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Wednesday, 02/22/2012, 04:59 pm

Nick Diaz Will Fight Again Says Teammate Jake Shields

“He’s calmed down; I think he’s gonna fight again. I think it’s just, you know, he’s been a little burned out. They’ve been fighting him like crazy, keeping him busy. I think he just needs a little break. Unfortunately, he’ll probably be suspended for a little while, but the time off will make him love the sport again and make him wanna get back in there.”

Following yesterday’s UFC 144 open workouts in Japan Jake Shields discussed his upcoming fight with Yoshihiro Akiyama as well as his teammate Nick Diaz and the likelihood of his return to MMA.

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14 Responses to “Nick Diaz Will Fight Again Says Teammate Jake Shields”

  1. Lun Kebab says:

    Yes, Nick Diaz is defintley burnt out I bet.

  2. Miked Diaz says:

    Get that medical issue cleared legally then all hell will break loose in the in the 170 pound division! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  3. david says:

    shields is always really nice and respectful and composed, its funny cause the other guys on his team are douchebags, i like nate tho he comes across as a decent human being as well

  4. diaz sucks says:

    Diaz is a can crusher. Guy fuckin sucks. Hope he never fights in the UFC again. Cant believe you R-tards bought into his hype. Worst wrestling in MMA history.

    • Alex Daas says:

      its posts like yours that define ignorance

    • jonsey says:

      hahah ok idiot..diaz a can crusher?? bj penn best natural fighter ever..diaz won bad..condit finish enough top guys and diaz won but lost decision/////u my friend are just an idiot

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        I don’t give a rats as what anyone Greg jackson NUTHUGGER says Diiaz kicked Condits ass. Condit was a REAL FIGHTER until Diaz fight then lsitended to the man that is RUINING MMA GREG” run away like a pussy today so you can steal a title fight decsion away” Jackson. There was a time when JOn Fitch was the #1 person in world RUINING MMA now he has been passed up by Greg Jackson.

        • JAC says:

          Yeah that must be why Diaz was bloodied up at the end of the fight is because he won. He got outstruck in every round except for round 2. So what if this fight wasn’t the slug fest that it was hyped up to be Penn vs Diaz was supposed to be a slugfest too and what happened? Diaz just pressed Penn up against the cage the whole time.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Nick Diaz is about a million times more exciting to watch than GSP. Well for that matter everyone is more exciting to watch than GSP. I even think the most boring fighter on planet for last 10 years Jon Fitch is now even less boring than GSP. Everyone i have ever talked to says they would pay to see Diaz fight any day of week. Noone wants to watch GSP naymore because he is a soooooozzzfest, point fighter who only fights not to lose. There is not a fighter in MMA that is a bigger wimp when it comes to injuries than GSP. He won’t fight if he has a hangnail for god sakes. H eeven admitted he wasn’t hurt when he backed out of a few fights last year on a weeks notice. GSP would rather sit back and watch all the REAL FIGHTERS fight while he milks his bullshit injuries.

      • Smarter than you!!! says:

        You sound like a little girl crying dude!!! No really you do. You lack intelligence, and dont even know the difference between weight classes, how do expect anyone to take you seriously in life with an attitude of a crybaby! I am guessing your around 14 maybe 15!

  5. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    i was born high, live high, and will die high…
    *puff puff*

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I think if Sheilds loses to Akiyama he should beg UFC to let him go back to strikeforce. Everyone knows he’s 0-3 in UFC. Kampman out worked him and beat Sheilds at his own game and landed all the biggest shots of the fight. All Sheilds did the entire fight was survived and was on defensive from startt to finish. Only reason judges gave it to Sheilds is EVERYONE knew Dana brought Sheilds over from Strikeforce to fight GSP and EVERYONE was tired of rematches. Story of GSP’s career in fact his legacy is going to reflect a career of rematches after rematches. GSP will retire knowing he never had the balls to fight Andersen Silva. Chael Sonnen even called GSP out and he is afraisd to fight him to. I don’t understand Bj Penn and Dan hendersen have went up an df fought guys 1 and 2 weight classes above their own but GSP has make excuses thta he needs 5 years to put on 10 pounds of muscle. I saw A. Silva weigh in at 182 for a title fight a few years ago. No GSP only takes fights he knows he can win. Dan hendsersen at 41 years old is a natural 185 lb fighter and he goes up and fights Fedor at heavyweight. GSP has lost his desire to fight and only fights not to lose he will never have the stone s to fight anyone that he doesn’t have asize advantage over.

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