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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 10:38 am

NSAC Says One UFC 143 Fighter Tested Positive For Banned Substance

Could it be Nick Diaz?

The news is just now hitting airwaves that Keith Kizer the Executive Director of The Nevada State Athletic Commission is saying that one UFC 143 competitor has tested positive for banned substances.

In my discussions with Cesar Gracie last night he stated that a “temporary issue” will keep Nick Diaz out of competition for a while.

While no official word has yet been given, it would appear as if yesterday’s reports of the Condit vs. Diaz rematch being off are true and that Diaz faces a suspension due to a failed test.

This is still just my best speculation on events as I put the pieces of the puzzle together, but all signs, especially after my discussion with Cesar last night point to this being the likely outcome.

Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM as we continue to untangle this saga.

To see yesterday’s version of the Diaz vs. Condit rematch in the news click Here.

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0 Responses to “NSAC Says One UFC 143 Fighter Tested Positive For Banned Substance”


    diaz hitting the weed again?

    • Brah...there were 22 fighters on the card... says:

      chances are it WASN’T Diaz. Poirier? Big Country? My guesses. Just sayin…

    • once again says:

      Diaz, Diaz, diez, this is all so suspicious, did he know he was going to get busted? I could see diaz pulling a power trip, and thinking, that he will beat condit, then get busted for weed, and be like whatever UFC, if you want me to fight GSP, overlook this little issue. If this is the case it kind of makes sense to quit in the ring, like fighting with your girlfriend, once your busted, find something worse, and bring that to the main focus. But sadly this backfired and he may be out for a while. on another note I think smoking weed, should be on the same lines of coffee, beer, and cigarettes with regards to training.

  2. kevin says:

    god dammit nick…

  3. Sheek says:

    Aw shit,if this is true..Diaz fans better pack it

  4. DanielC says:

    the only banned substances should be meth, pcp, cocaine, and hgh.
    who cares if it was weed…

    • Pedro Sassin says:

      my sentiments entirely! Apparently the painkilling effects of tweeds are to give a fighter an added edge on their opponent, but they say nothing about the huge amounts of painkillers some fighters inject themselves with after, and immediately before a fight :o/

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Absolutely. How can they possibly consider weed an enhancement drug? Have they never smoked weed? The last thing a guy who is stoned wants to do is get punched in the face for 15-25 minutes.

  5. jvd says:

    I thought there was a substance that will make you run often. loljks

  6. the original steve says:

    uh oh. i hope it was condit. wouldnt suprise me coming out of the jackson came where everyone is greased and roided up

  7. Rob says:

    Everyone is assuming it is weed but who knows what it was. That is also assuming it was him. I’m sure it was him….. but it is starting look like A LOT of these strikeforce people are getting hit for failed test.

  8. Mr.Rusk says:

    If its weed just fine him no suspension needed

  9. reww says:

    mannn i hope it wasnt him

  10. tim says:

    Kimo was doing meth before his fights

  11. ashton says:

    GODDAMN ,Nick.

  12. CanILive says:

    barao? condit? werdum? i don’t think it was diaz unless it was for budha

  13. Anthony1994 says:

    I think it was probably Diaz after the loss he was pissed so he decided to spark up. Hope not.

  14. CanILive says:

    Starks? natal? Kos? pierce?

  15. DanielC says:

    wouldnt surprise me if it was condit or the other jackson camp fighter from the card. both of them looked extremely greased, as usual.

  16. banks says:

    Lmao i bet nick was high as shit during the fight

  17. CanILive says:

    you know if it was REEM or someone like that, the name would be released IMMEDIATELY

  18. Philippe says:

    Imagine it says Breaking News: Condit tested positive and stripped off the interim title. Diaz will now fight GSP in November for Title. Highly unlikely but possible since we are hearing nothing from either camps.

  19. Bigtime says:

    Really?…Weed?….not aloud smokin weed?… Since when does that help a fight? It can’t be Nick, gotta be someone else…

  20. Xaninho says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Condit either to be honest. He did win the fight, but damn! He has been sick in the week prior to the fight…I was wondering right away when he told Helwani that.

    Maybe he is just THAT bad-ass, but I’ve been sick leading up to a fight before and it messes the cardio and stamina up BIG TIME.

