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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 02:16 pm

Official Press Release From Condit Camp on UFC 137 Opponent Change and Shot At GSP's Title

Condit agrees to fight Georges St-Pierre for UFC Welterweight title

Albuquerque, N.M. – “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit has quickly risen up the UFC Welterweight ranks, winning his last four UFC fights in dominating fashion. That rise just happened much quicker as Condit has now agreed to face Georges St-Pierre for the Welsterweight title at UFC 137 in Las Vegas, Nev. on Oct. 29 due to Nick Diaz being removed from that fight by UFC officials.

Previously, Condit was scheduled to fight B.J. Penn at UFC 137.

“The timing was perfect for this to all come together,” Condit stated with excitement in his voice. “First I want to thank the UFC for allowing me this opportunity and also my agent Malki Kawa who saw an opening and took advantage of it. With me already fighting on that card, I will need to make some adjustments to get ready for a new opponent, but my actual training is still right on schedule.”

“It’s an honor to be able to fight for the championship, especially against one of the legends of our sport in Georges St-Pierre. I’ve been fighting for nearly a decade and there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears that has gone into that. A lot of sacrifices have been made both personally and professionally, and I’m looking forward to showing the UFC that I am deserving of this opportunity,” Condit added.

The opening Condit spoke of happened earlier this afternoon when Diaz had not shown up for the second day in-a-row to a scheduled UFC media event to announce the fight.

“Carlos Condit deserves this title shot. It is something he has worked hard for his entire career. The stars were aligned for this to happen for him, and I know he’s going to bring a lot of excitement to this fight,” Kawa said.

Condit, who trains at Jackson’s Submission Fighting in Albuquerque, N.M., holds a 27-5 professional record (4-1 UFC) and has won his last four fights and 12 of his last 13 bouts overall, which includes his run in the WEC. His last three wins have ended via KO/TKO.

Last week, it was announced that the UFC had extended the fight contract of Condit.

Fans can follow Condit through his web site at or through his Twitter handle @CarlosCondit.


44 Responses to “Official Press Release From Condit Camp on UFC 137 Opponent Change and Shot At GSP's Title”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    Condit will get owned…Should’ve kept the fight with bj so he could get owned in impressive fashion.

    • zombiexbom says:

      it is clear that ur retarded for thinking that …. nuff said

    • ewfwefqwae says:

      you stupid motherfucker. you deserve a hole in ur head just because of that comment

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      No way in hell GSP has the balls to stand and bang with Condit. We will see the usual GSP “Fitching” impression and 5 round decision. i hope Condit knocks GSP’s head clean across the border of Canada. I got Condit by KO

    • Calvin says:

      Condit is the same kind of fighter as nick diaz if anything hes better or just as good cuz unlike nick diaz condits been fighting the tough competition in the UFC not Strikeforce

    • Chris says:

      Screw the rest of them, I agree 100%.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      condit would get owned but nick would have a shot? lmao nick never had a shot. condit would beat nick imo.

    • Quazzi says:

      Yea was really looking forward to bj/carlos. Think he is deserving of the title shot but will prolly get beat

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      If I were GSP I would be very concerned about having to fight Condit. IMO Condit hits 10 times harder than matt serra not to mention he 10 times as fast and his transitions are like lightning fast along with killer knees and elbows. GSP will be looking to do his best “FITCHING” impression and try and hold Condit on his back and try and not let Condits body parts fly. I wish i could say i’m excited about this fight but GSP is actually better at “Fitching” than Jon Fitch if he has to. GSP wants nothing to do with any kind of exchanges with Condit. i think Condit would make a much better more exciitng champion that would never be afraid to fight like GSP has been since getting KO’d by a natural lightweight in matt Serra. I hope Condit catches GSP just like he did Hardy and then we fans will have us a “REAL FIGHTING CHAMPION”

  2. Ruben Cosme says:

    Condit is a waaaaaaaayyyyy tougher opponent 4 GSP, But wtf is up with Diaz?Seriously?
    Hopefully they book some 1 good 4 BJ… I was looking forward to BJ and Condit…

  3. Digs says:

    might be looking at the new champ. if anyone can do it…its carlos condit.

    anxious to see who they match BJ against.

