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Wednesday, 08/07/2013, 09:38 am

Online Streaming of UFC Content May Soon Become Felony

The UFC and parent company, Zuffa,  has long sought an answer to the illegal streaming of their premium content such as their PPV events or past fights. Now, with a recent proposal created in a the wake of the failure to pass SOPA, the UFC may just get their wish of implementing the strictest of punishments to those who attempt to stream their content online.

The Washington Post put out a story recently, highlighting the new proposal and the relevance of a law like this being passed in the new age of internet content:

You probably remember the online outrage over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) copyright enforcement proposal. Last week, the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force released a report on digital copyright policy that endorsed one piece of the controversial proposal: making the streaming of copyrighted works a felony.

As it stands now, streaming a copyrighted work over the Internet is considered a violation of the public performance right. The violation is only punishable as a misdemeanor, rather than the felony charges that accompany the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material. 

The UFC is widely remembered for strongly backing the failed 2012 bill, SOPA, citing just a fraction of the overall bill as the means to backing the bill through to its inclusion in to law.

The Commerce Department report urges strong penalties on those who mean to break these proposed laws:

[a]dopting the same range of penalties for criminal streaming of copyrighted works to the public as now exists for criminal reproduction and distribution,”

Now, with renewed hope, the UFC can crack down on those it views as detriments to the overall growth company. 

This would mean that a felony offense can be placed on those who choose not to spend $45 on a PPV event ($55 in high-definition) and could mean serious jail time or fines.


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64 Responses to “Online Streaming of UFC Content May Soon Become Felony”

  1. Part Time MMA Fan says:

    Wow this is NOT COOL. Why go after the person who views the content, shouldn’t they be going after the person or persons that are streaming the content?

    • ya says:

      did you read the article? The violation is only punishable as a misdemeanor, rather than the felony charges that accompany the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material. <– watching what is available online is neither reproduction or distribution..

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      MAYBE they should go after Lorenzo for his massive steroid abuse

  2. Silver Spider says:

    the ufc should be charged with a felony for putting on boring cards and making us pay for them. For example, any cards with GSP headlining, Machida, or Benson Henderson.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree UFC has over saturated their fight cards to point where its getting to be a joke to buy PPV’s. Every time they announce a big fight one or both of the fighters drop out with injury.

      MORE AND MORE fighters are starting to fight like GSP and Machida. point fighting and lay n pray and wall and stall has ruined MMA/UFC

  3. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I live in Holland I can’t even order the PPV here cause it’s not broadcasted. And I’m not watching streams online, cause I’m not watching MMA on a 24″ monitor if I can watch it on my 60″screen.
    I download it the next morning and nobody who can do anything about that because it’s allowed here to download copyrighted content from the internet for own use.
    Wish I could just order it here though, I’d like to see it live.

  4. bellator says:

    Yea suck a fat one ufc is ripping fans offthey water down to many ppv’s

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Fukcing Thieves…need to throw every thief distributing and watching into jail for being a thief of copywrighted material. little maggots. You steal, you are a thief, PERIOD.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      We’re just little people picking up crumbs from the big pieces of pie the fraudulent bankers, big corporations who underpay their employees and evade taxes.
      Fucking Disney dares to talk about copyright material when they uild their whole company on turning copyrighted material into cartoons. Did Disney pay the heirs of the family Grimm for their use of Snow White? Nope, so they got rich off stolen copyright material.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You are rationalizing your bad behavior to make yourself feel better. The UFC hasn’t stolen anything and if they did then they need to be sued and if criminal thrown in jail next to the guy who stole their property. If Disney never bought the rights to Snow White, then whoever own the copyrights should sue the shit outta them and if that is criminal then they should pay up and.or go to jail. Quit rationalize someone’s else bad behavior to justify yours. Just admit that you are thief and you think it is ok. So when someone steals from you then you can be ok with that too, because you have more than them.. Cool..

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          I’m not justifying mine, I’m just showing the hypocrisy surrounding the big corporations who go after the little people. They first steal from the people by evading taxes and underpaying them. And when the people are forced to take their fair share themselves the big corporations act butthurt like they are the victims.
          Wake up Gargoyle…They are the enemy.

        • BryanFury85 says:

          So everything you’ve seen and listened to was purchased by you? No listening to friends cds, playing friends games, or watching friends movies?

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) thank god says:

      I would rather be a copy right thief than a gay ass layn pray loving Fitch fag

      How’s it feel to have such a piece of shit like Fitch as an idol

  6. Hahahahaha says:

    Gargoyles getting all depressed that he’s still a virgin and acting out at you all, don’t take it personally.

    He downloads copyright material just like the rest of us.

  7. doc says:

    I remember reading an argument somewhere saying that inviting friends over to watch the UFC and having them chip in was also illegal.

    Why would that be illegal, they are just buddies chipping in for the electricity bill.

    I am interested to see where they go with this.

  8. Boise FighterAR says:

    It costs $59.99 + tax… And that’s a felony? It’s not Grand Theft people come on… seriously this Piracy stuff is ridiculous for people like me, I actually order the fights and support piracy. I don’t care what you all do, if YOU can get it for free by all means go ahead.

  9. Joustwillam says:

    having friends over and chipping in is illegal? thats a joke @doc

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