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Sunday, 07/08/2012, 07:40 am

UFC 148: Ortiz and Griffin; Silva snag $75K bonuses each

The Ultimate Fighting Championship handed out $75,000 fighter bonuses for in-Octagon performances following UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II on Saturday. Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz took home bonus checks.



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  1. Mike b says:

    This fight was crazy.the best fight on the card I think.what the fuck is wrong with Forrest running off like that,show some respect.tito was a punching bag for forrest.but Tito did good dropping forrest twice and taking him down with a little bit of ground n pound.close fight to call though.respect to Tito man he’s a legend.

    • the Natural says:

      Agreed but forrest missed alot more shots then they recorded. The landed punches looked to be equal but I don’t get how Forrest missed so many wen like u said Ortiz was just standing there like a punching bag and griffin dancing around throwing 1000 punches ends up being the one that got dropped twice. Also, Tito got the takedowns and grnd and pound inn. They could have gave it too Ortiz. But good way too go out!! If I was Ortiz I would b happy

  2. danielrchargers says:

    Thank you Anderson,
    Told all of you bandwagon Sonnen fans, Sonnen was just talking out of his ass for two years?
    i hate to say this… but i wonder when that Nerd Wrestlingrules and keep/ get get rid of fitch (dont no which one) come on here to talk about chaels poor efforts to make this fight look like UFC117… was not gonna happen haha he got TKO’d the fuck out.
    all in all.. HE GOT BITCHED. :]

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Don’t ever confuse me with those SCUMBAG Sonnen FELON-ROIDING nuthuggers. I am the biggest CHEAT Sonnen hater on planet.. Keep Fitch faggot lay n pray lover and wrestlingrules is the biggest Sonnen nutgger on planet. Yeah where are they today?

      wrestling rules and Fitch LOVER your pillow fisted lay n pray ROID UP HERO Sonnen got his a’ss kicked BOTH will change their usernames or sign in under mine which both of those losers have done in past. Yep BJPENN this site is LAME for allowing otehrs to sign in my username. I’m doen with this site if they don’t fix all the GLITCHES in this site and get rid of all the TROLLS like wrestlinglover and Fitch lover

      • danielrchargers says:

        thank god… good man.

      • jones says:

        wrstler an keep fitch are the loser….get rid of fitch knows his sht like noooo other…anyways thse too loser fags wont even be heard from for weeks,,,i think they we be on here but will changed there names cuz they have been making total fools of themselfs here for months….its actually quite funny

      • Sam P says:

        @GET RID OF FITCH (forever)

        you would suck me dry to have a point that matters and thats why I butt love you hate everything you don’t understand is your message and boy oh boy does it work by showing you suport it is power to the homos hollaaaaaaaaa;) you know it

  3. The Dude says:

    WANTED: CHAEL SONNEN FANS. This is a serious issue, only one day ago many Chael Sonnen fans were seen giving their highly regarded opinions and thoughts on this epic fight. However, as of today, no more Chael Sonnen fans have been seen at all. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these MMA experts (….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH sorry I crack myself up.) please inform the proper authorities.

    • Xaninho says:


      Only a few Sonnen fanboys are man enough to admit Anderson won.

      The ones with the biggest mouths are very quiet though!

      • Fiction says:

        Im one of Chael’s true fans. I’ll always root for my wrestling coach and I’ll never deny being his fan or deny him as my friend or role model.. And I don’t care that he lost. He could have won and I still wouldn’t think of him any different. Yeah it would have been cool to see him win but once again, Anderson proved he’s the best. I don’t much care for Anderson’s personality but he delivered and he’s the best. Anyway, I just wanted to say my piece. Cheers to Silva

    • ElChupa says:

      I’m a Sonnen fan mainly because he’s so entertaining to listen to. Anderson most certainly won the fight. No question about it. But for everyone to sit there and say, “Chael is a fake and spewed bullshit for 2 years” is a moron. He went in there, hands down won the first round. (Obviously Segal didn’t teach him how to avoid a double leg takedown) Second round, Sonnen came out guns blazing, missed with a spinning back fist, (I dont think he should’ve tried that) slipped, and Silva jumped on him. Props to Silva. But really? You’re going to sit there and bash Sonnen for giving you a great rematch and built the fight up so much that it is considered the most anticipated rematch of all time? Grow up.

      The Dude, I’m glad to know you crack yourself up, because most people just look at you and think, “I hope he’s wearing his helmet, he doesn’t need anymore brain damage.”

      • The Dude says:

        Well we found one brave Chael Sonnen fan. Props to you for sticking to him even after his loss. I understand your anger towards me, I would be pretty bummed if Anderson lost too. Have a great end of weekend, try not to think about the fight too much.

    • Sam P says:

      chael was winning before the spinning back fist and that was retarded whoever told him that would work is as smart as GET RID OF FITCH (forever) and would vote for betty crocker to be the president in 2012

  4. Jb says:

    Im not a Chael nut hugger but if he stuck to the game plan he had in rnd 1 it may have gone another way. The spinning back fist was the beginning of the end….
    Silva is a beast but a dick head in real life…..

    • danielrchargers says:

      if he stuck to the gameplan from rnd 1??? he tried and Anderson stuffed him!

