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Wednesday, 09/14/2011, 06:20 am

Nick Diaz Releases Lengthy Statement: Thinks GSP is a B**ch, friendship with BJ Penn not doing so good

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz went on a tear of an interview with and finally gave his side of the story surrounding his removal from the UFC 137 main event.

In the statement he goes through everything and chalks most of his recent issues with the UFC up to a big misunderstanding.

The statement in full is below:

“I’m not trying to make all these little excuses. If I’d have known the fight was going to be off, I would have [expletive] gone to the press conference, or I would have told somebody, ‘Hey, if I don’t make it to this stupid [expletive], I’m not fighting.’ I think that people would have gotten me there. I think people would have come and gave two [expletive] and gotten me to that press conference.

I didn’t even know there was a press conference. I thought it was some PR thing. People were trying to tell me, ‘You’re going to do this skit’ and that I was going to be a part of some PR skit where I had this part where I was walking through a hall, kind of like that scene Jake Shields did. I was like, ‘What the [expletive]? Are you kidding?’ So I’m thinking, ‘Somebody better come over here and tell me what I’m doing and get me ready to go do it so I don’t look like an [expletive].’ That’s how I feel when you’re coming to get me ready for something I’m not ready for.

“I didn’t know it was supposed to be a press conference until the same day I was supposed to be making it to the press conference. I just don’t like the way people are treating it and acting like I backed out of a fight. Why would I do that?”

“I was trying to make it happen. I wasn’t talking to anybody. I wasn’t talking to Cesar, and I should have been. I should have had Cesar make my flight and everything, but I was trying to handle it on my own.”

“Now I’m over here getting ready to fight a guy I know that I was previously friends with. We’re not doing so good right now, but we were friends. Condit and Georges, they know each other. They’re friends. And they’re trying to make these fights out of people that aren’t even trying to fight. They’re trying to make these wrestling matches, and I think it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s not a real fight.”

“I really don’t appreciate this mother [expletive] sitting there at that press conference and laughing at me. That’s some real bitch [expletive]. He’s sitting there laughing like it’s funny or something. If I saw Georges on the street and called him a bitch, I bet you he wouldn’t do [expletive]. I bet you if I walked up and gave him a slap, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do [expletive]. But you can’t do that to me. That’s not how it works for me. That’s something to fight about.

“It makes me mad that Georges is going to sit there and call himself a fighter, but he’s not going to stand up and say something about this. He’s going to let it ride. I think I would say something. I would at least have said, ‘I disagree. I don’t agree with canceling my fight because of some dumbass [expletive].’ Instead, he sat there and said, ‘He doesn’t have the commitment to be a champion.’ What is that? I obviously have the commitment to throw my life away. I’ve thrown my life away and sacrificed everything so that I can fight. I did that. I threw my life away so I could work hard and train and fight. That’s commitment.”

“I’ll tell you straight up, I sat down in that office and made that deal with them, and I talked to them about this press. What I said when I was in there was that I would be happy to do press. I like the press. I like all that stuff. But I would like people to come to me. They were like, ‘OK. We’ll send them out to you.’ They told me they were going to do all that PR stuff – that video and weird [expletive] they were going to have me do right next to the guy I’m fighting, which I think is ridiculous – in California, and I was going to do that.

“I was willing to stand there like an [expletive] right next to the guy I’m fighting and do some video [expletive]. I even explained that to them. I just said, ‘Let me know what I’m doing and where it’s going to be. Let me know exactly what I’ve got to do, and I’ll do it.'”

“I’ve said this before: People don’t film me. People don’t put me in magazines. I’ve never been invited on ‘Inside MMA’ or ‘MMA Live.’ I don’t want to be on the front cover of a magazine? How does that sound? I’m not crazy. Who wouldn’t want to be on the front cover of a magazine?

“I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We make it like this huge deal, and I’m like, ‘If it’s such a big deal, then where the hell are all the people and the cameras?’ It’s not like there’s people banging on my door trying to get an interview or something – snap pictures of me. Nobody gives a [expletive]. I can train all day long anywhere and everywhere, and nobody wants to film me. No one wants to come see any of that. I enjoy watching training. I enjoy watching good people sparring in the gym. I’ve never shut my door to anybody that wanted to come in and watch my training or film or anything like that.”

“It’s not like it’s an easy fight for me. I’m not like these bitches. I’m not going to hold B.J. Penn down the whole time like these guys have done. They held B.J. down because they’re bigger than him and stronger than him. I’m not going to do that. I’m not a little bitch to try and hold somebody down. I’m going to go out there and fight this tricky mother [expletive], and it could mean a lot of problems for me. It would have been a lot of problems for them, too, if they had fought him like I fight. They would have lost that fight.

“It’s a different matchup, me fighting B.J. I’m not afraid to fight B.J. I’m not afraid to fight anybody. I’ve proven that. I’ve won three belts in this [expletive] with people trying to take my head off.”

“If I would have won the fight with Georges, and they wanted me to fight again, I could have seen myself fighting Condit. I was already looking past the fight with Georges fighting thinking, ‘They’re probably going to want me to fight Condit.’

“I’ve been looking at Condit for a long time. He’s probably going to whoop Georges’ ass. I’m going to want to test myself there.”

“I am happy for Carlos. He has a kid and a family. I have don’t have any of that. I gave all that up to fight and be the best. I hope this opportunity helps Carlos and his family.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything in the buildup to fighting Georges. I was going to be really respectful. Georges is a great fighter. But he’s a little bitch when it comes to fighting me right now. Why is he just going along with everything? To say I don’t have the commitment? I don’t understand. He’s the one that doesn’t have the commitment.

“I know sometimes I sound like a nut when I’m talking, but there’s a lot of [expletive] to this situation. It’s ridiculous that I have to be the only one explaining what goes on behind the scenes. One of the things that has always helped me out in my career is that I’ve never dealt with this. Other people dealt with this. Now everybody is putting the blame on me. I think that needs to come off, and I think that Georges St-Pierre is a little bitch for not saying anything about it. He’s like, ‘Yeah, switch it to Condit. That’s easier. I’d love to fight my buddy. I’d love to fight my pal.'”

“I’m disappointed. I thought people really wanted to see me fight Georges. But nobody gives a [expletive], and nobody out here cares whether I was fighting. Nobody cares that I just took first place at a pretty hard Xterra [off-road triathlon] out there that was just for fun but actually made for a good time. Nobody gives a [expletive] what I’m doing for training out here.

“I sleep four hours a night – maybe five or six hours tops. I wake up, and then I’m out on a run or out on a mission to get to the Bay Area so I can train with some bad mother [expletive], and I do that everyday. And nobody gives a [expletive]. Nobody has ever wanted to come on a ride along to see what it is to live a day in the life of Nick Diaz. That would be some [expletive]. People would trip.”

