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Monday, 11/07/2011, 06:50 am

No One Wants To Finish Fights More Than Me, Says GSP

“Everyone has a violent side. My job is to win, and in order to win most of the time I need to injure my opponent. It’s a violent sport but in real life I’m not a violent guy. I’m an athlete in a full contact sport so it requires violence to win. I’ve had a lot of criticism about not finishing fights, but if there’s anyone who wants to finish fights it’s me. It’s hard to stay champion and in the welterweight division today’s number one can so easily become tomorrow’s number two.”

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre tells the guys over at that he wants to finish fights even more than the fans want him to.

It’s been awhile since GSP has put himself in harm’s way in order to deliver that punishing blow. However, he still remains one of the sport’s most popular fighters, but his critics are mounding up with each performance he puts on.

With his next opponent coming in the form of Stockton’s Nick Diaz, will GSP finally get a chance to finish someone inside the Octagon and silence his critics or will UFC 143 come and go just as his last several title defenses?


96 Responses to “No One Wants To Finish Fights More Than Me, Says GSP”

  1. Ninjaman says:

    GSP you do what you need to do because no matter what the fans think its not about us. We the fans sit on our fat lazy butts and yell at the tv like morons when its you and the other fighters who sacrifice alot to fight. Great job to GSP and all the fighters! For you fans who have your negative comments all it speaks of you is you have no respect.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Idk about you but im not fat and lazy lol

      • Ryan M says:

        Yeah, you fat lazy doucher. I train in MMA and do so because of my love of the sport. I feel that I have a legitimate knowledge and can make comments based on my history in combat sports. However, everyone else on this site also has a knowledge of MMA whether they train or not. Too many people are freaking out on “haters” and say “what have you done?”. Well they pay money monthly to watch a sport they are passionate about. That gives them all the reason in the world to either love or hate fighters. I like GSP, but I’m totally on board with coming down on him lately for not finishing fights. Except for Koscheck, he hasn’t even impressed me lately and he didn’t even finish him.

        • Mike says:

          So many bitches getting their claws out about GSP not finishing fights. In the UFC you WIN by KO, TKO, sub, corner stoppage or decision. Each of those is a legit win. KO or decision – the guy is a deserved WW champ.

    • wigler says:

      you know, this is a spectator sport, so it is about the lazy fat fans, fans who go to the fight and buy the ppv’s are the ones paying these fighters

    • Mike Diaz says:

      Fat and lazy! I got more finishes from K-12 than GSP has had in his whole career! Get it straight, if you are a career fighter you either go for broke or go for points! TEAM PENN!!!!!

      • Floppy Balboa says:

        Yeah my grade school record of 4-3 with 4 of the wins coming by teacher stoppage is more exciting the gsp last 5 fights.. UFC should pay me for the vhs footage at the school picnic one year. and i maybe fat but i am not lazy!!!
        I respect GSP and i understand why he has a safe style of fighting, But i just want him to open up and be that fighter of old. maybe going against Diaz will help that because diaz yelling at talking him the whole time would piss anyone off. I love Diaz as a fighter and i feel like he is talking shit to me when he fights. F U FLOPPY, FLOOPY U A B, COME ON FLOOPY YOU P

    • King says:

      I agree with ninja. And to add to that, mma is still growing. We still don’t know what will happen to these fighters when they turn 70. Hopefully this damage wont catch up to them, but george is winning his fights, making nearly 500k per fight, endorsed by under armour, and taking little to no damage doing it. In 25 years, I see him the best off healthwise and safety fighting will pay off. They guy is playing it smart by the rules, and owning the 170’s… He is keeping his brain cells healthy, his skull together, and his retina in place. He is the ufc’s ultimate craftsman.

    • bryanfury says:


    • momo says:

      lets see where he gets without the fans.

  2. Leks66 says:

    Well I have no respect. If I’m paying money for it then I’d rather watch my dog take a dump then GSP’s boring a$$. Holding a man down for 25 min is not fighting and I don’t see how he can be pound for pound one of the greatest. If he moves up in weight and is just as dominant then I’ll shut my mouth but until then I just see the strongest man in welter weight overpowering everybody.

