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Thursday, 05/16/2013, 11:20 am

Nick Diaz’s Promotion ‘War MMA’ Looks for June 22 Debut


The last few days have seen a tantalizing rumor develop into a prospective reality.  Former UFC welterweight contender, Nick Diaz, is looking to start his own MMA promotion; more than that, he has already applied for a temporary promoter’s license in hopes of launching “War MMA” as soon as June 22. reached out to Executive Director of the California State Athletic Commission, Andy Foster, about Diaz’s plans.  Foster confirmed, saying that “once all mandatory paperwork has been submitted, the onus will fall on [me] to grant Diaz the temporary license.”


Sherdog reported that War MMA is looking to debut on June 22 at the Stockton Arena with the intention of streaming the event online.  Any talk of date and location, however, will have to wait for Foster and the California State Athletic Commission to grant the temporary license.


“If the temp license is awarded and the first War MMA event runs smoothly, Diaz could then appear before the CSAC at the next official meeting and apply for a full promoter’s license,” said Foster.


Nick Diaz is transitioning to a promoter in this, his second, retirement from MMA following a unanimous decision loss to UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158.  Diaz has long been a vocal opponent of the scoring and judging in mixed martial arts, arguing that the status quo allows for fighters to use wrestling to win fights with points while stalling the action.  It is quite possible, in fact the promotion’s name suggests, that Diaz will be pushing for exciting fights emphasizing finishes.


37 Responses to “Nick Diaz’s Promotion ‘War MMA’ Looks for June 22 Debut”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    A+ for trying. No wolf ticketing MMA. lmao..

  2. Slim Charles says:

    can’t wait for this freak show to get rolling!

  3. Col C. D. Cason Sr says:

    There are no point in MMA except win or lose a round, but each take down or punch landed does not give you a point. I am a Pro MMA Judge and so tired of people talking about points, Joe Rogan is the dumbest announcer of all. He is always taking about the points fighters score in a round. It is simple, you get 10 for winning and 9 or less for losing, just that simple.

    • Apparently You're Dense says:

      I think the point being made is that laying on top of someone for 5 minutes, for 3 rounds, is a less than favorable way to establish a lifeline into a sport who’s entertainment value lies directly within the fighters themselves. Taking the power out of the hands of people like you, who are judging fights so black and white with little criteria to justify your decisions, will give way to more Griffin vs Bonnar like fights. How you arrive to the 10 pts is where Nick Diaz is saying MMA is lacking, you said yourself a punch or takedown isnt any firect point given. So really, the entire fight is just 3 people’s personal opinions on how the fights went. There needs to be a more formulaic manner for points to be awarded, or Nick Diaz’s approach. Joe Rogan is far from an idiot, and a child of MMA long before it was cool to wear Tapout shirts.

  4. nacheit says:


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