“I didn’t know there was a press conference. I thought I was going to do some sort of PR video shoot. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, and they say I wasn’t able to deal with it all. I guess I wasn’t. I was too busy training to whip George St-Pierre’s ass, which I thought was more important.”

“The bottom line is Georges is being a little bitch. He didn’t step up and say anything when the UFC pulled me out of this fight. I understand sometimes you have to do what you’re told, but why wouldn’t you tell the media you still want to fight me? If I was Georges, I would want to fight the best. I would have asked for the Anderson Silva fight. I would have asked to fight the Strikeforce champ. But he sits there like a robot and doesn’t say anything at all, just like he’s not going to say anything about me calling him a bitch now. If I saw B.J. Penn walking down the street and called him a bitch, we would be fighting right there on the spot.

“The truth is Georges doesn’t want to fight me in the street or in a cage. He knows who I am, and he knows where I came from. I don’t have the commitment? I’m younger than him, I have more wins in my career than he does, and I’ve worked harder to get where I am. He knows the truth, and he didn’t say anything and won’t say anything because he doesn’t want to get his ass whipped by me the same way he got his ass whipped by Jake – the night we went to the press conference and Georges went to the hospital.”


195 Responses to “Nick Diaz Releases Lengthy Statement: Thinks GSP is a B**ch, friendship with BJ Penn not doing so good”

  1. affe says:

    Nick seems to be a giant fuckin douchebag

    • trent says:

      nick act ‘s like he’s on drugs cry’s like a bitch and moan’s like a women!!!

      • Casey gapol says:

        I actually agree with every word he said. Pu yourself in his position. He’s jut a laid back guy. Like bj says, I think nick is the most misunderstood guy in mma. He’s not a gentlman or a freakin sholar, he’s a FIGHTER. Not a mma fighter or a ring boxer, but a legitimate fighter. His whole life

        • Don says:

          Absolutely!! Diaz is for real. That’s why he sounds so crazy, because there is none of the usual bullshit and press-friendly crap. I predict Diaz will take GSP apart.

        • randy says:

          He is trying to pass the f–cking blame and you agree with that? All he had to do was get on a plane. Even if it was a video shoot. He agreed to do it. And then he wasn’t going to show up for that. Yes, none of it is his fault and it is all GSP’s. Seriously you guys are buying this bull shit?

      • Brian says:

        georges is the bitch, he wont fight any above the # 2 contender spot, hes always been the guy that fights smaller people, tell his bitch ass to go back to canada or fight someone worth fighting. he hasnt had a good fight since 1967. he must be a faggot

        • randy says:

          What are you talking about? The fight was set and Nick just had to get on a plane. There would have been someone to pick him up. That was the second PR conference he had missed. Does that sound like a guy who gives a fuck. But no, you are right, GSP made it so the fight wouldn’t happen. You guys really don’t follow UFC much. Dana runs everything. You do what he wants or you get fucked. Look what happened with Rampage a few years back. He left for a while because he wasn’t doing what Dana said. Make no mistake, this is a business and is ran as such. Everything that happened falls on Nick and Dana.

    • You can take the boy out of the 'hood... says:

      …but you can’t take the ‘hood out of the boy. That is all this is. The boy can flat out fight. He’s been fighting all his life. But put him in a setting such as interview, press conference, or dinner with the bosses, and he is a fish out of water. And you know what? I don’t care about all that stuff. I like watching him fight because he brings it all the time. What he does outside of the ring/Octagon/gym, I couldn’t care less. He can do and say what he wants—this is still America, right?

      • Wh0 KiD says:

        haha nick is more of a man and champion than ur boy sonnen nick is legit whatever u may think of him sorry we cant say the same for sonnen on the other hand

      • randy says:

        I don’t watch the PR shit at all. But I wanted to see this fight and now I can’t because he couldn’t get on a plane. I am pissed as fuck and regardless of what kind of person he is, tha shit is his responsibility. Dana is trying to spread the fanbase and wanted some publicity for the fight. Nick would have made a lot of money and where do you think that comes from? People pay to see the fight which in turn pays everyone involved. The PR shit is a giant advertisement and usually ends with the fighters talking shit and building hype. That makes the people outside the main audiance want to watch. If Nick wants to main event, he is going to have to do more than just fight. Unfortuantely, the only way we get to see these fight is if it is profitable. Not to mention PR conferneces are very expensive and lots of news companies pay people to attend. All that money was wasted because NICK COULDN’T GET ON A FUCKING PLANE. Yet he couldn’t that he pissed of companies like ESPN and other sports news companies. Yeah and all of this isn’t his fault. I want to see that fight and he fucked that up for me. Oh, he shouldn’t stop training for it. Well look, GSP stopped training and you didn’t show up. Again making someone waste their time. What about all the people that paid to see the fight. Guess what Nick just wasted thier money.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Hey henrey Poloclsky at least Nick isn’t a CHEAT like you and uses STEROIDS like all YOU eastern europeans. You and all your POLOCK faggot relitives like Pudanosky are all a bunch of ROID FREAKS. You have no business judging anyone.

        Nick Diaz is a REALFIGHTER just like Bj Penn and not some chemacilly enhanced lab project like GSP. GSP reminds me of Rocky 3 the russian steroid freak because thats all he is. Alsol GSP has lost his balls to fight and I can’t wait to see Condit destroy him and hopefully the UFC will let Ellenberger loose on Fitch.

    • Don says:

      No, Nick’s haters seem like the fucking douchebags who’ve never actually thought about what it takes to FIGHT like he does. Just because the guy isn’t media savvy, who cares? In a way, that’s the point– He seems like someone who is absolutely from-the-hip and without bullshit 100% of the time, just like his fights. However, it’s impossible to interpret the whole story, particularly the way he delivers it, from the watered-down media version. Why even try? Frankly, half of his charisma comes from the fact he is so endearingly bad at the media game, and the other half comes from the fact he’s such an awesome athlete that will rip your fucking head off in the ring in the most fearless, brutal and dangerous way possible. I’d like to see YOU walk up to Nick Diaz on the street and call him a fucking douchebag! Well? That’s what I thought…

      • randy says:

        I love this shit but this is what happens in fights. Look at boxing, they do the same shit. It is their way of creating interest for the fight. That way they make money and can give the main eventers lots of money. Watch Nick’s video from his car. He is complaining that he won’t get the big payout now. Those PR conferences are what create the hype for the fight on a huge level past the die hard fans. You want the big payout Nick, help create the global interest in the fight. All you have to do is get on a plane and then answer some questions. if he could have done that we would all be watching this fight soon. Say what you want, he knew what he had to do. He agreed to do it and he didn’t. But hey that is GSP’s fault in his eyes. Dana has said he doesn’t want Nick because he won’t play the game. This is what he was talking about. I totally agree that all the PR shit is stupid. But it is what he has to do and so does everyone else. Silva, GSP, Jones, and whoever they fight. How many times has this happened with anybody else, never. Everyone else has to show but Nick doesn’t have to?

