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Saturday, 07/28/2012, 07:00 am

Nick Diaz Will Make UFC Return, Will Appeal Suspension & Request Fight With Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

It’s been a trying time these last 4 months as I have been faced with the prospect that one of our team’s most talented fighters had decided to leave the sport. As a fan I’ve always admired what both of the Diaz’s brought to the cage; a combination of technical brilliance and raw violence.

Nate Diaz has finally put his game together and found the formula to propel him to the top of the 155lbs division. To see Nick leave at the top of his game was difficult.

For the last couple of months I’ve watched Nick begin to frequent the gym more and more. He’s training harder now than he has for many of his fights. It was obvious that training and fighting is in his DNA. It is who he is.
This week we had a great talk and he made it clear to me that he is ready to get back to the cage. Nick Diaz will return.

To address the NSAC suspension, I will say that we have appealed to the courts and if things go our way, it will be plausible that Nick could return as early as sometime at the end of this year.
For too long NSAC bureaucrats have acted with malicious incompetence towards the fighters. We will challenge them in court.

As far as future opponents, Nick has stated that he would like to take fights “that matter”. Since GSP will be fighting Condit, he has to look elsewhere. He will respectfully ask for a fight with Anderson Silva, a fighter he respects and would like to challenge.

Silva’s camp has been speaking of a fight with GSP, possibly even at a catch weight. Nick will take that fight in a minute but has told me that should Silva decide not to drop at all, he will move up to 185lbs to face the Champ.

I will be meeting with Dana next Monday August 6th to discuss this and other issues. If you appreciate Nick’s fighting style, please let Dana know that you want Nick back ASAP.

Thank you and best regards,
Cesar Gracie

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102 Responses to “Nick Diaz Will Make UFC Return, Will Appeal Suspension & Request Fight With Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    everything sounded good until I saw the “request fight with anderson silva” part.. hahahah Diaz you the bro homie just dont do that bro..hahahah.. you bout to get knocked the fuck out but hey I wouldnt mind watching that fight… I rather watch you fight gsp, at least i know you have a shot but even there i know gsp would own you.. by the way im a huge fan but i call it how i see it..

    • usuckass says:

      u r not a nick diaz fan, because u dont even believe in him. so gtfo here !

    • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

      It would be interesting though… You got 2 guys that use their heads to block, and Diaz is the challenges that Silva needs. Silva has only really had 3 or 4 opponents who weren’t afraid to move in on him and really only Sonnen actually fought him without fear. Diaz isn’t afraid of anyone and last time Diaz was KO’d was like 10 years ago. It would be interesting

      • B-rad says:

        Yeah your right about it would be interesting.. But it would still be another first rounder for Silva..

        • Pancho says:

          I don’t think Silva could KO him. Diaz has only been stopped by TKO, never really finished. It would be cool to see how their styles clash in the cage.

        • Reality says:

          if Diaz learns wrestling he’ll beat a silva

        • Red1bu112 says:

          Im a huge Diaz fan but anderson is completely on another level im pretty sure that silva wont let diaz come in to do those pitter patter punches, he does that and i think hes getting a front kick to the chin

    • boxthai says:

      no 1 cares about your opinion, fine or not you will definitely paid to see this fight,as a true fan of the sport, I don’t care who wins anybody love to see that fight, I won’t be surprised if it actually happens.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Ill say this. I love the way both of the Diaz brothers fight. The phrase that was used was perfect. Technical brilliance with raw violence. That was Perfect. love what both of those guys bring to the cage. They talk shit but they bring it. And i’m a fan of fighting so thats what I respect and like about them am as fighters. Now, glad to see nick wants to come back but I think there are a lot of other guys with names in the 170lbs division that he could fight that would be good. If i were him I would take 1 fight then ask to fight the looser of the GSP Condit fight. That would be perfect. Because then he would most likely get a rematch against Condit it a fight that I personally thought he won. Its a big fight and a fight and would have a lot of meaning. Then if he beats Condit that would set him up with a title match against GSP. Thats the road I would try to take. Now, asking for a fight with Anderson Silva I don’t think is a good career move for Nick Diaz. Diaz is a hell of a fighter but Thats a very tough fight to take. Don’t think its a smart one. Think he has a lot to loose. It’s not a knock on his skills @ all because he’s a beast. really good! But Anderson has the best striking attack in the game. I believe that anyone who tries to stand with him will loose. Which is what Diaz will do (keep the fight standing). Just don’t think thats a good fight for Nick Diaz @ this time. But i’m ready to see him back in the cage for sure!!

