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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 10:17 pm

Nick Diaz Retires Following Loss To Carlos Condit At Tonight’s UFC 143 Event

“I’m not gonna accept that fact that this was a loss. I’ve lost fights before and I’m not going to accept that either. I pushed him back the whole fight, I got the takedown. I’m the guy who won on top. If I didn’t think I was ahead when I had him on the ground I would have finished that arm lock and you know Carlos is a great guy I am happy for him and his family. I think I am done with this MMA, I had a great time out here, you guys paid me way too much but I don’t think I’m going to get enough to keep going with this. I’ve had a great time, Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Good Job Carlos you’re the man… I don’t need this shit I pushed the guy backwards he ran from me the whole fight. I landed the harder shots, he landed ittie bittie leg kicks the whole fight so you know if that’s the way you have to win in here I don’t think I want to play this game no more. I’ll help out my team, I’ll help out my brother but I’m done with this shit.”

In a shocking development Nick Diaz stated that he will no longer compete in MMA following tonight’s unanimous decision loss to Carlos Condit for the UFC’s interim welterweight title.

In his eyes he won the fight, in mine he lost, what say you BJPENN.COM? Did he win or lose? Do you think he is really done?

Check out our full results and fight recap here. 

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124 Responses to “Nick Diaz Retires Following Loss To Carlos Condit At Tonight’s UFC 143 Event”

  1. DAMN! says:

    Nick pullin’ off a BJ Penn? Interesting…

  2. the original steve says:

    the fight was TOO CLOSE to call i would hate to be a judge. i scored it for nick 3-2 but i am not surprised at the decision

  3. Mathieu says:

    I think Condit won, but not 49-46.

  4. Robby says:

    Diaz was robbed. Very bad judging as usual. Diaz controlled the fight the whole time and was never in danger of losing… Tough break for Nick…

  5. Jason says:

    I did not watch the fight (retired from ordering PPV’s for now) but from the PBP it sounds like Condit pulled a Frankie Edgar

  6. Mark says:

    He’s got a point, Condit ‘literally’ ran away everytime Nick engaged, hes just saying he doesn’t wanna be in an organization where thats classed as a win. He should have taken the loss better and not left it in the judges hands ,but if he does leave because of another terrible judging decision then the ufc have lost one of the most misunderstood and illusive fighters out there. You’ll find 100 Carlos Condit’s that can kick your shin for 5 rounds for a win, but you’ll never find another Nick Diaz.

    • so i guess morons like you want fighters to just stand infront of each other and bang.. hell … LETS JUST TIE THEM DOWN IN FUCKING CHAIRS AND HAVE THEM PUNCH EACH OTHER..

      diaz fans are so lame.. condit didnt play into diaz bullshit.. he avoided diaz combos and picked him apart.. fuck diaz.. he lost

      • the original steve says:

        calm down buddy yes ppl do want fighters to stand in front of each other and bang. but if we tie them to chairs i dont see how they would even be able to fight.

        • squid says:

          haha i agree. i admit after all that shit bogth fighters talked nick was the only one who backed it up. carlos was all talk.

  7. David says:

    If he lost he lost he should accept it and move on personally i wanted him to win but unfortunately judges decision once again. but he shouldnt retire he seems way too young to retire so soon after this

  8. JUDGE says:

    i thought UFC was scored on striking, GRAPPLING, OCTAGON CONTROL.. nick got robbed

    • GRT 3000 says:

      what was his octagon control…walking forward and mouthing off? anytime he tried to impose his gameplan he got stuffed and then ate legs and leather. That happened pretty much the whole fight, so it’s clear that Condit was in control, not Diaz.

  9. mike says:

    Condit ran the whole fight. Is UFC now boxing where you hit and run and win the fight?? Give me a fucking break we paid to see a rumble not someone running the whole nihgt.

    • HWNSuperman says:

      Isn’t that how Edgar won the first fight against BJ???

    • HWNSuperman says:

      What I forgot to mention last night… Condit was very effective with his striking, he had Diaz guessing the whole time as to what he was going to do next. Frankie Edgar was not winning the exchanges and was not EFFECTIVELY striking with BJ. I have gone back and watched that fight so many times it hurts but I stand firm in my belief that BJ won that fight at UFC 112.

