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Now A Free Agent, Eddie Alvarez Going Back To Pouring Concrete Until Right Offer Comes Through | MMA NEWS

“I want to sit down with the people of Viacom. I’m interested in what’s going on with the Spike deal next year. Of course Bellator has a ton of huge things going on, and I’m interested in what them guys have to say. From there, we’ll field offers from everyone else, the UFC and everyone else, whoever is out there, I don’t know who’s out there. I didn’t know Bellator existed, they just started when I was done with my Dream contract, they just popped up out of nowhere.”

“I’m not impatient. I’m taking my time with this. There’s very few times in your career when you become a free agent after winning. That’s the biggest key. So I’m taking my time, enjoying my family back home, and just eating a little bit of normal meals.”

“I still call my boss and see if he has work for me. I felt like doing that work, even though I was undersized at welterweight, doing the concrete work, I was so much stronger than a lot of the guys I was fighting, because of the concrete work. So I still tell him, if he has a lot of concrete at the yard to pour or something that will give me a good workout, I’ll get strength and conditioning in and just work for him. It’s humbling, a lot of construction guys think I’m full of shit, they don’t believe that’s what I do. So I just try to keep my head down and push the barrels and work. What they say is they go ‘you wouldn’t have to be out here if you were a good fighter,’ something like that. I’m like ‘you’re right, I don’t have to be out here.”

Former Bellator lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez, recently sat down with to discuss his plans during free agency.

Fielding through the offers he will receive and maintaining his patience is something to be admired, but I don’t think anyone expected to hear that one of MMA’s most sought after talents would be pouring concrete at his old job while he finds his next promotional home!


12 Responses to “Now A Free Agent, Eddie Alvarez Going Back To Pouring Concrete Until Right Offer Comes Through | MMA NEWS”

  1. Broman says:

    Eddie Alvarez vs Jim Miller or Joe Lauzon please 😀

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      My guess is Alverez ends up staying in Bellator to avoid TOP COMPETITION and continue to be a “BIG FISH”small pond. Besides why is anyone even talking about it now. It will be at least 6 months before Alverez is able to sign with anyone else. I doubt UFC offers him more than Bellator has already been paying him. Only thing that benefits Alverez is SPONSERS offering more money for more exposure in UFC. HOWEVER keep in mind if he was to go to UFC and lose twice he stands chance of being dropped and or losing sponserships and basically be at mercy of Bellator low balling him. He may go for the garanteed money and most of his existing sponsers may be plenty satisfied with their potential upcoming EXPOSURE on SPIKE T.V. Smart move IMO would be stay put keep his 100+ per fight salary. VERY EASY to lose 2 fights in the UFC lightweight division which is full of sharks with chins far far better than his. Alverez would get hit alot more in UFC and he has already been floored in most of his fights in Bellator. Only thing that will benefit him moving to UFC is wanting to be able to test himself against all the best so he can retire someday without all the “should ofs” and should not of” that haunt fighters who play it safe. I also think he would lose to Melendez and by time he gets to UFC Melendez will probably be there so that IMO is the fight fans want to see and taht would most likely put him at 0-1 same position LOmbard is in. Except Lombard got screwed

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    lol that whole thing about working construction; WTF?!?! lmaoooo

  3. asespc says:

    GTFO and let someone who needs the JOB do Concrete u fuck!

  4. Ol Dirty Bastard says:

    Lol it is a damn good way to stay shape n make money….if u think other wise go do it

  5. I poured concrete for 15 years, most recently the new hoover dam bridge, it’s hard ass work but at the same time a great workout and it makes you appreciate what you have.. My hands are like concrete too, i won my fight this past weekend with two body punches..

  6. MMAnalyst says:

    he should fight Gil Melendez

  7. Not nick diaz says:

    Hey Eddie if your still unemployed next spring Ill put you to work, pushing all the wheel barrows you can handle. Lol , but seriously I will.

  8. Justin says:

    I like how Eddie’s gonna work out and get paid instead of paying to work out.

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