    • Desmotti says:

      that’s what you understood after his explanation? Dude is real

  2. matburnz says:

    Just when you think Nick Diaz might salvage something by making some kind of sense as to why he can’t do the basics when it comes to being a big time pro fighter, he goes and shows you yet again that he’s simply not equipped. The guy just can’t get a clue. Somebody will always pay him to fight, because he’s one of the most gifted guys in the game, but there’s no way he lasts with the UFC.

  3. guamy says:

    GSP gets off the hook again. his new nick name should be the natural born escape artist lol. ya i stole that from BJ so what.

    • allmightysandman says:

      you are obviously such a nuthugger for diaz you actually can’t see how fukkin stupid diaz appears here. he is a low class fighter, and sounds very much like a low class human being. he doesn’t belong in th ufc and by continuing to make excuses, he looks even more ridiculous.

      …and somehow, you delusional freak, you think diaz not going to a mandatory press conference is GSP’s fault! LMAO you’re just as goofy as your boy diaz….who is gonna get KTFO by BJ by the way!

      • guamy says:

        i never said i was GSP’s fault you fuckin moron. all i said was i feel like he got off the hook with diaz and is now facing an easier. so have a tall glas of stfu before you post.

        • allmightysandman says:

          lol…diaz is a bitch and so are you. weak minded fools like you actually believe he wanted to fight gsp but somehow ‘messed up’ … he knows he would lose that fight 9 times out of 10.

        • guamy says:

          thats funny coming from you Fatman.
          pudgy ass fatboy.

        • Robert Bedford says:

          10 outta 10, he never had a chance, he knew it and fucked it up on purpose, trying to act hard like some kind of thug. can’t even get that shit right,

        • guamy says:

          I see all the Grease Fan Boyz came out to troll today. I hope condit knocks him out worse than Serra did.

      • DiazBrosSuck says:

        I knew it was a press conference, I’m guessing he might have known as well. What a Doucher.

      • ur mom says:

        Calm down bitch, he never said it was gsps fault nut sack

      • Erica says:

        Agree Sandman!! Diaz is low class…and why should Georges say anything about Diaz not fighting? How the hell is St.Pierre the bitch here? The bitch is the 1 who backed out…and that is just what Diaz did…back out!! Naturally he’s not gonna admit it….he came up with the only way he could think of to get out of the fight without saying “I don’t want to fight GSP”
        He knew GSP would whip his ass!!!

    • Kaiyn Fallanx says:

      Are you dumb? Did you just read and understand what Nick Diaz stated? He’s bitching that he was removed from the main event against St. Pierre. Being part of the main event entails that you have to do all them PR shit and marketing stuff. Yeah he can fight but he can’t face the responsibility of what being a prime fighter is.

  4. A says:

    Diaz! I care I wanna know what its like to live a day in the life as a champion! I understand exactly what your saying! It’s about fighting not promotion and skits! Wtf!

  5. Johnny says:


    • 3ric says:

      Agree, and I have always been a fan of his since the fight against Robby Lawler. Nick Diaz is REAL.

      • Kalaeboi! says:

        Bj and Nick have always been my all time favs! real fighters! not wrestlers that learned how to fight but born fighters! Love u both and will always support u guys! Fuck that french canadian biooootch!

        • paullyc says:

          not sure if you actually follow the UFC or not – but there is a bunch of wrestling that takes place – every slam, takedown and offensive ground position has something to do with wrestling. BJ and Nick can both scrap – Hell – BJ is one of the best ever. But GSP is a different kind of beast – technical, strong, extremely fit and smart! He is a martial artist first and a fighter second. Anyone can fight – warriors fight smart.

        • george says:

          you got that right

      • @Tan520Az says:

        Diaz is mos def a warrior, but I think his way of thinking is immature, He’s a great fighter and his legacy shouldnt be about missing press or PR shit, he should have better advisors that are willing to stand up to him and tell him what he needs to do and make him do it! When hes old and outta the game hes gonna look back at all the missed oppertunities bc of his bad attitude and hate himself!

        • jason says:

          he needs ppl he can trust to make his decisions for him, all of them. hes an awsome fighter and will be a good challenge for bj, he just not that bright.

  6. michel says:

    so really diaz if GSP sat there and didn’t slap your face back or talked trash to you he ain’t a fighter anymore ?!?! who are you to judge him he does all his trash talking in the cage where it really counts so stop talking shit at him and train your ass off hopefully BJ penn won’t kick your ass as hard as GSP would (i really doubt it)
    GO BJ PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Breno says:

      GSP would do the most boring fight ever again. I wanted to see Nick coming for him, at least I hope Carlos does such a thing because I cannot stand another bs fight like these last 3 from GSP.

      Nick, if you call him a bitch and he would say “Ow boy. You got so mouth, huh?” and that’s it. I cant say Im cheering for you now, cause BJ is one of my favourite figthers ever, but go there and do your best as always and hopefully you will get your shot again to kick GSP boring ass in no time.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      Gsp doesn’t do no trash talking in the cage.

  7. Al says:

    Nick has all the physical tools but can’t grasp the business side of selling a fight. If you don’t have the mental fortitude to do the promos as requested, maybe it isn’t the physical side of the game you should be focusing on. All that rage is going to burn him up.

  8. Voicein the desert says:

    Is this is what Diaz means by ducking top competition?

    – Parisyan
    – Miller
    – Hughes x3 (top 10 p4p and 7 time UFC champ)
    – Penn x2 (top 10 p4p and UFC ww and LW champ)
    – Sherk
    – Serra x2
    – Trigg (when he was no2)
    – Hieron
    – Fitch (top 10 p4p)
    – Koscheck
    – Hardy (the UFC had no choice)
    – Shields (top 10 p4p)

    By extension, Diaz is saying that Georges former foes are worth nothing more than a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on…:)

  9. Lex w says:

    Y’all fools trippin I agree with nick

    • Mach00man says:

      Me too! I wanted to see that fight!

    • JIm says:

      I agree with nick!

      • randy says:

        If you really wanted to see the fight you would disagree with Nick. The UFC has the top fighters becasue they pay more money. To get that money they need people to buy tickets and rent the PPV. To create interest and hype, they hold PR conferences. Nick Skipped two of them and pissed off all the news organizations that showed up when he didn’t. HE made a promise to a lot of people to show up. They all showed up and he didn’t. Get it. He pissed off all the important people that have the control. You all act like no one wanted to see this fight. Everyone did and now they can’t. All because NICK didn’t want to go.

