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Monday, 10/29/2012, 09:43 am

Out Of Respect Jon Jones Doesn’t Want To Be The Man To Beat Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“I respect [Silva] a lot. As I said several times, I do not want to be the guy who beat Anderson, and do not want to be the guy who lost to him. Anderson is a great champion, I’m a great champion. We both… I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not saying that the fight will not happen. It can happen. But it’s not something I’m chasing. I don’t believe that I need to fight with Anderson to be the best in the world.”

UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, recently told Brazilian outlet Correio Braziliense that he doesn’t want to be the man to beat Anderson Silva.



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  1. magoo says:

    C’mon Jon kick his ass,you can respect him again after the fight! This ain’t know Mr nice guy sport
    “Just do it”!!!

    • some guy says:

      you mean “JUST DUCK EM” dont you? Jon might be the best in the LHW division, but can he beat Anderson? I really dont think he can, I do agree that if there is anyone out there who can POSSIBLY beat the spider its Jones, now do i see it happening? NOPE I DONT! I think Jones still has a lot of learning to do there are some holes in his game and I think Anderson would capitialize on those holes and beat Jones! That is just my own opinion tho…

      • Clay says:

        Silva ducked jones first. I think jones has the right style for beating him

        • Nuitari X says:

          Silva was also the first one to come out and say he would fight jones and didn’t sound like a cocky bitch about it like jones did. So who’s ducking who now? Jones would get KO’d.

        • BRAD says:

          ^^^ Straight, factual, and to the point… 100% correct. I see this happening I think Jones said that cause his pride is getting in the way after Anderson said its a possibility they would fight. By the way its on record as Jones saying in an intericvew that if he had to fight anderson he would really have to work on his technique and his confidence… If you dont have confidence to fight someone you areeeee? NERVOUS and know you have a good shot at losing

        • MARV3LOUS says:

          Lol there is no ability to duck for jones he is the champ he has to fight whoever the ufc tells him.. if silva wanted it that bad he would have it.. not sonnen. But silva doesn’t want no part of bones.

        • Ryan says:

          Maybe. I could see jones taking him down and using control and his ground and pound but i dont think he could stand with silva. Silva is years ahead of him on the feet and anderson is dangerous off his back too. Tough fight to pick but i would go with silva

  2. Cameron says:

    I agree and disagree…I can understand why neither fighter wants to face each other. I am a fan of both of them and for the longest time thought Jones could beat Anderson. As of late however I second guess myself and think the fight could be incredibly close. To be the best in the world he doesn’t have to face Anderson…to be the greatest of all time the fight has to happen.

  3. Big Show says:

    he knows that he can´t beat a 37 years old Champion!! otherwise he will be calling him out already to fight him, come on people Bones ego is bigger than UFC its self!

  4. danielrchargers says:

    Jon is NOT a great Champ. He is an oversized champ.

    • magoo says:

      I don’t quite grasp the oversized thing u haters speak of!!! Has the man ever missed weight? Most every fighter ion every div cuts 15-20 lbs with the exception of a Frankie Edgar,get over it!

      • Dj Gill says:

        It’d be the fact that the only person in the UFC that can match his reach (nobody has more than him) is Stefan Struve, and that’s only because Struve grew recently. Fightin people by keeping them outside your reach is smart, running away when they get inside on their terms is being a pussy/coward/ disgrace (especially to the belt).

      • Bertram says:

        he’s oversied because hes a heavyweight fighting guys way smaller. hes huge compared to vitor, shogun, lyoto, dan, rashad. the only guy who matches his weight is rampage and thats because rampage eats like a pig lol. jon is like overeem was in pride, only difference is overeem didnt use his size and reach wisely. jon could easyily throw on 30 lbs of muscle and be overeems size. he’s already 240 between camps.

        • Ninja87 says:

          Are you kidding me man. Jones doesn’t have any trouble at all going down to 205 and look at his skinny limbs. Rashad Evans was the only guy UNDER 6ft that Jones fought

        • Clay says:

          You, and everyone who agrees that bones is cheating and should be a heavyweight is just ignorant. Quit crying

        • Truth says:

          Come on, like Anderson doesn’t walk around at 220ish! He’s big for middle weight!! Oh and Anderson is calling out a much much smaller person than him AKA: GSP!! Anderson vs Jones is a much more evenly matched fight in size!! So give me a break with this “size difference”

        • Xaninho says:


          Then why did Anderson weigh-in in at 202 lbs. in his fight against Bonnar?

