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Tuesday, 04/03/2012, 09:16 am

NSAC Commissioner Responds to Being Called A Racist B!tc# By “King Mo”

“Well, number one: Mr. Lawal has not contacted me. But, if he did, I would take his call, and I very much would be happy to hear from him. To the extent that you have now informed me of something, I was not aware that he had expressed an apology. I’m thankful that he has, and I wish him the very best and was so happy also to learn in that you just reported that the staph infection in his knee has cleared up.”

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7 Responses to “NSAC Commissioner Responds to Being Called A Racist B!tc# By “King Mo””

  1. test user says:

    this is a test

  2. KingMoisabitch says:

    Queen mo is a bitch. It’s standard procedure dumbass.

  3. Fedor says:

    King HO is more like it.

  4. MMG says:

    You guys got it twisted. The proper way to ask the question is: Did you read and understand the contact? That is the correct and proper way to ask the question. A “judge” should know this and the way she asked is very disrespectful for any person; That knows how to read and write the english language.

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Actually in all truth I doubt she gives a rats ass about King Mo and evens cares less that he lost his job over it.

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