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Saturday, 10/29/2011, 04:33 pm

Official UFC 137 Discussion Thread

Tonight’s UFC 137 pay-per-view event goes down live in just a few hours. Two of the best welterweights in the world are now set to square off and the weigh-ins yesterday heated up in a major way.

Use this thread to share your reactions to the fights, send wishes to BJ or debate with your fellow BJPENN.COM members about all things UFC 137 related.

“UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” is set to take place on October 29th from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view event was set to feature a welterweight championship bout between George St Pierre and Carlos Condit. However GSP was forced to withdraw with a knee injury and in his place will come BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz.


0 Responses to “Official UFC 137 Discussion Thread”

  1. Dosan says:

    It’s fucking snowing! WAR PENN NATION!

    • Fortyb4five says:

      lmao ya man its snowing here in PA too…haha GAY!!

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      To everyone that talked shit about Nick and said Bj was going to destroy him what happened? Nick beat that ass so hard it made Bj retire I hope you all feel stupid for doubting Nick.

      • Big J says:

        DontBeScaredHomie, you’re acting like you were in the cage tonight and won. Get off of Diaz’s nut sack! I guarantee you he could care less about you sweating him so hard. He doesn’t even know you, so get over it. I bet your the type of person that wears football jerseys to NFL games, too….basking in other guy’s accomplishments because you don’t have any of your own. At the end of the day Diaz won’t accomplish as much as BJ has in his career.

        • Jonathan says:

          Seriously, get his d*%k out of your mouth. I am a huge Diaz Bros guy, but BJ has been there and done that. Show some respect, easy to talk shit on a forum. BJ has helped make this sport what it is, and guys like Diaz will help to keep it growing. Diaz is one guy that i think can end the reign of GSP, but long live The Prodigy

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          That comment was for mmaislandjunkie, but it seems like all you want to do is cry about what I said and talk shit about me now so go right on ahead. I find it funny because that’s all you guys can do because nick beat bj so bad and there isn’t even an excuse you can give for him.

        • e says:

          WTF yall cryn 4….it was a good fight and bj lost….I respected both fighters b4 the fight and i still do after….

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Not really sounds more like I hit a nerve with you because you look stupid for talking shit about Diaz and dick riding Bj. It’s okay i’m sure you along with a million of others feel foolish right about now.

        • Jonathan says:

          No, like i said I am a Diaz Bros fan. I just think you should show respect for someone who helped pave the way. Learn to read, twit.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          You’re telling me to learn to read yet you couldn’t ever recognize which comment was for you, how funny. anyways get off bj’s dick and feeling sorry for him he got his ass beat then pretty much cried about it and retired just like that on the spot like some kid that was just sad to watch, So whatever you have to say from now on won’t be read or acknowledged because at the end of the day you just seem like another sad/pissed penn fan that is just mad they were talking shit and got proven wrong by someone everyone claims to hate.

        • Jonathan says:

          Like i said dipshit (DontBeScaredHomie) for the third time, i am a big time Diaz Bros guy. Nate is probably my second favorite fighter and Nick is way up there. Nick won the fight, easily. I just think BJ deserves respect, he has only fought the best and more often then not he won.

        • Brett says:

          fuck off man! i guarantee ur a pussy! youre the one that is scared! talkin all this shit on an mma forum cuz u are always the last one picked in gym class! get over it dude! I love both fighters and the best man won on Saturday night. thats it! u have no respect and even less class! once again go fuck yourself!!! Asshole!

      • jose says:

        Yeah nick did win but he did’t finish BJ so it didn’t really count

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          That comment made you sound like you are in the 5-11 age range. For real

        • jennifer says:

          Are you kidding fool???
          Nick (the little Strikeforce punk) knocked your dude into retirement!! Better recognize,,,,have you looked at any of Diaz’ fights or his record? those of us who know it predicted he would stomp his ass just like he did.

      • James says:

        You are a fool and just as stupid as Nick Diaz!

        • chon209 says:

          there was a lot of shit talking before the fight so dont get butt hurt and take it like you can give it and if it was 5 round i bet the house the fight would have been stoped and that stupid Nick Diaz handed bj a first class ass whooping… stupid nick diaz

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          That’s what i’m saying if Nick would’ve been the won that lost everyone on here would be talking shit about him and bashing the Diaz fans, but now that we all saw that it didn’t happen all the penn fans are all butthurt and are acting like they weren’t talking shit and that we shouldn’t be talking shit even though they know damn well they would be doing the same if the rolls were reversed.

        • James says:

          CHON 209 is a FAG too!

        • chon209 says:

          @James if you need a hug go outside and find a telephone pole or a light pole which ever one is closer

        • James says:


      • Ainokea says:

        Do you live in the 209? If you let’s have ourselves a war!! I would enjoy showing you a real scrap!!! No matter… BJ, good fight I’m still a dedicated fan. I’m sorry if this post is disrespectful Bj, just pissed that’s all. Penn Nation for Life!!!!