  4. TheDEEN88 says:

    I can’t wait to see this fight. really wanted to see diaz but he is a dick so we won’t get to see that. and i doubt bj will fight on this card.

  5. Mike Rivera says:

    They will probably put up Penn vs Fitch 2
    they still have guys like
    Thiago Alves
    Charlie Brenneman
    Brian Ebersole
    John Hathaway
    Rory MacDonald
    Yoshihiro Akiyama who is dropping to 170
    got two months to prepare, either one of these welterweights could be a decent match up

    • slacker says:

      Unfortunately, Ebersole and McDonald signed yesterday.

    • johnM says:

      rory macdonald!! hes rising up quick too. his stand up is good. lets see what he can do up against a legend like bj

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      I wouldn’t be suprise if they just rearrange a bunch of other matches now to fix this!

    • Geoffree says:

      well actually they don’t have Ebersole or Mcdonald because they are faceing each other, Brenneman is set to face Anthony Johnson, Alves is set to face Papy abidi, hathaway is set to fight Matt Brown and there is no way in hell Akiyama will be medicaly cleared to fight in time after being knocked out by Belfort plus he’s going down to welter weight and most likely fighting on the Japan card SO YA DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE WRITING SHIT

  6. pat says:

    what i dont get is how condit jumped bj for a shot?

    • slacker says:

      Well, he has beaten 4 tough opponents in a row: he gutted out wins against Ellenberger and Macdonald; then he thumped Hardy and Kim in the 1st round in impressive fashion! He is definitely next in line.

      • slacker says:

        B.J. and Fitch makes sense in order to resolve the draw. Only problem is it is hard to promote because their first fight was boring as hell! And it puts Fitch in line for his coveted and deserving title shot should he win. Or a possible conclusive final fight between Penn and GSP after the greasing controversy. I think an exciting, promotable fight would be Penn vs. Sexyama. lol Akiyama makes exciting fights; he comes out slugging! It will give people a look at what they have to look forward to with Akiyama at welterweight. Come on Dana. These two guys would definitely stand and throw down!

        • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

          I really don’t think they would want to give Akiyama a fight that he will for sure lose! They’ll probly match him w/ someone so he can atleast get one win at the moment, having marketable Japanese fighters is getting scarce, I don’t think they would jeopardize him!

        • slacker says:

          Hmmm… that’s a good point. I didn’t look at their (Japanese) overall position in the UFC – it might be too risky. Akiyama, I do think though has a great chance against Penn. He won a tight slugfest with Belcher and lost a close slugfest well into the 2nd rd. with Leben. I actually think that is a pick’em fight. Considering what you’re good point though, I wonder who Dana White is considering? He needs an exciting fighter because of this letdown to the fans. Maybe a fight with Clay Guida at lightweight?

        • warcondit says:

          Akiyama just fought Belfort and lost. I believe he’s on medical suspension beside the fact that he’s no where near ready to fight at 170lbs.

    • Scott says:

      Because Condit is clearing out the WW Division in impressive fashion,and nobody wants to see GSP vs Penn 3.That AND he just had a draw with Fitch and it would be super unfair if BJ got a shot before Fitch.

      Fitch’s record/streak is far more impressive and is way more deserving than BJ..just my two cents.

    • Bobcdn says:

      I am a huge BJ fan.

      But the last time he fought GSP he got destroyed and had to quit.

      I like him much better at LW! WW are just too big and strong and will out wrestle BJ- Yes I know he out wrestled Fitch for two rounds. But in the third round Fitch took it to a gassed BJ.

    • MichaelConquest says:

      I am a HUGE B.J. Penn fan, so let me say that, and I am not, in any way, a Fitch fan, but, other than the fight with B.J., he has had no problem with anyone except GSP, and he is the same kind of fighter as Goerge, so as boring of a fight as it might have been, both wanting to get to the ground and wrestle each other to a decision, I actually think it should have been Fitch? Any thoughts? Oh, and I actually thought B.J. should have got the nod in the fight with fitch.

