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Friday, 09/13/2013, 10:35 am

Nick Lentz: Sidelined Conor McGregor Isn’t Real, Too Fragile To Stick Around

“It’s bad enough that he got put on third base, but he walks and talks like he hit a triple. First order of business is to slow your stroll, sonnyboy. Beat a few guys before you start sounding off. You had the perfect venue, a receptive crowd, and all the time in the world to prepare. And what did you do? What did you prove? You landed every punch you know how to throw and the guy didn’t blink. Same with your dazzling arsenal of impact-free kicks. Then you went to your so-called “wrestling skills” and did absolute squat on the mat as well. Then you got HURT! So you have no punching power, your kicks wouldn’t stagger a baby flamingo, you can’t wrestle, and you’re as fragile as an overdone egg. You blew your knee out PLANTING YOUR LEG to KICK. And you think you can stand up to the wear-and-tear of genuine, top-level competition? Please.”

“… Just being honest. He got called up from the minors, and proved he’s too fragile to stick around. He has no toughness, he has a stupid suit, an ugly bow-tie, and he had his cup of coffee in the major leagues. Now he can put the fight poster with his name on it on the wall of the Dragon Bar or the Georg in Dublin, and spend the next 10 months drinking Mimosas and checking out the local talent that comes sashaying in. But until you get here, and STAY here, in the UFC, then you aren’t REAL. So know your place, on a barstool nursing your blown-out knee and your stunted dreams. And don’t make commentaries on fighters who do the work, can handle the punishment, and stick around.”

Nick Lentz had a lot to say about the UFC’s newest and hottest commodity that is Ireland’s Conor McGregor.

In this snip from an interview with, Lentz went off on a tangent when asked about Conor McGregor’s breakdown of the UFC’s top 10 featherweight fighters.

Is he right in his assessment?


0 Responses to “Nick Lentz: Sidelined Conor McGregor Isn’t Real, Too Fragile To Stick Around”

  1. Chanceb85 says:

    Lentz has no room to be talking the dude is boring as shit in one of the most exciting divisions in UFC learn to finish a fight and do more than and pray I would take McGregor over Lentz ALL DAY ANY DAY

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Not a huge Nick Lentz fan but he has a decent point here.

  3. daniel k says:

    Ok Nick……when the biggest victory of your career is Diego Nunes, maybe you should not talk so much. If he means so little, keep his name out of your mouth. He is not the first guy to blow an ACL on a pivot, and he will not be the last.

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Lentz is salty because he doesn’t get a big fanbase with the way he fights. McGregor fights exciting and unorthodox, NIck Lentz delivers snoozefests.

  5. Ddddddddd says:

    Nothing personal. Connor shouldn’t be talking shit. Man, I think Nick has an uncle Chael. That shits pretty funny and Lentz could possibly derail Connors career. Right after getting back from having his career derailed.

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