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Wednesday, 01/15/2014, 06:24 am

Nurmagomedov Says Johnson Needs To Work His Way Up

This past weekend, UFC President Dana White took to twitter and started a whole mess of controversy when he stated that he was unable to find an opponent for dangerous Russian newcomer Khabib Nurmagomedov. He then further stirred the pot by saying that former lightweight title runner Nate Diaz turned down an opportunity to fight Nurmagomedov. Diaz’s manager immediately jumped to his fighter’s defense saying that, “Nate has never turned down a fight”. Nurmagomedov was still left opponent less.

Then, Michael Johnson, who is coming off of an impressive knockout victory of Gleison Tibau, stepped up to the plate and took to twitter himself calling out Nurmagomedov. However, Khabib turned him down.

@FollowTheMenace @NateDiaz209 I don’t want offend you, you are good fighter, but you lost 60% of your fights. I’ll wait for you at the top — khabib nurmagomedov (@TeamKhabib) January 14, 2014

The battle continues via Twitter. The two fighters have gone back and forth and the tweets toward each other have become somewhat of a dick showing competition. Khabib argues that by the time they set up the bout between the two he will have an opportunity to fight a contender. Johnson argues that he’ll be at the top as well. There’s only one way to find out who’s the better man.

So, what do you think Penn Nation? Should the UFC make this fight happen? Or is Johnson not up to Nurmagomedov’s level?


3 Responses to “Nurmagomedov Says Johnson Needs To Work His Way Up”

  1. Xaninho says:

    I would like to see this. Johnson has not made steps but giant leaps of improvement. Nurmagomedov is a beast, but not in a position to say who deserves to fight him or not. He’s asking for interesting fights and Johnson can do the same.

  2. hanibal says:

    nurgadomedov just destroyed healy the beast whose last win was against jim miller the top contender at that time and still one of the best!! to be honest all these guys I just mentioned are several levels ahead of johnson so it doesn’t make sense for nurgadomedov to fght him and it wont help him build up on the momentum of his last few wins to get a title shot, if anything it’s a step down that’ll further delay his title shot..

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