  3. this is not nick diaz my account has been deleted again,along with several others.please fix this problem.

  4. also deleted kipo,young krev,s,john arlovski,and who knows who else.thom,monks,mmaislandjunkie,chart,tony,fortyb4five,i need a little help from the community.

  5. big money fights always make sense

  6. Drew says:

    And nick has a serious chance of winning

  7. jeremy says:

    Don’t like it! I love the Diaz brothers for the way they fight. There awesome. The Phrase that was used was perfect. Technical Brilliance with raw violence thats perfect! But I What i believe would be the smartest move for him to do do, and what i would do is Ask to fight the winner of GSP and Carlos Condit. Its a fight that would be significant, and have lots of meaning. Because more than likely GSP will beat Carlos condit, then he would be able to avenge his loss against Condit In a fight that I personally think he definitely won. Now, If he were to get that fight and win, then a title shot against a rival in GSP would most likely be next. 1 fight and he’s getting a 170lb title shot against GSP. Huge money making fight! Now on the flip side. I don’t believe a catch weight fight or 185lb fight against Anderson Silva is the smartest fight. He’s one of the best 170 pounders and probably gets a title shot with 1 or two fights. The guys that he will be fighting are bad blood hyped fights that will make him a lot of money. Now in a Fight with Anderson Silva its not a knock on Diaz’s skill level @ all because he’s a beast, and his boxing is great! But Anderson Silva has the best stand up in the Game in MMA in my opinion and I believe would beat just about anybody in a stand up fight! (which is were this fight will take place if it happens) Its just doesn’t make since to ask for this fight with all that he has in his respective division, and all the money he could make with big hyped anticipated fights. But I definitely cant wait to see him Get back in the cage!!

  8. Eric says:

    Silva is down to fight Diaz, hes already said he would, so its not as far fetched as everybody might think. Diaz has fought at that weight before, and in all honesty as good as Belcher, Bisping, Weidman, and Stann are, they dont have that big PPV draw appeal that Anderson is looking for right now, and Diaz is one of the biggest draws in MMA today! He wants big paychecks, with the majority of his money coming from PPV sells and gate attendence, Diaz makes perfect sense. I think its a fight ALOT of people would tune into.

  9. Saxxan says:

    Fuck yeah make this fight happen this would be fucking awsome!!!

  10. Saxxan says:

    Pplease make this happen finally a fight I’m really interested in!!

  11. Matt says:

    I dont think Diaz would win but i wouldn’t be surprised if Silva actually takes that fight. The chance to fight a striker with a big name and strong cred might be too much for silva to resist. Even know i think silva wins this fight, there’s not a chance in hell i would miss this fight and not enjoy the hell out of it.

  12. california grown says:

    this fight adds up:

    diaz v. spider
    great striker v. best counter striker
    gracie fighter v. nog fighter
    great boxing v. accurate k.o. artist

    i see leg kicks being a problem for nick
    on the ground, i’d hope nick would take it, but he would be the smaller fighter
    nick would be relentless, which may throw the spider off

    do work nick

  13. Tapitout21 says:

    Keep dreaming people Diaz has no chance of getting this fight. You can’t lose a title fight and then change weight classes and expect a title fight at that weight class

  14. learntoread says:

    This fight sells itself, regardless of those who will bitch, moan and complain about current MW “contender-ship status” and whine that Diaz “doesn’t deserve a fight with Sliva”.

