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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 11:55 am

*UPDATED | Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Rematch In Jeopardy, Outlook Now Grim (or not)

Last night the MMA world was on fire with the possibility of a Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit rematch.

The two originally faced off at UFC 143 and Carlos Condit edged out Diaz in a five-round technical battle. The decision made by judges on the evening of the fight has been highly contested by fans and analysts and it seems as if the entire world wants to see rounds 6-10.

Last night we reported that Carlos Condit was indeed game to give Diaz another crack at earning the UFC’s interim welterweight title. UFC president Dana White confirmed the matchup, Condit’s camp confirmed the matchup but we caught wind of a Cesar Gracie tweet that cast a cloud over these projections.

Now multiple sources are indicating that this potential rematch confirmed by UFC president Dana White last night is dead in the water. An undisclosed issue with Nick Diaz will prevent his participation in the bout. It is not an injury, but no details have been given.

For now we play the waiting game until matters become public, but this fight, at least for now, seems to be dead in the water.

UPDATE 12:10 p.m. PT | I was informed just moments after posting this story from sources close to the situation that this fight is not dead in the water after all. Reports in the on-line media will circulate that the fight is off, but in my opinin this is likely just posturing from the Diaz camp to garner better terms. This is not a guarantee, we are in fact still left in the dark, but there remains a small glimor of hope now for those who want to see this rematch. Stay tuned as we develop this story further.

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156 Responses to “*UPDATED | Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Rematch In Jeopardy, Outlook Now Grim (or not)”

  1. G says:

    Diaz pull another nutty and drop off the face of the earth again?

  2. Nick says:

    I have a feeling Nick is probably chilling in Amsterdam.

  3. The Natural Born Runner says:

    Cmon now diaz let’s make it happen

    • Darin Smith says:

      natural born runner afraid to stand and bang like a true “warrior” that he claims to be. instead pussyfooted his way to a points decision. i liked him before that too. just shows how scared of Nick people really are.,

      • Matt says:

        You are a complete idiot Darin. Did you even READ the story??? Seriously dude, grow a brain.

        They said Condit and his camp AGREED to a rematch, and that Diaz will be unable to fight.

        The Diaz camp are the ones responsible for the rematch not happening.

        • phace says:

          In addition to the fact that Condit REQUESTED the fight. There’s no running in that. Laying it all on the line(when you don’t have to do so) sounds like a true fighter to me. I hope it happens and I like both fighters.

      • Rob says:

        LOL No one is scared of a guy who is 7-5 in the UFC and can only fight one style. He can’t win in the UFC against top talent.He only beats lower level guys like Strikeforce and Elite XC just like Jake Shields. He beat a BJ who was done mentally before the fight ever happened. Let him fight KOS and watch what happens KOS owns him as well.

        • ramv says:

          Kos will also play the points game, he barely won against pierce… C’mon dude, don’t be an idiot.

        • Rob says:

          Its a sport its about winning.So “points game” wins championships.

        • Tmoney says:

          KOS? Lmao! That fraud barely beat That Mike pierce guy?!! Exactly, that Mike peirce guy! Let’s do common opponents, KOS laid and prayed with Daley, and Diaz went toe to toe with a guy who has arguably the best one punch knockout power in the division and KO’d him…you were saying?

        • Rob says:

          Exactly thats how weak Diaz is…Hes a tough guy that can take a punch. He never has done well in the UFC and never will. He cant hang with FIGHTERS. He only fights one way and now people saw how to beat him.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          So your ignorant little ass is saying his win against BJ Penn doesn’t count as top talent? Man I swear some MMA fans are so stupid it actually makes me embarrassed to even know I enjoy the same sport as someone as simple minded as yourself

      • baldy says:

        who’s scared “homie”? condit aggreed to the rematch….where’s yer boy?

  4. GMoney$han says:

    For Diaz bein so tough, he sure is a diva too

  5. Georges says:

    Where you at Nick??
    Where you at motherfucker!!!