    He seemed to have more air than Diaz the triathlon athlete…That isn’t really normal after being sick for 2 weeks..

  21. Thom says:

    So its most likely true.. I heard its weed.. nick will be back dont worry greg jackson fans.

  22. big furr fan says:

    Even if he would of won the test results will tell all of course it was diaz I am retiring that means I want to smoke weed instead of being the ufc champ what a fucking retard IF IT IS DIAZ I hope not I am not a fan and it was a close fight but as Dana always says never leave it in the hands of the judges!!_

  23. ramv says:

    Once again, trashing Diaz… Even a picture of him, it’s ridiculous. I love BJ but the people running this site should back off and be impartial since they are acting as journalists, this is not Fox News, last time I checked.

    Put a picture of a fighter when it’s confirmed who it was, this just makes you and BJ look bad.

  24. Bigtime says:

    Prolly a ufc virgin….renan barao, been awhile for verduum….fuck I hope it was Condit…highly unlikely though…. The “temp issue” w/nick, gotta be jus them tryin to convince nick to fight again in the UFC, ufc and las Vegas keep fuckin nick over, the judges and the over all behavior the UFC expects from their fighters. Nick has no respect for them or what they think, they know it, cuz they’ve known it forever, cuz Nick ain’t no rookie in his game. So judging any of Nicks fights in a sick sense anywhere he fights is completely bias. Annnnnnnd anyone who gave Condit the 5th round is a complete fuckin joke, Dana White included.

  25. None but ourselves can free our minds…Bob Marley and the wailers….

  26. Philippe says:

    Regardless if people think smoking weed before makes no difference and that it should be legal. Fact is it is still illegal substance. Fighters train their ass off for months before the fight and do what it takes to stay clean and make weight. If you can’t do that even if it is just weed, you do not belong to be in a professional sport along with other athletes who put their effort and time to bring a fair fight.

    • Xaninho says:

      True it shouldn’t be on the list cause it’s definitely NOT a PED. BUt hey as long it is on there a fighter needs to do everything possible to stay way from the banned substances, doesn’t matter if it’s bullshit or not.

  27. dante040 says:

    I’m gonna guess Werdum. He looked way better than normal

  28. OGpinto93 says:

    So what if he smoked after the fight he was planning on retiring so he puffed a bowl and then took the test as a fuck u to the nsac or what if like dude said earlier it wasn’t even him.

  29. akagugs says:

    It’s unprofessional journalism putting a picture of ANY fighter on the article until you know the facts..

  30. baldy says:

    could diaz be the new sonnen? lol just jokes…dont be flippin out nuthuggers. (ill be laughin if he is though)

  31. Xaninho says:

    Cesar Gracie is being shady about it and feeding suspicions. So they’re to blame for feeding the rumors and speculations as well.

  32. Eric says:

    i vote for Werdum! hahaha

  33. maurice says:

    nvr thought i would say this..BUT I FUKIN HATE DIAZ!! he was my 3rd fav for years, right behind bj and jds. but when he fought bj and won i was okay with that. but his disrespect during and after the fight toward bj TURNED ME OFF BIG TIME. i picked condit to win, not because of my new found hate for diaz, but because i knew there was no way in hell condit would just lay against the cage and get pounded on like every1 else diaz fights. as long as condit is in the top 3 ww, diaz will never get that title. lmao at the ppl saying condit “ran.” i bet bj, daley, cyborg, shamrock, kj, etc all wished they could have used half the movement condit used to avoid diaz barrage. every1 knows diaz is flat footed and does his best work against the cage, and finally a motherfuker follows the gameplan and outstrikes him in the process. first time in my life i ever seen diaz not pressing forward and looking completely lost…besides the 1st round of the penn vs diaz fight. lol

    • bandwagonjump says:

      so your just saying your a fuckin dumbass. if you bail on your fighter after a fight you were never a fan to start with. carlos ran like a scared little girl and got lucky with a crap decision. if you think diaz doesnt have a chance for that title you musta already gone full retard. hes one of the best right now and imo one of the best of all time. you should keep your extreme bias out of your posts. just makes you look like a queer

      • Koshchek is a felcher says:

        You sound about as intelligent as your Stockton bully retard hero Diaz bandwagonjump. Get your tongue out of Nick’s ass long enough to realize he’s a loser just like you. You’re probably Nick’s much more talented and smart little brother Nate.

