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Monday, 11/19/2012, 08:58 am

NSAC Authorizes Promotion Of Overeem’s Next Bout, But Not Nick Diaz | UFC NEWS

“We asked the commission, can we start setting up a fight for him (Nick Diaz), but he’s still got to go before the commission.”.

“I think Alistair has been doing the right thing as far as the commission is concerned and doing all the things that he needs to do to get back in their good graces. It’s looking positive and optimistic because he’s been doing what he’s supposed to do.”

With a bout announced recently between Alistair Overeem and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, it is clearly a foregone conclusion that “The Reem” is expected to get re-licensed after serving his suspension for elevated testosterone.

In this quote from UFC president Dana White (Above) he clearly states that the commission has granted the UFC permission to go ahead and book an Overeem bout and that is why they have not only booked but started promotion of the event.

In the case of Nick Diaz, it appears that if the NSAC isn’t so certain about licensing the Stockton native and he will have to jump through some additional hoops in order to get his career back on track!



18 Responses to “NSAC Authorizes Promotion Of Overeem’s Next Bout, But Not Nick Diaz | UFC NEWS”

  1. Joe S says:

    The commission is a JOKE!!

  2. Karl says:

    …Because smoking a joint within 30 days of a fight is such a horrible crime.

  3. Nick says:

    Great! Lets send a message that smoking weed is worse than using PED’s. Don’t do drugs kids… Unless they make you buff

  4. danielrchargers says:

    Nick Diaz probably Called them Nerds….
    you know how nerds get when they get called Nerds.

  5. jay says:


  6. Danny says:

    Sooooooooo incredibly lame !

    Nick always gets a bad wrap. The commission is pathetic.

    BTW lol at Diego Sanchez… seriously is that a joke. Nick would destroy that clown. Diego is so incredibly washed up and begging for attention. Is he even in UFC anymore ?

  7. JW says:

    It’s not even a crime for him, he’s got a medical card!!! Just let the guy fight already!!!

  8. JW says:

    That’s F’d up that a dr can give an athlete testosterone replacement and they can compete. But when a guy smokes a lil weed he gets hit harder than all these other guys… And what about Matt riddle didn’t he fail a test for it and is already back???

  9. JK72 says:

    Seriously? You can use performance enhancers, but you can’t smoke a joint. This is ridiculous! Please just let him fight.

  10. Shut up says:

    He has caused this. He is an ass in real life and the commission is teaching him a lesson. Nick is not doing the things he was asked to do. He was not following the rules of the commission that are clearly written. This is a real sport not a back yard brawl. The rules are the rules if you like them or not. He has made the choice to break the rules twice now and that is what he get. This guy has been a whining baby in this sport for years. Glad to see the commission teach him he is nothing. For the record he will never be a great champion in the UFC.

  11. EP says:

    honestly this is starting to piss me the f**k off, whether ur a diaz fan or not, the guy is a true warrior and fighter and always puts on a show and shows up to fight, and the way they are treating him is beyond me. its unfair and unbelievable… they are pro fighters in a sport where its a bigger punishment to smoke a f**king joint than to take steroids…. is this a joke>??? F**K THE COMMISSION… cant wait until Diaz returns and i feel now Lorenzo and Dana need to step in and do whats right… have him fight in another state than Nevada if they will keep being assholes.

  12. darktxmoon says:

    Real fans and those that understand the importance of clean athletes, regardless of the sport, should insist that whatever sanctions are imposed, should be enforced. I don’t care if the drug of choice is PED’s or pot. If the rules say drug free then it should be drug free…if the fighter cannot abide by the rules, then they should not be a fighter. Punishment is punishment, its fair and just. Stop complaining about it. Don’t do drugs. It’s that simple. Cause if a fighter needs the edge then they don’t need the Octagon.

    • Xaninho says:

      This would be true if the State Athletic Commissions didn’t condone the use of TRT either. The reality is they let 35 year old fighters compete with the elevated testosterone levels of a 20 year old, but at the same time they crucify a guy who is clean from PED’s but has a little smoke now and then.

  13. Heather says:

    He could have played by the rules and got a medical pass and not had to worry about a drug test..DR prescribed him the medical marijuana so he could have provided that. Instead he tried to cycle off the stuff and not get caught knowing he had been busted once before and knew what would happen if he pissed he did himself over..I like Diaz..I really do..but damn he is his own worst enemy! He could have done been champ if he would have played by the rules and showed up at the press least Nate gets it!

  14. Whatthecrap says:

    This militant aggression against marijuana users is absolutely absurd. He took a drug to get high for a bit, then that was it. Yet Overeem took drugs in order to HURT PEOPLE WITH UNNATURAL STRENGTH. People’s careers are hurt by losses. Overeem’s drug use directly affects his opponents, and is CHEATING THE GAME. And yet Diaz is blackballed because he basically said “fuck you?” Whatever dude, fuck the world sometimes.

  15. sicbox says:

    In light of the legalization of marijuana in three states in this election cycle, it appears the commissioner lives in the dark ages. Wake TFU! Or maybe it’s their way of making the fighters bow down to them? I got something for them to bow on to.

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