  6. DanielC says:

    yeah hes in amsterdam. good one br0. first off, weed aint his life, second, if he wants trees, he lives in NORTHERN california where we have the best bud in the world. and its legal. it is not legal in amsterdam.

    the undisclosed issue with nick is that HE RETIRED. why would he want to get fucked out of a decision again. fuck the whole grease jackson camp.

    • Ricardo says:

      i bet you like Diego Brandao and John Dodson though

    • lolziez says:

      ROFLMAO you sound like a typical Diaz nuthugger.. specially when u think norcal has the best weed in the world.. foo stop crossin the border for some bunk ass mexiweed and lace it with pcp then think u guys got the best weed in the world..negro plz

      • gabe says:

        you’re an idiot. cali has the best herb in the world.

      • Darin Smith says:

        uve obviously never been to where i live here in the bay area. silly internet troll. all that mexican weed goes straight to the midwest. I dont know where the fuck you got your misinformation from homie. Diaz doesn’t need this fight he already won and Condit knows that. Diaz is there to put on a war, not dry hump or pussyfoot like mayweather to a decision on points. stand and bang like a man, or get submitted. Condit had fear in his eyes as he ran away all night. Negro plz

        • Ricardo says:


        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          loo you dumbass, he does need this fight or hes not fighting georges
          just cos he won in his deluded mind doesnt mean he actually won
          officially he lost so basically yes he does need the fight.

          i wanted diaz to win bad but the guy is being an emo

          he needs long one sided hair and a gillette razorblade

      • aaron hildy says:

        dude weed can only get so good….anyone who brags about who has the best weed is a fucking moron and needs to return to their highschool fantasy world

        • e says:

          707 headband = FIRE

        • Holle Auf Radern says:

          Millions of dollars in tax money are made on this magical weed that keeps growing in potency..

          $6000 a pound of weed with quality genetics, is way better than $600 a pound mexican crap with minimal thc/cbd content… Read a fucking book or watch the fucking news buddy

      • Holle Auf Radern says:

        U mad that NOR-CAL is holdin it DOWN???? These retards say the same shit… Cali has the ONLY genetics worth a shit…. keep blowin down that dirt-Mcgirt and talk shit about the ONLY place to get quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        MENDOCINO PURPLE kills anything u have ever seen!

        Bet The Bank On It!!!!!!!!!!

    • baldy says:

      i’ld take the jackson camp over the gracie camp…lets see…jackson’s got 2current and 1 former UFC champs….gracie’s got 1 current and 2 former strikforce (minor league) champs and is 0 fer 2 in UFC title fights….maybe 0 fer 3 if diaz takes the rematch dana’s servin up on a silver platter for him. dana white may be the biggest diaz hugger of them all.

      • Ricardo says:

        YeAH G.Jackson gots some of the best fighters in the world..
        But they are starting to do these gameplans..
        Look at Guida, I hate him now because of the Pettis fight.
        He WAS exciting bt then now he wants points..
        evans when he was there..
        Gameplan is scoring points and thats it.

    • silver haze says:

      hahaha, dude, i’ve been to Amsterdam and believe me, weed couldn’t get any more legal than over there. So you’re just plain lying. And actually, this doesn’t even have anything to do with UFC or MMA. Carlos won the fight but i would love to see a rematch.
      Peace out

    • Johnny says:

      California ain’t got shit on B.C Bud where the real best weed on the planet comes from.The undisclosed issue with Nick is his balls need to pop back out of his ass.The guy is such a drama queen shit accept the fight prove everyone wrong and move on.Don’t be scared homie.

