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Friday, 10/26/2012, 08:49 am

One Year Later Cain Velasquez Still Unable To Get Past First Career Defeat | UFC NEWS

“Yeah December 29th my rematch with Dos Santos is coming up and I’m just ready for this. This is a loss that’s been in the back of my head for a year now. Can’t wait to get in there and bring that belt back to Arizona. … You always have it in the back of your head. It’s always a reminder that hey I need to keep training harder and get back to a point where you were before that and that was at the top. That’s the whole thing of doing this sport now is trying to be at the top.”

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez recently revealed to XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ that he has been bothered by his first career defeat ever since it happened a year ago.

He gets the chance to avenge his loss and regain his title this December at UFC 155.


49 Responses to “One Year Later Cain Velasquez Still Unable To Get Past First Career Defeat | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    WAR CAIN!!!! Dude reps Chicanos and Arizona, Brown Pride MOFOs

    • some guy says:

      i am so pumped for this fight!!! its going to be a war, i cant wait to see cain bring the belt back to america… my only hope is that cain can avoid the striking match with JDS that dude has hands of stone! still rooting for my brown pride brother tho!

    • Brownblackwhite warrior says:

      Brown pride?

      Chicano’s aren’t the only ones brown you dumb dumb!! that’s why you chicanos are always disregarded in the world today is because of your lack of awareness’ and your eagerness to display dumbness. I’m Chicano and I think our people are the stupidest people ever claiming a belt our spot in this world….

      • some guy says:

        thank you very much for your input, i will take that into consideration next time i decide to make a comment, or maybe i should just run it by you before i even consider leaving it? i say my brown pride brother because i also have the same tattoo in the same spot, not quite as large of lettering as cains but there none the less. while i realize that mexicans arent the only brown people in the world we are the ones who have it on us, so that being said maybe you should just keep your dumbass remarks to yourself and maybe stick to the subject at hand which is cain vs jds, not mexicans being dumb…. dumbass!

        • He's a smart Chicano now!! says:

          I’m glad you decided to point out the obvious, that its between two men trying to settle a score. I believe that’s the smartest thing you’ve said so far. Other than a person being proud of being brown. Lame lame lame!! Color can have a different personality incase you didn’t know’

          Ps, don’t hurt yourself trying to fire back a comment.

  2. unRealRobinson says:

    Cain is a beast, but JDS is a Beast Master. JDS by KO in round 1.

    • Mat says:

      Dude JDS couldnt even finish Fat Roy Nelson. The winning over Cain was just a fluke. Did you see Cain agains Big Foot? his concentration, his drive, his stamina, his overall game? Cain is hungry for this belt and he will murder JDS. Just waint and see, wait and see

      • Tim says:

        Your an idiot
        big foots not even real competition for top fighters like cain and jds obviously theyre gonna ruin him and roy nelson haa a freak chim he got beat up by werdum and jds for 3 rounds and took it all

      • TheTude says:

        Thats what i posted last week and a bunch of dudes were like filuke my ass, it was a fluke, lucky shot, and Cain was coming off an injury and in not the best shape, this time will be different, a war, Cain is the Burger King, because thats what he turns his opponents into

      • Zoeldog27 says:

        yeah but Roy is a freak no one could finsh him hes got too much heart he should lose some weight and go down to LH he’d be a beast at 205

  3. 123 says:

    Best Fight Ever.. Cain Velasquez By Early Ground & Pound.

  4. Justen says:

    Yeah because JDS Didn’t ko him with one punch last time right? Gunna be the same stuff, different day. lol. Only one that’s gunna beat Dos is Overeem. Y’all will see.

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    This is going to be a completely different fight (UNFORTUNATLY). Cain is going to go for takedown non-stop and all we can hope for a good ole “FITCHING” My guess is the entire training camp has been spent with Cormier going over takedowns nonstop. Hopefully JDS just catches him with a knee coming in. AKA thinks they will do a repeat of the BIGFOOT fight. One problem JDS is 100 times faster than BIGFOOT. The thought of AKA holding a UFC belt again is almost enough to make one sick to their stomach. NO doubyt whatsoever AKA is gthe camp that Victor Conte says 50% of their fighters are on steroids.

    • Not You says:

      Yeah, you can really tell with all the hulking physiques walkin out of AKA these days. SMH.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        That just shows how really stupid you are to say only HULKING FREAKS are on steroids. Yeah Lance Armstrong looks like charles atlas. The otehr resson I know it is AKA Conte is talking about is because his beat buddy in this world that introduced him to the MMA world is Kyle Kingsbury and he trains at AKA. Mike Kyle, Kingbury, Rockhold, maynard, KING MO (who aready got busted ROIDS) all these guys to me look like they are on PED’s, HGH, EPO’s, testosterone. kyle Kingsbury was known as a bigtime ROIDER when he played football at Arizona. HOWEVER I doubt AKA is any worse than any otehr camps on the average and maybe even below the average

  6. 123 says:

    Cain Velasquez looked scared in the 1st fight to me.. any1 can get knocked out especially in the heavyweight division.. Velasquez will win this time.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      My problem with Cain is after every fight he always says he was injured. Damn quit making excuses already please. For someone that only fights maybe once a year and is under 30 yrs old he should either train much smarter or fight less because the excuses are getting old.