  2. Hilosupaman says:


  3. CWess says:

    Put on your WARFACE BJ!!!!!!! Kick his ASS !!!! I wanna see Diaz go light out!!!!! Tap will work too.hahaha

  4. rob says:

    If BJ is on his game he has it. If not he is in a helluva lot of trouble

  5. Ashlee Kailikea-Martinez says:

    Represent’n Da main man BJ from New Mexico and sporting da Prodigy shirt. Only one Hawaiian and a bunch of angry Mexicans. Tonite is gonna be a great fight with two awesome fighters and only one can be da winner so please Hawaiian show those Mexicans who da man and Lick’em Bra!!!

  6. aaxantonio says:

    cant FUCKING wait, fuck’m up bj

  7. aaxantonio says:

    damn cerrone is no joke

  8. aaxantonio says:

    we arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee live!!!!

  9. aaxantonio says:

    hahahaha joe didnt want to say that the japanese fighters use steroids thats why they suck when they come here

  10. D-RANGeD83 says:

    Best of luck BJ!! Rip Diaz apart brotha!! PENN NATION!!

  11. Twayne says:

    IMUA BJ!! Your da’ Greatest Of All Time!! We (my family & I) Love you!!!


  12. cjamison says:

    Diaz never disappoints. Go Diaz!!!

  13. jennifer says:

    Dont BE Scared, Homie!!!!!!!

    209,,,,,all day, every day!! Aint got nothing on them Diaz boys, bra!

  14. aaxantonio says:

    30-27 kongo? what fight was that judge watching?

  15. Brent says:

    freaking guy never works his cardio :@

  16. aaxantonio says:

    wow what a fight

  17. turtle68 says:

    BJ: FIRE YOUR COACH!!! FIRE YOUR COACH!!! That dude (your coach) SUCKS!!!

  18. Brent says:

    BJ RETIRED !!!!!! damn mannnn!

  19. e says:


    • aaxantonio says:

      you have no clue what you are talking about, anderson and sonnen have nothing to do with this fight. and dont use my name to post dont shit you are a little bitch

    • chon209 says:

      There is a TROLL running around here somewhere i thought i just saw him

    • cjamison says:

      Cardio didn’t get Penn, it was Diaz’ body punching. Within the first minute of Rd 2 Diaz started attacking the body and he didn’t let up. It started to take its toll on Penn toward the end of the round, when Penn looked like the life had faded out of him. This had nothing to do with his training or his heart. When you take an accumulation of body shots like Penn did, it’s hard to recover from them. It literally zaps the energy right out of you. So, to those of you who are saying Penn is lazy, you’ve obviously never fought a good body-puncher (and maybe never fought at all). The average person will drop from a single punch to the body. Penn took his shots like a man and continued to do the best he could. He never quit, regardless of how little energy he had left. He’s a true warrior and he made the fight great.

      Diaz took some shots from Penn, but he was never rocked. He walked right through all of Penn’s punches and he remained the aggressor throughout. Penn was backing up most of the fight and even running at times. Again, this had nothing to do with his training or his heart–it had everything to do with the body punches. The fighters out there know what I’m talking about. Body punches will zap the life right out of you. BJ Penn trained hard for this fight and he has the heart of a champion. He just got beat by the better man tonight. He was out-boxed, out-clinched, and he could get nothing done on the ground against Diaz. However, he gave it his best effort down to the last second and that’s what helped make this a great fight. Hats off to both of them. Diaz gets the credit for breaking Penn down and getting the victory, and Penn gets the credit for giving it his best shot.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I half agree with you dude. Getting punched in the body really gasses you and wears down your stamina. It’s not a tactic commonly seen in MMA because you get mostly head hunters looking for a KO. But, I think it was a combination or body shots and loss motivation or possibly pride. My point being that after the 1st rd he only tried once for a takedown and then never again. The fight was so close that one takedown from Penn would have won him the fight. Why didn’t he use his BJJ when he was in trouble?

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      • cjamison says:

        He “looked soft”? What does that mean? The fact that he never dropped from Diaz’ REPEATED strikes to the body is proof that his body was NOT soft.

        Looks mean nothing. Do you know how you get a hard “looking” midsection? Lots of ab work and weight loss. Any idiot can do that and it has absolutely nothing to do with being fighting tough. Cardio also has nothing to do with toughness. You can be a marathon runner and it wouldn’t keep you from being “winded” by body shots. Speaking of which, Penn wasn’t “winded” from the body shots. As I’ve already pointed out, a relentless body attack will zap the energy out of a fighter, and that’s what happened to him—he wasn’t “winded”. When you’re winded you can’t catch your breath. So, all the cardio in the world would not have helped him in this fight.