    • Nastyelboz says:

      Awww when you get off his nut sack. You should take a step back and look he retired because someone didn’t stand in a corner and let him T off on him….He moved around which was the smart and only way to beat him. learn the game if you wanna talk shit. that’s all

  7. aaron hildy says:

    nick diaz retired and he was pissed off….do the math people…he went home and rolled up about 10 blunts and probably got toasted……..but then again nicks a lean dude and could clean out in a week so maybe he signed a boxing contract or something

  8. Greg says:

    Why would Diaz fight Condit? Reports are saying that GSP wants to fight him and not Condit and he’s willing to give up his title to make the fight happen. When its all over, Dana, UFC, and everyone wants to see a Diaz vs GSP fight. Sucks for Condit but I see him going the way of Fitch and being passed over.

  9. Action says:

    Perhaps the problem could be that he is RETIRED!! just sayin maybe

  10. LEO says:

    prob on drugs again! lmao he doesnt deserve it people need to stop complaining about a rematch that shoudlnt happen….dana said carlos won, rogan said carlos won, go on multiple sights about what fighters think and most of them think condit won as well…..plz stoppp this non sence

  11. slacker says:

    He probably is going to do some professional boxing. He’s an ass if he doesn’t take this personal challenge by Carlos. Man up sourpuss.

  12. JEremy says:

    Thanks for the update! Don’t be scared homie! REMATCH! MAKE IT HAPPEN DANA! wave that almighty dollar in front of these guys’ faces! THE FANS WANT THIS REMATCH!

  13. Darin Smith says:

    DIaz wants to fight. Toughest dude in the world. That decision was bullshit and everyone knows it. If you scored it anything other than 1, 2, and 5 for Nick Diaz you’re either blind or retarded. War DIaz. burn that shit

  14. Kyle Hamlin says:

    I hope this fight doesn’t happen. I was so happy when Diaz said he was done with “this MMA shit.” He’s a punk that didn’t get his way. If he does get his rematch, Condit needs to do what he should’ve the first outing and bury his ass alive.

  15. Nick says:

    The update to the story looks promising.

  16. david says:

    hes gonna get suspended for failing the thc test again

  17. MartyMMA says:

    Condit Won End of, he may not have done it in spectacular fashion with a flying knee or left hook but he won, He went in with a game plan and stuck to it, Why on earth would he want to stand and trade with Diaz when its what Diaz does best. What Kalib Starnes did against Nate Quarry was running, Condit didn’t run he just kept making Diaz reset. FYI WEED IS LEGAL IN AMSTERDAM thats why they sell it in WEED CAFES DUMBASS

    • funny$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ says:

      its not legal u fucking asshole look it up ,,, and yes condit did run

    • Contra says:

      He brought the fight back to the center of the ring, set his feet and balance, and waited for Diaz to come back to center. That’s intelligent!

      • slacker says:

        Exactly. Diaz fans are so distorted in their desire to see a “pin and win” victory, they don’t seem to realize that the judges were fully aware of what Condit was doing by avoiding the fence and bringing the fight to the middle, where he is the superior striker. Diaz is “dense for the fence”, because it’s the only way he can beat UFC caliber strikers.

    • Xaninho says:

      Not exactly legal, but it is condoned under certain rules. At least it’s free enough to just buy it in a coffeeshop, instead some shady housedealer..

      And quality here in Holland is way above the Cali buds.

  18. slacker says:

    I hope Nick is thinking about changing camps and leaving Gracie. They are poison for each other.

  19. Berserker says:

    Get off diaz nuts dude, just cause you love the guy and think he won the fight doesn’t mean he won doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to agree with you no matter how hard you cry about it. You’re bitchin like a teenage girl getting her first period! Condit can wait while diaz and gsp settle their differences, that’s what everybody wants to see anyway and that’s the only reason there could be a rematch with condit so maybe diaz could actually win this time. GSP vs Diaz make it happen

  20. Griff says:

    Diaz vs Condit 1 was a great fight, but Condit won!
    Does Diaz deserve a rematch?
    Diaz should have to fight his way back up the ladder for another chance, just like everyone else!
    At the same time, Condit is now the Interim Champ, and it shouldn’t matter who’s next in line for a shot at it.

