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Friday, 09/06/2013, 12:54 pm

NSAC raises the threshold on marijuana by 300%

One by one different athletic organizations have chilled on the numbers on marijuana limits that a mixed martial artist can have in his or her system both pre and post-fight.

First was the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Now jumping on board is the Nevada State Athletic Commission is relaxing its numbers.

The latest news came from Middle Easy:

“This morning I received an email from Keith Kizer letting me know that as of yesterday, the NSAC has officially raised the testing threshold of marijuana metabolites from 50 ng/mL to 150 ng/mL,” writes site editor Zeus.

“That represents a 300% increase, which means you can have 3x more marijuana metabolites in your system before it’s a positive test. something unprecedented in the industry.”

NSAC’s action has been on the cards for some time. There has been impassioned debate about marijuana use among professional fighters, who tend to prefer marijuana to alcohol because of the weigh-gaining effects of beer consumption.

In April we witnessed the frankly tragic situation of Pat Healy testing positive at the 50ng/mL level and being forced to forfeit the two bonuses he won for his fight with Jim Miller.

That cost him $130,000, a shocking sum when one considers marijuana is not a performance enhancing substance and Healy had consumed it weeks before the fight.

The UFC’s own executive responsible for regulatory affairs, Marc Ratner, has also previously commented on the wider acceptability of marijuana use in the modern-day.

“States are legalizing marijuana and it’s becoming more and more of a problem with fighters testing positive and the metabolites,” he said earlier this year.

“Right now I just cannot believe that a performance enhancing drug and marijuana can be treated the same. It just doesn’t make sense to the world anymore and it’s something that has to be brought up.”

Do you think this is a sign of things to come? Will one day marijuana not even be screened for?


4 Responses to “NSAC raises the threshold on marijuana by 300%”

  1. drew says:

    people smoke bud im glad society is growing up

  2. Johnathan says:

    50 up to 150 is a 200% increase… not 300%. Just saying…

  3. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    Maybe now they will give Nick Diaz back his 80k they stole from him. Its outright disgrace they fine STEROID ABUSERS $2500.00 but then steal 80k for POT. Keizer is as sleazy as they come. Keizer reminds of a cross between BYORK Rebney and Greg “SLEAZEBALL” Jackson. all scumbags crooks in their own rights

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Just take it off the list already. Everyone knows it’s not a PED, so it shouldn’t be on there in the first place.

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