    The rest of the MW “contenders” don’t have the loyal, rising and rabid fan base that Nick Diaz currently enjoys, none of them are truly PPV card headliners either (outside of Bisping in events held in England).

    It will be interesting to see how Anderson responds to this challenge…it will be even more interesting to see how Diaz’s team do in court (would be historic if they’re successful). I for one would love to see those clowns at the NSAC put in their place.

  15. Scotty says:

    UFC is not going to give Diaz a title fight coming off a loss.. He would have to atleast get a big win over a top contender before even getting a shot.. I also feel he would be closer to getting a title shot at WW if he beat one of those guys waiting in line.. More of story between him and GSP or if condit beats GSP, would be a HUGE rematch since it was controversial!

  16. The real cat smasher says:

    Nick hasn’t done anything in the UFC. Get some W’s first boy

  17. Mick says:

    fuck it make him rematch condit we all know he beat him the first time

  18. GRT 3000 says:

    this guy on crack? he loses the fight to Condit, gets suspended, and then requests a title shot with the GOAT?!! anything else Mr. Diaz? Ferrari stretch limo on the way to the fight? faacck…

    PS. this Site needs some serious technical maintenance.

  19. BJPennRules says:

    I would love to see Silva/ Diaz, but Diaz would get slaughtered..his endless cardio would be meaningless…Silva is waay to skilled..
    However, I would love to see GSP / Diaz…Diaz could take GSP…but we all know
    GSP will take Diaz would be a GREAT! fight.

    Silva / GSP would be a complete wast of time..if the Silva that kicked Chaels ass shows up this fight would be done in 30 seconds.

  20. sumdude says:

    I like that nick isnt looking for anything easy and while i think anderson is a bit to fast and accurate for nick id never count nick out of anyfight

    • learntoread says:

      I agree, the big difference between GSP and Diaz is that Nick is fearless, he’s the one calling out Silva and willing to move up to 185 to fight him. Georges has been trying to avoid the topic for years now, he seriously wants no part of it.

      For Diaz, it’s never been about belts, he just has that innate desire to test himself against the best, which is why he took the fight against Gomi back in ’07 when Takanori was the Pride champ, #1 LW, and tearing everyone to shreds. The organization brought Nick in to lose that fight and we all saw what went down (arguably the best fight of that year). Before he returned to the UFC, most people on here assumed he didn’t have any chance at beating BJ Penn, and we all saw what went down. I’m not going to comment on the Condit fight because it really wasn’t a “fight”, (LOL @ Condit stating “it’s gonna be a dog fight!”), it was a big bowl of horsesh*t on the part of the Jackson camp and their blatant manipulation of the point system / judging criteria in MMA.

      Truth is, Diaz does actually pose a threat to Anderson Sliva, his chin and heart/will would keep him in the fight A LOT longer than any other current WW “contenders” right now (his recovery ability & composure under duress are legendary), if the fight ends up on the ground somehow he most definitely has the BJJ skills to position himself for a submission, and IF the fight does get to the later rounds his ridiculous cardio and constant pressure on his opponent could be enough to get Silva in trouble (as Anderson tends to fade a bit in the latter rounds). I think if Diaz could survive the first round barrage without getting severely hurt, it would be a very interesting fight.

  21. Heavy hitter says:

    Alrite, alrite, alriiiiite, they gonna learn today

  22. maurice says:

    yea i much rather see diaz fight weidman or bisping b4 an immediate shot at anderson. AND WHY DOES EVERY1 THINK GSP WILL BEAT CONDIT? im very curious to how ppl see gsp/condit going down. condit guard is lightyears ahead of anyone gsp has ever fought. and b4 u guys say “what about bj guard?” ill answer that with a question. when was the last time bj seriously went all out on his back for a sub? not only is condit bjj far superior to gsp, but his striking is also far ahead of gsp. i think condit and diaz literally have the perfect style to beat gsp, simply because wherever the fight takes place isnt “safe” for gsp. i think gsp is going to get fucked up pretty bad by condit, and i my eyes it wont be a shocker or upset. im literally dying to see gsp try his inside leg kick and jabs to condit. this will be the first time where gsp comes into the cage outmatched in all areas outside takedowns.