  21. anonymous says:

    I’m not a very big fan of either fighter, in fact I’d say I’m a bigger Carlos fan usually but I scored the fight 3-2 Diaz. Everybody keeps citing the number of strikes and saying Carlos had more so he deserved to win, but that’s not how a match is judged. It’s judged by round. I agree that Diaz didn’t do much in rounds 3 or 4, but each of the other three rounds I saw Diaz outsriking (and pushing Carlos’ head back with his blows) and outpacing Carlos while Carlos was missing with most of his attacks during those rounds. Diaz then came closer to finishing the fight in the last round than Carlos did the whole fight. Had Carlos taken a few more chances and tried to press the attack and really hurt Diaz then I might have seen it differently, but even his strikes that were landing hardly seemed to faze Nick. Anyway, even if Nick didn’t do a whole lot in rounds 3 and 4, the work he did in thhe other rounds compared to what Condit did won the match for him to me. I’m no judge though, so who knows what they were seeing that I wasn’t.

    • Contra says:

      Condit kicked Diaz in the head twice and Diaz didn’t go down….Others would have….Diaz is just tough….but let’s not discount the achievement and attempts by Condit.

    • guamy says:

      i agree with you anonymous, the entire place was booing Condit after the UD. so who knows what the judges seen that the rest of the thousands of people booing didnt. i think we did see a bunch of corrupted NSAC judges.

      • Xaninho says:

        A part of the crowd was booing, but then again a bigger part wasn’t. So your argument doesn’t say anything.

        And corrupt judges? Dana didn’t really want Condit to win this dude…He wants the big PPV numbers and GSP-Diaz would make the UFC so much more money than GSP-Condit.

  22. doug says:

    why the hell do anyone want to see that fight again It SUCKED

  23. A Baum says:

    Why? Oh why? Oohhh why?…. Does it have to be “someone got screwed…the judges suck”.

    It was a good fight all. It was a close fight all. It could have gone either way. I thought Condition won. Others had Diaz.

    At the end of the day…your true character comes out when things are not going well. Who you really are is what you do when no one is watching.

    Diaz did not get off to a good start with his post fight comments but time will tell.

    Now chill all…we will see a good fight regardless of this drama.

  24. J says:

    Lmao I think the issue with Diaz is he wants to smoke a few more blunts before he gets back in the cage. Diaz has smoked so much shit he’s brain dead in thinking he actually won the fight considering the fact that Condit used counter punching and movement (something that Diaz hasn’t figured out yet) to win the fight he wasn’t running he was using his head. Just like you Bj if you ever figured out what CONDITIONING means you’d have been a beast inside the octagon and probably managed to destroy Diaz since you won the first round but then gassed out like ALWAYS lmao

    • Contra says:

      Condit may have had better conditioning that Diaz in that fight. I was amazed that Condit kept up his counter punching pace for all 5 rounds. He certainly outworked Diaz.

  25. doug says:

    What more can the UFC give this crybaby, This is just sick

  26. Shawn says:

    Whatever excuse Diaz’s camp has, its still an excuse. U cried about d results of d fight. Ur camp wanted a rematch. Its being handed to you on a silver platter n all u have to do is accept. Whats with the reservation. Anyone fighter whos’s serious would say ‘yes’ right away. Work out details later. Don’t b scared homie. If ur hungry, d steak is right in front of u. Snatch it.

  27. mmahawk says:

    Relax guys. All this means shit. Yep, shit. No one is reversing anything because you hate it. No one is going to the commission and no one is gonna stand up and say, “Damn guys, you’re right, we screwed the pooch here and are gonna give Nicky-boy the belt.”

    Truth is I had Condit ahead, 48-47. But I can see how some people think is should have gone the other way. But, I think that the “marathon” comments are an exaggeration. He EVADED Nick. We all know running when we see it, and we all saw it in the infamous Kalib Starnes match. THAT was a sprint guys. It could have been Usain Bolt in there with all the running that was done. Starnes showed 0% offense in that fight. Evading is going in, getting your licks in and getting out. Running is VERY different.