        I don’t care how well you train or how tough your midsection is, if you get punched enough to the body it will eventually begin to take its toll on you. While Diaz is not the most powerful puncher, he has what I call “hatchet” punches and they are devastating—as many fighter have realized first hand when they stepped into the cage with him. Like chopping a tree down with a hatchet, Diaz keeps chopping away at his opponent and, like a tree, his opponent eventually drops to the ground. Again, the fact that he didn’t knock Penn out is absolute proof that Penn was well-prepared for this fight. A lesser fighter would have been stopped.

        So, no…you are wrong.

  20. Trolololol says:

    always champ in my heart BJ!

  21. Ro says:

    BJ dont retire! that was a close ass fite i had bj rnd 1 nick rnd 2 that last one was a toss up but whoever put diaz ripped penn up wow what an idiot smh

  22. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Hats off to you, I have been a huge fan for years and you are a legend in this sport. I wish you and your family the best!

  23. KingGareth says:

    Diaz retired BJ.

  24. michael carr says:

    Thanx for everything you’ve done for us fans you are the best . Bj, go hang with your family and enjoy the rest of your days with the fruits of your labor.The only thing you should do is help Nick train for GSP.

  25. Jeff says:

    Damn Bj, The reason I started watching MMA! You can’t go out like that. Get back to 155 where you belong. frankie will drop weight and the title will be yours. GET A NEW COACH!!!! between every round in the last few fights i have seen you in there has been little to no good advice. A lot of go kick his ass BJ…. I mean yea thats a given how about some actual help. BJ you know you have more in you!

  26. Becky says:

    BJ Thanks for all the awesome fights! You were a monster tonight keep your head held high. You will be missed but family first is always the best!

  27. cjamison says:

    While I was pulling for Diaz (he’s my favorite MMA fighter), I was a little conflicted, because Penn is my second favorite MMA fighter. I hope he has a great life after fighting. He has been great for the sport.

  28. Ben says:

    BJ please take steroids. Still love you.. You have done enough and if you feel you should retire you are still a legend. BJ 4 LIFE!!

  29. Island Boy says:

    Thanks for everything B.J.! You’re my favorite fighter of all time. I only buy pay-per-views when you fight. From one dad to another, go home and chill brother. You deserve it.

  30. Derek loa says:

    What a fuckin heart. Do whats best for your family. We all love you, you put up some of the most best performances/fights I have seen. You have and will continue to inspire countless people such as myself. But… If you do continue, Parillo must go. Thanks bj. For it all.

  31. jaypanda says:

    Great fight luv Bj but cardio hurts him yet again. Seems like he’s lost that fire he once had with the retiring comment.

  32. K says:

    You’ve made Hawaii proud all these years BJ. You’re a legend. Aloha and good luck on your future endeavors. Mahalo!

  33. Brian says:

    BJ, you’re my favorite fighter of all time. In my books, I think you’re the greatest fighter of all time. I wish you the best and hope you get healthy. Thank you for all the memories.

  34. Philippe says:

    so wait, what happens to FITCH?

  35. Curt says:

    I hope BJ rethinks the retirement, though everyone has to respect whatever his decision may be knowing his legacy so far. He had Diaz up until mid-second round, and Diaz pulling combos changed it. Even though BJ was stunned, he kept going, and you could see Diaz stunned through parts of the early second round, and mid third when BJ got back on and was responding. He’s a better striker, a better jiu-jitsu artist, and simply got out-gunned by an over-cocky Diaz in the second round. Ups to Diaz for maintaining a solid game face, though we could see in his eyes he was rocked solid at certain points of the fight, all the way up until the end. Cardio may have gotten BJ like it did in the Frankie Edgar fight, but he still has the greater skills in comparison to Diaz.

    Don’t take it too heavy BJ, it was amazing how you stuck in at the end of the second round. That is a champion.

    • MMA-ster says:

      Yeah man – he was doing good, then where the fuck did he go? Had the first round and came out in the second like he lost it. wtf?! BJ has always been my favorite fighter, but you can see that he’s lost that killer instinct he use to have. Maybe he should just hang em’up now. He’s going to need that to remain on top in the division. And if he is done – all the best to you BJ. You’ve done amazing things in your life and also for the sport.

  36. Mike says:

    You’ve made a whole lot of people in the world pay attention to this still growing sport. You’ve made a mark in history within the MMA community as well as Hawaii. Good Luck in your retirement from the octagon, raise your soon to be two daughters well and be a good daddy. But i think it’s time you help support your brothers career and help coach Reagan to carry on the Penn name!!! Mahalo and Aloha Bj!

  37. konagurl says:

    Bj you are the best! Don’t worry. and Good Luck with the new baby. Hope to see you in more fights. Definetly will see you on the Island.