  10. jeff says:

    of course bj thought nick lost because nick beat the dog shit out of bj.

  11. JUDGE says:

    it was cecil peoples… that shitty judge.. get that fucker out

  12. Ron Vee says:

    Condit won but by split!

  13. Nick says:

    I had it 3 rounds to 2 Diaz. Pretty unbiased decision here too.

  14. HWNSuperman says:

    He didn’t get beat THAT bad… He barely had even a few scratches… BJ threw him a worse beating and he retires because he doesn’t get a shot at Georges??? Come on, the chances of him getting back in the mix to fight GSP before GSP is healthy is VERY high!!! That’s where the money for a HUGE PPV buy is

  15. Jb says:

    Condit landed more strikes plain and simple. Keep in mind Dominick Cruz strikes and moves away from his opponent. Diaz did do well just 345

  16. Gack says:

    Sore loser…He lost…I had it 46-49 too. Just because you chase a guy and the whole time he’s backing away he’s constantly peppering you with punches/combination and a ton of leg kicks…and you “occasionally” pin him against the cage for a split second and MAYBE get off a combination of your own…nope…you don’t win. He knew your game plan Diaz…and didn’t let you implement it is all. He fought his fight…didn’t let him keep him against the cage and threw more punches/kicks. So, when you have to score a fight that wasn’t finished and taken away from the judges…then yea…you are out pointed my man…no two ways about it. Conduit constantly got off before Diaz and threw combo’s all fight long. Often two or three unanswered combo’s before Diaz would advance enough and try to pin him against the fence. Every time Conduit evaded, he reset in the center of the ring to fight HIS fight…not Diaz’s. That’s not running away…that’s executing your game plan, and NOT falling into your opponents. Sheesh.

  17. Jmacri says:

    I had Nick winning 1,2,and 5. Of course Condit did adapt to stay out of the situations he was facing in round 1 and 2 while Nick failed to plug the hole (Condit bouncing of the cage and ducking under and back to open space). What I really saw was a serious lack of wrestling capability on both sides so it really doesn’t matter who won. GSP will lay on either of them for 25 minutes.

  18. Chris says:

    Condit was back pedaling the entire fight. Whatever happened to scoring based on “octagon control” ??

  19. lettie says:

    Carlos totally won that fight. Of course he “ran” away. He wasnt going to fight diaz’ fight. He avoided getting hooked up on the cage and picked diaz apart. What a freaking baby. Take it like a man diaz.

  20. dom#1 says:

    Either way none of you diaz lovers are proving a point… The point is this is an mma fight. Theres an answer for every strategy and Condits answer for being trapped into a brawl was to throw a combo and gtfo… Diaz had no answer and couldnt cut off the cage, he didnt use his BJJ and the fault was his own. Running from a striker but out striking him in the process is a perfect win in anyones eyes. Get educated on the sport before you post like morons please. You’re the reason why the judges suck

  21. simoh says:

    Condit was flawless in that fight. He knew exactly what to do and he executed it perfectly. He wasn’t running, he was staying off the cage, and EVERY time he moved he attacked. Lots of leg kicks and a few really clean head kicks. Nick, I love ya buddy, but you lost.

  22. Actually watched says:

    Walking forward isn’t octagon control, Carlos kept himself in the position to land his strikes where he wanted and that’s why he won. He fought smarter than Diaz, that’s all there is to it. Had he not done this he would have ended up getting beat on like Penn. Only idiots stand in front of someone known for a relentless style of trapping you in a corner and having his way with you.

  23. PITMAN says:

    he lost, he should move on, im not surprised why he chose to retire, in my opinion, it’s probably because he expected too much, it’s his choice, his decision, and im sure he’ll still look back since its a sport that he fought for.

  24. Pap-a-lap says:

    I honestly don’t understand how a judge could possibly score this 46-49. I hate the hit n run Frankie Edgar style no fighter should be rewarded for it. Clearly Octagon control doesn’t count for shit in the judges eyes

    • dave says:


  25. Taylor says:

    Um why would Carlos let Diaz trap him against the cage? That’s all Diaz can do standing up and he’s good at it. And he’s a little bitch for retiring

  26. Get off my nuts says:

    I don’t get it when other fighters move out of the way from strikes, there running. But when machida does it, it’s not running.