  23. B-rad says:

    I know this was Ceasar who said this, but DAMN!! enough with this Silva nonsense, it seems guys at 170 and 85 cant keep his fucking name out of their mouth.. Im a fan of the Diaz brothers, but he doesnt have any business trying to challenge Anderson, he shouldnt be making him breakfast let alone fighting him.. Give him Koscheck and watch the shit talking storm begin!!

  24. truth hurts says:

    Diaz VS Mayhem at 185

  25. Pancho says:

    Gotta love Nick for always wanting to fight the best guys. Unlike alot of people tryna duck constantly. Nonetheless I’ll be excited for his return whether its against Silva or back at WW.

  26. Heath says:

    Not only could Nick survive the first round but i think he could survive to the later rounds and submit an exhausted Anderson. There is always a chance of winning or loseing for anyone. This would be an exciting fight and Anderson would finally fight someone who isnt scarrd to exchange with him.

  27. maurice says:

    @the the bitch who said i “sound” autistic when i type….yea…read what u typed a few times, then tell me who “sounds” autistic. um i never said “condits guard is light years ahead of gsp.” i said condit guard is light years ahead of anyone gsp has fought in mma. in a bjj match im sure bj guard and jake’s could be better. but in a mma fight, condits guard is one of the deadliest. maybe ur dumbass should actually try READING instead of bashing when u get the sense someone isnt a big fan of george “whats the rush?” st pierre. gsp was scared to go in shields guard, so he got into the sloppiest stand up fight of all time with him. well what happens when gsp cant strike with someone and is afraid to hang in there guard? if gsp panicked and thought he was in a “fight” for once with shields, imagine what he will think when carlos is walking him down. and the fact he hasnt fought in nearly 2 years isnt going to exactly help him either.

    • Name Unknown says:

      LOLZ!1!!!1 he is fucking right. u do types like u has probrem!

      the the, um, in a mma fight, there. aside from that I have grown to hate gsp and hope CC smashes his face. ty have an nice day :)

    • Name Unknown says:

      the whole point is for Nick to fight someone who isn’t going to be a bitch and try for the take down. fighting weidman or britfag is an awful idea.

      Nick didn’t say title fight. he just said let’s fucking fight!

      Make it at 178 and get on with the best fooking fight I have ever imagined WARRRRRRRRRRR

  28. MARV3L0US says:

    Lol sure put the fight together… Anderson will kick a hole through your face.

  29. Chael Sonnen says:

    I just became a Nick Diaz fan.

  30. Rob Wayman says:

    I am a big Diaz fan, where I see his rational in possibly asking for a fight with Silva, GSP has already stated that he wants to fight Nick. Moving to 185 to fight Silva who is probably closer to 205 on fight night is not a good move. Stylistically its a great match-up; Diaz, pushes the pace, will fight standing or on the ground, throws punches in bunches, and has cardio for DAYS vs the best pound for pound fighter in the world, a guy that can knock you out with his hands or feet, I think he can fight on the ground (lets face it, he got his Black Belt from the Nogueria’s for choking out Sonnen, my 4 year old daughter has better Jits skills than him) and he a fighter. I would love to see this fight and I think the fans would too. Who’s left for Silva to fight… one of substance….this is a fight to make money. I think Silva is ready for retirement, he’s got one maybe two more fights left. His last two fights shouldnt be some BS they should be challenges and right now, Diaz is the ONLY challenge.