  10. dcoss says:

    Poor nick diaz….its everyone elses fault that HE didn’t make the press conference… Where was he when his buddy jake was doing all the PR stuff? Probably getting high…and he’s right about GSP not doing anything if diaz slapped him on the street and called him a bitch…GSP is a professional. Only punk ass kids would fight on the street..grow up nick, be a man and take the blame and say you screwed up. Everyone will respect you more for it. GSP is not a bitch…diaz is the bitch for whining and turning the blame on everyone else…the UFC is the top fight organization in the world because of Dana Whites rules and procedures…this isn’t a fight at the bike racks nick…maybe nick should just stick to fighting kids on the street in stockton. After BJ Penn destroys you nick maybe you can start putting ur street fights on you tube and be the next Kimbo….hahahahaha! What a punk! End his UFC career BJ

  11. Marcus Vinícius says:

    Now I really see Diaz vs St-Pierre.

  12. Bad Brad says:

    Diaz is so nuts. BJ is going to eat him alive. Still, he has sort of a point .. as much as I hate to admit it.

  13. socalmoe says:

    That kid is heading for self destruction. The only thing keeping him employed is his fan base. I love his fighting style but leaves a lot to be desired on the professional aspect of the game.

  14. Raphael says:

    He doesn’t say it well but I understand him and it makes sense where he’s coming from. I know people like this because I grew up with them. They’re not going to pose or be fake or be some model poster boy for anyone or anything no matter what. Die on your feet or live on your knees type of thing. When it’s all said and done, no one can ever question how real or honest Nick Diaz was about things, his life, or himself; his thoughts. I will always respect Nick Diaz, win or lose, saint or douchebag, because of who he is as a fighter and as a person. He doesn’t care about the shining armor, everyone is in it for the money, he’s just the only one who can admit it on a constant basis without a variable explanation.

  15. Armando says:

    Nick Diaz is a beast. He’s right about gsp. Gsp has class and he sits and says nothing out of respect. But really he kisses ufc ass to get paid top dollar. Nick Diaz is real. He tells it like it is. It doesn’t matter what his words are because his hands/feet/body do all the talking when he’s in the cage. DIAZ should be CHAMPION!!!

  16. MadFatChickKiller says:

    Nick Diaz is the only bitch here. I hope he reads this. He doesn’t want to make excuses, but his whole fucking rant was an excuse. It’s like a 5 year old rambling on about how he “didn’t know it was a press conference.” “Other people do this for me.” “I thought it was PR Crap” Guess what, a-hole? You were set to fight for a title in the UFC. The biggest fucking fighting organization in the world at the moment. You know what that means? When they ask you to do something that all the other fighters do whether they like it or not, you fucking do it. Letting you even fight in the UFC was a huge chance Dana was taking, given your past antics before and after fights. I you’re too much of a child to know what responsibility is and you really need someone to handle all this shit for you and tell you what to do then get a manager. Hell, I’ll be your manager. If you need help, ask for it. It doesn’t make you a less hard ass homie from Stockton. Grow the fuck up.

  17. Me says:

    Exactly the image Dana doesnt want. Of course Diaz would walk up and bitch slap someone on the street just to see if they’d react. He’s a dick. Nick figures if you won’t brawl in day to day life with random people,you aren’t a real fighter. Dies he think Navy Seals and Army Rangers walk around trying to take regular people out as sport? Have some honor Diaz.

    BJ, take this fool out and send him back to Stockton.

  18. MZ says:

    Somebody’s pissed off, he makes a good point tho. At the end of the day press conference or no press conference, Nick’s a banger and would’ve showed up to fight. My head said gsp but my heart said nick in that matchup. Gsp’z simply too good at what he does. I can respect Georges style but it seems to be getting old as time goes on. Nick’s never been in a boring fight, and it’s a shame to see this fight isn’t happening anymore. All the shit talking Nick did tho maybe hyped it up a bit for a future confrontation. Hope it comes sooner than later. As for gsp we can expect the typical from him against Condit and as for Nick, keep doing what you do best buddy. Your day will come soon enough ..

  19. T.DADDY says:


  20. GIL says:

    Man Diaz goes off on this rant but he does have a point i think GSP is a bitch too he’s exactly like a robot, i mean nick doesnt deserve the fight bc he messsedup but WHY would GSP say NO this is my fight too your canceling i DO wanna this fight to still be on!

    I feel bad for condit bc GSP isnt gonna fight him hes just gonna take him down over and over and lay on top of him bc he is the stronger fighter its gonna be another boring GSP humpfest with a few jabs thrown in lol

    • pthance says:

      My only problem with people saying GSP should have stood up and fought to keep Nick his opponent is this. GSP is the champion, he has nothing to prove except that he can beet any challenger the organization throws at him. He shouldn’t have a say as to who he fights…he just needs to stop anyone in front of him. His JOB is to win and keep the belt, leave the who fights who to his bosses.

    • reyed says:

      I totally agree! Yea Nick fucked up, but if gsp wants to bitch out and take a easyfight then so be it.

      He always say he wants to fight the best, but he took the Carlos fight. I guarantee Dana would agree if gsp said he still wants the fight. He so fat up gsp and Anderson’s ass

      • randy says:

        You don’t get it. Nick pissed off more than just Dana and the UFC. Who the fuck do you think shows up to these things. You know the people that ask the questions, take pictures and then write down the answers. I think they call them journalists and photographers. You know the people that work for big ass news companies. All those people show up and Nick doesn’t. But yeah, if GSP says no I want to fight him. Dana will just OK, fuck all those big companies that get the word out about my big ass company.

  21. tchendoh says:

    He’s just too dumb to understand that if he would play the game and do the PR stuff, people would eventually want to know more about him and his training.

    And how GSP wouldn’t want to fight him? He was set to fight him and it’s Diaz that didn’t show up. He’s the one looking like the little bitch. A grown man whining about doin’ some simple PR stuff.

    It’s pathetic the number of times he expects to get that spotlight back by insulting the champion.

  22. sgt thai clone says:

    I need to smoke some sensi star or silver haze to deal with his interviews-I love this guy but hes sounding like a broken record,That was one fight I have been waiting for for many yrs-thinking it would never happen when he signed a multi yr contract with strikforce-Then it happens and Diaz screws it up You hear me NICK! STOP THE IINSANITY

  23. Scott says:

    It’s just sad. BJ is going to just eat him and he his title shot. This was his one shot he could have ever got at the title. He won’t get past BJ and he won’t get past Fitch. What a brief run at the title that was. Oh well, he got what he deserved.

