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Monday, 09/05/2011, 09:51 am

On Assignment In Thailand With Tom Callos

I’m in Thailand, wearing my best www.BJPENN.COM wardrobe (of course), training at different Muaythai camps, having a great time being a student. One of the things I like best about the camps I’ve been at so far, like the one you see in this video, is the open-air, outdoor training. Even though it’s hot as hell and humid to boot, it’s refreshing not to be locked in a box. I like the way it allows people to walk by and watch what’s going on.

It’s not bad either that after training I get to dive into some killer Thai food.

What I like about this particular video is the way it shows one of the coaches working with a young lady. The best coaches encourage, interact, and make the training fun.

- Tom Callos


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