    • Truth says:

      Not sure what your point is?? So he weighed in at 202, he was used to cutting to 185, so he cut slightly to much……plus didn’t he just come off a fight with Sonnen? Silvas what 6’3? Youre saying 6’3 isn’t a natural light heavyweight? I guess youre right, not a far fight with Bones, but a fair fight for Silva to call out GSP at 5’10” who has never fought at 185!

  5. BF says:

    Perhaps some of the other 205lb fighters should rethink their weight class. Perhaps a brutish build like Thiago Silva or Jackson isn’t ideal. Maybe they should thin out and move down.

    The bottom line is the only factor for fighting in a given weight class is what you weigh when you step on the scale. I don’t like cliche’s but; don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  6. Xaninho says:

    I don’t like Jones one bit, but in all fairness he didn’t just say he doesn’t want to be the one who beats Anderson Silva, he also said he doesn’t want to lose to him either.

    I don’t think he can beat Silva, but if he miraculously does, then there will always be the question: What if Silva was ten years younger? ..Let’s face it the age difference of Silva near the end of his fighting career and Jones at the beginning will always stand in the way of defining who is truly the better fighter.

  7. Ninja87 says:

    Here come the Jones haters lol. I’ll tell you this much and this goes out to ALL Jones haters. Just this statement alone you could tell he’s more confident on beating Silva than Silva is when he makes statements on this subject

    • lance johnson says:

      It would be a bitter, sweet fight to watch if you enjoy seeing domination in the sport. Obviously, one of their legacies would take a hit with a loss. Prediction: Silva would win by submission or knockout; however, those hating on Jones as a fighter, simply just don’t like him. He is beatable, but he continues to get better and better. If he improves his boxing, he will be unstoppable at LHW. Until then, he has the potential of getting knocked out by (Texiara Glover looks really dangerous). I also don’t see him having much success at HW. Just those guys just pack too much “one punch” power and several of them have to “cut down” to 265 lol. As for contributing his success only to his size…well that’s retarded. If you know anything about cutting weight, it absolutely drains you, which would hinder your performance. Not to mention, he has a small frame, hence the nickname “bones”. Fuck it, give the fans the fight they want. That’s certainly not sonnen vs. jones. Amen.

      • Not You says:

        There are probably 4 or 5 heavyweights cutting to make the limit. Carwin, Reem are a couple that come to mind. Big Foot, Browne. Lesnar didn’t usher in an age of super heavyweights like everyone though he was.

  8. Lowballs says:

    To be the best u have to beat the best

  9. jean says:

    this ongoing exchange of courtesies start to really peace me off… and don t upset me both of you…

  10. magooII says:

    I don’t know who this Magoo is but its like reading my thoughts….100% concur with everything he said… Jons needs to cut the shit cause this is a fighting sport and all these fighters who front with being humble and no egos are full of shit….all these fighters have egos and want to be the best..period….jons man up and knock off the mampy pampy humble talk..ur good, we know it, u know it, ur job and FIGHT!

  11. TheTude says:

    No superfights, bad for the sport! I think Jones might be a litle cocky though, Silva would own him standing up and he knows it. Jones’ only chance would be his ground and pound, Anderson would be able to get inside his reach, stick and move and pick bones apart!

  12. Black nigger says:

    John is a bitch he is scared to fight silva!!!! WORD

    • Ninja87 says:

      Well Silva did say “NO amount of $ could make me fight Jones” and Jones did start off by saying “I don’t want to be the guy to beat Silva” compare the quotes and you tell me who sounds more worried

      • loonieroc says:

        Jones followed that by saying he doesn’t wanna be the guy to lose to Silva either. Don’t just take part of a quote and run with it.

      • loonieroc says:

        And he also says he doesn’t think he has to beat Silva to be the best fighter in the workday. Sounds like a quote of someone who doesn’t want to fight. Silvas only reason for not wanting the fight was because there are lhw in his camp. He said if Dana got Jones to accept the purse it would be tuff to turn the fight down but it would have at a catch weight.

        • Ninja87 says:

          He did say that i just posted what i did because why does Jones sound like a pussy for what he said and Silva doesn’t? I was just responding to an ignorant Jones hater. I do believe Silva is the GOAT BUT i also believe Jones has fought tougher competition and bigger names. I would also take Silva’s catch weight claim seriously if he never fought at LHW before but he did 3 times already so it’s kinda suspect that he wants Jones to drop an extra 10 pounds

  13. Trent says:

    Theirs no way he could beat someone as technical as silva and theirs proof of if it he could only try and dry hump him the way sonnen did and go for a submission but tbh he looked weak on the ground with vitor so i dont think he could win either way!! But it has to happen this year cos fighting at nearly 40 year old has to take it out of you no matter who you are.