  24. rich says:

    nick nick nick, so now u blame everybody else because u hid from ceaser gracie, you snuck out his back door while at his sons birthday party and nobody could find you, and u had three diff flights you coulda cought to get to the press confrence and dana white called u and let u kno yet u still have a lame ass excuse for not having to fight gsp, i really dont think u wanted to fight gsp so now that u dont your going to sit there and call him a bitch knowing that a fight with u and gsp if to far away for u to reach now because u kno bj penn is going to knock u out and ne shot at the ufc welter weight champ goes flying out the window, condit is going to become the new champ and after penn breaks u in the octagon hes going to get any shot u had at the title which were good until the pulled u out if the title match and thew u to bj i feel bad for u cause u blew a shot that alot of people dream of, u havent fought in the ufc for how long went to this low rate buisness became a champ by fighting low rate fighters and cant hacks and all of a sudden u were a top guy without having to fight top compitition now ur first fight is bj penn who is goin to stand and try to take ur head off atleast if u did fight gsp he woulda stood with u but if u started to out strike or score he would of took u down now if bj is standing your more than likely going to try to stand and bang and end up on ur back coming to lookin at the top or the arena knowin u just got knocked the fuck out!!!!

  25. General Ruckus says:

    Ok fan boys, I hate to break it to you but look at it from a neutral point of view. GSP does just take people down and lay on them. That is what Nick said, he never questioned the level of talent that GSP has fought. GSP is a great athlete, he’s just not a fighter. And as far as the UFC goes, we have to watch them becuase they do have the best talent in the world BUT Dana White will end up being the end of MMA. It’s going to end up just like boxing if we don’t get somebody else in that front office. I understand that you have to promote and hype a fight, but you shouldn’t pull a fighter from a championship fight that EVERYBODY wants to see just beacuse he dissappeard for a week or so, thats just Diaz’s M.O. You know he would have shown up to fight and probably had a damn good chance of winning. GSP is ducking Diaz, because he is being told to by the UFC. GSP is their puppet. Then you go out and say “we are probably going to let Diaz go”. So you’re going to fire him but the very next day you throw him back in the cage with BJ? If it was bad enough to fire him, why let him fight again the very next day? And why not throw him back in with GSP? Dana doesn’t want his corporate robot to lose, thats why. Anyway I back you 100% Nick and would love to watch a day in the life of Nick Diaz. So have fun tearing apart my paragraph and making silly little uneducated jabs at it fanboys.

    • UberMoose says:

      Some sense at last! I fully agree, I can’t agree more with Diaz especially on here because some flaming twat would continue to argue about it, but i’d written just about 99% of what you just wrote before I deleted it.

      GSP is White’s best PPV-selling monkey, he’s a household name & pretty much every modern (post ufc100) knobhead MMA fanboy sucks GSP’s balls because he’s won consistently. Doesn’t matter how he’s won, people only care that he’s won. Now, you throw Nick Diaz into the cage with him & that fucker will sweat!! Nick is a guy who would have got RIGHT in his face & not let him do a damn thing to stall the fight in any way. It’s going to end up as a wrestling match between mates – I said that before Diaz also, please forgive me if it sounds like i’m chewing his words – whilst the main fight of the night will be between two proper technical & seasoned veterans in the form of Diaz vs. Penn.

      And sorry to argue with one of my heroes but I was gutted to hear that the fight between Diaz & GSP was cancelled, abso-fucking-lutely wounded! I’d been waiting for this fight for years, had even looked at tickets to fly from the UK to Vegas & watch Diaz either dethrone GSP or hospitalize him trying. Could have, should have and most probably would have been the greatest day for Martial Arts since Bonnar vs Griffin!


      • Raphael says:

        Thank you, kind sir. Finally someone with their own logical brain to use for rational comments. I was saying Nick was the fighter with the best chance to beat GSP 2 years ago and not just a chance, I knew he could actually do it.

      • pthance says:

        I’ve been a fan since UFC 1, and I’m sorry to break your mold here but I like GSP too. The thing is, GSP ISN’T the most talented fighter, he doesn’t have a fighters instincts which is why he doesn’t finishoften. But what I DO love about him is he proves that you don’t need those things to be the top dog, he is the hardest working, hardest training, most technical, and intelligent fighter on the roster. He breaks down every fight he goes into to make his body a more effective machine. Love or hate his style, you have to respect that. Nick on the other hand is “real” as people like to put it, the fight would have been awesome….but inevitably one sided. To say the fight would have been as important as Bonnar vs. Griffin is rediculous….that fight was important because it was in the UFC’s early push into the mainstream and it showed the heart of TWO fighters…do you really see a GSP v Diaz fight as being known for heart? This fight only ranks to fans because its a champ vs a champ…after the fact it would be talked about as much as the Liddell vs. Jackson fight (which in all honesty was a fabulous fight in its own right, but was NOT a defining moment in the sport).

        • Dave says:

          Diaz is a tough guy and it would have been an intresting fight, but lets face it… GSP would have beat him like a drum…did you retards catch what Rory M did to his brother. What makes you think GSP wouldn’t just toss Diaz around like a rag doll the same way.

          Nick is tougher bla bla bla

    • DannyBoy4455 says:

      So let me get this straight….. We are fanboys for believing that it was the right call to pull him from the fight because of two no-shows? You, on the other hand, are not a fanboy for blindly rooting for a guy that wants to fight a UFC Champion on the streets, and pretends he doesn’t know that it was even a presser he was missing? Or someone who walks out the back door of his trainers house, misses his flight, and turns off his phone? Or someone who says “someone should have gotten me there,” like he is an elementary school student waiting on a ride?

      Just listen to how he talks. You are obviously a MMA fan. Do you want a champion representing your sport that talks like uneducated ghetto trash? It’s a damn good thing that he had fighting to get into as a profession, because if MMA wasn’t as big as it was, he would probably be in jail or on unemployment.

    • CRV91 says:

      Agreed! Well Said

    • randy says:

      Doesn’t anybody know who and how many people show up to these press conferences. News organizations sove spots in their papers and on their broadcsts. When Nick didn’t show up, they had to quickly find something else to fill those slots. So he made a promise to a lot of people and companies and fucked them all. Dana did all this shit at the PR conference so they wouldn’t leave with nothing.

  26. marktui says:

    He didn’t know what he was suppose to do?? He Nick, if all you want to do is fight (which is fine), get a manager who can handle all this stuff for you. He said he didn’t want to make excuses, but the whole statement was about making excuses. Whether it be PR, video shoots or press conferences, it doesn’t matter because that is part of the UFC hype. The UFC pays YOU to fight and do all these things, it’s not the other way around.

  27. RuckuRicky says:

    BJ please destroy this fool…for the sake of mankind. That is all. Thanks!

