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Sunday, 07/01/2012, 09:47 pm

Nogueira Does Not Want To Rush His Return To The Octagon | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
After having to cancel his UFC 149 bout with Cheick Kongo Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira has continued to work hard on his physiotherapy sessions for his arm which was broken by Frank Mir at UFC 140.

In an interview with TATAME Big Nog discusses his return and rehabilitation.

“We don’t have a date set. I’ve stopped training, I’m just working on my cardio, riding a bike and doing physiotherapy. Now I have to get my arm healed and then I’ll make some appointments. Let’s get this done first.”

“I can’t predict things. We’re going to recover, strengthen, test.. If all these steps are followed we can think about it.”

Nogueira also explains that only when he began his sparring again he started to feel pain in his arm which ultimatley forced him to withdraw from the UFC 149 bout with Kongo.

“I was feeling much pain when I started my sparring training and did some Wrestling moves, the impact hurt too much. It was really bad and it’s a contact sport”, He Said “It made things difficult for me to have a good performance. Pain got in the way.”

“I was 100 percent. I was doing ok, doing the preventive physiotherapy… I even rushed it (the recovery) to try to fight at UFC 147. We were doing fine but when I started the specific training the pain started. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“I was upset to clearing my schedule, but I’d rather be 100 percent and protect my arm then get it injured. If I’m fighting, I have to be 100 percent. If it’s ok during practice it’s a sign I’m fine.”


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    Why didn’t you just tap ffs!!live to fight another day,big nog knew the implications of not tapping and has by the sounds of it paid the ultimate price,shame really.

  2. B-rad says:

    sucks to read this tho….that would be TERRIBLE if that is the last we see of big nog..gettin his arm snapped daaaaamnnn

  3. Monkey juice says:

    Pussy. He’s Dana’s bitch. All the UFC guys are fuckin dumb ass niggers. Exceptions are: 1st and foremost FEDOR he wanted to make UFC his bitch. Oh well he retired. Rampage, randy, Brock. All the other UFC guys are fucking little girls.

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