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Tuesday, 06/05/2012, 06:23 pm

Notable fighters who tested positive for Steroids | MMA NEWS

In the ever evolving world of MMA it is imperative that fighters stay healthy and up their game every day. Injuries happen and big fights come up for almost every mixed martial arts athlete. When that stuff happens the temptation to get a little extra kick from banned substances, that edge you need to overcome the challenge that presents itself. Let’s take a look at fighters who gave in to the temptation and got busted for using steroids.

Alistair Overeem and Chael Sonnen are two of the most memorable cases of substance abuse, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Stephan Bonnar

Bonnar squared off against Forrest Griffin again at UFC 62 in one of the most anticipated rematches during the UFC’s first real resurgence. The result of the fight was another decision loss for Stephan. This time Griffin fought smarter and avoided a brawl. Despite his best efforts Bonnar could not answer what Forrest brought to the table and disappointingly the fight was lackluster at best.

After the fight it was revealed that Bonnar tested positive for steroids and blemished his status as a bonafide MMA star.

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort has long been a fan favorite. He’s the one guy that never seems to truly live up to his potential. He has been criticized by even his most devoted fans for “folding like a tent” when the fight gets tough. Maybe all of that negative chatter and doubt was what motivated him to take steroids.

After Pride 32: The Real Deal, Belfort was dealing with his unanimous decision loss to Dan Henderson. I can only imagine the emotional crash that occurred when he was told he tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone. At least he didn’t provide a non-human classified urine sample like Kevin Randleman.

Ken Shamrock

It seems that guys like Shamrock who fought before MMA was regulated must have gotten used to being able to take whatever they wanted without repercussions. Without testing during the UFC’s early years it was easy to cheat with steroids I am sure.

What makes this ridiculous is that Ken used them before his fight with grossly overweight and out of shape fighter Ross Clifton (R.I.P). You would think that if you were “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” you wouldn’t need steroids to beat a fat guy because your blood was so potent it was bannable itself.

Ken denied he ever took a banned substance as did his manager. His brother Frank came out and stated that “Ken did steroids his whole life”. Case closed.

Royce Gracie

This was one that took me by surprise. Not because I didn’t think a Gracie would ever take steroids. I mean come on, we’re all human and have weaknesses. What got me was that Royce never looks or looked in his fight with Kazushi Sakuraba back in 2007 like he was on the juice.

Gracie won the fight by unanimous decision, but was fined over $2000 for his rule breaking. His name lost a little bit of the prestige it still carried and Sakuraba got to claim the Gracies had to cheat to beat “The Gracie Hunter”.

Sean Sherk

I was not surprised by this at all. When you’re called “Muscle Shark” it’s because you look like a genetic freak. Most MMA fighters at the time were about as shocked at this as Roy Nelson was that Overeem was a Testosterone junkie.

The revelation came after his decision win against Hermes Franca. No offense to Franca, but Sherk was so good at wrestle-humping victims he didn’t need a banned substance to lay and pray this fight. Sherk was stripped of the UFC Lightweight Championship and never seemed to rise to the level he was at before getting busted.

The fight was ultimately fair because Hermes Franca also tested positive for banned substances following the fight.

Chris Leben

This was yet another ‘what the hell’ moment. Chris Leben was a product of the first Ultimate Fighter season. He was one of the guys who was making it happen. After losing to Michael Bisping it was announced that Leben tested positive for Stanozolol.

Furthermore, after getting busted Chris stated that he wanted to speak to kids about the dangers of using performance enhancing drugs. To me that’s like born again inmates speaking to kids about all of the crimes they committed. They get to feel good about themselves, but they still broke the law.

Leben has since been tagged for using controlled substances and promises to make another comeback soon.

These are just some of the well known fighters in MMA who have been busted for using steroids. Unfortunately there will surely be more to come.