    • TEMPHUiBIS says:

      -]. But he’s one of the shortest guys in welterweight and there was talk about him moving down a weight class .[-

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      His last two fights were for the most part all on the feet. I didn’t know standing with guys was holding them down. You’re a moron, don’t speak any more, you are making us all sick.

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        On the feet… and he couldn’t do crap.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Couldn’t or wouldn’t? “Couldn’t” would imply that he at least put in an effort to finish the fight, while “wouldn’t” would imply that he simply didn’t even attempt to try to finish the fight. I’d lean more towards “wouldn’t”

  3. Bee Jay says:

    GSP is the man!!! tired of all these critics; finishing fights are hard; none of his opponents have fininshed him. And he’s done nothing to be ridiculed by Diaz and Cesar Gracie. Put that whooping on him, GSP!!!

    • Cody Conley says:

      Matt Sierra finished him!!

      Matt Hughes finished him by an arm bar at the end of round one at UFC 50.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Thank you. Dude is a new fan and still needs to be educated, evidently

      • Reasonable Thoughts says:

        I think he meant during his title reign or something lol. But At least he finished both of those guys in rematches later in time! It’s only his more recent fights that he hasn’t finished, go look at his record lol.

      • Tolbertbenb says:

        GSP also finished Sierra.

        GSP also finished Hughes at the end of Round two. (also finished him via TKO before that)

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Keep it safe, Mr. GSP (Gonna Score Points). We wouldn’t want you to actually put yourself in harms way while defending the title. After all, putting on exciting fights for the fan is not as important as being recognized as a long time belt holder, right? I mean, so what if hundreds of thousands pay 50+ dollars a pop to watch you go out there and safely grind your way to a decision, after being promised that the fight won’t go the distance for the umpteenth time? So what if title fights in every weight class, except yours, have ended in some sort of finish, at some point and time since you got the belt back from Serra? Who cares that you’ve had opportunities to finish fights, but decided to play it safe and do just enough to work your way to another decision? I mean, what reasons do the fans have to be disappointed in your continuous, 5 round lay and pray sessions? The nerve of those that call themselves fans, and actually complain…

    • Ash says:

      Ya, I would much rather watch BJ get his face pounded in for 3 rounds because he has no game plan or watch him lose another fight because his conditioning is so bad that he gases out after round one….real exciting……

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        In the process of getting his face punded in, BJ would be fighting back, always looking for an opportunity to close, so yeah, if my choices were to watch BJ get pounded, or watch GSP carefully finish another match in non dramatic fashion, I’d rather watch BJ all day long. And if you’re referring to the BJ and Nick fight, you have got to be kidding me if you think a slow grind GSP match is more exciting.

        • sucmai says:

          yeah i like it that BJ showed us how awesome his defense was by blocking all of Nick’s punches with his face LOL!

        • Ash says:

          That would be a first if BJ could submit Diaz by breaking Diaz’s hands with his face. And R u kidding, when BJ gases, he just hangs on so he doesn’t get knocked out or submitted. He did it with Edger twice, he did it with Fitch and he did it with Diaz. Boring. I would rather watch a GSP title defence than BJ disappearing into retirement.

  5. ryan says:

    gsp u cant finish! why because u dont go for it like penn or diaz does if u would go for it i think u would be more of a knockout artist than them 2. for example jake sheilds has probly the worst stand up in the welterweight divison and u probly have the best stand up skill set with so many diffrent types of strikes etc, but u had him for 5 rounds he didnt hit u that much u hit him alot and u went to hospital just commit on your punches dont just make them look good for the judges when they r like a pillow hiting u, if u get knocked out so what u will be champ again easily! if u dont like the criticism do something about it i like u gsp but dont say u want to ko people more than any1 when there has been no evidence for it in your last few fights!!!!

