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Saturday, 01/26/2013, 11:45 am

No Interest In Weidman Says Silva’s Manager, Maybe Cung Le Or Rockhold | UFC NEWS

Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, has been the longtime voice of the UFC middleweight champion.

In this recent interview he discusses what is next for the pound-for-pound king, who isn’t in the picture and how he matches up with other champions in the UFC.

The video is placed below, click play and enjoy!


32 Responses to “No Interest In Weidman Says Silva’s Manager, Maybe Cung Le Or Rockhold | UFC NEWS”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    wow all andersons camp wants to do is take the easier fights

  2. Sasquatch says:

    He contradicts himself by stating nobody knows Weidman, and then says Rockhold would be a good fight. More people know Weidman then Rockhold guaranteed seeing as how Luke hasn’t ever fought under the UFC banner. And wtf was up with mentioning Cung Le?… IMO he’s not even in the running.

  3. Sal says:

    Chung who, figures something off of a take out menu, catch weight with Bone’s before pound for pound is crowned…I like siva but recents fights were boring, Sonnen in first fight is prime example..I think Jones would not only beat Silva, will Dominate, if Silva shows up like he has been doing!!

    • Dana White says:

      You are an idiot if you think Jon Jones will “dominate” Anderson Silva. Silva’s last few fights were boring? Maybe because he made his opponents look like beginners and ended them quick. You’re either a hater or an idiot.

    • Thom says:

      Andersons fights were boring? LOL. please stop watching MMA, you’re fucking stupid for saying that.
      Last fight against Bonnar, first round finish, before that the most hyped up fight ever against chael- 2nd round finish, before that Okami, 2nd rd finish, Vitor 1st rd finish, Chael comeback finish.
      IDK what the fuck you were watching but none of those fights were even remotely boring.

  4. Bizzo says:

    IMO, Weidman is two big name fights away from Anderson. At least with Luke Rockhold, you can say he was Strikeforce Champion and Le went undefeated for 30 kickboxing fights and beat some names including 2 former UFC champs.

  5. Time To Wrestle says:

    Translation: “Andy and I are scared bitchs that doen’t want to lose our precious belt and MONEY. Andy quivers under his bed knowing Weidman will beat his ass into retirement. Plus, I would lose my gravy train too” “oh and Andy is also a scared bitch to fight Jones too” “But I will fight ANY old ass fighter and any smaller big name fighter, shit I want to fight Frankie”!!! Equals Andy Silva’s camp.

  6. hahahaa says:

    Hahahahaha you guy’s are so wierd…. I don’t know what’s up with you guy’s and weidman justt! Because he beat up munoz. Munoz!? Who the f did he beat, Chris Leben, CB Dollaway? Wow, all this weidman bull crap is bs. You guy’s got deluded by the domination. Weidman’s not even close to being a top contender. The only ones who would be ‘considered’ a top contender is hector or vitor.. So I wouldn’t mind seeing Cung and Anderson. The middleweight division is completeeeely, cleared out.

  7. magoo says:

    You can only dodge the bullet for so long Anderson. Why don’t you and sore Ass set up either Cung or Luke then Weidman takes on who ever Mr Silva doesn’t fight the winner of Anderson/? faces the winner of Weidman/? No more dodging no more excuses. As much as AS fans don’t want to see or think Weidman is worthy of a fight with him I for one can’t wait for it to happen! Cause when it’s all said and done one of the two will have to eat some humble pie.

  8. 123 says:

    in my opinion chris weidman is the fighter who has a good chance of beating anderson silva at middleweight.. lombard, belfort, munoz, bisping, rockhold, belcher, cung le.. etc dont stand a chance in my opinion & im not even a big fan of weidman, im a bisping fan.

  9. jakeavis says:

    You know who they should bring in to fight anderson? A guy named melvin “no mercy” manhoef see how he would do

  10. confucius says:

    sure weidman stands a chance, just like the other 16 people who said they could beat him. face it nobody will ever beat silva. i care less to see silva beat the next guy whos supposedly in line. Hes done that 10 times in a row. Anybody else in the world of MMA do such a thing? it blows my mind how people still sit here and talk shit about silva. When youve done what hes done, you can say and do whatever the fuck you want including picking who you want to fight.


    WOW!!! Only sheep can see these points as valid. Weidman 6 fight Win Streak, recognized by MMA community as Rising Star. There is NO other Contender ahead of him for the SHOt. ITS SO OBVIOUS They just want Strikers for anderson to pick apart. LOL i WILL NEVER RESPECT Anderson as GOAT.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      +1,000,000,0000 and to Infinity and beyond. A straw champion = Andy Silva

    • Chris whine and cry man. says:

      …..I hate when people say this shit. They never give Anderson strikers. That’s what’s so fucking weak. It also goes with when people say he hasn’t faced any real comp. It’s all because of the “I’m the next big grapple douche” guys coming out and everyone of them is supposed to be top of their game. Everyone of them is supposed to be the net guy to combat Silva’s style. They all failed and made for lame fights i.e. Maia, Leites, Henderson, Chael, Mardquart, these were all the next grapplers to combat Silva. In my opinion Weidman isn’t a dimple on the ass cheek of any of those guys in the grappling game. I’m sick of the same recipe. Give Silva a fucking striker!

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        They did, albeit a shitty old one, and he got his face kicked in by a front kick for God’s sake.

        • steve says:

          Belfort is a great fighter, maybe if Weidman is so good he should fight him? I would think he will steamroll Belfort if all this hype is justified, and if not maybe then people will admit that the guy who only has about 9 pro fights just IS NOT READY. As a fight fan i want to see Silva have a challenge at least so i really hope Weidman is as good as he’s looked so far. Only time and the Silva fight will tell. But Silva has beaten everyone who has been in the octagon with him so to criticise him is a bit silly. If you know the sport you have to respect him as a fighter, simple as that.

      • who if not Weidman? says:

        or should andy just sit out and wait for super fights..? if thats the case your boy andy should just relinquish the belt. its not fair to his devision to have the champ sit out and fight once a year while he holds a belt he HAS to defend it. and in the division Weidman is most deserving RIGHT NOW. Don’t tell me why he’s not, tell me who if not him. You silva fans don’t seem to like to watch him fight because you’d rather not see him fight anyone it seems.

  12. God says:

    Weidman def does not deserve the title shot yet…not sure if he would win against Anderson but I’m dieing to see how Mamed Khalidov would do in the ufc

  13. Kingron84 says:

    Silva vs Le would be good for 1 rd til Le blew his wad like he does in every fight.

    I think it is simple. Dana says he has a possible big announcement and it will if Evans beats Lil Nog it will be SIlva vs Evans for the MW title.

  14. confucius says:

    rashad and silva would be fun. it would look just like the machida fight with rashad out cold on the floor. rashad is great but who honestly stands a chance against silva? Jones? As good as jones is, i think silva would fuck with him too. hands down, stand in one place, that crazy mind shit silva does in every fight since forrest. i could see him doing some random shit like that.

    • Kingron84 says:

      I dont think it would look exactly like that but as great as Silva is I would say Machida has better TDD than Silva so it is possible Evans could take Silva down but one touch to his chin and I think Evans goes to sleep.

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