  27. dave says:


  28. Rafa Medina says:

    ND won rounds 1, 2, 3, and 5.
    Are you supposed to chase down a guy in MMA..

    God damn at least BJ fought like a man, Cerrone faught like a man.
    How many upper body kicks did carlos miss before he landed on.. ??

    I dont like Greg Jackson his fighters play it safe like Dana White said

  29. Thom says:

    Diaz won 3-2 easily. anyone that disagrees needs to fucking educate themselves. also fightmetric is bullshit when its the type of fight this was

  30. Harry says:

    Maybe if Diaz wasn’t being a bitch, slapping Condit, and dancing around with his hands down- and instead focused on landing strikes he would have won, maybe even finished the fight. Too bad though, he was too focused on being a douchebag.

    I had it 48-47 with Diaz taking the first two, and then Condit the rest of the fight.

  31. Misfit says:

    Really? You Dumb-asses probably think pro wrestling is real too……………. It’s all a show people!!!!!!!!!!! F’n idiots!

    • James says:

      Bro, I like Nick Diaz, and I wanted him to win, but watch the fight, count the strikes, look at the damage, and Condit really won the fight. If you cant be unbiased enough to see that, then you shouldnt be on the Internet talking about it.

  32. Branden says:

    Nick stop being a big baby! If a guy can be backing up the whole fight and still beat you up then you deserved to lose. It’s called strategy, Condit’s was to strike with you from a distance and not get tangled up with you on the cage, Diaz’s was stalk him to the cage and and use close quarters boxing…..and guess what Condit’s strategy won. Diaz missed half of his punches just by Carlos ducking under him. Look at Diaz’s face it was the face of a man who had no answer for his opponent, maybe if he would have worried more about his striking than his trash talking he could have won. I hope he stays retired cause I don’t want to see him. He lost the fight plan and simple, if he can walk away from that fight thinking he won then he is as stupid as he looks, and anyone else who thinks he won should stop watching UFC cause you don’t even know what you are watching.

  33. JG says:

    Diaz won. Another crappy decision by the judges. God damn they suck – why do they keep getting to f’ with peoples careers? Everybody admits they suck, from Rogan to White to the fans – what do we need to do to change this?

  34. j1234 says:

    I guess that makes silva a pussy also when he bobs and wedavesx an back peddals?

  35. dave says:


    • shaun says:

      buddy u are ae retard dana white brought back ufc 10 years ago and is very intellegent guy when it comes to ufc he scored condit winning so shut up ya dump truck nigger stain

  36. soren says:

    “Condit outlanded Diaz 146-110. Diaz 86 arm strikes to Condit’s 42. Condit’s 104 kicks to Diaz’s 19.”!/JoshGrossESPN/status/166040654386958336

    Diaz lost, get over it you weenies…

    • dave says:


      • Mark says:

        And you don’t know spelling!!

      • sm says:

        Dave your an idiot I train mma. And condit wasn’t “running” you stupid meathead only an idiot will stand in the pocket and trade all day. It’s not boxing you Homo this is mma and condit mashed diaz’s face while taking virtually no punishment. It’s called fighting smart. Not running. Lmao. Condit made diaz look like a street bully who can only come forward. He was outstruck, he was frustrated, and if he could have finished the armbar he would. Love him paying the nice guy card. Haha. He is a bitch. Octagon aggression is only part of fighting. It’s not everything. If a guy is an aggressor, its stupid to stay in pocket with him. Find angles, utilize movement and finish him. Close fight. Arguably condit lost round 1 and 5. Arguably! Diaz didn’t land shit. His punches were a joke. Never rocked condit well once. So be mad like Diaz but he lost. Hahahahaha

  37. Alfonso says:

    if Condit fights GSP the way he fought Diaz, we are all in for a really boring fight.