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  1. stephen Riddle says:

    Come on stephan bonnar!? Wtf? This whole article wtf?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Of course they leave out Nate “THE CHEAT”Marquardt who has been JUICING his entire career. Sonnen is the worst ABUSER EVER but his IDIOT fans arn’t smart enough to realize what having a 3400 testosterone level does to the human body. It makes you 10 times stronger, faster, endurance is off the charts and you are able to recover from punishment at FREAK levels. Anyone like Sonnen who cheats in a title fight should never get another title shot. But becasue UFC is all about $$$$$ they act like it never happened. Sonnen is the biggest discrace of a person to ever set foot in cage. His MORON fans arn’t smart enough to understand that he is not only FRAUD STEROID CHEAT he is also a FRAUD in real life. How many people do you know that has teh united stated FEDERAL PROSECUTER on national news stating you are a FEDERALY CONVICTED FELON for DEFRAUDING a BANK. IS that is any better than the junkie who walks intoa bank and steals 10k in petty cash and gets 20 years in JAIL. No Sonnen STOLE 100k and didn’t spend one day in Jail becasue of Dana White.

    • chris says:

      i think 90% of mma fighters especially ufc fighters are taking steroids.. its a shame and there ruining the sport. they are insecure and scared about there fighting abilities so they take steroids.. there a sorry excuse for ppl its ridiculous your fighting!! if u have to take steroids for fighting you shouldnt be in the sport in the first place.. shoutout to the 10% those guys are true fighters and have heart of a lion

  2. I'll have another says:

    Fighters that use peds should be banned from ever fighting again as a professional or go to jail like bonds did.

  3. jake says:

    Cmon how cool would it be if all fighters were on peds I mean you want to see an athlete at his best then let them use peds just like baseball do you think Barry bonds would have hit all those homeruns without peds probably not but im glad he dix cause that game wouldnt have been so exciting so I say let them use peds think of all the kos and fighters not gassing and the super human power I dont know about you but fighters on peds is cool with me.

    • Jay Ray says:

      shiiiiiiiiiiite they should make a sports league with nothin but roiders I would pay to see those bastards play. A league that has baseball, football, basketball, rugby, boxing, mma, powerlifting. Each of them roiding. The Sweetest league ever

    • V says:

      Even though that would be fun to watch, it would be terrible for the sport. Anyone who wanted to be a professional fighter would have to take steroids and damage there bodies to be successful.

  4. B-rad says:

    this is a good article lol i remember when a reporter asked royce about roids and he denied that shit like a mofo…with that shit eating grin “I take no steriods, i am a Gracie, which means i walk around with a jagged stick up my ass” well idk bout that last part but it was funny

  5. Ben says:

    Overeem and Sonnen the two most memorable cases of “substance abuse” you referred to, are not cases of “substance abuse” at all. Overeem and Sonnen were found to have an unnaturally high testosterone to epitestosterone ratio after their urine sample analysis, which granted is still against the rules according to the commision guidelines, but by no means is it an indicator of any specific substance abuse.

    Ken Shamrock previously did deny taking PEDs but has since admitted in many different interviews that he has used steroids at certain times during his career. So it doesnt take revelations from his brother to solve that great mystery.

    The fact that you are criticizing Chris Leben for educating children about the dangers of PEDs is ridiculous, Chris is a fighter that has been through countless trials and tribulations throughout his life as a child, right through to adulthood and im certain his personal affiliation and ability to overcome PEDs and other substances gives him perfect grounds to speak to kids about those specific topics.

    Your whole article is written with such negativity and distaste about a group of great fighters who obtain their income for themselves and their family by putting their own body and livelihood on the line in front of millions of people in the toughest sport in the world.
    Unless you can truly understand the circumstances of what its like to be a professional fighter, how can you judge the mistakes those individuals have made in the past? I think if fans and journalists alike could tackle this issue with a more open minded and positive attitude, true offenders would be more likely to speak out about their problems with PEDs which would allow us to gain better understanding and ability to deal these problems in the future.

  6. stephen Riddle says:

    This is not good for mma at all.smh!

  7. U Sure says:

    Royce didn’t beat Saku…Royce threw in the towel.

  8. Clay says:

    Damn some big names. I wounded who doesn’t get caught. Please ban this substance all together! How is it that old men get a free pass! Bullshit

  9. sean says:

    omg take this down now ! vitor belfort never beat dan henderson u dumb ass ! wow shows how much u know about mma to not know that vitor never beat hendo !