  28. justin says:

    Diaz is a piece of shit, if u can’t handle the pressure ur not a real fighter that’s part of the mma world. If u need someone to hold ur hand to do everything for you, u better grow up u pussy. Take responsibility for your self and be a man. Dana if u need someone to fight Diaz I would fight that hood monkey in a second. George and the rest of the world has more class then this bitch

  29. effyocouch says:

    The man has a point. Though the press conferences are an important part in building up a fight, training to win is more important. You’d think Dana White would understand this that way he can’t complain about the fight being another GSP snoozefest.

  30. reyed says:

    Nice!!! Finally get to hear his side!!

    I think Nick should have realized the importance of the press conference and taken the initiative to find out him self. But that is pretty bitch how the ufc treated him. And it would be comforting for gsp fans to see him push for the fight other then taking the Carlos fight.

    I think nick will beat gsp down!! Hope they fight in the near future!

  31. mezzanoche says:

    I like Nick, I think he is who is and it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I never judge a person for being who they are and being what they want to be in life. That being said, Nick needs to understand that this is also a business, and there are certain non-fighting agendas that have to be met, especially for the biggest fight of his career, and one of the biggest fights in the Welterweight division in a while.

    Nick has an immense talent, he has great stand up, great endurance, great BJJ, and he is tough as nails, and just crazy enough to pull off things that others would probably never attempt in a real fight. In my opinion GSP has a much easier opponent in Condit, I like Carlos, but he doesn’t stand a chance in hell against GSP, sorry. It is just not going to happen, GSP is stronger and way too technical to be submitted by Condit. GSP can control this fight anyway he wants, by wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, strength, endurance etc. This to me is a lame duck fight, I would have much rather seen Diaz vs. GSP any day of the week for life.

  32. Jack says:

    Diaz says George is a bitch? Are you crazy? BJ is gonna kill this kid. Diaz dodge the fight plain and simple. Diaz would swing like a street fight and then nick goes nite nite. Gsp did finish hughes. I’m not a huge fan if either nut nick sounds like a moron

  33. Jmad says:

    I thought that would never end. These people talking shit about Diaz sound like bitches. He’s just too real for y’all I guess. Anyways, it’s still his fault he’s not getting the title shot.

  34. rondo says:

    You forgot to mention GSP is a little,quit making excuses for your actions,you fked up and now your gonna get smashed by BJ….get over it homie.

  35. Breno says:

    Me too man. At least we wouldnt fall asleep as the others from GSP.

  36. rich says:

    dana white never said ne thing about letting diaz go all he said was diaz couldnt handle the spotlight and he knew there would b problems but never thought he would dissapear where even ceaser gracie couldnt find him… he had to take him out of the mainevent because he couldnt handle all the press that came with being in the mainevent but never said he was going to fire diaz because of it condit deserved a title shot diaz blew it end of story u can suck diaz dick all u want but he wasnt on the chopping block at the time danae didnt know where to go after changing the title match with sumone who was glad to do the press shyt knowing they were gettin a shot for a ufc title if that not enuf motivation to do press or prs than u better just retire, and dana also said he was going to have a pissed of hawian in bj penn so i wouldnt doubt penn asked for diaz since he was training to fight and had no opponent it made sence diaz could still fight on the card with a top notch contender and not have to looke stupid in front of the press or do a single pr i guess being a pretend champ in sf was good enuf cuz hes never going to b ufc champ so now u can pull diaz cock out ur mouth cuz ur boy choked kinda like u with his knob in ur mouth defending his stupidness ur just as stupid to buy his shyt……

    to all the diaz cock huggers round the world!!!!!

  37. chad says:

    100% agree with every word he said.
    this is quite possibly the best, most authentic interview ever!
    he and bj are two of the most honest, down-to-earth fighters on the planet. they tell it like it is and hold nothing back.
    i know i’ve been saying it for years, but gsp really is a little bitch. it’s about time someone with nick’s credentials came out and said it publicly.
    it’s just sad and pathetic that half of you posting on here are either too naive, or too blinded by your love of gsp to understand what he’s saying. you’re defending a puppet with zero personality and trying to rationalize his bitching out, just like you do with his complete inability to actually finish a fight. shit just got real.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, so honest and down to earth that he made a promise to all the news people that attend and write down every word he says. The people that take his picture and make him look good in the public eye. Then he just never showed up. What a great guy. That is like not showing up at your wedding.

  38. mike f says:

    This guy is such a prick. He is not a man of his word and thinks the press should come to him. I was hoping to see gsp beat his ass but now I hope Penn can give him the beating he needs

  39. Zelo says:

    NIck is my idol. Fuck the UFC promotional machine.

    GSP shouldve protested the fighter swap.

    Diaz VS. Penn will be a war.

  40. Al says:

    Lots of GSP Haterade being swallowed. If all fighters were as professional as GSP, MMA would be bigger than it already is, by far. It’s a business, kids, like it or not. Nick’s hangup over how he would be portrayed to sell a fight ignores the fact that he isn’t owed anything other than a payday. Nick has a history as being kind of a dick and it would be silly to think that his roll as a heel wouldn’t be contrasted against a guy who has always been respectful to his opponents and the sport in general. Narratives, as much as styles, make fights. If you don’t like the business side of the game, go be a miserable desk-jobber like the rest of us.

  41. dave h says:

    Why you talk a great fight – you had your chance diaz, now its time to be a proffesional and prove you can walk the walk, cos from where i am sitting you aint s**t at the moment !!!

  42. Mateos says:

    Nick Diaz gives you a hell of a spectacle EVERYTIME he fights, thats where the entertainment should be, forget about stupid conferences and shit. He is a fighter, he has the spirit of a fighter, thats all that matters. UFC is now all fulled of celebrities ass and boring fights, they should be thankful for having an exciting fighter like Diaz and not pumped idiots like Lesnar or Rampage

    • randy says:

      Well, if he wants to get paid to fight, then he has to create publicity. I just want to watch the fight personally. But I also understand it takes a lot of money to bring in this kind of talent. PR conferences are huge advertisements. They let the people that don’t follow the sport see the hype and pay the money. Yeah, the money that eventually goes into Nicks pocket.

  43. David says:

    Nick diaz is a fucken idiot.

  44. eric says:

    do you live on this planet or are you on LSD , you where in the ufc you left to become a lesser champion . its the same story with all who fight george they talk shit before the fight and raise his hand at the end of the fight . LISTEN VERY CLOSELY the ufc doesent need you they have never needed you , see you need them . your lucky they dont kick you to the curb where you belong . let me tell you what going to happen to nick diaz your going to watch as the ufc goes supper huge and your just for gotten , and in some dark place nick diaz will be crying wondering what happen . remember you where the one who ran away !!

  45. Steve says:

    What a douchebag! Nick couldn’t get a clue ieven of it was clue mating season and he was standing in a field of horny clues, wearing clue musk and doing the clue mating dance! DOUCHE!