  38. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure if I agree with the decision, but Carlos certainly had a game plan that worked within the rules. If I was a Condit fan I’d be disappointed my fighter had to succumb to a point strategy rather than a finish strategy. GSP and Carlos will give us all the boring ass fight everyone will watch, but no one really wants to see cuz it’s gonna suck just like the one we watched tonight. It sucks even more that Diaz and Penn can’t get along long enough to unite the clans! Seriously, I’m at a point where I cheer for the camp that produces finishers and against the camp that produces decisioners. I didn’t expect Condit to play Diaz game against the fence, but Condit never came forward at all! I lost a little respect for BJ after the twitter bullshit, but at least BJ pushed forward. With no cardio BJ pushed forward. Yeah he had his back up against the cage, but that third round BJ pushed forward.

  39. Wade says:

    C’mon Diaz nuthuggers. It’s called “stick and move”. Well played by Condit. Diaz proved himself to be a complete bitch tonight. Although, I do have some respect for his ability in the octagon, he is nothing but a crybaby after the bell.

  40. dlo says:

    How the hell he loss? This is suppose to be a fight not a Marathon. People talk about ringmanship but this was run and throw leg kicks. Since when do fighters start winning off of leg kicks? When Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard use to move around the ring was to win the fight. They actually finished their fights or at least tried. What would Ali be today if he had not beaten Liston or Foreman? I’m disgusted. Carlos ran as if he was scared. He won round three just because Diaz got frustrated and started doing stupid stuff, but this was ridiculous. The man didn’t do anything. At most I give him 4 and 5 but he wasn’t even throwing hard shots.

  41. paco sanchez says:

    he lost in yours? are you still mad cus he busted up bj penn? jesus christ, all the mma fighters say he won. i guess when you get paid by the guy who got his ass whooped, it rubs off on the articles.

  42. Anthony says:

    Rofl at Condit ‘playing safe’. Diaz said if he thought he were behind he would have gone for the submission… So since he didn’t we can assume he was fighting for decision…

  43. Brian Hoffman says:

    I don’t think he is done. I think he is voicing his frustration about the judging. I mean look at last weeks bout between sonnen and bisping I thought busping won the match and I was pulling for sonnen. Do I think he will be back? I hope so. I like his style. But the judges are full of shit sometimes. And that’s why they say never leave it to the judges.

  44. Langy says:

    Diaz clearly lost this fight. Hes a poor sport with a childish mentality. Take your loss like a man and move the fuck on.

  45. dave says:

    anyone who thinks diaz had carlos in that fight is crazy carlos out struck him. And what arm lock is he talking about his failed rear naked attempt fuck him he’s a classless piece of shit

  46. IknowMMA says:

    You Diaz fans sound just like a bunch whining little bitches!
    Condit won that fight no matter what bullshit you come out to say.
    He push forwad and kept getting tag!
    Look @ damage? 2 or 3 high kicks “that landed” by round 3 Diaz look unaccurate miss a lot of punches same for round 4
    3 out of 5 round to Condit and that is if I give that shitty ass wanna be take down to Díaz in the lado round.
    Retire then! Winy little girls.

  47. Bob Dole says:

    boo-hoo! quit crying and grow up, Nick. if you’re retiring… I kind of would be sad as you do put on exciting fights. However, how can you complain about Condit’s strategy? Why are you getting upset that a guy isn’t fighting the way you’d want him to? Not everyone is going to stand there and let you hit them repeatedly…

    • Jay says:

      Finally…someone actually watched the fight. Dias tried to no avail to goat Condit into a brawl. After the third Nick’s show boating was fucking annoying to watch…only an idiot like Daily would go for stupid shit like that. Nicks cockiness lost this fight. He was already looking past Condit and focused on GSP…I’m Happy fuck head lost.

      • slacker says:

        I agree. Condit won the mental game and the rest followed. Good to see Nick show some good sportsmanship to Condit immediately after the match ended. I know he is frustrated at losing a close fight, but I think he will see it after. He may be pissed at his corner if they didn’t paint a clear picture for him going into the fifth. He should have come out on fire from the start of the 5th round. You don’t assume you won a close round like rd. 1.

  48. MMA Knowitall says:

    I had Diaz winning the first two rounds, Condit 3 and possibly 4. I really figured the takedown and Diaz’s sub attempt in the fifth probably sealed it for Nick, but I really couldn’t call it for either guy. The fact is that Nick couldn’t bait Carlos in with the shit talking and showboating, and Condit was too tentative and had nothing on his strikes when they connected. This one needs to be run back again. At least I had some good laughs with my buddies at the bar. Dana, we need to see this one again for the same reasons we needed to see Edgar- Maynard 3. Please give these guys the chance to eliminate the doubt for the fans.