    Any of you guys that says you just stand in and bang with a guy who has fast hands like Nick does is full of shit. Say what you want, but I wouldn’t stand and trade with him. I’d do what Condit did…stick and move. You win a fight by taking away your opponets advantages, and Nick’s is punches in bunches. It’s him talking shit and getting in your head and getting you off your strengths and forcing you to fight his fight. Anyone suggesting that should take your ass out and find a striker like Nick and trade with him….and when it’s over, I’ll call an ambulance for you.

    Was it a sexy win? NO. Was it exciting? NO. What it what we thought we were going to see? NO. But hell neither was UFC 1, when I saw Royce sub Jimmerson. They billed it as No Holds Barred and I expected a freaking bloodbath. Double that for Gracie v Shamrock. All that talk and I wanted to see someone get KTFO. But all we got was the RNC. But, as they say, as win’s a win

    ….and if Nick or his fans want to blame anyone….here is a list:

    1. Nick. Did you have to keep fighting that way? What, not enough free thinking to say, I dunno…maybe in need to adjust my fight to better fight Condit and his gameplan? DUH!
    2. Nick’s corner: Nothing from the peanut gallery on how to adjust to Condit? You’re Cesar “Freaking” Gracie…you’re supposed to come up with a plan for shit like that. Nate Diaz was there. Nate always has something to say? What no advice for Nick? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

    I saw none of that. End of the day….if you don’t finish a fight, it’s your own damn fault. Condit is not supposed to just stand there and let you drop bombs. You want the win, GO AND GET IT. Hell, I’m not a pro fighter. But if I want to beat some guy’s ass…I have to beat his ass. He ain’t gonna stand there waiting for me to start. More than likely, he’ll start whipping my ass.

    So stop with the whining. Losers cry about how they were cheated….but rarely take the blame for not taking control of the fight and snatching victory from defeat. You can’t hear how great you are when you win, if you can’t hear how bad you were when you lose.

  28. Another brilliant ju-jitsu move by the Gracie trained fighter.

  29. guamy says:

    dude no 1 wants to read your entire fucking shity ass life story STFU.
    Diaz won hands down every one knows it so stop trying to defend a garbage decision it makes you look dumb. most of the fighters and analysts had diaz winning also.

    • mmahawk says:

      But the Judges didn’t, and that the only opinion that matters.

      • Bobastrazi says:

        if that is true there wouldn’t be a rematch

        • mmahawk says:

          Money is the reaosn why that’s happening.

        • venom19654 says:

          Yeah exactly .. Nobody is hyped up for condit/gsp .. Everyone wants diaz/gsp and dana only cares about money.. You think if diaz won there would be a rematch for condit? Personally I thought diaz won but an immediate rematch doesn’t seem right..

        • Exactly!!! Their goes Dana again worried about the money Diaz vs gsp… Dana even knows that condit stands a good chance vs gsp and that gsp will destroy Diaz. But the Diaz fight will bring him in more money so heck with it that’s what it’s got to didn’t see him give cowboy a rematch and that fight was just as close..instead he throws cowboy to the bottom to fight yev Edwards..

        • guamy says:

          The people are why the rematch is happening MMACock.

      • syche says:

        ROFl burnt guami…burnnnnt

    • mmahawk says:

      Nuthugger….get off dem nutz…..nuthugger get off his satchel…..


    • mikej says:

      Hands down? I saw another fight. Diaz was the aggressor the entire fight, but he wasn’t the busier and more accurate. And Diaz lost round 4 and most of round five up to the 1 minute mark where he took Condit down. Round 3 looked around even to me. The first 2 I give to Diaz but he definitely didn’t dominate. The fight went like this. Diaz would charge after and try to corner Condit into a boxing match, condit might get his with a head or body shot or 2, counter with a shot of his own, then move the fight back to center cage. At the center of the ring Condit landed leg kick after leg kick as well as punches. Diaz did nothing but taunt and throw air balls at center cage. That is not a dominating performance by Nick. Especially losing the last 2 rounds fairly obviously. Don’t be fooled by the aggressive fighter that isn’t scoring.