  38. TD says:

    Retirement sounds right, there are no other fights that make any sense now plus I don’t think his heart is all into fighting anymore. Thnx for all the great fights n good luck with anything u do! Time for Reagan to step up!! :-)

  39. chon209 says:

    bj wont retire yet its just his emotions talking so stop crying and give props to nick
    always had respect and been a fan of bj, now hopefully you have respect for diaz you dont have to be a fan but should respect his skills because he will be the next champ


    • aaxantonio says:

      well said but dont go nuts not a big gsp fan but gsp is not smaller than nick and gsp wont get tired. but i will give nick all the props in the world he fought great.

      • MMA-ster says:

        I agree – Nick definitely fought a great fight, but GSP is a whole different story. That dude is ultra-fuckin disciplined and will not tire out like BJ did.

        FUCK!!! (by the way) I thought BJ had this up until he disappeared in the 2nd. Where did the dude go!

    • Jonathan says:

      finally some sense. BJ was the King, and anyone disputing that watch the tape and learn something. And as in life, all great things do come to an end (although i hope BJ isn’t done). But Diaz might be the guy to finally dethrone the might gsp. But for fucks sake, all you haters should show respect. And, what the fuck are you doing on if you hate him. You are all gravy-train posers.

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Hell yeah, that’s some real talk right there.

  40. carrotmuncher says:

    What a waste of talent BJ. you carnt expect too win being that unfit. Train hard and lets see you back with a rematch at your best !!!

  41. love says:

    i love u bj your the greatest thing since sliced bread

  42. Philippe says:

    BJ PENN, from the bottom of my heart i have 3 words for you my hululululululu friend:

    YOU LAZY F**K!



    • Jonathan says:

      again, another little coward talking shit on a forum. instead of talking shit you should hit the gym and jump into the octagon pussy, what have you done in your lonely little life

      • Philippe says:

        so then tell ur mom to open her legs and i’ll get into the “octagon pussy” and im sure it’ll feel just like MGM Grand Arena there 😉

        • Jonathan says:

          I told my mom what i did to yours, so she knows better.

          My guess, you don’t even know who your father is. I can see why you have so much hate in your heart.

        • Philippe says:

          geee good one man * thumbs up*

        • Jonathan says:

          I figured you couldn’t come back.

        • Philippe says:

          really… ur comeback was “i told my mom what i did to yours, so she knows better” now thats just lame…. you Jonathan are not only a waste of time but also the piece of shit of mine that accidentally went into ur moms “octagon pussy” and hence the shit you came out. Shit boy! so now lay ur so called comebacks to rest and find new unretired nuts to keep sacked with your mouth. Maybe you should try Reagan Penn, your mom said he’s looking for warmth and since shits like you dont come with balls you can take the pleasure in warming his to make your own.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          lol Philippe is obviously a young child if he’s really talking about “comebacks” on a mma forum. lol loser

        • Jonathan says:

          First of all, learn to write the language at least as well as you speak it. Your mom told me she taught you (though hard to hear because her face was in the pillow) that it was better for people to think you are an idiot than to speak and prove them right. Apparently you didn’t listen.
          Shit boy, Octagon Pussy? Really? How old are you, 13? You keep it real fella.

        • Philippe says:

          “Octagon pussy” is quoted cause you said it dumb ass, I just made better use of it. And really, you had a hard time reading what I wrote? What happened, did you keep stuttering while reading it out loud?

          Jonathan, I feel bad now so I’ll just stop so that you don’t cry yourself to sleep tonight!

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  43. e says:

    haha you aint shit bitch all text no action

  44. Jonathan says:

    tough words on the forum, coward. what have you done?

  45. penn nation says:

    BJ, you fought and fought well. Forget what all the junk people are gonna say. they are not the one who trained, they are not the one who fought. You have been in the sport a long time and have a history that will never go away. You are one of if not the best among the best. Keep your head up bra and share your knowledge so that it does not fade away and you will continue through that teaching.

  46. krucz says:

    some commenters are fucking stupid.

    BJ Penn, you’re one of the best of all time, and thanks for the great fights. Good luck brother.

  47. Eduardo says:

    Nick Diaz! Where you haters at?! Nick Diaz FUCKED his shit up!!! All the doubters are quiet now. He’s the real deal. Retired that bummy ass bitch!

  48. Philippe says:

    BJ PENN is a sore loser. Who the hell retires like that? he is a freaking baby who got taunted and smacked by Diaz and now he cried to retirement. MAN UP AND IF YOU ARE GONNA RETIRE then RETIRE WITH BALLS YOU FREAKIN JELLO

  49. Jujitsu Player says:

    BJ is my all time favourite fighter but maybe it is time for him to retire. I think he’s most dangerous at 155lb at 170lb its tough, the guys are stronger and have the reach advantage. I was buzzing after rd1 but Diaz pushed the pace and found his range and deserved the victory. Never seen anyone mess BJ up like that standing. Diaz has the best boxing in MMA today. Can’t wait to see him v GSP because after tonight I think he might take it.