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    lmaooo airing out everyone’s laundry.

  11. Adam says:

    Seriously you’re all tool bags if you say sonnen had a 16:1 testosterone level. He had a 7:1 and the legal limit is 6:1 so he was .1 over. Please try and find an article from the NSAC or UFC that says he had a 16:1 limit because you can’t. the only people who said this was ESPN and shortly after the guy who wrote the article stated an apology. He wrestled at 185 in high school and a little in college. if he had a 16:1 testosterone level there is no way he could make weight at 185. He would have to weight about 250-260 if he took that much.

    • rayed says:

      Thank u adam!!

      U cant ever shut up these dumb shits, BUT, u can spit some (act right) and real facts from creditable sources that calls out all the bull shit that everyone is talking.

      U people know nothing!! U read a simple article (when their source is word of mouth, because they never state tgeir own source) that gives u figures on test levels and u think u know everything. Dumb shits!

      • ryan says:

        please learn to spell, or at least some basic grammar before you call people dumb shits. besides, you’re wrong on this one. there were many credible sources that cited his levels, including dana white himself. maybe you should think before you speak (type) next time.

    • chaz says:

      what are you talking about?
      i’ve experimented a few times with various PED’s and i’ve had a 12:1 ratio at one point before and i’ve never been over 180lbs. the ratio is not weight dependent. while gaining a ton of muscle, i actually lost weight and got totally cut up.

    • lowkickmma says:

      Wrong. it was well documented that he had a 16:1 test to epi ratio.
      Regardless, who really cares? normal level is 1:1.
      7:1….16:1…..he still cheated. Why are you defending a cheater?

      • Adam says:

        Like i said find me the article that says that he had a 16:1 other than espn. By the way they allow 6:1 not 1:1. You’re wrong dude just give up.

        • lowkickmma says:

          Wait…give up? I write for a well respected mma site and know half of the UFC roster personally and you think i should “give up”? Perhaps you should shed some light on how this sport runs, since i obviously don’t know as much as you do.

          Okay, well how about this article that shows the paperwork for his 16.9:1 test to epi ratio:

          does that help clear things up for you? you were right though, it wasn’t a 16:1 ratio, it was 16.9:1. My mistake, i left off the .9.

          And by the way, I never mentioned what they allow up to, I simply stated that the normal ratio for a healthy man is 1:1. Most organizations allow up to 4:1, or in NV 6:1, to accommodate for any variances in testing. That level would still be considered very high, but it’s still legal.

          I’m not going to be rude to you and ask you to give up, but if you would like to debate this further, then i suggest you join our website and voice your concerns over there.


        • Jim says:

          Couldn’t have said it better (or indeed as well) myself.

        • Xaninho says:

          Well said!

        • jones says:

          @ lowkik…nice one..those idiots shutup now

      • chaz says:

        maybe he likes cheaters.
        probably a gsp fan too.

    • Jared says:

      You are indeed right, but the fact that 6:1 is the legal limit is bloated and unfair in itself.

  12. David s says:

    Who wrote this thing???
    Dan Henderson never lost to Vitor Belfort and Royce gave up against Sakuraba.
    Pretty pathetic article.

  13. azn says:

    ‎”After Pride 32: The Real Deal, Belfort was celebrating his unanimous decision win over Dan Henderson.” WRONG ! Vitor lost that fight…

  14. John says:

    hey Adam read this

  15. Jujitsu Player says:

    Vitor doesn’t count because it was in Pride….everyone in Pride was juiced up, they practically encouraged it…Wandy has never looked the same fighter since coming off it.

  16. johnson says:

    sometimes i can be a bit naive and get surprised when someone gets busted for cheating the system, but after seeing gsp’s most recent training video, there will be no surprise when he finally gets busted. i think the only people that will be in shock with be a few of his super nut-hugging fans. the rest of the mma world will just sit back and say told you so.
    i’m in the gym all the time and see a lot of crazy stuff, but i haven’t seen an mma guy look that roided up since mark coleman. i guess the only surprise will be that it took so long for him to get busted. everyone else has seen it coming for years.

