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Wednesday, 03/13/2013, 09:30 pm

Nick Diaz Tweets Response to No Show | UFC News

As the cliche’ goes…. there’s two sides to every story.  The media and GSP had no problems giving their spin on Nick Diaz missing today’s open workouts for  UFC 158.   The bashing of Nick Diaz’s character has been habitual there is no escaping it.  Diaz tells it how he sees it on twitter whether anyone likes it or not

The UFC 158 main event Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz goes down this Saturday night  March 16, 2013 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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  1. jediboy says:

    That’s a better excuse than the last time… he still needed to do his part of the contract though… still like i first said, it’s a better excuse than the last time.

  2. Nunya says:

    To have an opportunity to fight the belt is a previlage. That tweet seems like he’s too good to show up.

    • Thom says:

      the tweet says the UFC didnt fly him in on time. idk if its true but there you go.

      • Rich says:

        Was the workouts at 11 pm? if not then he was there on time. Yes dana has and prolly will do more questionable shit but lets face it diaz is well known for blowing off media obligations no matter which organization he is fighting for. I respect the way diaz fights but outside of that the guy is a total d bag. I really hope gsp finally finds that killer instinct and finishes diaz instead of dry humping him for 25 mins.

  3. Matt says:

    In the end he only hurts himself, misses the chance to connect and promote himself, he will lose the fight and his career will never quite be at this same pinnacle ever again. He’s a moron for blowing all of this opportunity, decent fighter though, really a shame.

  4. Gabriel Salcedo says:

    ii hope gsp smashes on Nick, I’ve never seen gsp soo mad before, he’s scary man

    • Don't Believe The Hype says:

      It’s a controlled fight. Don’t believe GSP’s “Diaz doesn’t know how dark I get in my head sometimes” promo (good one at that!). It’s not like the refs are going to bend the rules and let GSP go buck wild over Nick.
      Having said that, IMAGINE Diaz does the unexpected and beats GSP. Man, the MMA world would have a fit!
      Hope it happens just for some excitement sake.

    • zigzag says:

      Lay and pray, rinse and repeat, boring fighter, only way you would see him mean is if his boyfriend wanted top position and hid his HGH to get it.

  5. 123 says:

    its only a workout, fuck the fans lol he will show up to fight

  6. Rob says:

    Hope the people of Montreal show his team some great hospitality as Montreal rocks, great city and people. Really want GSP to win but, people have to put aside the bullshit and recognize this man as a fighter, someone that is willing to step in the cage and put it on the line. I don’t run my mouth, I am not in there, not an expert on this shit, just been watching since 93 and love it (wish the theatrics could be set aside and just fight but that is promo shit I guess). Can’t wait to see the show, Canadian watching from Australia. Take the Diaz team to Super Sex that might get them off track. Haha

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    If he felt like he needed the rest to make sure he steps into the cage in the best shape possible then he did the good thing. He has a point about GSP living there and sleeping in his own bed.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      No, It’s a bullshit excuse. He’s a professional and he can’t get by for one day on 6 hrs sleep?? As good as Diaz is, he constantly has excuses for his mental weakness’. If he was mentally strong, he wouldn’t allow one day to stop him from doing anything. Shit, I can go 2 weeks on 4hrs a night sleep, before I need one day to recoup!! This dude runs triathlon’s. He can’t make one open workout for his fans??? I think he is weak mentally and doesn’t give a shit about his fans.

  8. Dee says:

    I hear so much talk about this and that, but honestly I’m a fan and I WOULD prefer him showing up at fight time instead of some guys who show off during open workouts and never come to fight. Look this isn’t about the fans. It’s about media. The media get a kick out of it. We the fans are at work trying to make a living. I mean I like sports, but I’m not taking a day off to watch someone jump rope (maybe floyd) and leisurely hit the the pads.

  9. punkbz916 says:

    last time i heard something that funny i fell off my dinosaur. lmfao

  10. :) says:

    GSP is going to take diaz down at will but will not do much on the ground. and when it gets back up to the feet Diaz is going to go streetfighter on his ass!

  11. YoungLove says:

    What a bunch of wimps, boo hoo whoo you missed Nicks workout. Real fighters don’t have time to play games and turn out tricks if you’re good people come to see you fight no matter what. The UFC is becoming so pusified reality fight show and all that BS. Dana’s smart as hell but the politics has turned the UFC into mafia type structure rather that a respectful martial arts organization. I’d better be careful lest Dana kills my and opportunity that I could have for not kissing his ass or putting on a public clown show working out or something.

  12. Yomama says:

    If his tweet is true, it proves that Dana will do anything to have GSP stay champ. Diaz is fighting an uphill battle for sure.

  13. grymm says:

    On one hand…I would love to see Diaz win, just to see how he’d manage the spotlight of being the champion, with all the interviews and promotions that comes with it, but on the other hand, I already have an insight of how he will continue to shoot himself in his own foot and kill his own career by doing the things he’s currently doing.

  14. Scotty says:

    I see both at fault to be honest.. UFC should have schedule his flight at a better time. Nick is flying 7 hours but also a 3 hour time difference which makes your travel day feel even longer.. He just got out of a fight camp, has to travel a pretty far distance, he just wants to rest.. On the other hand, Nick has to suck it up because this is part of his job and just can’t say “no” not doing this without pudding people off or some kind of consequence..

  15. Georges St. Pierre says:

    I love rubbing my dick on everybody’s body while i am dry-humping my way to a decision. I will not make a change in my style for this fight!

  16. EP says:

    FK ALL YOU HATERS … NICK DIAZ ALL DAY … 209 STOCKTON … BELT IS GOING TO BACK TO 209… DIAZ via Triangle or TKO in 3rd! Bet on that I did with Nick @ +330 WAR DIAZ You got a lot of NY fans supporting you brotha!

  17. GRT 3000 says:

    what bullshit – every other fighter manages to fulfill their obligations. Nick Diaz is acting like a little pre-madonna.

  18. 757 says:

    ^^^Fucking Gargoyle wrestling what a bitch ass no knowledge dork…nice comments. Four hours of sleep for two weeks? Of course you can you are a lazy sloth …fucking puke

  19. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Another witty insightful quip from 757. “The Blue Ribbon Bunny”. smh This worm adds so much value to this site, doesn’t she?

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