    • tim says:

      how did diaz win at all you fucktard, hands down condit beat him fair and square! more strikes landed diaz couldnt do a thing go fuck yourself

    • darren says:

      no everyone doesnt know or else he would have the belt and wouldnt have “retired” like the little bitch he is. maybe he lost the fight? what a crazy though

    • isaiah D says:

      There are plenty of judges that have scored really bad decisions. Look at Nam Pham vs leonard garcia. I agree this was a close fight, but I also agree this decision went the wrong way. Also look at judge Cecil Peoples track record on mma judging.

    • Both fighters can’t even sit down and snap out of last weekends fight…shit, give them time Dana. Your greedy ass just needs another main event. It hasn’t even been a week and your on both guys ass trying to talk them into fighting again. Then Dana goes and gives big country only $20 k a fight, after giving that sorry ass clung lee $300 k for the fight with wande.

  30. doug says:

    Dana must have run over this dudes dog when he was a child. Ok sign a dude that fights in the hospital and is in a brawl on tv. Hey he didnt show up or call about the press, most people get fired for not doing there job. Ok put him against Bj and watch him in the post fight cry about every thing under the sun, try and shut him up and GIVE him another shot while he explains how he cant by a house “same as a bag of weed nick, find something you like and pay the man”
    Nick gets loses and is paid the most on the card.”Im done with mma”
    Dana offers a unearned rematch, still bitchin I want more. Gracie chimes in “It was supposed to be a dog fight” well fine sir dog and cock fights are illegal thanks for bringin us back 10 years, the truth is Carlos who has bin getting screwed all over did not fight his fight.
    Lights out should get a rematch seeing randy didnt fight his fight, Bisping as well seeing as it went to the judges, This is wrong and the poor ,lol kid that says he has nothing wants more

  31. Mark Martin says:

    $$$$$ Diaz vs GSP brings twice the money as oposed to Condit! Diaz finishes the fight we dont have to hear this convo!

  32. learntoread says:

    @danawhite Nick would rematch in a heartbeat. No extra money needed. He is a true fighter and fights for his team and you fans.

  33. derek says:

    you guys are all seriously fucking retarded >……diaz is a chump and lost by about five hundred punches to the face…..IDIOTS …..

  34. doug says:

    Ya Ive seen alot of “true fighters” retire because they left it to the judges and vegas has it out for them

  35. BobO says:

    Nick won the first fight. He will finish the second one. ~BobO

  36. whaaa whaaa whaaa!!! now theres no rematch? Good, congrats to carlos! again! you jus won twice..bunch of cry babies…..

  37. WILLIE WIN says:

    nothing but drama. IF they fight again and IF diaz wins there will be ppl saying dana told condit to throw the fight therefor creating more drama so… condit 2nd rd tko

  38. SB says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous! HE QUIT! Diaz should be made to live with the consequences of saying “I don’t need this shit” and walking off! Dana White himself is NOTORIOUS for saying, “That’s why you don’t want to leave it up to the judges!” You don’t “finish” a fight, you have to live with the decision of the judges. That’s that!

  39. MD says:

    Dude if anyone thinks Diaz won, you’re cleary hugging Diaz’s nuts way to hard. He clearly lost. Diaz hardly touched Condit the whole fight. You all are stupid for thinking Diaz took that fight.

    • learntoread says:

      punching your opponent to the face & body over 100 times is “hardly touching” them??