  17. Action Hank says:

    What’s bad for this sport is this shitting reporting on a reputable fighter’s website. Overeem and Sonnen never tested positive from steroids. Get it straight. High Testosterone levels does not equal roiding.

    • chaz says:

      yeah, but a 2:1, or 3:1 ratio would be considered a “high testosterone” level. meaning 2 or 3 times the normal level of an average man. having 16 times that level is not considered just high…’s considered cheating.

      saying chael has a “high” level is ridiculous. HE INJECTED synthesized testosterone into his blood to the level of 16 men! he shit on his own reputation when he decided to cheat.

    • Jim says:

      Sigh, Testosterone is a naturally-occurring anabolic STEROID in the human body. The reason the ratio to epitestosterone is measured, is because adding testosterone to the body doesn’t raise the epitestosterone levels. Both fighters were found to have ratios higher than could have occurred naturally, therefore they were ‘roiding'; that is, adding a performance-enhancing anabolic steroid to their system, over the amount which could be reasonably considered treatment.

  18. Eric says:

    This thread is full of idiots from the author to the posters. Get educated idiots.

  19. cjr says:

    What’s with all the grammer an punctuation experts on here its a blog not a fucking essay, get a life toolboxes anyone can spellcheck but noone cares

  20. cjr says:

    Also @johnson GSP. Has been tested numerous times and never failed, he also has the best work ethic in the sport, when ur that dedicated that’s how u look, no roids needed, somebody is jus jealous, so maybe u should educate yourself a little more before u spew wrong moronic bullshit , cuz gsp is clean, if he wasn’t I’m sure he wouldn’t have so many injuries cuz Peds help u rejuvinate an he seems to get hurt from overtraining

    • CharlieChocoholic says:

      so because he has tested clean he doesn’t take anything? you really believe that? you must not spend much time around the gym or know anyone that juices, because they pretty much all look like him. and given the time to cycle properly, they can all pass the tests. it’s not like the ufc ever randomly tests him. as long as he’s clean on his pre-fight and post-fight tests, he’s good to go. i want to see a test done today, not in november when he expects it.

      most ped’s actually cause a ton of harm to your body, that’s why it’s so important to cycle them. especially to your tendons and ligaments. maybe you should do a little research on the subject before you call someone else, who obviously has more experience with this sort of thing, out. while his strength and endurance are going up, his organs and tendons/ligaments are getting more frail. i’d expect these injuries to continue.

    • Jim says:

      Fail logic is fail.

  21. pussies says:

    Who gives a flying fuck! These issues must seriously effect everyones lives!!!

  22. Devilock says:

    I think Belfort lost the decision and then was caught with PEDs after already losing.

  23. stephen Riddle says:

    If u want to cheat than go to the backyard and brawl with kimbo!

  24. Steelers says:

    Everyone uses banned substances of some sort during training, the body needs them for the amount of work they are doing. Injuries don’t heal that quick on their own. Stopping a month before the fight, or a week before the fight is what gets them caught. Masking agents that don’t do their job or whatever.
    Judging a guy that’s spent his entire life working towards being in the UFC when your sitting at home wearing your TapOut shirt eating pizza is just lame. Take all the roids you want, you could never do what they do.

  25. Cunny No1 says:

    Lol “Overeem is a known Substance abuser” I’m no fanboy, but he had elevated T levels in a questionable test, thats not Steroids nor substance abuse, thats elevated T levels… Fkn Diaz got a longer ban for Smoking weed, Overeem has not been caught using Steroids, whether your penis-envy Boy-Bodies like it or not.

  26. Aweseme post. When i helpful to spend alot of my personal time yachting and also currently being interested in video game titles. It had been probably the nearly all remarkable period of my personal childhood along with your details kind of reminded people of their amount of my life. Thanks

  27. Mike Cannon Jr. says:

    Only mentally weak people juice/ roids/ thT ..what ever. Ur taking.. It won’t be enuff… If u aren’t strong mentally .. People who use substances to gain a advantage… Over other fighters… Should be banned!!It proves u aren’t a fighter.. At all… But a coward… And a dirty cheat… Things like these equip fighters.. With false courage.. It ain’t real….

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