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Wednesday, 04/03/2013, 10:42 am

Opponent commits to May bout with transgendered Fallon Fox | MMA News

Fallon Fox (2-0 MMA) may be the most talked about woman in Mixed Martial Arts, at least over the past month. Fox, a transgendered athlete who was born a male, won her first bout in the CFA tournament last month before the entire situation was revealed. Since then, her story has become national news and the question of whether or not she should be allowed to fight females has been a hot topic of debate.

One person who doesn’t seem to have an issue with the situation is her May slated opponent, Allana Jones (2-0 MMA). Allana has decided she will face off against Fox at the University of Miami’s BankUnited Center on May 24, promoter Jorge de la Noval of the Championship Fighting Alliance told NBC 6 the news on Monday night.

“A fight is a fight! I’ll knock her out!” the promoter quoted Jones as saying.

In the meantime, the debate over should Fox be able to compete as a woman is intensifying. The boxing commission may decide Fox’s fate when it meets this Friday Arpil 5.

What are your thoughts on Fallon Fox? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


50 Responses to “Opponent commits to May bout with transgendered Fallon Fox | MMA News”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Look at his build. That is not a woman. It is clear to see that the estrogen didn’t change him enough to make it fair for him to compete against natural born women.

    I am not against people feeling the need to change their gender because they feel uneasy in the body they’re born with. I get that we’re not all the same and it is not affecting me if someone decides to go under surgery and change him or herself.

    This whole fighting against women however is something completely different. For the simple reason that this is definitely affecting other people. The women he is fighting are in a disadvantage because Fox still has the build and strength of a male fighter. This is not only unfair because Fox has a greater chance to win the fight, but also dangerous because he can hurt his opponents real bad.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I agree, it looks like a dude in drag. He probably still needs to shave. And the danger of all this nonsense.
      What I do disagree with is you’re being a bit squishy PC nonchalance about the immoral self-mutilation this emotionally screwed up freak has put himself through. He is still a he. If he “feels’ different, then it is a spiritual/psychological problem. This dude needs to fight guys or other self-mutilators. He needs gay conversion therapy and a priest, not a women to beat on!! Does Caligula live again???

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        I don’t get to decide what’s immoral and neither do you. I don’t care what people do with their lifes or bodies. It’s THEIRS to decide. I only care when their decisions affect me or other people in an unfair way.

        Fox shouldn’t fight women because he is born as a male which gives him an advantage over real women and it’s dangerous for women to fight him, I have no other reasons than those two things to form my opinion about transgenders fighting women.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Wow, the first 4 sentences of your post is so screwed up. Now I know why you don’t believe in God. I am going to debate you here on how wrong you are. First, determining morality is the most fundamental right of any person and community. Otherwise, why have any rules about anything???! So I just proved you wrong because you support rules and rules dictate morality. If you don’t care what people do to their bodies or their lives then you are not human. You have no compassion or empathy and these two qualities makes us uniquely human. We are ALL connected and every decision effects everybody in the world. So their decision to be destructive in their lives does in fact effect you. Have you ever heard that one bad apple spoils the bunch. So your world view is very unrealistic. The world is NOT wired how you think it is. This is NOT religious, this is science that has proved this.

          The second part of your post indicates that you are judging Fox fighting women as immoral, because he would hurt them. That is a moral judgement you are making. So you claim one thing but do another. Now after you get mad that I exposed your inconsistencies, what say you?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          You haven’t exposed anything you’re just spewing nonsense based on your own faulty assumptions.

          I will tell you why.

          I don’t support rules, I support freedom, fairness and equality for all. Rules and laws are made by the ruling class to keep the mass quiet and give them the opportunity to control our lives.

          Your example about the bad apples spoiling the bunch is one of those things..WHO gets to decide when somebody is a bad apple?

          When and how exactly is a transgender affecting our lives when he decides to undergo surgery to chance his appearance? If you have to pay for his surgery then yes it’s affecting you, if you would have been forced to have sex with him then yes it is affecting you.

          When you woke up the day he had his surgery, did anything change for you? I don’t think so.

          If Fox would have had a deskjob it wouldn’t even be an issue. He can be equal to everyone else that way. Now he wants to fight women with the unequal advantages he has being born as a male. That is when he is being unfair to the women he is fighting and that is why I say it’s not right.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          The reason you think this is nonsense is because you are really confused how all this works. You are close-minded and smug in your little world. You originally stated that no one can determine what is immoral or not. Unfortunately, that is NOT how the world or nature works. All of your judgements and PC squishy stances are MORAL judgements. That makes us uniquely human, We get to decide what is moral and what is immoral. Anything destructive is immoral in my worldview. You don’t seem to believe that. You seem to believe that destructiveness is moral as long as the destruction does not hurt you or anybody else!! Right? Science has proven what you think is wrong. Science has corroborated Christianity that ALL things are connected. Therefore, all good is shared and all bad is shared by all. Science proves this. And since you do not believe in God then do you believe in science? Or do you just believe in your squishy PC progressive views whether they are true or not? Do you actually think you know everything? And your rule argument is hypocritical, because you create and live by rules everyday. Your freedom, fairness and equality are ideals supported by what? Rules. You said you own businesses, well don’t you follow rules about how you run your business’? Of course you do. So having a moral judgement on how you do business are the rules you set for yourself and your business. Could it be that those rules are not the best for some people?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          My judgements are my own personal judgements about things. I don’t label the subject I am judging as immoral or not. My personal opinions about what’s right and what’s not are often in conflict with the way society (governments and gullible citizens) would label it.