  31. Bjj BB says:

    GIVE DAT DISRESPECTFUL MONKEY A TUNE UP FIGHT 1ST!! WIT HIS BITCH ASS!! BUUWAAAAAHAHAHA!! WTF AM I SAYING!! id love to see nick back in da octagon even tho i fucking hated his ass for the disrespect he showed bj penn b4 the fight, but ima a fan of great fighting styles and nick has that, but in a silva fight i think silva will pick him apart and have his way with nick and ill put a lot of money on silva if this fight happens.

  32. maurice says:

    would luv to see this fight. anderson will stop diaz, in dramatic fashion. but diaz will touch anderson chin. diaz will be talking shit like usual. anderson will be talkin shit in Portuguese and doing capoeira. lol. if this fight manages to go past 2 rounds, it will be the most exciting fight in history.

  33. 123 says:

    Anderson Silva wont fight Nick Diaz, if he does hes getting beat up for 5 rounds. Nick Diaz is a machine.

  34. birdcitybutcher says:

    I for one would love to see this fight and I do not believe nick doesn’t stand a chance. His chin is rock and has probably some of the best jiu jitsu in the game which has been the achilles heel of silva in the past. Silva clearly has the advantage in the stand up because he’s able to mix it up as diaz just boxes his opponent but diaz reach and beautiful speedy combos will close to equal things out with silva. The biggest thing in my eyes is Diaz fearlessness and relentlessness whichI think plays a huge factor to slow down silva you will have to carry nick on his shield. Huge fan of both guys and hope andy and dana gives the green light.

  35. Bjj BB says:

    What your saying is true but nick could not even take down carlos, we all know carlos cant mix it up like silva can and nick got out moved, boxed, kicked by carlos, the same would happen to nick if he fought silva but alot worse du to the fact that carlos is a good fighter but silva is GREAT!! But id still love to see this fight happen!!

  36. Mike ODwyer says:

    cesar gracie is just trying to keep his fighters in the media by mentioning a fight with anderson silva just like every other middleweight in the UFC right now. it seems that everybody forgot that jake shields was the first of cesar gracie’s group to claim he wanted to fight silva at around this time last year. but that too was just some bullshit hype of the month.

    whats really going on, is that everybody saw how mr. media hype cry to the camera im a trt patient chael got his shot, so they all think it will work for them. that and the fact that there is no real definitive rankings for the middleweights (WHICH IS WHY THEY ALL NEED TO KEEP FIGHTING EACH OTHER TILL A REAL CONTENDER EMERGES). anderson and his management aren’t looking for any bullshit fights that are going to be more of a risk of injury than a benefit to their wallets. anderson has been taking a lot of time off inbetween fights do to the fact that he’s pushing a retirement age and will probably retire to the fighter who actually beats him. so you have to figure that his management won’t just let anybody in the division call him out like chael did and expect to have the match handed to them. the hype of a silva vs gsp superfight has been lingering around since i can remember. and if i were anderson, or his management, i would be pressing for more money making, big headline fights at this point because it takes anderson longer to recover. lets also not forget that anderson was under contract with the UFC until vitor belfort which was suppose to be the rematch with chael. anderson is now technically a free agent under the UFC because he finished the contract with the belt and is now a huge money making asset to the company and can retire with the belt whenever the hell he wants. so zuffa is going to to whatever is within their power to give anderson the fights that him or his team want before the Muhammad Ali of the UFC is no more and they need a new money magnet big name. which is the reason their hyping jones so much….but thats another story.

    EDIT: nick diaz wouldn’t last past round 1

  37. Mike b says:

    When gsp was calling out nick on another forum on this website.i said if nick can make up his mind about his career I would love to see gsp and nick fight.some dickface said i was a mma band wagon jumper cause he thought I didn’t know that nick retired openly after the condit fight.and iwas trying to tell him that nick was just salty about his loss with condit and hell be back for way did I take nicks retirement seriously,if u take anything seriously from nick ur an way would nick be able to not compete anymore with him being at the top of his game and being such an amazing athlete at a young age.i knew he was gonna come I said u can never take anything seriously that nick says like he wants to take a fight with silva,now u know that’s not happening.