  50. Dosan says:

    What a crazy ass fight! Props to Diaz…WAR PENN NATION!

  51. g777c says:

    You may be the biggest MMA idot that I have ever read. I gaurantee you are a guy who does not have the balls to fight or train and you just started watching MMA 3 years ago. You disrespect a lot true MMA people who do this for the love of it, and the few who made money out of it. You also obviously did not understand the rules and weight class at that time which speaks to some of BJ’s greatness.

    YOu sir are an idiot.

    • Philippe says:

      BJ has contemplated retirement after every loss. After fighting GSP he wanted to retire, after Fitch he wanted to retire, now he FINALLY said he IS retired. This guy NEVER evolved in the sport and NEVER took his cardio training seriously. He hired (forgot the name) cardio trainers for diego sanchez fight which worked out great for him but then he let them go because he DID NOT want train like a mma fighter who wants to get better. Now he got smacked around, taunted, shit talked, and beat up and he retired like a sore cry baby loser. At least he shouldve did it like a man or leave it for later to be anounced. He is talented but did not evolve. Had great opportunities but lost it due to horrible work ethitic. He simply never took his shit seriously and only relied on his talent that was good back in the days which made his name for just being talented and not anything else. you guys cry defending him that he won 2 belts. Sriously? he beat hughes who is an average fighter and back then there was no talent? and he lost it right away.

    • ajay says:

      great write bro

  52. Mike McMack says:

    I didn’t expect BJ to smash Nick but I expected him to win. Nick is a great fighter and he showed that tonight but BJ didn’t look like himself. Nick let BJ have his piece in the 1st round then in the 2nd and 3rd he picked apart a gassed out BJ. So much for the new cardio routine that he was on, maybe he’s just not going to have strong cardio no matter what he does. I think BJ will come back after he has some time to reflect, he needs to drop down to 155 since the bigger guys at 170 are too much. GSP and Nick really used their size and reach to their advantages in their fights with him. I just don’t wanna see BJ go out like that I wanna see him go out on his own terms but he has to want that for himself.

    BJ Penn fan 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. markeezy says:

    hell of a career bj. maybe you can make one more run at lightweight. your size is not suited for the welterweight division. i’m sure you can make one more push for the lightweight title.

  54. Fortyb4five says:

    BJ PENN 4 LIFE!! Your the best ever BJ

  55. Josh says:

    BJ, thanks for all the amazing fights! Just want to say we’re behind you. You will always be a complete legend and we will always be in your corner.

  56. angy brisbane says:

    I’m glad you’re retiring , I don’t want to see you become a stepping stone… you’ve become predictable with your stand up, you no longer mix it up by using your MMA skills… its a sad day very sad day… tuff love Baby J tuff love :(

  57. Liam says:

    You are the man BJ and always will be, congratulations on a great career. Best of luck to you with everything you do next. You are a true legend of MMA.

  58. Manu says:

    Everyone knew it would come down to cardio. It’s a shame to see BJ go out like that.
    Nobody can take away what he did for mma, and it’s not fair to bash Diaz. He was super respectful after the win. St Pierre on the other should have got his ass into the octagon when Diaz called him out.

  59. Timmay says:

    BJ, thank you for all of the great fights and memories over the years. I hope you’re only worked up tonight and not really retiring, but if your decision is final thank you for ALL the fights! Good luck to you and your family! Fan for life


  60. Nick Albonico says:

    Thanks for one hell of a career BJ!

  61. Kalez says:

    BJ your the man. The legend will live on. Enjoy your retirement and family. Congrats on another baby.

    I know your gonna help train and pass on your knowledge to JD.

    We would all love to see you hit the mat again and do some Mundials or ADCC.

  62. James says:


  63. Jonathan says:

    The one thing i have learned in life is that you need to know the “why” in what you do. I hope BJ can find the “why” in why he fights or why he wants to retire. Like Joe Rogan says, a motivated BJ Penn is one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Problem is, maybe the motivation isn’t as strong.
    Either way, BJ is da man, Pomaika’I BJ.

  64. e says:

    what have you done for mma besides suckin on chaels dick? get fuck outa here pussy.

  65. Ricardo says:

    fuck u fag.
    BJ is a fucking legend and can give 2 shits about what u think.
    u chael sonnen dick riding son of a bitch dont know shit about mma.
    BJ ran the 150lbs division and held both welter and lightweight titles.
    One of the best tdown dfense. never been ko’d.
    So stfu and respect the legend and idgaf about my spelling bitch this isnt a spelling bee.!!

