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Monday, 02/18/2013, 11:16 am

NYC MMA EXPO: Edgar “ I Want Aldo in Madison Square Garden” | UFC NEWS

It was a star-studded event on this brisk February date in New York City. Just blocks away from the famed Madison Square Garden, which hosted its share of historic events, was the 5th Annual Mixed Martial Arts Expo. Many fans, exhibitors, and athletes participated in this massive event. But the questions loomed, “When will Mixed Martial Arts be legalized in New York? “When would the UFC host a historic card at the Garden?”

The longest lines were to meet recently famous, and New York’s own, Uriah Hall. Hall leaped into the MMA scene with a vicious spinning heel kick on Season 17 of the Ultimate Fighter. With a 7-2 Record with most of his wins by knockout, this Queens, New York native casually greeted fans. He stood, smiling as he greeted each and every person on line. His shirt portrayed the famed NYC statue of liberty, with a blindfold, and a message “MMA Banned.” When asked about the legalization of Mixed Martial Arts, Hall stated, “let’s get it done already. I want to fight in the Garden.”

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, also took a moment to discuss the legality of MMA. Frankie, who just lost a unanimous decision to Jose Aldo, told, “I would love to fight in the Garden. It’s crazy that I can train at Renzo Gracie’s academy around the block, but I can’t fight in front of my friends and family in my own backyard.” When asked who he wanted to fight Edgar stated, “ I want Jose Aldo for a title, in Madison Square Garden. “ Fankie Edgar in Toms River New Jersey, just a few miles from New York City; no doubt a title fight featuring Edgar would be a gigantic draw in the Big Apple.

The MMA Expo spanned the weekend and featured other famed New York Mixed Martial Artists such as Chris Wiedman, Matt Serra, Gian Vilante and the legendary Renzo Gracie. The event was a success and the message was clear; legalize the sport. Although the UFC lawyers recently indicated that there was some positive action with regard the cause, MMA fans and athletes seemed skeptic. Until first UFC card is booked in the Garden, they will wait with excited anticipation to see their favorite New Yorkers battle in their own backyard; Madison Square Garden.


51 Responses to “NYC MMA EXPO: Edgar “ I Want Aldo in Madison Square Garden” | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    What Frankie wants Frankie gets

    No matter how many times Frankie loses he will continue to get title fights over and over again. Seems to me i remember this same scenario with few other Dana white favorites, Sonnen, Florian (thank god he’s retired)

    NOONE has been shown more favortism than Frankie Edgar. Even though he runs away 90% of time he still looks like he got run over by a bus each and every fight. To Frankie fans pitter patter and running away all the time deosn’t win fights anymore in judges eyes like it did when Frankie fought BJ. Maynard and Frankie are 1-1-1 and maynard has been begging the UFC for a rematch even if he has to drop to 145lbs to get it and Frankie won’t take the fight

    • canadianmmafan420 says:

      Take Gray’s nut out of ur mouth u dumb fuck. Frankie beat him fair and square and Frankie is a better mixed martial artist than Grey, and dont even try and act like Grey would win in a rematch, he would just gas out and get tko’d/ko’d again

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    There’s mr. Rematch again….I wish he would just fuck off. After the fight he was already paving the way for a rematch. Claiming it was close…Well I got news for you Frankie: It wasn’t close! You got your ass beat once again and again you’re fishing for a rematch.

    • canadianmmafan420 says:

      just another butthurt Frankie hater is what you are. Frankie never quits and he will never fuck off and he will keep fighting until he’s a champ again. Oh and by the way he outscored Jose in rounds 3 4 and 5 giving him a 48-47 win over aldo, but the judges are retards just like you

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        Outscored Jose? Getting hit in the face doesn’t score you points dummy.

        I didn’t dislike him until he started questioning every loss, claiming it was too close to call. I’m tired of seeing him getting rematches after losing fights convincingly.

  3. Jhonny Blaze says:

    I want Britney Palmer and Arriany Celest in my bedroom.

  4. tylerdurden says:

    I want Britney Palmer and Ariiany Celest to sit on my face

  5. hendoooo says:

    Last fight not even close, there is no way in hell he deserves another fight instantly against Aldo. At least 2 fights before even being considered.. Better off facing Hendo back in lightweight. Aldo completely dominated him for 4 rounds, not even a hint of bias as I am a fan of Frankie but this is just a joke now.

  6. punchkick says:

    frankie edgar vs chad mendes

  7. 123 says:

    yeah.. edgar vs mendes

  8. Mikeg says:

    Ugh wasn’t there a ranking system out into place? He needs to earn his shot! The fight was sort of close but he LOST!!! BACK OF THE LINE!!!!

  9. Frankie says:

    I don’t think you realize Frankie goes the distance in 25 min rounds with the best in the world. If he was fighting 3, 5 min rounds he would dominate think about it. He fought for a titles his last 3 matches most fights can barely go 25 mins

  10. MrWhite says:

    Pleaseeee Dana do NOT make this fight the main event for UFC in new york city! I’m tired of frankie and his jogging around the ring for 25 minutes

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