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Monday, 09/03/2012, 09:54 am

ONE FC adopts PRIDE rules for soccer kicks | MMA News

By: Chris Taylor

This past Friday the Singapore MMA promotion known as ONE FC held it’s fifth event in Manila, Philippines. Overall the “ONE FC 5: Pride of a Nation” card was a huge success, producing exciting fights and finishes.

The one thing that was left to be desired after watching the event was a change in rules regarding kicks to the head of a downed opponent. The rules for the August 31st event stated that referees somehow had to give fighters “permission” in the moment to throw kicks to the heads of their fallen opponents.

On Friday, Phil Baroni won his fight using a barrage of punches and kicks to the head of his fallen opponent Rodrigo Ribeiro. However, when Andrei Arlovski went to utilize the same technique as the “New York Bad Ass”, after dropping his opponent Tim Sylvia to the canvas and following up with kicks to the head, he was penalized.

Arlovski was given a yellow card for the “illegal kicks” while Sylvia was given five minutes to recover. The five minutes proved to be to little time for Tim to shake the cobwebs, and the bout was ruled a no contest.

On Sunday night, a message was sent out from the OneFCMMA twitter account which stated the following:

Effective immediately, ONE FC has adopted full PRIDE rules for soccer kicks. Catch ONE FC: Rise of Kings on Oct 6!

This now means that One FC fighters will be allowed to kick and knee the heads of their opponents on the feet and on the ground without fear of being penalized. Which means if Sylvia and Arlovski do meet in battle for a fifth time, the “Pitbull” can kick the “Maine-iac” in the head as much as he wants, well at least until the referee steps in.

The legal soccer kicks were made famous in Pride by a pair of Chute Box fighters, Wanderlei Silva and Shogun Rua.


13 Responses to “ONE FC adopts PRIDE rules for soccer kicks | MMA News”

  1. 223 says:

    Bold move but it will prove to be a successful one!!!

  2. Reg says:

    I still remember shogun laying the boots to rampage in pride.

  3. What? says:

    So basically they’re saying that they fucked up and now they want to go forward after screwing arlovski…

  4. Shadleigh says:

    Yeah before when the ref had to give the ok before head kicks were allowed was the dumbest fukking rule I had ever heard. At least they corrected it now. Although Arvloski got screwed out of a win by the worst fukking rule ever in mma.

  5. Xaninho says:

    That’s a good decision. At least now fighters know they will be kicked to the head. If the ref has to decide in a split second when it’s allowed or not, you get strange situations like this…..One guy gets the win and the second guy gets his win changed into a no contest for the exact same thing.

  6. Boom Boom says:

    Good ruling. Like the good old Pride days. Next step, reverse the “No Contest” to an Arlovski Win.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    Good rule! Always like to see Tim Sylvia get his ass kicked.

  8. T.J. says:

    I was there. The Arlovski vs Sylvia fight had the crowd confused as we’d seen soccer kicks all night and suddenly a bout was ruled a NC because of them. And then after that bout, soccer kicks again. I wasn’t until the next day I read online that the ref had to signal open attack before them which didn’t make any sense in the heat of a fight. Glad to see it’s been scraped.

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