    • Philippe says:

      BJ is a legend who should’ve retired 5 years ago. Now he’s just a washed up legend who tried to stay in the game by slacking. Yeah I agree with people that HE DID TAKE A BEATING WITH HEART. But thats when taking a beating. What did he do as a fighter? Did he try to evolve? His cardio has ALWAYS been an issue, did he try to work on cardio? (once, but then he quit cuz it was too much work), how many times has he quit after losing? (thats a real loser). He is talented but there are MORE talented people out there than him. So with all that said, he is a lazy quitting sore loser LEGEND!

  66. cc says:

    that must mean randy coutoure is a bum with a 19-11 record

  67. chon209 says:

    you guys are making excuses for bj and not understanding the power of body shots the most effective tool that mma fighters dont use it wouldnt matter about cardio when you constantly are getting hit to the body its almost like the feeling of getting the wind knocked out of you but you can still breath it drains you and it didnt help that bj doesnt have much in his tank to begin with so show some respect to nicks skill

  68. AAxantonio says:

    do you know anything? randy couture has a similar record 19-11, let me guess he is not a legend either? get off sonnens dick who can you talk shit on bj but then suck sonnens ass, sonnen is garbage, after royce gracie everyone knew to learn submissions and submission defence, well everyone cept chael, all he does is tackle and dry hump his opponent, he claims to have hit anderson 300 times, but couldnt finish him? couldnt get the ref to stop it? couldnt even cut him? it wouldnt surprise me if you are chaels son, you both are delusional.

  69. smt surfboards says:

    good job bro!!! GOOD ROUND 3 ,FIGHT HARD ,BIG ISLAND STYLE!!!!!!!! MENTAL ,a bull gave em your all , leave um in the ring , proud of you , now we go catch some waves shoots bradda see you in hilo aloha bradda steve

  70. Philippe says:

    CONDIT agreed to step aside


  71. Ainokea says:

    chon209, DontBeScaredHomie, how about lets have a scrap.

  72. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn BJ what happened!? I know I defended Nick earlier this week but damn that dude is disrespectful. You had it and then you lost it. You let Nick wail on you in the corner! I still believe in you but the fire is gone my friend. When I noticed you had the same face as when you fought Edgar the 2nd time, I knew something was wrong. Don’t retire unless it’s truly what you want. I think you have many years left in the sport and I want to see you beat Fitch.

    Nick get props for beating BJ although in an unimpressive fashion. I think you have talent but you ain’t beating a fresh GSP or Condit with the Stockton Slap.

  73. Jensen says:

    BJPenn is my hero. He is my fav fighter and lives like a champion in and outside of the ring. As a huge fan its always hard to see BJ experience any kind of set back. But I am ALWAYS amazed at the brutal nature of the fight game. And I’m not talking about the actual physical aspect of fighting. I can not think of any other genre of entertainment that is 100 percent based on your last performance, and is infested with so many fair weather fans. All the trolls, armchair quarter backs, and run of the mill shit talkers is always expected, But the sorry ass fair weather band wagon jumpers SUCK!! Anyway…..Hats off to Diaz on a great win, and Much love to the Penn Nation. 100 Percent prodigy ALL DAY!

  74. Philippe says:

    BJ Penn: “My eye was so swollen that all the tears got stuck in swollen battered eye and now its all crusty”

    BJ Penn: “Hey lets fight!”
    Guy: “OK” *punch*
    BJ Penn: *punch*
    Guy: *punch*
    BJ Penn: “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna retire”

    BJ Penn: “When I’m in a tough situation, I use my family and daughter to get out of it”

  75. Philippe says:

    BJ Penn: “Hey guys, buy my book and here is my synopsis: I bitch about everything, I whine my way in, I quit my way out”

    • e says:

      Your book says you’re a fuckin pussy faintin philipe!

        • Philippe says:

          ok? i agree if he was getting punched like that, prolly he would. But how did GSP come up?

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Just feel like talkin shit on Gsp since you wanna dog on BJ. :)

        • Philippe says:

          “Excuses cower your way out and talk shit on the internet all you’ll ever do in live” is what you said of me for talking shit on BJ and you now you talk shit on GSP? buddy i talk facts and never admitted to talking shit. apparently you did now! Im talking BJ PENN. Im telling you things as it is. He did Quit. And he DID DO what he does best when losing, and that is talk of retirement and finally he did it in a disgraceful fashion. I can tell you right now that I was a fan of BJ until the 2nd GSP fight and I lost respect for him because he let the fans down by coming to fight the same way he always does and never correcting his one true enemy in his career and thats cardio and yesterday it beat him. He keeps whining about retiring everytime he loses? He hires all these great coaches and what happened? We saw the same BJ. A BJ who was eating from a bucket to make weight which is proof on one of his video. I remember BJ as someone who has talent but never had the heart to make use of it and tried to take shortcuts to become what he doesnt deserve.

