duck Vitor and Lombard b4.Looks like hes not getting himself outa this one.He must have really pissed off Dana because hes not protecting him anymore.

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Its put up or shut up for bisping now, a loss to vitor would set him back a while, i was really looking foward to belcher vs. Vitor, oh well he will probly get chris weidman after he destroys tim b.

  7. 123 says:

    how did i know theese retarded people would say he is trying to duck vitor belfort.. he said he wants to fight alan belcher, chris weidman, rich franklin & anderson silva.. hes fighting vitor belfort next, get a grip people & stop hating on the man.

  8. Josiah says:

    i hate Rich Franklin for KOing my all time favorite, Chuck “the iceman” Liddell with a broken hand!

  9. Justin says:

    Yes so pumped for this. I been wanting to see these 2 fight for so long now and it ‘s finally gonna happen. Just hoping no one gets injured in traing.Go Vitor!!!!!!

  10. Ryan Prieur says:

    It’s good to see bisping actually becoming respectful! I used to hate his attitude, but he truly I’d one of the best in the dev and is slowly becoming likable

  11. Country says:

    I just added your blog site to my blog roll, I pray you

  12. Know your shit. says:

    You idiots, how did bisping duck vitor or Lombard? He’s never turned down a fight, those are just names that he would like to fight. So he’s ducking everyone he didn’t name? No he just thinks those would be good fight.. I wouldn’t count bisping out, his boxing is more crisp then vitors, granted vitors ground is good, but whens the last time vitor submitted anyone? Bisping will win

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