    • Timmy says:

      apparently joe rogan and a ton of other ufc fighters hug his nuts then? No you are a condit nut hugger. Condit lost the 1st 2 rounds won the 3rd and 4th and lost the 5th. You are an idiot if you say diaz lost the 5th. Leg kicks DONT COUNT as much as a take down. They were even in the stand up untill that take down therefore diaz wins the round caus eof the takedown transitions and shit. Im tired of seeing diaz nut hugger wtf. NO one pays to see a fighter run in a circle. Machida does but he puts on exciting fights wiith a knockout or whatever. People are so pissed offbecause condit SAID HE WAS GONNA STAND AND FIGHT. He didnt do what HE said. Yes it is mixed martial arts blah blah blah strategy blah blah blah. The fact is diaz won the fight 48-47. or it was a 47-47 draw. NO way it was a 49-46 fight. That has to be the dumbest shit ever. Judges opinions clearly dont matter seeing as the frankie edgar maynard fight went to a draw BECAUSE IT WAS CLOSE , they got an immediate rematch because everyone was saying the other person one. They are doing it this fight. Ok diaz lost. Give him the rematch he clearly deserves.

  40. learntoread says:

    Any of you guys reading underground rumors that Diaz is currently dealing with a post fight NSAC issue?

    Would be extremely lame is that is the case.

  41. annoyed says:

    Diaz won. No…you’re a stupid head. Condit won. No…your brain is broke….

    You all are annoying. Go punch the heavy bag. Go shoot up. Stop posting.

    Close fight. Had to be a winner…but you all are winers.

    GSP should fight Diaz. …wait…is Diaz retired today? Who cares if he is. GSP should dismantle him. That fight will bring in great money and set up the Condit GSP fight.

    Condit has done nothing wrong. He went out there and fought. I think he won. If he didn’t…oh well. He got the close decision. Get over it peeps there are more fights to watch.

  42. Timmy says:

    I hate people that say hes a crybaby. Diaz is one of the best fighters in the sport hands down you cant say anything. He’s better than diaz anderson whoever he comes t fight. He runs marathons does triatholons. He has the best cardio one of the best ground game and best striking in all of ufc / strikeforce. people need to understand how he got screwed this fight win or lose. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO FIGHT GSP FOR TITLE WHEN HE CAME HERE. he was supposed to have 1st shot. Gsp gets hurt pulls out. Ok diaz fights bj penn and dominates him to earn back a title shot. Gsp gets hurt again. Hmm… diaz fights condit. VERY CLOSE FIGHT hmm HE BELIEVES HE WINS. He not only loses the fight he clearly wins in his head. but he just lost a shot at the title he clearly deserves to get so in the moment he retird. ALL YOU IDIOTS OUT THERE WOULD DO THE SAME. He proved himself by going 11-0 in strikeforce and defeats penn to earn his title shot. He desreved to fight for the title but got screwed out of it. Your telling me if you had a shot for the title fought someone beat them to earn it and then losing one time in a close fight takes away your shot at a title and you have to fight 4 other people and win to earn a shot? No all you people would bitch saying thats bs. so hop of condits nutz. Hop of your own nutz. and put common sense into your head

    • knothedd says:

      Diaz should not be fighting in the UFC anyways, he quit once already. That’s what he does, he QUITS! He is a bitch and can’t take a loss like a man. Give him a box of kleenex and forget him. GSP would fuckin kill him anyways, Condit will be a better fight!

      • BobO says:

        Hey Dummy? Weed got him kicked out of the UFC. Study some MMA history before you make a fool out of yourself again, he didn’t quit. Oh and uh while on the subject of who quits bro, quit bouncing and dropping down on Carlos’s nutsack, cause he’s running up your turd pipe ball sack and all right now.

        Nick won the fight. He will finish the rematch. Shut it worm boY! ~BobO

        • Chartmonster says:

          Shut the FK up you real estate QUEER! Go get back on your elliptical machine and stay fit for your life partner. Diaz suck dick just like you, Condit will beat his ass again!

      • bbjr says:

        You’re saying that Nick Diaz quits?? Are you retarted?? He finishes everything he does. He competes in all sorts of endurance races and trains his ass off for fighting. You’d quit 100 times quicker than Nick diaz

    • Xaninho says:

      He certainly doesn’t have the best footwork, or else he would have been able to cut off the cage and corner Condit…And he lost his shot when he went MIA on everyone right before an important press conference.