  7. Scott says:

    I’d rather just see GSP vs Silva.. lol and Co- Main can be

    Diaz vs Fitch
    Fitch vs Hughes
    Diaz vs Hughes
    Penn vs Diaz
    Penn vs Hardy? (Penn needs a win)

  8. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    This is what happens when u go back to Las Vegas to fight BJ! Never again, Never again!!!!!!! Lol

  9. Trevor says:

    WHAT’S NEXT FOR BJ?!!?!? sorry for the all caps, but that’s all I wanna know. When and who he is fighting!!

  10. James Wolfe says:

    Condit will have to defend the take down. If he can this could be a good fight. One thing for sure this homo GSP will be trying to dry hump him for 5 rounds. Take down defence Condit. Stand up kick him, punch him, mess him up real good, he does not like to get hit at all.

  11. rcs says:

    so what corner is Jackson in?

    • Squid says:

      Neither corner he wont be cornering either, GSP trains mainly with Firas and in NYC he hasnt been in New Mexico in some time now Jackson goes to Monmtreal to gameplean for the fights normaly

  12. Bobby says:

    I was upset at first but 2 things changed that rather quickly
    1. Condit is a beast on the ground and on the feet
    2. I thought of the look on Jon Fitch’s face when he heard this news and it gave me a giggle.

    • slacker says:

      lol For sure, Fitch must be pissed. But he only has himself to blame for his unenthusiastic, unimpressive fight against B.J. Some credit goes to B.J. for surprising Fitch and grappling him as long as he could. He even had him in pretty good submission trouble in the first round there.

      Condit has an equivalent reach to GSP – 76.” And long legs for kicking to help him maintain distance from takedowns. I think it’s going to be a war of attrition with both guys bloodier than Shields and GSP at the end! I can hardly wait!

  13. Jrock says:

    The way I see it if anyone can beat gsp it’s condit style wise he’s a good match…Condit is my favorite fighter in that divison so Condit by Submission or KO!

    • slacker says:

      Yep. He definitely has a decent shot at KO’ing GSP – power in right and left hand. And unlike Koscheck or Alves, he has the jab and leg kicks to set it up. GSP will want to get this to the ground.

  14. MichaelConquest says:

    GSP ALWAYS wants to get it to the ground, ha ha. But he does manage to out do people enough on the feet to set up the take down, but the take down is ALWAYs the main plan. And why shouldn’t it be really, if that is what you do well, do it. But you will eventually piss off fans who want to see some bombs being thrown. It would be different if he got someone on the ground and just devastated them with ground and pound. But his ground and pound is just average. Nothing really exciting to see there either. But………….he wins fights, so I will shut up about him………..and root for Condit. I hope they give Diaz to B.J., I can’t say that enough,

    • slacker says:

      WIth GSP’s boxing training, he is now way more comfortable on his feet. And he was not too bad before that. He chooses great strategies with his opponents, fighting cautiously and not opening himself too much so that he doesn’t lose his belt. His play it safe, conservative approach has not cost him until last fight. Ironically, his bread and butter ground game was conspicuously absent against Shields. Somewhere in the 3rd round, or even the 4th, he should have been taking Shields down, holding him there, and filling him in with forearms etc… Sure, Jake is great on the ground, but GSP could see by that point in the fight, stuffing his takedowns, and shrugging off grappling attempts, that he was by far the physically more dominant and stronger guy. So, he should have at least been comfortable that he could ground and pound him for a minute at a time, at least, before letting him back up. Instead, he kept it standing and Jake was able to adapt and improve himself, because GSP never offered any real ground and pound threat, and Shields knew it. As a result, he started to get tagged and busted up by Shields. Even if it was because of an eyepoke, he still kept things standing in the 4th and 5th 100%! That doesn’t make sense. Clearly, he was too intimidated by Jake’s ground game and did not really believe all that much in his own. He has got to start trying to finish guys, or by letting guys hang around, he will find he gets injuries more and more. Anyways, we might not be talking about him as champ much longer. I think Condit has a great chance here, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him win. At least we know he will be taking chances to finish the fight.

  15. MMAdiehard says:

    they need to give bj either a rematch against fitch as boring as it may be or maybe or set up a fight between him an Dong hyun kym thatd be fair seein as bj’s coming off a draw and kym’s coming off his first loss or diaz if he happens to man up.

  16. mmaislandjunkie says:

    condit would beat nick. condit has a better shot at gsp than nick ever did.

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