      Also I don’t care too much for that “BROWN PRIDE” that he had spray painted on his chest with stencils from walmart. I bet he wishes he would have at least saved up enough money to get a QUALITY tattoo written on his chest that looks like it cost more than the $5.00 for spray paint and walmart stencils he used.

      I mean come on if someone like Brock spray painted “white Pride” on his chest he would be strung up on the front lawn of the white house.
      I’m american indian so you can try and call me racist all you want. I just think there is stupid a’ss double standard in this country. bad enough you have to have brown skin to get a job at the Federal Post office

  7. maurice says:

    lol at the dude saying jds couldnt ko roy. as if that means something. cus its so easy to ko big country. atleast big country ate like a hundred bombs from jds and never was finished. cain took one shot from jds and was on his ass. even glass chin frank mir took more shots from jds. cain was suspect to have a weak chin since the kongo fight. and it was shown to be fully true against jds.

  8. Xaninho says:

    JDS has great takedown defense, so I don’t see Cain taking him down before getting knocked out. JDS will win.

  9. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Its amazing how very few fights Cain has. I mean he ahs been around for a while and only has bearely 10 fights. Seems likke a guy his age would want to fight more than once a year

  10. Chit Rodriguez says:

    Brown Pride! You must be talking about that the shit I just took.

  11. 11thhour says:

    Cain’s got it.

  12. Buttmunch says:

    What do they mean by “regain HIS title” its rightfully JDS’s title. Cain couldn’t even defend it. They should say regain the title. There is only one way to beat JDS and it’s not wrestling him. Cain won’t figure it out. Even cormier is scared of JDS. He’s coming to the UFC as a Light Heavyweight.

  13. Zack says:

    Cain is gonna get ktfo again. Jds is going to keep his distance and make Cain do something desperate to get it to the ground. Cain has a glass jaw his only chance is a early takedown.

  14. Slim Charles says:

    this fight is true toss up for me… i really don’t know what’s going to happen!!!

  15. GRT 3000 says:

    love Cain he’s an excellent fighter, but I don’t see him beating JDS. He just won’t be able to impose his will like he needs to; JDS moves too well, has awesome TDD, and hits way too hard and accurate.

  16. Roofless says:

    He should be alright if he doesn’t get hit with another lucky punch that’s hits him behind the ear.

  17. danielrchargers says:

    If Cain can take down Cormier, he can take down JDS.

  18. maurice says:

    Takin down cormier in camp is far easier then trying to grab jds legs in a mma fight. I would not be shocked if it ended even quicker this time. War CIGANO!!

  19. krafty11 says:

    Cain might last a bit longer in this upcoming fight, but JDS will still walk out with the HW strap. JDS has excellent TDD and the best hands at HW. Cain is in for a world of hurt.

  20. ABEYTA says:

    Brown pride vs. Cigano gonna b
    e sick!!!!

  21. MooreUSMC says:

    I think Cain is the baddest man on the planet. He is so nasty complete with his skills. Crazy solid boxing(KO big Nog) nasty cardio(Kongo fight) and sick sick wrestling (everything he does). The fact that he is an American is just icing. Cain for pres.

  22. drew says:

    i really say jds got lucky but yet u cant becuase he performed the accurate shot…i just dont see that happening again…cain is so determined he looked like cold faced killer againest bigfoot…againest jds hes going to obsessed…and again cain being the ufc hw champion going into 2013

  23. jezzy says:

    its going to be a good fight, i reckon whoever lands a solid hit first, hard and accurate wins, go either way bruv’s.

  24. Drew says:

    It’s funny how we all watched the same fight but clearly nobody ha realized that Jds never even hit cains chin. He hit him scarcely on the equal Librium

  25. Dana is Greedy says:

    This will hopefully be a different Cain we see..Injured or not he stepped in the octagon so he can’t make excuse..ON the Brown Pride theres nothing wrong with being proud of your culture its when you place Brown Power or White Power in the phrase when it becomes offensive idiots who are focusing on his tatto rather then his skill set should be disregarded cuz obviously they have some sort of arterior motive for making borderline racist comments..

  26. Josiah says:

    i think cain is just overrated, if you’re going to look at his UFC career you’ll probably be fooled of his KO’s but these opponents were not even the top dogs in UFC (except for mr. minotauro). both cain and JDS has knockout power on their hands but its the boxing skills of JDS that will make a difference. cain might have an edge in wrestling but that is if he can take JDS down, JDS’ TDD is pretty good, not to mention the punishment cain’s gonna receive before he can even get a hold of JDS. no offense to cain but i see him getting KO’d again.

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