  6. T.DADDY says:

    he wants to finish fights..lmao.. they must’ve did this interview before the Matt Serra fight..lmao

  7. sgt thai clone says:

    Diaz will swarm him right off the bell,Sure GSP will tag him,alot of fighters do , But what happens? He does not get knocked out, just knocked to the canvas,You think GSP will hold him down for 5 rds, thats silly! maybe one or two.but Diaz is crafty,(gracie jj) and will get up and pummel him..

  8. seriously... says:

  9. Wes says:

    All GSP fights in one word: BORING

  10. Jb says:

    I love all you ass clowns that don’t know fighters or mma. All of Gsp fights are boring? He’s destroyed Hughes amongst others. He has some of the highest percent for landing strikes but all he does is lay on someone? He went through multiple try’s at subs on hardy… Most of the people on forums have never been in a fight or practiced mma. Your comments show this view point very well. Get a grip, I may not love Gsp but for fuck sake give him the credit he deserves. Ask kos how his eye is doing

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Ask GSP why he couldn’t finish a one eyed Koscheck. Ask GSP why there have been multiple finishes in title fights of every other weight class except the one he rules over. Ask GSP why he used to be a finisher, until he suffered his only loss since being the champ, and now all of a sudden, NONE of his opponents have been finished. Ask GSP where he lost his heart and balls at…

    • Wes says:

      The only time he tried to show his “STRIKING” he got his shit pushed in by Matt Serra!!
      So that’s why he DOES lay and pray, submission attempts keep the ref from standing them back up.(Boring) Staying busy on top just so you don’t get stood up doesnt make for a good fight… I’m so tired of guys like you who think because they take one fucking BJJ class at your local fucking strip mall you think you can speak for MMA Athletes, get a grip JB your a nobody, become a fan and stop thinking youre the next Mike Goldberg!

      • Jb says:

        Lol yea one class? I’ve been in martial arts my whole life, once again un educated cowards writing on the forum about a sport they are to chicken shit to do themselves. Your a spineless bitch….when anyone at anytime can get knocked out, Gsp has put himself in position to suffer such losses but hasn’t. And you dumb ass’s say you know the sport….. Keep watching from your house or the stands ya fat fuck coward

      • Kyle6286 says:

        The guy is one of the top two fighters in the world, yet toughguys on here think they have the right to correct his style of fighting. First, let’s get this fact straight, GSP has lost twice in his MMA career in 10 years, twice! Second, he’s been fighting top competition for as long as I can remember. One of his first few fights in the UFC was against Hughes, when Hughes was in his absolute prime. Two losses in MMA is impressive in 10 years of fighting, let alone the fact that much of his career has been spent in the UFC.

        Second, you guys need to get a different argument. The whole “lay and pray” shit hasn’t been applicable to GSP’s last few fights. You want lay and pray? Watch a Fitch fight. Just the last couple of years, GSP dominated Thiago Alves, an elite striker who is much bigger than GSP (similar size of Rumble Johnson). Alves could easily fight at MW but he doesn’t. GSP tossed him around like a rag doll and beat him on the feet as well. Dan Hardy? He got his ass kicked by GSP, and somehow survived multiple submission attempts. Two wins against BJ Penn when Penn was much more of a threat than he is today. He beat BJ so bad, BJ had to verbally quit after 4 rounds. Didn’t see Diaz finish BJ last week. Then there’s Koscheck, who got picked apart on his feet. This was probably the only guy GSP has fought and had trouble taking him down, so there was hardly and ground game in this fight. And last, Shields also got his ass kicked. Not much lay and pray here either. So again, find a different fucking excuse for hating the guy. He may not have finished his last few fights, but there definitely wasn’t any laying on opponents for the entire match.

        Finally, Jose Aldo hasn’t finished his last three fights either. I don’t hear anyone busting his balls. Unless any of you douchebags can walk into the octagon and beat any challengers time after time and defend your belt, shut the fuck up. You really sound like a fucking tool.