      • Philippe says:

        thanks for reading my book? e-diot?.. e-fag? ur welcome to prove me wrong about what im saying… and its a fact that he QUIT yesterday and did what he always does when he loses and thats retire. its a fact!

      • Fortyb4five says:

        lol shut up MJ go rape a 3 year old, pervert.

        • Philippe says:

          if thats what want someone else to do than that makes you pervert. Listen you are a fan of BJ who you can’t even defend.

        • e says:

          lmao if thats how it is, then all you faggots talkin shit are butt fuckin each other at an internet cafe haha

      • e says:

        you’re still a faggot pussy just like all the bitch ass trolls out there haha anonymous fag

        • Philippe says:

          so people who criticize BJ Penn are trolls? You haven’t even said one thing to back BJ up on his performances or why he should be a legend or why he is a great fighter. I’m the troll for speaking out about his failures and why he is a disappointment? More like you are the troll for coming to show support for a fighter you can’t even back up. And you’re not anonymous eh ? e-stupid? e-fag? stop pretending to be a fan!

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Your on Bj’s fansite purely to talk shit…your a trollololol

        • Philippe says:

          Its also a mma media site with open invitation to mma fans. I give credit to BJ Penn for having a good website, just not as a fighter.

        • e says:

          i’ve said my part and i dont need to say any more because other REAL fans of BJ had put in their 2cents and i can agree with them.

          i aint a pissed off wannabe fuckin bandwagon fan like all the bitches complaining about BJ’s performance cuz all you faggots believe that BJ (or any fighter you claim to back) owes you a fantastic performance. then you faggots dog him, discrediting him in every single way you can technically think of. give me a fkn break. you faggots share the same story, claim to be fans but in the end you all are dickless haters tryin to prove a point to the wrong crowd. unlike you bitch ass bandwagon fans, THE REAL FANS BACK THEIR FIGHTER ALL DAY. KEEP ON DISCREDITING AND HATING ON BJ! GIVES US ALL THE REASON TO CONTINUE CALLING YOU PUSSIES OUT JUST LIKE THE BITCH ASS YOU ARE IN REAL LIFE.

        • Philippe says:

          It’s funny you e-fan couldn’t think of one fact on why he is a so-called legend. He may be a legend by few people on but just a fighter with wasted talent everywhere else. I’m keeping it real and told the facts why he isn’t what he pretends to be. What have you done? You say you are a true fan? Did back up anything? No and instead you want to resort to e-stupid comments. I’m just waiting to have a debate with his real fans who knows how to have a civilized debate. You are not one of them and you only keep proving that you are incapable of having one with your irrelevant comments.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          MJ see your just randoms who use the news section…we’ve been a part of the community for years hence the term we use “Penn Nation” its funny I’ve never even thought about going on another fighters website that I didnt like to talk shit. Thats exactly what you low lifes are doin.

        • e says:

          MJ where you at then?

  76. Darcy says:

    Diaz beat a gassed Bj. Bj was kicking his ass in the first round. Gap is bigger stronger and has great conditioning. Koscheck would beat Diaz.

  77. CloseYourSucker says:

    Fuck Nick Diaz!!! If BJ had matching cardio, he would have beat that ass. He was tooling Nick in the first round before he gassed. Fuck all of you shit talking cocksucking BJ haters. Diaz will get his face shredded by GSP.

  78. Riley says:

    I truly believe that GSP is ducking condit. Diaz is known for being bad against wrestlers so its an easier fight. I would bet the bank GSP wins against Diaz and this will be the only time in a long while I actualy want to see him win. Nick is actually retarded.

    As for BJ, he gassed in the second and looked out of shape going in. IMO he should hang it up as i feel his hearts not in it anymore. Still my favourite fighter of all time!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      That would make sense if Condit hadn’t agreed to step aside. Condit will eventually get a title shot because he’s that good. He’s better than Diaz.

  79. CloseYourSucker says:

    A LEGEND who comes to FIGHT until he can’t breathe anymore and is tough as nails.

    • Philippe says:

      he’s out of breath right after first round against top tier guys. That makes him a legend? Proof? Fitch, GSP (both fights), Edgar and now Nick.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I don’t feign to know everything about BJ but he….

        1. He’s in the UFC hall of fame.
        2. Beat quality opponents during his tenure in the UFC.
        3. He is known for moving up and down in weight classes to get put on a good fight for fans. It’s mind blowing that he fought Machida(a lhw)!
        4. He has held championship belts in more than one weight class.

        You can’t deny he’s a legend based on those facts.

  80. P R O D I G Y says:

    @Philippe. how dumb are u BJ not a great fighter lmao. you are the worlds worst troll give it up u faggot. what have u done with ur measly life.. i bet u are a fat pussy who has never trained anything or done anything athletic in ur life.