          Yes I own a few businesses, I pay my taxes. I don’t follow any rules/laws because I want to follow them, but because government will close up my businesses if I don’t. So I am basically forced to follow most of the rules eventhough I do not think they are all fair and/or necessary.

          Determining what is immoral or not is very subjective. One person thinks it is immoral and the next doesn’t.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Enjoyed the debate.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        It’s the same with you and your obviously very religious way of life. I don’t care as long as your lifestyle is not affecting me. You want to believe, cool. It’s not my choice, but if it makes you happy to believe in ‘God’ go ahead I don’t hate you for it. There’s a saying ‘live and let live’, live your life and be happy but let others live theirs and be happy too.

  2. TheTude says:

    Even though i Fallon Fox doesnt belong in any professional combat sports ring, allana jones has the right attitude, i hope she scores a knockout over fox and puts all this transgender MMA bullshit to rest.

  3. Reaper says:

    This is jokes, Fallon Fox is a fucking dude, call him whatever you want to its still a freaking tranny playing as a girl, YOU CANNOT HAVE A MAN FIGHTING WOMEN.

  4. Big daddy says:

    What is the world coming to? You can’t use trt but can be a cross dresser and fight a woman? I say cross dresser cause that’s a fucking man!

  5. Ddddddd says:

    If this dudes smart and resourceful he kept his penis and turned it into a dildo for herself. He should of kept a little of his own spooge and tried too get himself pregnant.

    • Thaduke says:

      You are without a doubt the most uneducated moron on this thread… You make all people in general look bad

      • Dddddddd says:

        Man,you really make me feel inferior. You must be incredibly smart with no sense of humor or way too stupid to understand a joke. Have you ever posted anything worth remembering because I don’t remember you. If you new anything about me you would realize that your stupid.

      • Ddddddd says:

        Man,you make me feel so inferior. You must be a genius or way too stupid to understand my jokes. If you new me you would realize how stupid you are.
        Have you ever posted anything on here or was it not worth remembering?
        I’ll bet you change your name so you don’t have to stand behind anything your incredible mind produces or none of it resonates well enough to matter.
        Maybe Fallon will loan you her penis so you can stuff it in your mouth so I don’t have to hear it.

  6. Dafak says:

    Enough with the homophobic attitude !
    This woman (because that’s what she is now, by all accounts) should be let in to fight other women.
    It’s insane how many haters there are here.
    She feels like a woman, she has taken the therapy and wins fights. What more do you want ? She’s cleared by the athletic commisions to fight, she is dedicated and MMA is what she wants to do.
    Stop insulting the people of that nature.
    You are pushing them away from the sport.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Good I am against transgenders fighting women.

      I’m not against them in general nor insulting them. I formed my opinion on facts not narrow mindedness or bigotry. Like I said before, if you feel the need to change go ahead. But don’t affect other people’s lifes in a negative, unfair way with it. Which is something Fox is willing to do now and that’s not right.

      • Dafak says:

        That’s a double standard mate.
        Ronda is ripping off people’s arms and basically destroys everybody in her way. Does that mean she has an unfair advantage ? No – she trains and she wins fights.
        That’s the situation here. Fox trains and wins fights. It’s because she is that damn better then the girls she fights.
        The commisions have cleared her to fight. And those guys ban people for smoking some pot. Those guys are plain looking for a reason to take you out of a fight – you smoke just a little pot (let’s face it – who doesn’t – if you don’t I really do not wish to be in your place, ‘cuse your life sucks) and there you go- no license for a year.
        Those guys let her fight and here you people go about advantages.
        Just chill.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          That’s not a double standard at all. Rousey is a woman, Fox is not. No matter what Fox does she will always remain a ‘woman’ with the physical abilities of a man.

          Rousey is a tough woman amongst women, Fox is a man who had surgery to look like a woman but still is a man who’s beating up women because of his strength, not because he’s that good.

          The commissions have cleared 35 year old men with the testosterone levels of a 20 year old because they think it’s fair when a 35 year old fighter goes against natural decline using TRT and punished others for having THC metabolites in their blood.

          So yeah the commissions make weird decisions, your example is only proving my point.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Mate, you sound like the Biggest Fag Hag I have seen on this site. Do you get it up the ass from you gay friends? And stupid MOST people don’t poison themselves with pot. You like poisoning yourself? You must be insane!

    • Ddddddd says:

      I don’t hate anyone. My gay friends and I make fun of each other all the time,I just have friends that are secure enough to take it. I wonder if she enters the arena to a Lady GAga song or maybe Queen,Another one Bites the Dust. This dude could have turned his penis into a keychain and it means nothing too me.

    • I Heard... says:

      …YOU are a bigot. Do you hate women?? Sure sounds like it. If you want this BOY to fight women, then you are a hater. Or maybe you have cut your dick off.

      • Ddddddd says:

        How in the hell did you get that out of my reply too Defak? I’ve gotta start dumnin this shit down so everyone understands what’s goin on. Oh yah and I heard that everything you hear is out of one ear because Fallon’s dick is stuffed so deep in your mouth it’s coming out of one of your ears stupid.

        • I Heard... says:

          ….that you need to settle down. My post was to Dafak, NOT YOU…..I thought your post was funny…But Dude, you have gay friends???!!! gross

  7. Dddddd says:

    Got attacked earlier?
    Guess I was a little overly defensive.

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