        When Diaz gets his white trash piece of shit ass kicked next year, I’ll be here waiting to hear all you “MMA experts” finding excuses as to why GSP beat Diaz.

    • Mocha says:

      Actually, I HAVE been in fights and I DO practice MMA… and GSP is too boring and too safe. He’ll probably lay on Diaz for 5 rounds, but I’m praying to all the MMA gods that Diaz lights him up BAD. He doesn’t finish because he doesn’t ever want to put himself in an unsafe position… and you have to be willing to risk an unsafe position to finish.

  11. GSP is a supreme Athlete, his combat abilities and commitment to stick to the gameplan are the best in the sport. GSP has not been fighting cans out there he is consistently put up against the best fighters out there. the problem is GSP doesn’t come to fight he comes to win. I will give him props on being a safe and protected champion but this dude aint a fighter. Champ. Yes. Athlete. Yes. fighter no way! I don’t see GSP getting away with that athlete point business when he goes against Diaz Diaz is a really busy crafty fighter willing to put himself out there and GO for the finish I truly see Diaz coming out victorious in this event. He smells blood and will not hesitate to finish and he’s going to give GSP the business until that happens. This will be the fight that GSP can’t point his way to victory. GSP great athlete. boring champ. not a fighter.

    • Dr. Doom says:

      This comment is hilarious.

      GSP is a terrific athlete, a world champion and one of the best FIGHTERS ever. He comes to win, like every fighter before him, and destroys most of his opponents in brutal displays of violence. He may not finish fighters like a Diaz or a JDS, but look what he has done since getting the belt back: broke Koscheck’s orbital bone, forced BJ Penn to QUIT a fight, (something Diaz did not do), absolutely mauled Fitch twice, and made Hardy look foolish.

      Diaz is a great fighter for sure, and he presents a considerable challenge to GSP, but he will be beaten by the champ. Diaz can withstand a ton of punishment, but he doesn’t not have KO power, his looping punches can be avoided and countered, he is weak against take-down, and although is BJJ is top-notch, but so is GSP’s.

      In my eyes, GSP and Diaz are even in striking and BJJ (maybe slight advantage to Diaz in the striking department), GSP is a better wrestler, and overall, is physically stronger and a smarter fighter than Diaz. In the end, his cage intelligence, superior skill set and game planning will defeat Diaz.

      • Kyle6286 says:

        Definitely agree, although I wouldn’t give Diaz as much credit until he faces better competition. Strikeforce fighters aren’t the same as UFC. This is evident with Jake Shields. He was supposed to be the new WW champ, not having lost in 10 fights or 6 years or some shit like that. He’s already 0-2 in the UFC. Give Diaz someone with good cardio and a strong wrestling base, and I don’t think Diaz will win. GSP will definitely beat Diaz, Koscheck will beat Diaz (although he didn’t finish Daley, he had him on his back the whole fight), and I think McDonald can beat Diaz as well. This could all be wishful thinking, but we’ll see what happens. I’m very excited to see GSP vs Diaz. The last person to piss off GSP this much was Koscheck, and we know what happened to him.

  12. Zack says:

    He’s says this before every fight and every fight go to decision

  13. Hilarious statement by Gsp.lmfao

  14. david uppercut says:

    GSP couldn’t finish a happy meal in 25 minutes, let alone a title fight, put his boring ass on the undercards!

  15. Josh says:

    No matter how he fights, you have to give GSP respect. He may not finish fights like everyone wants but he makes top level guys look helpless for the entire fight. Everyone he fights knows exactly what he is going to do during the fight and they cant stop him. Also when talking about the Koscheck fight, if you were GSP would you want to go out there and finish him in a matter of minutes or bash his face in for 5 rounds for all the talking hes done?

  16. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    Hey Pedro, what about the other scenario in which if Nick Diaz beats GSP? Way to be un-biased, once again.