  81. Philippe says:

    Here’s a video of the last 48 hours b4 Diaz fight. This is how he loses weight and prepares for a fight at 170.

  82. Tsimanga says:

    Don’t retire BJ – no need to. Losing to Diaz @170 is no shame. Diaz could be the #1 170 pounder on the planet. Drop back down to 155 – where you belong and do your thing. Take out a couple people then fight Edgar again – but this time don’t try to box him, just take him down and sub him in the first round like you should have done in the 2nd fight.

    You’re the man. You still got a good 3 years of fighting in you left. Don’t let a black eye get you down. ‘The UFC needs you. You’re the biggest draw @155 by FAR.

    Return with a mission. Put fear in the 155ers minds.


  83. Stephen says:

    Valiant effort against a helluva fighter, BJ. Lets see the prodigy back at 155. There are plenty of great fights there for you and you’re always your best at lightweight.

  84. ian says:

    i thought both fighters showed incredible heart &skill .bj should move down to 155lbs&get some win &challenge for the title when frankie loses

  85. NAC5000 says:

    hello guys, BJ shouldnt fight at that weight the disadvantage was there from the beginning.

    im not a BJ fan, im an UFC fan and I would love to see BJ return to the top and finally retire there, he should be remember like that not for this stupid loss.

    greetings from mexico

  86. Jimmy says:

    BJ Penn you are a legend in MMA, Nick may have got the upper hand this time but he has to win 2 belts in 2 weight classes to equal you, let alone beat you. Retreat and get some quality time with your family, there is no more important thing in this world!

    100% respect to the prodigy!

  87. cubs says:

    WatCh Bj waking down the ramp there is a time when he started to tear up and wanted to cry you dont beleive me watch the walk in from him. I’m the biggest Bj fan but not anymore. I’m disappointed. He’s a man who has the gifts but does not get into shape. The last time bj was in shap was,joe,sherk,sanchez, half of fitch but he did win that but he got a bad rap. But BJPENN needs to get into a muscular shape,lose the fat,start a cardio routine from hell for 365 DAYS AND NEVER STOP.Dont just train for 4-5 months before a fight and think your ready. Bj had the first round no problem then went into depression or anxiety HE QUIT and BJ penn needs medical help for it and if he can get it under control he can be champ and beat nick,and fitch and who ever but he is always out of shape for the last few years.BJPENN I hope you read this I really do. You may think you have money and a family but did you forget what it means to fight and be champ or does being a regular fighter named the prodigy fit you fine.If you quit you quit your family you quit your daughters because when they grow up there going to say my daddy didnt do enough to be champ . So I hope you do what chuck liddell did and got into the best shape of his life. CARDIO, BODY WAS FIT,MUSCULAR TONE. Yeah he lost but he got caught. Quit being a pussy and not getting into shape because your making yourself look bad and your fans are going to say the same thing. You disappointed alot of people. What did you say on TV I want to be champ,BULLSHIT no you dont.You run when things dont go your way. So get the fuk in shape for the next 9 months,cardio cardio cardio and ask for a fight against a top conteneder and if you lose after being in the best shape of your life then hang it up,but if you win TOLD YOU SO YOUR FAT AND OUT OF SHAPE

  88. Jensen says:

    @ Cubs – I would love the to slap the shit out of you. You suck @ life.

  89. Mark says:

    BJ has two fights left in him.

    BJ is too small for the title at 170, he’d beat most, but there are 3 or 4 fighters who would block his way to the title, GSP, Diaz, Fitch (probably) and possibly Condit.

    He’s had two goes at Edgar so he wouldn’t get another shot at him anytime soon (assuming he remains champ).

    BJ was never cut at 155. He doesn’t have a big frame and I suspect he could make 145. Florian did it and he’s taller than BJ. If Florian can give Aldo a close fight, why cant BJ beat him?

    Takes six months out and drop to 145. Beat a top contender at 145 and you know Dana will give him a shot at the title.

    A 3 division champ! Not to say it wouldn’t be done again, but 100 years from now he’ll be one of a very small group of fighters. That’s your legacy right there BJ.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      BJ should train at Muscle Pharm like Rampage in get in the best shape of his life. I think he could beat Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, a burgeoning legend In his own right. I wish BJ would use more of his BJJ. BJ’s mental game is fucking him up. He isn’t the same fighter he once was and people change over time. Please follow in “Captain Americas” footsteps and play to the opponents disadvantages. If it worked for Randy it can work for him. I wish him good luck in all of his endeavors.

  90. Prormakayabam says:


  91. Brent says:

    you are what you are and should lock yourself in a closet and stay in there forever so no one has to know you exist…

  92. aaxantonio says:

    what are you 13

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