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Friday, 07/11/2014, 08:53 am

No Title Fight! John Dodson Out for One Year Following Torn ACL

John Dodson has been steadily working his way back up towards Demetrius Johnson’s Flyweight belt, always with insane speed, and bottomless gas tank, and flashy style. Besides the champ, he is arguably one of the best flyweights to watch. However, as it does so many fighters, injury may be taking Dodson out of the game for the next year.

Dodson underwent ACL surgery on Wednesday, and on top of that also had to repair a tear in his meniscus. Dodson told Fox Sports:

“I’m looking at six to eight months of me actually being out before I can start going back in the gym and going hard and stuff. About a year (before a fight).”

May he heal quickly and safely so he can get back to putting on entertaining fights.


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