  38. punchkick says:

    hahaha. let him fight chael first. epic pre-fight interviews, legendary trash talks. trolling each other to the death!

  39. slacker says:

    He just wants a big payday, then Adios! Don’t let him back in the UFC. He doesn’t belong with the best of the best.

    • Zk says:

      go slack off on a gaming website because you obviously don’t know shit. Diaz was fighting before the money, before the fame. If you think he is fighting for a paycheck you know nothing about Diaz, therefore you have invalid reasons to hate him so your just a hater

      • slacker says:

        Of course he is wanting to fight Silva for a big paycheque. Why else would he pick a fight he has zero chance of winning – zero!?

        • Zk says:

          First of all, almost anyone with good striking has a chance to win against anyone anytime they fight… Second of all diaz’s style matches up good with silva he’s always pushing the pace, always throwing good combos and it extremely good at filling holes in his gameplan. Diaz does have a decent chance at winning and it is almost a guaranteed amazing fight, you saying Diaz has zero chance of winning and saying he only want the fight for the paycheck is ignorant and shows that not only do you not know anything about Diaz but you know nothing about mma in general…… stop slacking, go learn what your talking about before say/post it

        • slacker says:

          He wouldn’t last 1 round! He doesn’t have either the punching power or hand speed to make Silva even break a sweat. You thought what Silva did to Forrest was bad? Diaz – zero chance. Send him back to 2nd tier competition like Strikeforce where he belongs. He is 7 – 5 in the UFC. Silva won’t take this fight offer because it is a joke and it does nothing for his legacy.

      • Mike B says:

        The Diaz brothers love to fight sure they like the money but they have a passion for what they do u can tell.

  40. Nick says:

    I think that would be a great fight. I believe Nick’s Jiu Jitsu is on a higher level, and he’s not afraid to move forward. And he doesn’t fear anyone’s power. It would be a damn good fight.

  41. boxthai says:


  42. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I would pay $1000 to see Nick Diaz fight (ANYONE) before i would pay 10 cents to ever watch GSP again or Condit or Guida, fuck Greg Jackson he’s ruining MMA

  43. SinCe2004 says:

    no bull$hit, I would pay a couple hundred for this pay per view.

  44. jay dee says:

    Geezers a spaz…….

  45. jeremy says:

    A lot of fighters and and fans talk about submitting Anderson Silva and i think like really? who is last person in the UFC to even beat him. Much less submit him, The guys a BJJ black belt under the nog brothers, thats no slouch of black belts. And the simple fact of the matter is that no fighter probably even @ 205 has a chance of beating him in a stand up fight period. And if your going to say Jon Jones, Anderson Silva’s stand up is light years better than Jones’s. If they fought I believe Jones would win but for other reasons not stand up skills.Anderson Silva is Anderson Silva because he has the best stand up game in MMA period. for no other reason than that. If Diaz fights him even though i am a big fan of Nick Diaz him will most likely get ko’d. No Fighter can match his Fluidness,skill, and power, which is very underrated. As far as GSP goes he’s the best post injury WW period as well. Condit cant beat GSP anywhere. GSP i’snt as skilled as a guys like Anderson Silva when it comes to raw talent.(but who is?) but his skills are very adapted to MMA he’s has great wrestling,athleticism, very smart, and has controversial but great coaching. If he comes in like his old self I see him dominating a decision victory against Condit.

  46. jbeamazing says:

    listen guys andersons manager will make this fight happen especially knowing the size difference and he might beat nick but he will never be able to out smoke him and that is fact sonny boy

  47. Noah says:

    Anderson Calling on GSP but GSP is great at in his division and his size. To me calling on GSP sounds little bit picky or coward. If you willing to challenge someone, do it like BJPenn, Nick Diaz and Franky Edgar–fight with your own size or bigger guy. AS fought at 205ers with Forrest and Irvin and won with dominant fashion…How is it suddenly became LHWs are too big for him and calling on smaller guy…. I like AS’s talent and skills but strongly disagree calling on much smaller guy…period.