  14. Secludedly says:

    He just doesn’t want the fight because he knows he has no chance against Anderson, and he doesn’t want to lose any possibility of being the undefeated best. Jon Jones, as much as I respect his fighting ability, is wasting it with egocentric nonsense. Anderson took care of two opponents like it was a game that Jones had to map out and struggle with at times, even being injured by one. Some say he even lost one round to Bonnar and didn’t even finish him. Anderson could go up to HW and still be unbeatable. He rolls with the punches perfectly as he takes impact. As the hit makes contact with the face, you turn your head, deflecting all damage and creating an opening for a counter, like he did several times with Bonnar. Jon Jones knows how to attack, but his defense is lousy. He has good defense when he’s in another’s guard and when standing very far away, but that’s it.

    • Ninja87 says:

      First of all mma math is retarded. If that’s the case is Baroni better than Silva cause he KO’d Chonan in the 1st round the same guy that submitted Silva. See how stupid mma math is? Btw Jones literally only had 1 yr training mma and was 21 yrs old when he fought Bonnar

  15. Justin says:

    If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best! That fight needs to happen!

  16. J Diddy says:

    I wonder if Dos Santos could cut own to 205, they both walk around at 230/40ish. If so, he’d destroy Jones within the first half of round 1.

  17. Jrink says:

    Jones is a great fighter. But I don’t like him as a person to be honest. I think he is far too arrogant considering his age. To say he doesn’t want to be the guy to beat Anderson is likely one of the most ignorant and arrogant things I’ve ever heard. He really needs to get beat a few times, and beat badly. A good beating will maybe humble him a bit.

    • Ninja87 says:

      “Jones is a great fighter but i don’t like him as a person” with a bold statement like that i’m assuming that you actually got the chance to meet Jones and he was arrogant, cocky, etc. Or are you just making a personal OPINION about someone you never met?

  18. Al Kahawlick says:

    Jones is afraid to fight Silva. The look of fear he had in his eyes when Vitor started clacking him was hilarious. Vitor belted him a good one and Jones held his face like a scared schoolboy. Jones is more luck than skill and he knows it too. That’s why he sidesteps fights with guys that’d punch him out. He twitted to Sonnen about “bein a man and callin him out”…Ummm…who ran away from that one? A champion should defend his title against ALL challengers!!…Since when did it become possible for fighters to pick and choose?…We soooooo need a tournament format again…Then the winner can REALLY call himself a champion! That’s what made Gracie such a legend

    • alex says:

      so you’re saying that ALL those fights he won was just LUCK and not SKILL? so he just happened to be champion cuz of LUCK and not skill what so ever, that he beat Shogun NOT cuz of skill but LUCK, that he managed to take that armbar from Vitor and escaped NOT cuz he had heart and skill but because he just got lucky, who beat Rashad who is a very skillfull fighter NOT cuz of jones having skill but because he was lucky……you dont gotta respect him outside of being a fighter but you should recognize that he is talented and obtains SKILLS

    • Ninja87 says:

      Dude relax Jones has already fought and beaten tougher opponents and bigger names than Silva has in a shorter amount of time

  19. Mike says:

    Silva will smack you bitch ass around Jones. You stand no chance with him and the real reason you don’t want to fight him is cause you know he’ll make your stand up look amateur.

    One Silva knee and your done.

  20. RANDOM says:

    yea I also understand why jones doesnt want to beat him cuz that would not ruin anderson but change his career, people want someone that is unstoppable and if that person gets beat then it turns off the hype….but I personally would love to see this fight, i strongly believe jones would win and i respect silva but people need to see that this kid is talented and is only getting better, so yea he might not the personality that people like but you have to respect his skills as a fighter

  21. Khaos says:

    Jon jones isn’t great he’s just got a ridiculous height and reach advantage over everyone .. Greatness is achieved by beating people your own size and bigger like Anderson does…I predict first tine jones fights someone his own size your see his true colours…he isn’t skillful enough he’s got by just being the bigger taller longer guy…move to heavyweight Jon and u will gain Anderson like respect! Until then u keep fighting guys u make look like midgets!

  22. The real deal says:

    Jones…. Hush your noise.