  49. MMA Fight Fan says:

    well, it would be better if Nick won because a lot of people, including GSP, wanted Nick to win. it would be big money, Diaz vs GSP. Condit stuck to his gameplan. which every fighter should do to win fights. striking went to Condit, grappling was non existent, Nick did get a takedown, but Condit defended it well, reversed it and pounded on Nick until the end of Round 5, Aggression went to Diaz, Octagon control, went to Condit. although Nick pushed the pace, Condit had more control of the octagon, evading Nick’s punches and countering. Look at Nick’s face, swelled up due to the hits he took. Nick is a southpaw, but went orthodox stance on the finals rounds, why? because his leg was battered by Condit’s leg kicks.

    I had the fight 48-47 Condit. Condit won the fight and deserves to be Interim Champ.

    Nick should man up and take the loss as it is, then come back stronger than before. that’s what Champions do. he is a great young talented fighter and has a bright future ahead of him. I don’t like his antics but he is a great MMA fighter and I respect that.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      well said man +1

    • MMA Knowitall says:

      I can certainly see it from your viewpoint, but I still am hard pressed to pick a winner myself. Carlos may have controlled the octagon but didn’t look convincing to me. He was eating the harder shots and countering off his heels. The damage inflicted looked about even. He definitely had Diaz off his game in rounds 3 and 4. Round 5 I’m split on. Just still really tough for me to judge either way. I want a rematch. I was glad to see Diaz be respectful towards Condit after the fight. I respect his drive and work ethic, but yes the loose cannon bullshit does detract from my opinion of him. He’ll be back- how he’ll fare against high level wrestlers is still a big question mark. He’s not the big fish in a small pond anymore.

  50. Tabs2051 says:

    1) You fight on your heels = Chicken.
    2) You fight toe to toe, you’re there to fight.
    3) Stick and Move comment… Come on did you really see that? I was more so kick RUN FORREST!
    4) Round 5? Really 2 out of 3 judges gave to Condit? If you take the pitty patter kicks from Condit and give him other rounds than Diaz’s take down should have been -2 points and round to Diaz.

    ANSWER TO MAKE BOXING AND MMA BETTER: Just like baseball we can see the score every inning. Let us fans see the score each judge gives each round. That way each fighter knows whats ahead of them. WBA Let’s Trainers know after the 4th & 8th Round now.

  51. Diego Herra says:

    He was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this olympic boxing?

  52. Jessed2011 says:

    Here is how I saw it…… Condit came in with a great gameplan and stuck to it despite Diaz trying to take him out of it. Maybe Diaz was confused, because he seemed to want to do no talking and all fighting during the Primetime specials, and then decided that he wanted to do all talking and no fighting during the actual fight. The only time he shut his arrogant mouth was when condit was punching or kicking him in it. If he wants to retire, then let him retire, but in the meantime if you want to talk like a big man and act like a big man, at least take a fucking loss like a big man!!!!

  53. hawaiian says:

    All I can say is that this win just secures GSP’s win- IF you think that this fight was boring, wait

  54. sm says:

    Basically. Condit used diaz’s own RECKLESS aggression AGAINST HIM. beautiful. Makes me laugh to see all the meatheads upset.

  55. sm says:

    Basically. Condit used diaz’s own RECKLESS aggression AGAINST HIM. beautiful. Makes me laugh to see all the meatheads upset. I honestly enjoy counterstriking much more than coming in overly aggressive. Condit controlled diaz. Maybe not the center of ring but he was the one controlling where it went. He allowed for diaz to.come forward. This is control. Coming forward isn’t control. If a counter fighter is always backing up he is technically winning because he is fighting his game plan. Stop taking it so literally

  56. 209mmaddict says:

    This is tough for me because I was a fan of both these fighters. The problem is Condit fought the only way he could win against Diaz and that was running away. Boring? Very much so. Smart and the right choice? Also a yes. Im pretty bummed though after all condit talked about it being a dogfight he pulls a GSP and point fought. Hate that this seems to happen alot in the big fights in the ufc these days. Carlos will hereforth b referred to as, Carlos “the natural born pointer” Condit, to me. Side note I scored it 48-47 Diaz but w/e I get a 48-47 condit decision.