  17. mick says:

    ok the shields fight wasnt fun to watch, but he couldve easily finished hardy and ruined his career by snapping his arm in half (most sick bastards wouldve done it), he also couldve finished koscheck with one more right cross or jab into his broken orbital causing him to go blind, and he couldve finished thiago alves but i believe he tore his groin in the 3rd round, this guy couldve ruined the lives of top level mma fighters, dont have so much hatred, guys still a boss.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      No, he couldn’t have finished, or he would have. He couldn’t finish Jake Shields, he couldn’t finish an injured Koscheck. He couldn’t finish John Fitch, and he couldn’t finish Thiago Alves. He couldn’t finish Dan Hardy.

      Have you ever done MMA? You’re fighting on instinct in there, you don’t put a guy in an armbar & think “oh, I don’t think I’ll fully extend this armbar” despite the training that you’ve done that’s turned it into muscle memory. You don’t think “oh, I’ll let him get out so I don’t hurt him” because he’s going to turn around and punch you until you head is bouncing off the mat and the ref wakes you up a couple minutes later.

      • JJ says:

        Just because you fall to pieces when you fight doens’t mean the world’s top fighters aren’t calm and aware of what’s happening. GSP has trained and fought every day for years; like a champ he is aware during the fight. He even tapped Hardy’s arm in that fight, as if to say “tap you moron or it’ll break.” He just said he’s not that violent, and it seemed he just didn’t want to potentially ruin Hardy’s life as a fighter. Now he may be blatantly lieing when he says he wants to finish fights more than the fans do, but he should always be respected as a fighter.

    • Fan says:

      GSP not knowing the correct technique against Hardy was only reason his arm didnt snap and only reason GSP didnt finish him, otherwise GSP was trying his damnest but not succesful.

  18. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I will say this for a point fighter he sure does a lot of damage to his opponents. Come Super Bowl weekend he’s going to have let it all go and finish Nick Diaz.

  19. Zach says:

    Diaz is going to fuck him up. Im confident of that.

  20. Nick says:

    I got mad respect for the dude, and I understand the playing it safe. He just needs to put himself in harms way to get the finish. He lost his killer instinct with that Serra fight.

  21. Michael says:

    incorrect! nobody wants his fights finished more than me after the first takedown of round 5.

  22. Barkava says:

    You’r an awesome fighter, your fighting style is not boring, you’r doing it brilliant! don’t listen to those guys , they just want you to be get blown and lose control . Perhaps you can lose the match then… beat those asses up ! you’r the best in your weight!

  23. josh says:

    I got an idea that could work, IF YOU DONT LIKE THE WAY HE FIGHTS THEN STOP FUCKING WATCHING HIM!!. Holy crap no one is forcing you to watch GSP fight. Stop being mad that his last finish was against your idol.

  24. joe2 says:

    diaz will finish gsp. you heared it here, guarenteed!!!!!!!!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Although I am no longer a fan of GSP (used to be before he became the king of points fighters), I can’t call the man a pussy, cuz he can kick my ass, and I’d hate to wake up everyday knowing a pussy can whip me with no problem

  25. exit 8 says:

    You want to finish fight, a renzo black that can’t submit probably a blue belt at the most. Not one but two times. You said it correct, your an athlete in a fighting sport.

  26. Curry says:

    Im pretty sure G.S.P is a homosexual

  27. Ninjaman says:

    I guess I will say it again, if you dont like GSP not finishing his oppenents then hold his competition accountable not him. Each and every time someone starts crying because GSP is boring needs to look at the other guy who did not show up to become the champ. Diaz will bring it to GSP and he will want to hurt GSP and thats why you will see the best GSP and he will be forced to finish Diaz. This is also why Diaz is more exciting but not as successful as GSP.