      So in short he has himself to blame for the loss against Condit, should have worked on his footwork more. And has himself to blame for losing the titleshot against GSP for not doing what he had to do.

  43. cesar gracie said there will be no rematch after Carlos accepted…hmmm nsac, wonder what diaz tested positive for? jus saying, i live in the fight capital of the world and is very close to the mma/boxing community..word from the underground world is that diaz has some problems with the NSAC here in vegas, oops looks like its a tripple whammy, he lost first and foremost, he dont want a rematch, and now it looks like he’ll be suspended…no wonder why he’s retarded, i mean retired…

  44. Philippe says:

    Apparently the word is the rematch is off. Anyone have an idea or any feed of whats going on with the Diaz camp? I’m hearing its some issue with NSAC but I highly doubt it since he doesn’t have any track record of having anything other then just marijuana once so I’m guessing its something else.
    The media, UFC, and especially Cesar all of sudden tuning their voices completely low is just very fishy.

    • learntoread says:

      It’s more than likely Weed.

      Which, for some ridiculous/tired reason, still on the banned substance list.

      Diaz has a medical marijuana license in California, but that does nothing for him in the state of Nevada.

      • Xaninho says:

        If weed is on the list of banned substances it’s ridiculous. Weed is not a PED. It doesn’t in any way enhance a fighters performance, more likely it would decrease a fighters performance significantly.

        He has a medical license for weed? haha why? for his glaucoma?

        • learntoread says:

          I have no idea how he initially got a medical marijuana card in California, (from what I have heard people come up with all sorts of ‘clever’ reasons in order to successfully get one, lol), I just know he has had one for a few years now.

          Weed is definitely on the banned substance list, it most likely stems from America’s long running “war on drugs” / ignorance.

          And I agree with you, it should never have been put on that list in the first place.

  45. Diaz declined the rematch? I thought diaz face was more messed up then condits after the fight …..if he does fight condit again he better win cause if he don’t he will permanently retire

  46. Chartmonster says:

    Dead in the water.. good! Shouldn’t have given that shittbagg another shot bc he got his face kicked in. Carlos deserves better treatment for a brilliant performance and strategy!

  47. bruts says:

    well thats funny, because now, joe rogan, ryan ford, and dana white all think nick diaz won(theres so many more just dont want to name). so choke on that, barley anyone professionals think condit won…

  48. Charger01 says:

    All u people need to learn how to fight and then reevaluate the way u think.

  49. yo says:

    the only reason dana said a rematch will happen is money hes to worried that diaz will leave the sport and go to boxing and the ufc will lose alot of fans. it realy annoys me that bisping vs sonnen never even got talked about a rematch when bisping clearly won the first to rounds it just makes me sick dana white is a dickhead he puts an image of himself to care about the fans and fighters he dosent care all he thinks about is $$$$$$ this proves it dont let dana fool us fans know more hes a liar i dont belive the shit he says anymore

  50. mamonesekf says:

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  52. guamy says:

    looked like he was trying to rape condit but condit scratched his face and Ran away like a girl. lmao.

  53. Vince Vuong says:

    Condit promised a war, and gave us nothing! “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!” well I for sure wasn’t.

  54. Xaninho says:

    wtf how did I end up in a whole other topic all of a sudden?

  55. Ozwaldobluntsmoke says:

    Diaz was caught smoking the dank again. Dude cant stay away from the weeeeeed maaaannnn! Oh yea and shout out to BJ you were nice as fuck when I met you in Newport swimming when you were training for the fight against this stoner haha

  56. Bla DeBla says:

    Nick Diaz has a drug problem , sad but true , he needs to get his shit sorted before he becomes remembered as a junkie & not as being one of the best fighters in the world .

    Bottom line is Condit beat him fair and square over 5 rounds , I cant see how that warrants an instant rematch .

    Nick needs to get off the drugs & step it up a gear , theres no faking it at the level he is trying to compete at .

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