  46. Joel says:

    I was looking forward to Diaz v. GSP. I’m with you Nick, I would like to see it back on…

    FYI – be careful what you say on GSP’s Twitter, he deletes people that say anything negative about him. B**ch is right!

  47. matthizzle says:

    I’m not a Diaz nut hugger, but I can sympathize with him. Diaz is a fighter, not a celebrity. And GSP is totally bitching out of the fight for an easier one. I don’t think Condit will win unless he gets a lucky knee or left hook. It will just be another methodical, boring ass victory for GSP, and GSP knows this. GSP is the champ, he shouldn’t be worried about someone else “Not comitted enough to be a champion.” I mean, if he lost his belt to Diaz, after saying Diaz wasn’t commited enough, then that statement would be irrelevant. I think GSP isn’t commited. How long has it been since he’s finished a fight decisively? Sure, he can lay down on a guy and punch him and attempt submissions for 5 rounds, but why do that when he has the ability to end the fight? GSP is a great fighter in every aspect, but I just have no respect for him.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, the Koschek fight. where GSP broke his orbital bone in the first round. Not trying to finish it at all. Did you watch the Shields fight. It was all stand up and those were his last two fights you dumbfuck.

  48. MFbrian88 says:

    He speaks one truth at the least, “GSP is a robot”.

  49. Kalbalman says:

    What a crybaby…GSP would have outclassed him, and BJ will smash him….then Dana should fire his bitch ass!

  50. Robert Bedford says:

    Nick is the real pussy. Not championship material at all. A real man knows his mistakes and accepts them. Not turn his short comings off on to the current champ. BJ is going to fuck him up. I am actually happier to see this fight then him vs GSP and I am a GSP fan. I hope BJ actually breaks an arm or two. Fuck you Diaz!

  51. Justa Thought says:

    When you start a comment with: ” I don’t want to make excuses, but…”, you are about to make a bunch of excuses. Classic denial that Nick pretty much hates himself and projects this hate towards everyone else. This is what happens to your life when you can’t drop the Macho B.S. It’s everyones fault but mine, sniffle sniffle. When you alienate everyone that has every tried to help you improve your life, this is how you end up. ALONE! His closest pals won’t say it, but I’m quite sure they are tired of this crap and realize any association with this guy is bad P.R. At the end of the day WGAF about Nick Diaz or anything he “Thinks he Knows.” Way to blow a title shot genius. GSP would smash you Nick. The big bad ass routine doesn’t work once the cage door closes. Grow up.

  52. Diazdealer says:

    Sounds like Nick is trippin again! Quit whining like a Bitch and take your Meds! Don’t be scared Homie!

  53. DaRuckuz808 says:

    Sounded like some real talk to bad he fighting my favorite fighter.

  54. DavidR says:

    I actually agree with Diaz on htis GSP just sits back, it is unfair what happened and I believe Dana used his power and his Ego again and rushed into the condit decision!

  55. Shawn says:

    lol. I don’t even Diaz knows who Diaz is. PRs, press conferences, skits, whatever, these are obligations EVERY fighter has to fulfill under his contract. 28 years old, you don’t need anyone reminding you you have to be here, at this time. You know you have to do something, do it. It’s a business and your an employee. When the boss says you have to do this, at this time. You don’t skip work day and play hookie just because you no one held your hand and told coddled you to do what your suppose to do.

    I’ve never known St.Pierre to duck anyone. He’s taken on all fights. Diaz messed his own situation up, GSP just wants to fight, the UFC didn’t feel confident in Diaz to hold up his end of the deal and replaced him. Nuff said. The only person Diaz should be blaming, is himself. Consequence of your actions buddy. You should have learned that by now. Don’t worry, IF you beat BJ, and when GSP beats Condit, maybe you’ll get another shot. That’s if you don’t mess shitz up again. Nothing wrong with saying what’s on your mind. But when the bossman who signs your check says to do something, you do it. You don’t have to like it, but you do it.

  56. Voice in the desert says:

    The onus is not on GSP to ask for a fight. His job, as chanpion, is to defeat whoever ZUFFA puts in front of him.

    On the other hand, it is up to all commers, including Nick Diaz, to win, to beg and/or pray for a title shot. Not the other way around.

    Diaz has to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on trying to defeat BJ (good luck with that!). If he keeps beaking, I predict ZUFFA will give him Fitch next.

    In other words: if you want Georges’ gold, come and get it!

  57. 209forthewin says:

    WAR DIAZZZZZ fuck GSP and Dana.

    All that was a plan to drive medias where is not Strikeforce. That worked

  58. Nick says:

    I seriously feel bad for Nick. I would actually like to spend a day with him, but I’m no professional cameraman. Whatever. Seriously though, it sucks for him. I would rather see GSP/Diaz instead of Condit.

  59. Daniel says:

    “It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, it’s his fault, and their fault, I didn’t do it…Who cares that I hid for three days, I was “training” even though my trainer couldn’t find me.

    “Why didn’t GSP fight for the fight when I no showed. Why doesn’t everyone else do everything for me. WAH WAH WAH.”

    Seriously, the dude sounds like a HUGE baby right now. He just keeps crying and crying, anyway you wanna slice it, this is his fault. EVERYONE else does the media obligations, why should he get special treatment. He sounds like the bitch in this interview, not GSP.

  60. MJ says:

    Fucking shit can this douchebag. This guy will end up in jail soon, he has got to be the biggest loser/idiot/scumbag in MMA and that’s saying a lot! (Chael, Jo son, any Gracie except for Renzo) He’s crying about his Marathon/feeblethon, not even understanding that it’s detrimental to his MMA training, this guy is such a loser it hurts to think about. 3 belts in crap organizations, with questionable decisions or early stoppages.(KJ totally won on points, Daley had Diaz hurt as bad as he was) Diaz will lose all his UFC fights until they give him someone who can’t wrestle. He sucks, is a crybaby, and punches like a girl.

  61. jordan r says:

    nick man ive had you back since i seen your first fight, your the realest guy in mma, fuck all these dana white nut huggers, and these haters, and fuck gsp, your the shit man, who else places first is a marathon, and then traines for a championship fight, i cant wait to c you beat these fuckes up until you get to the belt, so you can shut the little bitches up, who have never even been in a fight…… fucking pussy ass bitches

  62. Ben says:

    I dont live too far from Diaz and Hes like many of my family and friends. They will keep it all away real and down to fight anyone.

    • randy says:

      So what you are saying is that the sport should change for Diaz, right? He has chosen to fight in the UFC and go for the gold. He knew all the stupid ass press coverage that comes with it. He said he would be there and never showed. That is what this whole thing boils down to.