  48. Jeremy says:

    @ Noah I can kinda see your point with Anderson Calling out GSP because GSP is a star in his respective Division. I believe he’s doing this for 1 because GSP has a huge name and is a huge star. Beating him is a Huge payday and a huge statement to his legacy which he believes he can do. However If they do fight it wont be a fight that GSP looses because of size, GSP is a big welterweight and could probably fight @ 185.00. if Nick Diaz can do it he definitely can. So the same advantage that your referring to is exactly the way GSP wins most of his fights @ 170lbs. If they fight Anderson wouldn’t have that much of a size and strength advantage, and that alone wont determine the outcome of the fight. That factor will be pretty even. The reason that he will loose is because Anderson silva the better more talented fighter. George wont be able to take him down like he does to his 170lb opponents because the playing field when it comes to size will be pretty even. then it will become a stand up fight which is exactly where George will loose the fight. George is so dominate because of his strength and athleticism over 170lb guys. Not because he’s the per-sea the more talented fighter. Anderson Silva wins because he’s the more skilled talented guys every-time he steps inside the octagon not because of of size and strength like GSP. Thats why he has more finishes than a guy like St. Pierre. Now if Anderson were to fight a guy like Jon Jones thats a fight he would loose purely because of his size and strength disadvantage. Jones would Clinch Silva to the cage take him to the ground and try and finish him there. But the size difference between GSP and Silva, and Silva and Jones is very different. Jones is fighter that should really competing @ Heavy weight. so with all that said Silva would beat GSP because the size advantage would be pretty much equal (especially if its a catch weight) so GSP wouldn’t have that size advantage like he usually does, And Silva is the more technical, dynamic, powerful, gifted, talented fighter. Thats why Anderson would be GSP because he’s the more talented skilled fighter. Size would not play a big role in that fight because Silva would beat him on the feet just like he does almost everyone else!!

    • Noah says:

      @Jereme, AS will beat GSP with his size, strength, skills and power. i wouldn’t wanna buy ppv if this fight happens. GSP lost twice in his own division (sub to matthughs and KO to Serra) since then he plays safe to win by points. To me that fight doesn’t make sense at all. GSP fought Alves, Serra, Shields, Kos, Hughs and Hardy-all of them are his own size plus GSP walks around 190lb.

      On the other hand, AS has never lost in years and totally dominates in his division. He tested twice in 205 and came with flying colours.Personally, I want to see him challenge at 205ers..calling Rockholds, Rich Frankline and GSP doesn’t make any interesting.

  49. Noah says:

    @Jereme, AS will beat GSP with his size, strength, skills and power. i wouldn’t wanna buy ppv if this fight happens. GSP lost twice in his own division (sub to matthughs and KO to Serra) since then he plays safe to win by points. To me that fight doesn’t make sense at all. GSP fought Alves, Serra, Shields, Kos, Hughs and Hardy-all of them are his own size plus GSP walks around 190lb.

    On the other hand, AS has never lost in years and totally dominates in his division. He tested twice in 205 and came with flying colours.Personally, I want to see him challenge at 205ers..calling Rockholds, Rich Frankline and GSP doesn’t make any interesting.

  50. james says:

    i think the only bad matchups for gsp at ww are diaz, condit and kampmann. simply because each man posses better stand up then gsp and know what the fuck there doing when there put on there backs. not only are each man highly skilled off there back, but there length on the ground will help them greatly against someone like gsp. its rare we see opponents throwing freely at gsp, not afraid of being taken down. its also very rare we see opponents going for chokes on gsp during takedown attempts. using there high level bjj to constantly attack with dangerously smooth sub transitions from their backs. not saying gsp is just goin to lay down like a bitch, the man is the champ…but i think if u give diaz, condit, and kampmann 25 mins, they can finish just about any ww in the world, including gsp. 2013 condit diaz and kampmann will be top 3 wws. i didnt forget bout u bj. keep training hard and prove yourself against rory and get some revenge on diaz.