  57. joey says:

    diaz should have won that fight i mean carlos ran from him the entire fight if i wanted to see that shit id watch track!

  58. runcarlosrun says:

    I wanted to see a real fight with intenchions of ” Finishing ” but i guess when carlos fights a real striker his pussy pittypat leg kick scoreing true self comes out…… carlos he will not stand toe to toe with real fighters like nick. Nick diaz needs to better his wrestling for fags like carlos who want to play the ufc scoreing game, nick dominated the ground game he needs to start using it more, his jujitzu is off the charts and he nevers uses it. Nick diaz haters…. its hard to talk shit when you win the way carlos did, nobody will finish nick diaz or even try to finish him people are too scared and your just mad, only way to beat nick is by playing the ufc scoring game and you know it, you definatly know it. Gsp would get subbed, goood match up for nick diaz. condict will get his ass beat, you cant outscore a ufc pussy ufc score man like gsp. condict will get what he has comming to him, gsp wants a real challenge like nick diaz not condict. dana is also ashamed of condict being scared to fight.

  59. The King says:

    Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! GTFO you cry baby.
    209 boys are a bunch of whiny faggots that dodge opponents. GSP would have opened a new asshole on this 209 BITCH! Go cook some meth!

  60. Donnybrook says:

    LMFAO at the Diaz nuthuggers thinking he won… walking forward shit talking with your hands down by your side eating kicks and punches does NOT win you fights. I suggest you guys take up watching drunkin bar fights if that’s what your into. It’s a good thing Nick didn’t fight GSP with a game plan like that, he would have ended up with a busted face like Kos.

  61. The King says:

    Robert ^ and his legions of dummy fans are finally starting to put it together… I knew there was a good reason for the Dana and Greg fallout.

  62. You guys are hilarious. Diaz is the thug yet you guys are saying some seriously horrible crap. I thought he was the thug? Isn’t that why you hate him? So why are you acting like thugs? What a buncha hypocrites.
    Do you know how to read? If so, go to this website and click on each rounds strikes landed. You will see that the only reason Condit won was leg kicks. he was outboxed on the feet.
    Leg kicks and running…the entire fight…how exciting….

    • 505 says:

      Dave, check the site again. It looks Carlos landed more shots than Diaz except for 2; Higher percentage for sure. The site isn’t real clear on which are punches and which are strikes but, none the less the percentages are in Carlos’ favor. Maybe I’m misinterpreting the site. Either way he outclassed Diaz. Much respect Diaz for preventing it from being more lopsided.

    • John Blaze says:

      Dave, eat cock and regret it forever please.

  63. The King says:

    DIAZ Nuthuggers are ALL bitches. GO COOK SOME ROCKS. 209 bitches grab fences…. And remember this ya little bitch. It doesn’t matter how hard you an your friends think you are. And it doesn’t matter how hard you act. But what does matter is when the pocket gets too hot for you to handle PLEASE whatever you do DON’T FRAB THE FENCE LIKE A BITCH!

  64. The King says:

    209 GRABS FENCES. I can’t wait till Penn actually gets in a full training camp. Cuz we all know he wasn’t able to practice 100% due to his cut eye.. DIAZ knows this. And he also knows Penn would have beaten him had he had a full camp.. DIAZ!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BITCH!

  65. Guest0707 says:

    What’s up with all these Diaz fan boys? If you actually saw the fight and know MMA, Condit won hands down. On top of that from the 3rd round they were saying Diaz was down on the cards and his corner needs to tell him to pick it up.

  66. Duane says:

    I’m done with UFC for awhile, paying $60 to see athletes instead of fighters isn’t why I started watching. I’m only ordering ppv with known finishers. Carlos is WNBA, all pussy! Talking all that shit, “I’m a born warrior” etc. didn’t do shit but kick and run. Condit needs to drop that nick name ASAP!

    • Donnybrook says:

      Nick’s fans are just like him… may as well retire, your going to be sorely missed.

