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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 11:28 am

Nick Diaz To Challenge Marijuana Suspension With Hopes Of Fighting Before Years End | UFC NEWS

According to a report on, UFC welterweight fighter, Nick Diaz, is set to challenge his NSAC suspension for Marijuana and try to get a fight booked before 2012 concludes.

Here is a clip from their report:



The last time Nick Diaz fought, Penn State had a controversy-free football program, the queen of disco, Donna Summers was still alive, and LMFAO was still an actual pop group. Since his positive test for marijuana metabolites after his February fight against UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit, Diaz’s attorneys have been trying to infiltrate that treacherous labyrinth known as the Nevada State Athletic Commission rule book and discover a method of shortening (or even removing) his suspension. Now it appears Diaz’s camp will go after the NSAC again and is seeking the ‘first available court date for a review of the (NAC’s) decision with the goal of getting back in the cage before the end of 2012.’ Here’s an excerpt from an email Ross Goodman sent to the Las Vegas Review-Journal regarding the suspension

“The (NAC) prohibits the use of marijuana before or during competition to protect fighters – to prevent them from fighting while impaired. However, Diaz’s sample showed no active THC in his system but only inactive metabolites related to his much earlier medical marijuana treatment. Inactive marijuana metabolites are not a prohibited substance under the (NAC’s) rules. The (NAC) has no basis in its rules for disciplining a fighter for legal use of medical marijuana outside competition. In doing so, the (NAC) acted unlawfully.”

We’re not sure if this legal motion will actual enable Nick Diaz to fight be the year’s end, but it’s a novel thought. Also, MiddleEasy has been lacking on recent Nick Diaz news — so in order to maintain our status of ‘Shill Nick Diaz website,’ this article was a necessity.



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21 Responses to “Nick Diaz To Challenge Marijuana Suspension With Hopes Of Fighting Before Years End | UFC NEWS”

  1. the original steve says:


  2. Zack says:

    I hope they lift the suspension. He has a medical card and weed should be legal anyways.

  3. saiasaka says:

    Hope to see him soon !

  4. learntoread says:

    Atta boy Nick, go after those NSAC clowns.

  5. Drew says:

    War nick one of very fighters of all time

  6. joey prosser says:

    someone needs 2 put something in the keith kissers mouth

  7. aaxantonio says:

    hope it worx out for nick, good to see him trying to get back in the cage.

  8. Rob Brown says:

    I thought you were retired you pussy.. Make up your mind fuck tard..

  9. Sean says:

    Can’t believe he’s dealing with all this bs because he smoked weed…well before the fight!

  10. Xaninho says:

    NSAC, bunch of hypocrites. I hope he wins gets back in the cage and gets a settlement out of it for loss of income during his unlawful suspension.

  11. Big Papi says:

    Hope he can be back as soon as possible. Stupid suspension for something that’s not even performance enhancing and he wasn’t high during the fight.


    I hope he learns when his bro Nate becomes champ that you don’t have to be a total punk douche to be a great fighter. War Nate.

  13. Mug says:

    Diaz Brothers are amazing

  14. CombatRusse says:

    The good news is that Nick Diaz is willing to fight again and not only against Anderson Silva!

  15. 757 says:

    Love the way he fights. Love his edge and ability to train and fight. Just wish he would stop smoking and play the game like Dana White said. It’s unfortunate that there are the rules but it’s more unfortunate that Nick can’t fight and we can’t enjoy it because he won’t stop smoking and follow the rules. Smoking weed is against the rules, and in most cases the law. It doesn’t matter who thinks it should or shouldn’t be. If he wants to keep fighting he needs to follow them. The shame is that he is missing out on allot of money, and fighting because he get’s jammed up behind this sort of thing. BTW Nate will be champ!

  16. juggernaut says:

    757 did you read the article? Nick has a medical card allowing him to smoke in Cali where it is legal. Nick’s THC levels were not active meaning he wasn’t under the influence at the time of his fight. I don’t care for weed but where Nick lives it is as legal as booze. Nick got screwed from a legal point of view just because the Athletic Commision is a bunch of old turds.

  17. Smackuround says:

    He has a damn script !!! Next fight they will suspend him for taking vitamins!! He really must have pissed the commission off

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