  51. Jeremy says:

    @ noah. I agree that he will loose to silva just not for the same reasons. Size will have nothing to do with it. If GSP can take silva down then he might stand a chance to make the fight go longer, but on the other hand if he cannot. He will loose because he facing a guy like he’s never faced before when it comes to all around striking. So Size and will have nothing to do with Silva’s win. Just skill and power. that’s it. As far as GSP goes He usually is the larger stronger man in every one of his fights. There’s not one guy that he has faced that has had a overall size strength advantage on. its not his fighting style to have a lot of knockouts or submissions because he uses his size and wrestling to dominate most fights. he’s a smart but not a boring fighter.The Matt Serra fight was nothing more than a fluke and everyone knows that. He lost to Matt huges when he was young and he admitted he was nervous fighting his idol. But dominated him in there second fight. Since then he Destroyed Matt Serra in there rematch. Almost took off Dan Hardy’s arm. He battered BJ Penn in there second fight. Beat him twice. Beat the crap out of Alves. Destroyed Koscheck’s eye. The guys is far from a boring fighter but again back to my point he does this because he’s the bigger stronger man. If he fights Silva even @ a catch weight he wont have this advantage and he’s facing the best striker in the world. Thats why he will loose to Anderson Silva. Both they are both great fighters. One is just greater than the other!

    • Noah says:

      My point is that either way AS will win so GSp vs AS match up doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, AS should move up at 205 and fight with those guys.He had fought before and won there. This is what fans want to see. I am willing to pay only if AS fights at 185 or 205.

  52. Spence says:

    Diaz wants BACK in the UFC and wants a title fight when he gets back. High hopes for someone who got kicked out for drug use, the unprofessional thinks he deserves back in and a title fight. Keep smoking nick.

  53. Sonthechest says:

    BJ TELL DANA NO SPIDER TILL HE BEATS A 3 TOP FLIGHT FIGHTERS IN A ROW. That is the rule for everyone else. Y should it change for a rule breaking Diaz.

    • doug says:

      Anderson will end his career for real … I will bet my life on it. Who has nick beat that he should get that fight anyways BJ come on now no offense to BJ but he is way past his time . Nick is over rated , beat Sonnen then we can talk Anderson that should be the same for every middle weight . Sonnen should be the gait keeper ..

  54. Troy boy says:

    Nick diaz is back! Who cares who he fights, hes gunna make a show. Fights that cannot be missed

  55. BJC says:

    Sounds to me like Cesar Gracie’s a hurtin unit because his money train is sitting on the sidelines.They knew the rules before the fight.Not like this is their first dance with athletic commissions.Suck it up princess do your time and come back without the attitude.

  56. Bear says:

    I don’t really care who wins. I just want to see Diaz vs Silva!

  57. Fuck You says:

    Let the Hate begin!! WAR DIAZ BROTHERS! Let all the Silva Nut Riders Hate!!!

  58. JoeStrummer says:

    Nick Diaz does what he wants.

  59. stonerman says:

    nick diaz could cause some problems for silva. they both have good striking skills, silva is the better kicker but i would have to say that diaz has better BJJ. Silva has had cardio problems in the past, so if he takes the fight he better be in shape. only thing is that daz is a little undersized for a middleweight. I would like to see this fight happen.

  60. Izmosis says:

    I understand the rules on ban substances, Nick broke the rule according to the UFC. On the flipside nobody is stopping fighters from loading up on TRT. I guess you cannot get away from bullshit politics anywhere. I really hope Dana White stops fucking being a fucking candy ass and opens up the the bellator fighting style tournaments. This would in fact bring the competition level back into the game.
    P.S. Nick Diaz would Kick the Living shit
    out of GSP. That is a fact.

  61. g.miller says:

    nick diaz will fight anyone and it will be a great fight diaz brothers both will be champions

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