    • Xaninho says:

      He was trying to stick to the gameplan it’s the same tactic he always uses, but the gameplan wasn’t working anymore because each and every take down in round 2 was stuffed.

      That’s when Sonnen went into desperation mode and started throwing odd techniques.

      • Dlo says:

        People forget that Sonnen was getting hit. He wasn’t going into desperation mode just because he didn’t have any control or discipline. He took some clean shots and he had to react. Also everyone forget that Silva baited him into the wild punching. He dropped his hands to welcome Sonnen in. You can’t blame Sonnen for not trying to throw a haymaker at an opponent with his hands down.

  5. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol as far as im concerned Chael and Anderson fought to total of 7/10 rounds. Chael won 5 of them and Anderson won 2. The score is 5-2 therefore Chael is still winning the fight.

  6. Jb says:

    One stuffed take down doesn’t mean shit. He deviated and paid for it…

    • Dlo says:

      Are you serious? It wasn’t one attempt. It was more like 2 really good shots. He did everything he could. He went for the take downs as well as tried to hit Silva, but at that point it was too late Silva was just out of control. The reason Chael took Silva down in the first place is because Chael got into Silva’s head, which caused him to come out swinging. Chael was able to capitalize and take him down. Round 2 Silva had calmed down and resorted back to himself. He waited on Chael and threw controlled punches rather than swinging wildly as he had done at the start of the 1st round.

  7. chris says:

    Chael Sonnen is the man, I’m sure people will jump off the bandwagon now that he lost. But i will not he brought it to Anderson both times and he gets my respect for that. Andy just proved again he is the greatest of all time. I’m sure.some.idiots will still say fedor but andy is the best

  8. Wrestler66 says:

    I’m still a Sonnen fan Chael did great talked a bit too much shit round one showed how dominant he can be also Anderson did a lot of shorts grabbing and fence grabbing to stuff those TD’s (not making excuses) he missed a spinning back fist and got finished it happens !!! Anderson was a credit to the sport after the bout too !

  9. amark1 says:

    Chael did what he said he was going to do but anderson got him. I’ve watched the replay several times and Silva did knee Sonnen in the face not the chest. He also only got one good shot in once he was on top of him. Dana White most likely had this shit planned from the beginning with the ref. Holding the shorts is a bitch move that Silva should be above but I guess not

  10. Pockets19 says:

    I dont understand how the People of the USA rooted against Chael Sonnen. Congratulations you American silva fans, you are all terrorists. No sense of pride or allegiance to the fighter who represent the free world. Shame

    • dubmatic808 says:

      people of the USA… gtfo… we’re hawaiians besides chael “the criminal” sonnen only represents morons who dont know shit about the sport we call mma

  11. M says:

    Great fights! How sick was the mendes body shot KO. I thought he would look to shoot and find himself in a guillotine.

    Tito had some bi highlights but in the end didn’t have the gas to keep pace w Forrest. I have no idea why he ran out like that. I was bummed that joe Rohan didn’t get to properly dismiss Tito from the octagon.

    After the first round of the main event everyone at the house thought Chael had it locked up. I knew if silva could stuff one takedown he’d find a way to knok him out. Would have liked to see if Chael could have recovered tho

  12. Xaninho says:

    McKenzie looked dangerously drained. Bones were sticking out everywhere. It was a nice bodyshot by Mendes, but normally that is not enough to make a fighter crumble like McKenzie did.

  13. Gack says:

    I like Chael, but I think he’s over the top with his hyping antics. Too disrespectful and “WWF”-like for me. I know he does it for attention and to hype the fights, but its just plain ridiculous the levels he takes it too. That being said…If he hadn’t tried that stupidly wild spinning back fist, swinging for the fence and losing his balance, the fight could have very easily gone the other way. Chael had time to get up but sat on his ass too long instead of springing back up onto his feet and ate that nasty knee for it. He was a goner after that. He F’d up there! Did you see how dejected Silva was when he got to his corner after round one? You could almost read it in his face, “Not again…” His corner saw it too, and started immediately trying to turn him around and hyping up.

    Yea…Sonnen isn’t any good for the “Professionalism” of the sport, but he’s the real deal…was really hoping to see someone give Silva a good fight for a change again…or at least take Chael out from strikes but by putting him in the position himself, not from a slip/fall (Chael did that to HIMSELF). That was a stroke of luck for Silva. Chael was on him like a pitbull.

  14. Sergio says:

    Chael had a great 1 round ok, shot 20 punches + 320 punches(1 fight) total: 340 and…… still not finish Anderson.

    2 round Anderson defense very well and start playing with lost chael, look like amateur stand up. The result is he GIVE UP. Anderson start punch him, and he lay down like a street dog, pray for referee stop the fight. PATHETIC.
    He wanted fight to do that?? Champion who just can fight wrestling?

    P.S: Don’t forget him TRT. What a looser.

  15. Man says:

    Is it only me who noticed silva rubbin off the oil on his eyebrows to his body before grabbing and pulling chaels shorts almost off.. Oh and that knee very close lucky wasn’t to the head.. It just seems silva was desperate and willing to push the rules if he had too

    • Jay G says:

      im sure its extremely hard to aim a knee to opponent who is about 5 feet beneath ur eyes. only reason sonnen got the take down is cause he caught Silvas hands before he can try to get underhooks and after he swung.

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