  28. Curry says:

    lol g.s.p. will beat diaz via hump nuts…but he aint gonna finish diaz

    • ryu says:

      u kno, i think if anyone can nullify pierres grappling it would have to be diaz. not saying he’ll stuff the take downs but if gsp does take diaz down it would probably be to diaz’s advantage. like they say a good jiu jitsu practicioner will fluster a good wrestler, its just whats better huh? gsp’s wrestling or diaz’s jiu jitsu? i think diaz will also have a definitive edge on the standup

  29. Chris Vva says:

    Bj Penn goes for it and puts himself in harms way every fight because he knows that if the fight goes into later rounds he will gas, so he always has to fight with that sense of urgency. GSP is a superior athlete with always top class conditioning and doesnt have to take stupid chances to win the fight. If he is so boring why is he by far the biggest grossing PPV fighter in the UFC?

    • ryu says:

      this doesnt apply to me, but i think alot of people pay to watch the fight and hope he loses. u kno how it goes, everybody hates the guy on top. they probably think one of these days his opponent will b able to nullify his take downs and make it a war…. or theyre probably hoping to see the gsp of old. i feel u tho. i think the gsp of old was so exciting was because the game wasnt as evolved as it is today and he could take advantage of their weakness without constantly taking them down. i also think he thought during both penn fights and serra fights, why take unnecessary punches(which probably hurt like shit) when i have a more efficient way to win. thats what its all about inside the cage(to win efficiently). what do u think would happen if he fought anderson? do u think the spiders striking would prevail or st. pierres superior grappling? i couldnt say

  30. Derp says:

    Bj smells like foreskin

  31. ryu says:

    its hard to finish the top notch opponents gsp is constantly up against. they didnt get title shots for no reason. im sure gsp would love nothing more than finishing every opponent he walks in to the ring against, but thats easier said than done. that being said, i dont think anyone wants to finish fights like nick diaz and cain velasquez. those dudes go for the kill and take some punishment for it as a result, yet theyre still winning fights. i see both sides of the story. gsp wants to finish but doesnt wanna take unnecessary risks(what the fans want to see). on another note, its been a while since his opponents have been able to stop his game plan(grapple to victory/nullify the standup). i think its also up to his opponents to say “hey, this dudes gonna try n take me down(most of his opponents are accomplished strikers) im not gonna let that happen and keep it standing”

    • Chris Vva says:

      Great point RYU!! I think that his opponents are just as much to blame. They have watched all his fights and know what they need to do but he still imposes his will on them and man handles them like children.

  32. Creature says:

    Ive been saying this for a while, GSP is an athlete more than a guy who just wants to scrap like bj, Condit, Diaz Cerrone… He has a point, IMO the WW division is the 2nd most stacked division out there, hes not fighting Lower B level guys (except for maybe Dan Hardy). Hes got an athlete mindset, and is fighting top guys, i dont hold him against him hes not finishing every opponent. I think its just as much to blame his opponents for not being able to stop him. I find it entertaining when he constantly exposes everyones weaknesses and think its kinda funny watching them just break when they realize they cant do much to stop him lol thats just me though.

  33. walleye says:

    Everyone has played it safe when they have had there chance at the title, this makes it possible for GSP to execute his game plan. No one has really “brought it” since BJ, and his corner had to stop it at the end of the fourth. The rest have shown way too much respect for the champ. That is where Dias is different…no respect…someone is getting finished.

  34. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    GSP gets a lot of crap for not finishing his fights but if he sucks so bad how come no one can beat him? He has the most title fight rounds accumulated in UFC history.

  35. KingGareth says:

    I can’t remember the last time I saw Gsp in an exciting fight. He’s the best WW out there, but not an exciting fighter.

  36. blah says:

    the thing about MMA being a sport is you have to please the ppl that watch it, & pay to watch it. Unfortunately it’s a lot more exciting when someone get’s KO’d viciously… believe it or not, majority of the viewers aren’t martial artists to begin with… it’s only after getting hooked on to MMA that they go out and train what they love to watch, even so, there are still the fans that love to watch it but could don’t train in it. I think only martial artists could watch it without anyone getting banged up & appreciate all the technicallities – control, positioning etc. But in saying that, of course we all want to see a nasty KO – it’s a sport.

