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Friday, 03/15/2013, 10:06 am

Nick Diaz unsure if he will pass UFC 158 drug test; Dana White will probably cut him if he doesn’t | UFC News

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz (26-8 MMA, 7-5 UFC) will face the biggest challenge of his career this Saturday night when he takes on current UFC champion Georges St. Pierre (23-2 MMA, 17-2 UFC) in the main event of UFC 158.

After yesterdays UFC 158 press conference, Nick Diaz fans may be rooting more for Nick to pass his post-fight drug test than to acutally claim the welterweight title this weekend. This is because UFC President Dana White stated today that if Nick were to fail his UFC 158 drug test, his next stop would likely be the unemployment line.

Ariel Helwani of tweeted the following after speaking with Dana White:

@arielhelwani: Dana says if Nick tested positive for marijuana again they would “probably” have to cut him.

The fiery Stockton native already has a pair of drug-related disciplinary suspensions on his record, both from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and both resulting from marijuana use. Nick’s first failed test came back in 2007, after he submitted Takanori Gomi while under the Pride banner. His second came last year after UFC 143, where Diaz lost a controversial decision to Carlos Condit.

In the interest of his job security, one would think Nick would give up the green stuff a few months ahead of his fight. Right? Well, maybe not, considering the comments he made yesterday:

“I think [at UFC 143] I tested for a metabolite or a nanogram, it was hardly [a trace] so I just did a little more than I did last time so, sorry if I don’t pass the test, but I think it should work out. I’ve passed plenty of them before, unless they just weren’t testing me. I wonder how much they test people around here (glancing at St. Pierre).”

Will Nick pass his post fight drug test this Saturday night? Will he defeat Georges St. Pierre to earn the UFC welterweight title?

Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


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  1. JustPosting says:

    I don’t think its so much about the fact it is a PED. It does have the effect of relieving stress, anxiety, pain (psychologically or not) and Diaz has stated himself that’s why he does the old Vitamin G. I think it was in the Countdown he does it to relax and get rest and be able to cope with stress. In and of itself that should be reason enough that it affects performance, good or bad it does has an effect.

    • Sec says:

      And so does eating or drinking milk products when you’re lactose intolerant. Let’s see who’d perform better, someone with lactose intolerance after a big bowl of cereal, or someone who smoked some weed. We should ban the common cold as a PED too. Come on now, man. What about those on prescription drugs that actually DO alter your body, even in the slightest of ways? Zolofts, Klonopins, Xanax, Paxils, Ambiens, etc. People need them for medical purposes just as much as Nick wants weed. In fact, props to Nick for smoking weed and NOT taking medication.

    • kdot says:

      Thats a fucking stretch lmao get outta here

  2. KennyW says:

    This lowlifes done in the UFC,after Georges whoops his ass and his tests come in positive AGAIN there gonna skid his ass all the way back to the 209….homies!!

  3. GrecoZen says:

    Ancient martial artists would burn opium or hash on the ends of acupuncture needles to help them meditate and help relax to recover from intense training. I in my opinion think marijuana shouldn’t be a chemical that is banned to fighters, I mean the guys and lady’s are in there gettin their teeth kicked in dropped on their heads backs and face, why not let them spark up. It has no effects to help a fighter, I do understand they should do it in moderation and not be “all baked” come fight day.

  4. Jamison says:

    Im sorry but when you get paid to fight you need to step up. He knows the rules and if hes that inconsiderate than he should be kicked out. I smoke myself but when you get the opportunity to make money from fighting in the UFC you should be great full

  5. Ray Nearhood says:

    During Prohibition in the 1920s and 30s it was illegal to possess and sell alcoholic beverages. That was a stupid law that never should have happened in the United States. When the repeal of Prohibition seemed eminent Elliot Ness, of Untouchables fame who had made his name as THE enforcer of Prohibition in Chicago, was asked what he was going to do when it was repealed. He answered, “Probably have a drink.” It was a bad law, but it was the law. If one was caught violating the law he reaped the consequences. Those were the breaks.

    Marijuana is illegal in most states and its use is a violation of the rules of most gaming commissions. Whether it is a bad rule or not, if one is caught violating the rules he reaps the consequences. Thems the breaks.

  6. Dc says:

    What a total idiot. And they say a little pot doesn’t hurt anyone.

  7. Tom Mac says:

    drug test his azz… “pot” used to make black men rape white women, and makes nick run swim and train non-stop, and fall asleep, kill pain, work an appetite… I wouldn’t want anybody on anything that helps a fighter through his easy lifestyle, whoever said they smoked and nick should step it up… you need to get higher longer and more often, everything is better with cbds fighting thc and thc working magic… as of now yes it’s banned however everyone needs to realize weed fixes everything and will make anything you do simpler and effortless… except when you sex that gets tiring

  8. Levi Manners says:

    Smoking weed does not enhance strength. Totally opposite. But would be dangerous for Diaz to be in the ring with THC in his blood. I will take Diaz by decision simply for his boxing skills and stamina.

  9. richie says:

    the word ILLEGAL seems to mean nothing i saw a post that gsp was on steroids … yes prescribed for the rehab of his knee once complete he didnt take them same with most other fighters who have had serious injuries but to try and excuse a fighter who is knowingly taking ILLEGAL substances is just pathetic rules are there for a reason i really hope gsp wins tonight and i hope hendricks gets past condit as gsp v hendricks is the fight that should have been

  10. You're all trolls says:

    You guys are mostly all trolls. Any preworkout, post workout recovery SUPPLEMENT you buy in a store should be banned. It all peaks performance and helps anyone bounce back stronger. Then guys like Diaz, Riddle (who made some dumb comments I agree) and others have Medical Cards granted by the government and yet guys can get TRT with no problems. It’s not right. Go smoke dope and tell me you’re more awake or aware? No, for guys like myself, my brain doesn’t shut off. Diaz is the same. When you can fall asleep after a big meal or a good training session you do not know what it is like to constantly think about that session, what you did wrong, right. How to better. What’s worse. And it all runs through at once, no control. Then stress hits because all you want to do is sleep, relax. But you can’t. Maybe an hour a night of sleep. I have been there without my medicine. You fucking trolls who have the ability to shut down have no clue. None what so ever

  11. Bill says:

    There guys like Riddle and there are guys like Diaz.
    Riddle is a clown but I really feel like Nick needs weed or some type of meds.

  12. f00n says:

    Diaz has the opportunity that probably all of us would like and a tiny fraction will ever acheive. To fight in the UFC against quality such as GSP. How many of you would even just like to be able to spend all day training in the gym? For Diaz to continue to smoke pot and fight in the top tier is an insult to the sport, to martial arts and to the fans. I do feel for Diaz however as some of us would give your right arm to be in his place yet he has such a dependance on marijuana that, it seems, he wouldn’t even give his last joint for a shot at history.

  13. JB says:

    The possibility of getting fired… Just for smoking some weed? sounds pathetic to me. There is no “unfair advantage” gained from smoking, nor does it pose any threat to the integrity of the UFC. in my opinion the only thing they should be testing for is steroids,etc , as these do give fighters an unfair advantage , and devalue the sport of MMA ! why care if somebody smokes or drinks? that is a lifestyle choice.

  14. duane says:

    So he pretty much said hes been smoking weed jus its been weeks or w/e. I smoke weed but im in a wheelchair if I had the opportunity to fight in the greatest sport weed would be the last thing on my mind. Hes sayin he does it should be out of his system. WTF I don’t c how somebody would throw a golden opportunity for jus weed

  15. whit says:

    There are people who smoke pot, and then there are potheads. That’s all I’m going to say

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