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Sunday, 11/04/2012, 11:05 am

NSAC Releases World Series of Fighting Payroll


Andrei Arlovski was the big earner from last night’s inaugural World Series of Fighting event that was held in Las Vegas and broadcast on the NBC Sports Network.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the figures for all 20 fighters this morning. Arlovski, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion took home $60K for a little over a half of a round of work.

Anthony Johnson was next on the list as the welterweight turned light heavyweight earned $55K for his first round knockout of Travis Bartlett. It’s safe to say that “Rumble” would’ve earned a Knockout of the Night bonus had the WSOF given out such awards.

The total payroll came to $352K. As usual these numbers don’t reflect any income the fighters generate from sponsorships or bonuses.

Here is the complete break down:

Preliminary Card Fighters:

Tyson Steele- $5K to show and $5K to win- $10K

Gregor Gracie- $25K to show

Brian Cobb- $6K to show and $6K to win- $12K

Ronys Torres- $12K to show

Steve Carl- $8K to show and $8K to win- $16K

Ramico Blackmon- $10K to show

Josh Burkman- $8K to show and $8K to win- $16K

Gerald Harris- $15K to show

Gesias “J.Z.” Cavalcante- $7K to show and $7K to win- $14K

T.J. O’Brien- $5K to show

David Branch- $8K to show and $8K to win- $16K

Dustin Jacoby- $5K to show

Main Card Fighters:

Andrei Arlovski- $30K to show and $30K to win- $60K

Devin Cole- $10K to show

Anthony Johnson- $30K to show and $25K to win- $55K

D.J. Linderman- $10K to show

Marlon Moraes- $6K to show and $6K to win- $12K

Miguel Torres- $18K to show

Tyrone Spong- $20K to show and $7K to win- $27K

Travis Bartlett- $4K to show

As you can see some of the guys who won made less than the guys they beat. Steele earned $15K less than Gracie and Moraes earned $6K less than Torres. Burkman made just $1K more than Harris despite picking up the win.




12 Responses to “NSAC Releases World Series of Fighting Payroll”

  1. ballsackface says:

    holy shit, thats shit money

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    at least WSOF is being smart about their payouts… the main card, for the most part, got paid what their worth at this point… 55k for rumble… that’s his worth…

  3. Mike b says:

    And the UFC fighters complain about the money they make,HA.

  4. Frank says:

    Good money, if they don’t like it get a 9-5 making less

  5. Some Guy says:

    What do you mean this is shit money? What the fuck is World Series of Fighting? No one’s heard of it, so of course they aren’t going to make good money.

  6. dante080 says:

    I recall arlofski making like 800k a fight in elitexc. No wonder they went belly up.

  7. knockoutned says:

    I think it’s decent money. Some guys on the prelims of UFC cards make 6k to show and 6k to win. This is pretty good. The top guys on the card got good money considering the size of the show. I don’t think it’s so bad.

  8. Kjtrlt says:

    It’s not that bad, especially for a first show. If the organization does well, it’ll probably pay better down the road. Better than way overextending on fighter pay and going bankrupt.

  9. Iceman says:

    I wish I was getting paid that.

  10. CombatRusse says:

    I think that it’s decent money
    Hopefully this promotion will survive and become a credible alternative to UFC. So that fighters will have some choice
    What I liked the most about the fights… Bas Rutten’s comments!

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