  23. kiz says:

    Seems to me this is another mayweather and pacman dispute….fight you want to see happen but never is going to happen but jones and silva have a gr8 chance to make this happen give the fans who made ufc what it is the fight they want to see….if you want to be the best fight the best and stop with all the “his a nice guy” just get on with it and fight….!

  24. ZC says:

    People are going to remember Silva no matter what, but all it would take it for Jon to win more championship fights than him and he’d be on the back burner to jones.

    He has the opportunity to be the first champion to hold belts in two divisions at the same time. That would solidify him as the GOAT no matter what. If this fight doesn’t happen soon, the potential for it to happen will be gone.

    I understand Dana doesn’t want this to happen because if one of them loses, he loses potential PPV sells on one of them. But Silva can still keep his belt and if not it’ll open up a new division essentially. I want to see it, but we might never get to. Sucks.

  25. EP says:

    Jones is stupid he knows the deal… he may be one of the greatest in world right now. but he knows just like every other real mma fan or fighter, that once he steps inside the octagon with Silva its a wrap. Silva would destroy Jones, nothing to argue about, not even up for discussion. Jones knows it just like everyone else. HE would finished by Silva. HE can say whatever he wants or use his words to make it look otherwise but it all comes out one way.. No I dont want to fight him and i am ducking this fight for my career… There will never be another fighter ever again like anderson silva, he is the GOAT, #p4p in world and a true warrior and legend… a freak of nature. I am happy i was alive during his era, its an honor to watch him fight. I hope he has some more good years left before he retires.

    • Ninja87 says:

      Well Jones did start off by saying “I don’t want to be the one to BEAT Silva” and Silva said “NO amount of money could make me fight Jones” compare the quotes and you tell me who sounds more worried about losing. Saying Silva could beat Jones or Jones could beat Silva is simply just an OPINION until it happens. I do believe Silva is the GOAT BUT i KNOW Jones has destroyed TOUGHER and bigger names than Silva has

      • EP says:

        yeah i guess you havent been following up on interviews. in the latest interview Silva said he wouldnt want to do the fight, but if the UFC wants to make it happen and Jones does, then he will do it. So please get ur facts straight. Second, and more importantly, it doesnt matter who said what , The bottom line is that A Silva would destroy Jones, not opinion, its a fact. Thats that.

        • Ninja87 says:

          Again u need to get YOUR facts straight. Silva said NO amount of money could make him fight Jones BUT if Jones wanted to fight him THEN it’ll be hard for him to say know. Right now it seems like BOTH of them AREN’T interested in fighting one another. With that said your whole “Silva would beat Jones it’s not an opinion it’s a fact!” is an OPINION like it or not. I wouldn’t be surprised by the outcome either way but i know for a fact that Jones has destroyed tougher competition and bigger names than Silva has

        • Not You says:

          Tell me what calculations you used to come to that “fact”. You don’t know what happens fight night.

  26. Edward Salaz says:

    I for the sport would just like to say leave respect at the door and pound for pound all champions take fights to for the record show whoz the better fighter and or Discipline.

    Hey i had to knock off all who clibmed into my category when wrestling greco roman – never could say know repsect or not withihn three minutes or less we knew whoz to be repsected….much luv to spider his sick and one of my favorite but jones has the awesome elbows that perhaps can be aswer in someone finally coming close to defeating spidee – just my thoughts ONE!

  27. JDV says:

    Silva’s too old for Jones? Jones is too green for Silva? Okay. Enough. Let them both fight Overeem, at the same time. My money’s on Overeem though.

  28. Shatta says:

    The only part about his statement i agree with is that he doesnt need to fight Silva to prove he’s the best.. idk y u guys want silva also to fight everyone to prove he’s the best..if silva does what he does and does it in a exciting, comic book super hero in ur dreams kinda way then to me he’s the best …if other fights wanna be the best they can..just fight their division and beat guys in a fancy way like silva does….. i dnt think silva is nearly afraid of jones as jones is afraid of silva…jones probably thought to himself that dam..this old guy handled vitor and bonnar like fucking paper and they both gave me a hard time….. plus if silva is the best he’s a true warrior and champ..he lets his other teammates go after the big prize at 205…. y fuck it up for everyone when lyoto is like the next guy to get a shot at the belt from his camp..when W.Silva is going to try to get a shot and there’s shogun n much more..y try to take that from them…

  29. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Gotta beat the best to be the best. I understand where he’s coming from though. Neither one of them want a loss at this point, the UFC doesn’t want either one of em’ to have a loss either. It’s a win/lose situation but the loss end of it just isn’t worth it, it far overshadows the win aspect.

