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Monday, 06/17/2013, 11:11 am

NSAC Director Defends Mazzagatti Stoppage In Fitch vs. Burkman

Last Friday UFC President Dana White went on a rant about the refereeing capabilities of Steve Mazzagatti.

Mazzagatti was brought under fire after his missed stoppage in the Fitch vs. Burkman fight and White blasted him on social media calling for his termination.

Now Keith Kizer, the director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) responds and defends the choices of his referee.

“It as neither a positive or a negative on the referee,” said Kizer. “All of us in the arena, and the commentators who know their stuff, were really shocked Jon was out. Steve was right there. He had to walk two steps. He walked two steps and waved off the fight. It was very easy for him, and every easy for Josh as well. It was a weird ending to the fight, but good for Josh.”

“The guy went out and Josh immediately released the hold,” said Kizer. “What’s weird is he flipped Fitch over, away from the ref. When Josh had the hold, he (Mazzagatti) was one step away. He had a perfect view. Josh flipped him away from the ref, then stood up. I would praise the referee if he did a good job. But here, there’s nothing to talk about the ref. It wasn’t a good job or a bad job. He had no job. I think most people thought Jon was going to get out. Bas and I both thought he was letting go of the hold and transitioning to another hold.”

“The story should be about Josh getting an amazing win, doing the right thing, and releasing the hold,” said Kizer. “This isn’t about the ref.”


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  1. Bill Corless says:

    Dana White has an ax to grind. Whatever the cause of his dislike for Mazagatti, he continues to find any excuse to criticize him. Totally unprofessional.

  2. K2 says:

    reasons not to like Mazagatti:
    Lesnar vs Mir- Mazzagatti deducted 1 point from Lesnar for 1 illegal blow to back of head with no warning before hand. Then didn’t notice Lesnar tap in Mir’s butt as Frank was tearing Brock’s knee off.

    Varner vs McCullough- Mazzagatti called time out after McCullough beat Varner so badly Varner’s mouthpiece came out. Stopped the beating, gave Varner time to recover while getting the mouthpiece ready and back in place.

    Doerksen vs Macdonald- Mazzagatti allowed Macdonald to continue hitting Doerksen with additional hammer fists even after the match was thought to have already ended.

    Burns vs Johnson- Holy crap the eye poke fiasco. Mazz warned Burns FOUR times that’s 1,2,3,4 times about extended fingers in Johnson’s face. Then Burns poked Johnson so hard in the eye Johnson needed eye surgery after the fight. When Johnson down after the poke he told Mazz he couldn’t see and Mazz awarded Burns the TKO.

    Velasquez vs Rothwell- Mazz stopped the fight as Rothwell was standing up after receiving a beating as opposed to the multiple times during the fight in which Velasquez was thoroughly beating Rothwell and “Big Ben” was unable to get up.

    In other words, Mazz is either in a bad position to see what’s going on or not quite sure what’s going on inside the cage.

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