      • blah says:

        What you mean we have heart and will keep coming at you back peddling bitches.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Nick has heart no doubt but lacking brains and that was his down fall in this fight not to mention he was beat the fk up!… I bet he can’t even walk today and his face resembles the elephant mans. Nick didn’t hurt Condit at all… he could fight today if he wanted. Truth hurts don’t it.

  67. Jones, J. A. says:

    If you lil girls knew anything about real MMA; UFC in the beginning, Pride, K1, Shoot Fighting,ect… You didn’t win going backwards!!! I used to not like Diaz for his “Ghetto BS”. But the dude is a Worrior “PERIOD”. If he retires we’ll miss alot of great fights to come! West Coast Bitches!!!!!!!!

  68. blah says:

    I paid to watch this because I thought it would be a war. Carlos fought to win like GSP. Good job Carlos! I wonder how that fight goes? I see it now it will be a draw because neither fighter will engage in battle they just dance around throwing weak leg kicks. People crack me up because I would think they would like someone that goes out there to fight not win and that is what Diaz does…

  69. Xaninho says:

    I think it’s funny some people are upset cause Condit didn’t go in there to scrap and do exactly what Diaz prefers.

    YES! Condit said it would be a dogfight. But didn’t Diaz do the same before he fought BJ Penn? Didn’t he say he would just scrap? And didn’t he suddenly fought with a gameplan?

    Don’t cry for your boy Diaz, he is not that different.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      The thing is Diaz has had the same game plan since I have seen him fight. By then it becomes more a fighting style than game plan. Now everyone has a blueprint to beat Diaz unless he wants to mix it up on the ground which he really need to do in order to keep his opponent from fleeing.

      • Xaninho says:

        True, Diaz is still a good fighter but he needs to mix it up a little, he became too predictable. I know he isn’t incapable of incorporating some different ways to win a fight cause he showed that against BJ.

        I guess he thought Condit would have walked right into his hands and given him just what he wanted. He underestimated Condit and couldn’t change the momentum and his own gameplan during the fight.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        absolutley. It didn’t occur to him until the last 30 seconds of the fight that getting ahold of Condit and taking him down might be the only way to maintain proximity? why the fuck didn’t he do that sooner? Goading fighters into a street brawl needs to be one strategy not all of them. Look what happened with Cerrone. He might have won that fight if he wasn’t so intent on beating Nate at his own game.

  70. Jessed2011 says:

    Diaz fans need to kill all the bullshit!!!! Your boy got beat! Did he get fucked up? Not even close, but he got beat! He came in with a gameplan that he could not execute……He could have decided at any point in time to try something different, but chose not to. Diaz was content to try and walk him down, pin him in the corner, and talk shit!! The only time he shut his fucking mouth was when he was getting kicked or punched in it. Oh and if you watch the fight again, you will also notice that when Diaz decided not to walk Condit down and that he would make condit come to him, he got the worst of those exchanges too!!!

  71. Hawk says:

    Nick got pwned and then in true Diaz fashion he cried like a 6 year old. There’s no way either of the Diaz brothers grew up ‘hard’… mommy held their tiny tools all the way into adulthood…. telling them how great they are and how wonderful they are. I hope he does retire, he’s the second biggest jack off in MMA>.. his brother being the biggest.

  72. Xaninho says:

    These Stockton pussies don’t know what growing up hard means. Let them take a walk in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro…… that shit will make them cry and piss their Metal Mulisha shorts.

  73. Kevin Slims says:

    Anyone who loses and whines like that is a bitch. Own UP Diaz!! You lost. All that trash talk during the fight made you feel like a dumb ass when your hand wasn’t raised. I hope you retire. GSP would have knocked your ape face out.

  74. Jay WAR says:

    so Cesar Gracie. who’s the “yes man” now?

  75. ReyComilo says:


  76. ReyComilon says:

    El Rey MascaPITO segui corriendo como Condit que en la que te plantas la comes doblada. rey anda vos y condit a correr maratones eso es lo suyo.

  77. Xaninho says:


    King MascaPITO segui running like Condit to where you plants her comes folded. King walks you and condit to run marathons that is theirs.”

    ^I guess that is the result of the translator? C’mon it isn’t working yet! Keep English as default. I still have to change it to English everytime I log on cause clicking the”save this language as default” line doesn’t work permanently for some reason.

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