  30. Henny says:

    Jones want to be the greatest -> he has to beat the greatest. Now he has the chance to fight the greatest fighter of all time and he doesn’t want it. He says that he and Silva are great champions? He shouldn’t compare himself with him. He needs the fight. Anderson doesn’t need it. He should chase him before its too late. Otherwise he will always be the one who doesn’t fight the greatest when he could.

    • Ninja87 says:

      Silva has been more vocal about not wanting to fight Jones than Jones has been about not wanting to fight him so idk what you’re talking about. With that said i do believe Silva is the GOAT BUT i also know for a fact that Jones has destroyed tougher competition and bigger names than Silva has

  31. Mike says:

    Yes and no! Yes I am talking, no he wouldn’t beat silva

  32. Tha motor city cobra says:

    Bones can’t beat Silva. NO ONE CAN! Just like no one can turn coal into gold. Its one of those things that a man cannot do. Anderson Silva is more of a Champion than Jones will ever be and Chael Sonnen will expose him for the little girl he really is

    • Ninja87 says:

      Come on man stop all that noise. Before Silva even fought Chael no one said the name “Chael Sonnen” when talking about great fighters in the UFC. Chael is anything BUT great. Jones will smash him easily. I do believe Silva’s the GOAT BUT i also know for a fact that Jones has destroyed tougher competition and bigger names than Silva has

  33. 123 says:

    good fight but im more excited for a superfight thats actually happening.. Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez.

  34. jay says:

    jones is awesome..hes his own man.

  35. Generic name here says:

    Or it could be that both fighters know they can continue their legacy easier without fighting each other, and that’s it. They could both win, whereas most other fights they are almost a shoe in. Easier fights, longer legacy. Literally that simple.

  36. The Dentist says:


  37. Jimmyjoe says:

    Silva would dance around and kick jones’ face clean off. Jones would never take the fight cause he’d loose, fact . If you disagree please go and watch silva fight, he’s like water.

  38. Nunya says:

    This is an issue that i would hope these great fighters can resolve for us all. Both are champs of their division. Silva being the G.O.A.T. and Jones being the youngest champ to completely dominate the LHW division (except for Hendo who i feel would lose as well). The haters can nitpick on each fighters, but they’re both bad muthafuckas. I couldnt pick a winner of this fight, but if this fight ever happens, it would be the biggest fight for UFC up to date.

  39. paul petch says:

    id like to see a superfight every year. i want to know who the best in the ufc old times 1 tournament 1 winner all the best of the best.Gracie was always kickin big guys arses!!! Just fight you pussies id fight yas both and i aint nobody.

    • Danhasnoface says:

      You can’t compare the sport as it is now and that of the first tournaments. It’s evolved too much, it’s no longer one discipline against another. You have to be good all over, period.

  40. 123 says:

    +1.. id love too see weight class vs weight class tournaments.. heavyweights vs light heavyweights, middleweights vs welterweights.. etc.. would be insane.

  41. NoDoutNOut says:

    Haterrrrs. Too many haters. If you people actually use your brains, then you’d see that Silva actually hasn’t wanted to fight a lot of guys not because he’s scared but because he doesn’t want to fight guys he respects. He keeps his friendship high. He was pissed as fuck at Vitor when he accepted the fight against him because he thought of Vitor as a friend, but what happened? When Vitor said yes, Silva got heated and went along with it and knocked his ass out. Everybody sees fighting a friend in a different view, some see it as bad as money ain’t worth more than friendship, others see it as we’re making eachother money so let’s just do it. Either way, Silva sees it as no, money isn’t worth more than friendship. Ya’ll can talk shit, but at the end of the day, both these guys would whoop ya’ll asses within a minute.

  42. mr.happiness says:

    “that he doesn’t want to be the man to beat Anderson Silva.”
    You also forgot to mention that he said “and do not want to be the guy who lost to him.”

  43. rawr says:

    but Jon . . . dont you need to beat the BEST to be the BEST???

  44. Brend0magic says:

    Don’t be scared homie!!!!!

  45. ThaGreenBandit says:

    sounds like Dana is getting close to John’s magic number… He definitely seems like he is more open to the idea than he was a month ago. In a week, maybe even a month, John will be quoted as saying he will take the fight if Anderson will. He’s just waiting for the right time to say yes

  46. Mr Hydr@ says:

    haha fuck that id love to see that, or Jonny Boner bulk up and fight JDS or Overeem, either way id love to see him lose, getting KTFO from JDS/Overeem or Triangle’d to Deep Space 9 by The spider.

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