      • zach says:

        ^ Hell yea you beat me to the comment, that’s how diaz is too so if you just dropped him because you think he’s “disrespectful” your a furious bandwagon jumper

  34. maurice says:

    condit threw some of the most beautiful muay thai combinations i seen in mma. and his ability to avoid diaz cage attack and get back to the center was pure octagon control. if all that is considered “running” then damn i guess i wanna learn how to “run” from an opponent that well too. cus it sure looked beautiful.

  35. James Toney says:

    MMA junkie is reporting that it was Matt Riddle

  36. aaron says:

    Diaz is a bitch

  37. zack says:

    if diaz tested positive for anything its weed not steroids. if its roids im guessing its werdum

  38. BJ Penn > says:

    If it’s Diaz, then it’s weed. Diaz has no need for PEDs since he doesn’t lift weights. Maybe condit???

    • Ly-er says:

      Haha, yeah what if it was Condit? This would actually make the majority happy, since most of the ones involved, be it GSP, Dana White, & fans wanna see GSP vs. Diaz!!

  39. i wud bj bj :) says:

    i think u hit the nail on the hed ther maurice as specialy the running part lol i was screaming 4 bj 2 “run” wen they went at it nd i share ur same views i liked diaz until al that shit with bj :(

  40. CanILive says:

    herman maybe? how long as he been laid off?

  41. GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

    Seriously doubt that… Nick is scrawny if anything lol, dont think he would be the type to pull that shit either.

  42. GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

    Clearly Roy Nelson is a juicer… cmon guys.

  43. maurice says:

    @iwudbjbj, dat name suks. lol, but anyways it does suck i have to hate diaz now. i tried to ignore it and keep him as a fav. but i just cant like any man that fights his friend in the cage, then talks shit to his friend and his coach after the fight. like seriously? i understand da friend ship goes out of the window b4 and during the fight for diaz, but afterwards u still shit on the friendship. like damn. fuk u diaz! hope bj gets a rematch one day against that bitch.

  44. laurmichj says:

    Not at all surprised – not at all.

  45. BJ PENCIL says:

    is it Matt Riddle or Nick Diaz…

  46. learntoread says:

    Guys, it’s Weed and it’s Diaz.

    Keith Kizer already stated that the tests for steroids (that type of PED) aren’t back yet. Results for things such as Weed come back a lot sooner, which is why they already know.

    Now in terms of Diaz’s California Medical Marijuana Card (which he does have), it doesn’t matter if it’s prescribed in another State. Nevada doesn’t have a therapeutic use exemption for weed.

    This would be Diaz’s 2nd offense in Nevada for Weed (first was Pride 33). With 2nd offenses the suspensions are typically far lengthier (especially coming from Kizer & his boys). Diaz will most likely be out 9-12 months.

  47. steeler says:

    100 bucks and my left nut say its pot

  48. zoeldog27 says:

    Its Diaz he’s tested positive to Pot his levels were sky high when he fought Gomi, It makes me wonder how the hell can this guy get so baked & then fight, mind blowing!!
    If he gets suspended for Pot which isnt a performance enhancing drug it’ll be a joke fine him yeah but don’t suspend the guy for smokin’ a doobie!!!
    If you look at it the other way if he won (which i think he won round 1,2+5) we’d all be laughing at Condit sayin he couldnt even beat a stoner lol

  49. zoeldog27 says:

    UFC Australia has confirmed its Diaz and its weed he will be looking at a fine and a suspension which is bullshit if u ask me how could it be performance enhancing?

  50. Xaninho says:

    So weed it is…Gotta say he’s a cold mothafucka for being able to fight baked. Although I find it hard to believe he was actually smoking right before the fight.

    So I guess he had some to relax during the pressconferences the week before. It’s bullshit to treat it like it’s enhancing fighting abilities.

  51. Jessed2011 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! even when that prick thinks he should have won, he does something to fuck it up!!!!

  52. Shawn says:

    If this is true, even if it is just weed, he was dumb enough to get caught a second time. You’d think getting suspended, and your win reversed the first time, he’d be smarter not to get bit again a second time. Being a champion isnt just about winning fights. Its representing the sport that has put you in the map. And respecting the others who. Ust their balls making it that do things right.

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