  37. Shawn says:

    I dont’t understand these so called ‘critics’. Sure GSP hasn’t finished his last few fights. But they were still entertaining. He hasn’t finished, but he’s definitely put the beat down on all his opponents. Sure the fights go the distance, but his opponents’ faces to revert back to their original shape, with GSP relatively undamaged. I for one am entertained. Don’t get me wrong, it would be awesome to see St.Pierre finish a fight, but as ling as he keeps beating them up, I’ll keep watching.

  38. SaberTooth says:

    GSP is a smart dude. He studies his opponents and comes up with game plans to beat them where they are weakest. He probably does this the best. The problem here is that Diaz is better them him at everything in mma but his immature emotions. GSP cannot out box Diaz, he can’t out jitz him, he can’t out wrestle him and he can’t out gas him. The only place he can beat him is in the mental game. That said, hopefully, Gracie will work with Nick on this. What this leads to is an epic beatdown of GSP by Diaz. BTW: I loved watching Kos get his ass beat for 5 rounds by GSP. That fake ass bitch deserved it.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      sabertooth are u really that retarded or are u just trying to act like u know nothing about mma. nick diaz isn’t even in the same league as gsp. he isn’t better than gsp in ANY aspect of mma. not one. not boxing. not jitz. not wrestling. not anything. this fight is gonna be such a one-sided beatdown its gonna look just like what rory mac did to lil nate diaz. u really cant be serious if u think nick diaz has a chance at gsp. not only is gsp better, he’s fought better competition. gsp finished legends such as matt hughes and bj penn. before last weekend, who has nick diaz even fought? paul daley? lmao. idiot.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Hey GSP DickLickKlein bitch. are you a fucking Canadian or are you just that STUPID? That’s right GSP has better jitz, that’s why he tapped out Hardy with an armbar. GSP has better gas, because he runs triathlons. GSP has better boxing, because he boxed and finished a one-eyed Koscheck. And you seriously not STUPID, NO FUCKING WAY, you are a piece of ignorant STUPID shit. GTFO off of here until you grow a brain GSP DickLickKlein…

    • Kyle6286 says:

      Really? Maybe the boxing, but you think Diaz has better wrestling than GSP, or more importantly, can stop GSP’s takedowns? The only guy that’s been able to somewhat stop GSP’s takedowns is Koscheck in their second fight. Everyone else that’s fought GSP, wrestler or not, has been unsuccessful in stopping the takedown. GSP’s ability to strike and shoot for a double leg will keep Diaz off balance all fight. No way Diaz is winning this fight. None. A pissed off GSP is capable of fucking up Koscheck’s eye bad. I can’t wait to see what he does to Diaz.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        a pissed off gsp will be the safest gsp ever! oh my gawd.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Diaz has better gas, boxing and jitz. I do give GSP an edge in the wrestling, but there is no way GSP can hold Diaz down. He may get some takedowns but he can’t do shit with it or he’ll get submitted, Therefore, GSP will have to fight Diaz, and that will bode ill for GSP. Diaz will break him mentally and beat his ass. I see GSP tapping to strikes in round 4.

  39. Ryan M says:

    This picture I found of GSP is the perfect example of why he is a Greasgate cheater. LOL check it out… GSP-shorts.png

  40. all day says:

    DIAZ is overrated he lost to Diego Sanchez let that sink in…do u really think he got that much better…He would have lost to GSP then too…Now GSP is better, Diaz is the same scrappy dude with maybe better Cardio… I can only wish for GSP to outstrike him, this will be a few knock down ala fitch from GSP, and some ground control ala Thiago Alves from GSP… No finish, give props to DIAZ toughness and recovery skill. The only guy GSP should have finished was Shields but then a non-mourning the loss of your father fighting shields wasn’t finished but beat Dan henderson…. GSP that’s y might vote for pound for pound round for round king stays with GSP…no aldo no Silva. Bones got ways to go.

  41. The Saint is going to prove a point with Diaz.. GNP TKO by the 2nd round.

  42. Lex w says:

    I’m not even gonna touch this 1

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