  63. Sam says:

    BJ please put an ass whoppin on this fool. Just like you did with Sanchez!!! “AWWW POOR ME I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR THIS” Crybaby twat! Dana gives your bitch ass another chance in the UFC and you show your appreciation by pissing and moaning about how everyone is against you? WTF Grow up and honor your commitments. You know the PR shit is part of it.

  64. SFweekly says:

    Diaz will beat BJ pen. This flight will be over at the end of the second or early third round. My prediction. Also diaz statment makes sense once translated into proper english. Must people on here just think they are better then nick ( class wise) because of the way you speak or behave.

  65. slacker says:

    Nick is an easy guy to dislike, even hate, if you take the things he says at face value. But seriously, the guy is a hurting human being. I’m just glad he’s got Gracie and his buds to help him out through life. I’m not making excuse for him, by the way. He has to take full responsibility for his lost opportunity to fight GSP.

  66. Jon Jones says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if someone kept calling me out for over a year, and I did not like them, I would fight them no matter what. If I was GSP, I would’ve told the UFC that he’s still down to fight Nick and shut him up, but he did pull a bitch move at the press conference and now he gets to fight his teammate. Yeah Nick was a dumb ass and has no excuses, but GSP could’ve manned up and said that he would kick Diaz’s ass! Just to be clear, GSP would’ve easily beat Diaz, but now he’ll never get to prove it.

    • Dave says:

      Diaz and his retarded fans need to understand the fact MMA is now a multi billion dollar business and their not going to let a pothead run the show.

      War BJ

      • Jon Jones says:

        Wasn’t BJ a pothead and a UFC champ?

      • SFweekly says:

        Ufc is not a multi billion dollar promotion. Its a billion dollar promtion little under little over.. also, nick just need better managment, kinda like some people could’ve used a better education.. yet still find it in themselves to call another person slow ( retarded) nick makes about 600k a year after taxes that does not include other monies he recevies or things compensated by companies likes cars clothes and jewelry, which he does get. Not bad for a retarded pot head.

    • Sam says:

      You make a valid point. Maybe Diaz should man up and take a fight against Mayhem at a catch weight. Diaz has been pulling a bitch move with that fight since he had to act
      “gangsta” by jumping him. Granted Mayhem didn’t have to go in the ring and challenge Shields but fighters do it all the time.
      BTW GSP should have told Dana he still wants to fight Diaz, and this time finished the fight, or bust his eye socket like Kos and carry his ass to punish him.

  67. J says:

    I am no fan of nick diaz and I think he is overrated BUT he has a point and I agree with him. GSP is a fuckin bitch. GSP should have said he wants to still fight nick. If someone was talking mad shit about me I would want to fight him regardless of him not showing up to PR bullshit. Nick is a fuckin fighter. Who gives a flying fuck about the press conference. What would you rather see a good press conference or a good fight? This fight didn’t need more hype. All the mma fans wanted to see this fight regardless of the press conference. UFC fucked the fans.
    Fuck and I really wanted to see Penn vs Condit. But I will still order the fight because I always order every Penn fight.

    • slacker says:

      GSP had nothing to do with the decision. The decision was Dana’s. GSP could not have changed his mind because the decision was as much and even more about precedent and principal, than finding out if Nick would still show up for the fight as promised.. And remember, Nick never did communicate to Dana that he would fight, but that he was just doing a no-show for press stuff. He wouldn’t answer his phone! That’s how in the dark Dana was! Not only did not Nick keep his promise, but he wasted probably 50 to 100 press peoples time and money. All those people flew there so they could write articles for their newspapers or air highlights on the news. So, all those companys lose money. If Dana doesn’t give them a fight to write about, they are gonna be pissed. So, since Diaz was MIA, he did the smart, sure thing and gave them Condit. And you heard them all clap after the Condit – GSP promo video was played. They have jobs they gotta do as well. And in sports & entertainment, you need the media. If you are Dana, and your company is media driven, you gotta keep those guys happy. He doesn’t have the luxury of just saying F – them; he needs them as much as they need him. It was Dana’s call all the way, and he did the right thing. If he doesn’t punish that type of behaviour with a strong decision, then he risks it happening too easily again.

    • randy says:

      The people that write the news about his fights. The people that take his picture and make him look good. The people that just posted this statement by him. Oh, and the people who pay him. I don’t even watch the PR shit, but I understand why they have them and all the sports companies that attend. It is stupid shit but when all those people show up and you said you would be there, you better show up.

  68. truth says:

    Yeah…About what Diaz said about GSP not challenging Silva…..Nick, if Anderson Silva called you out today not only would you punk out…but you would leave the damn country.

  69. BobbO says:

    Nick made some good points here. I do agree that Georges should have asked them to keep Nick on the card, but at the end of the day he should have shown up. It doesn’t matter what Georges thinks anyway, It only matters what Dana thinks. There was alot more on the line. What if he didn’t show up for the fight? That would have been ugly for the UFC. ~BobbO

  70. walleye says:

    Boo Hoo…cry us a river, you just blew your chance at a title shot cause you cant look after your shit? Come on! in this job or any other your life revolves around the job…and Nick thinks everything revolves around him, honestly sounds like he wants everyone to kiss his ass. Condit will make an awesome champ and he can that Diaz for being such a fuck up.

  71. Ninjaman says:

    I understand that Diaz is man who justs wants to fight he in relationship terms a one night stand type of guy. He is not a stick around the next morning and make her breakfast guy, he’s not a marriage guy and thats why he did not show up at the wedding. At some point he will need to grow up and get more committed to the sport and stop being a selfish child. I look forward to Penn winning!

  72. Digs says:

    I’ve never heard of any other fighter in the UFC complain about having to fly anywhere to do anything for the UFC. Whether it’s shoot footage for a Primetime, or be a pressconference, or to fake some bullshit beef to hype the fight.

    Diaz is a sick fighter, but it takes a lot more than that these days to be a marketable fighter.

    Either way, UFC did him dirty and took a title shot out of his hands. Really they should have laid out a schedule of obligations for him….and Nick should get a PR assistant or an agent that can handle all this shit that’s above his comprehension.

    I’m hoping that after 137 the original matchups come to fruition. Condit v. Penn for the title. Diaz v. GSP out for bad blood.

    • randy says:

      I have never heard of anyone in any sport not showing up. Think about the couaches and players in other sports who have to give long ass interviews after they just lost. Oh poor Nick has to answer questions about how he thinks he will beat the shit out of someone. You do it all the time so what is the big deal.

  73. Hawaiian Warrior says:

    Nick is a warrior. Fighting is warfare. I want to see the best fighters fight. Fuck all that promoting bullshit.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, neither you nor I or Nick can stop it. Regardless it is soemthing he has to do. He knew and said fuck it. How many people do you know that say fuck my job and don’t show still have their job.

  74. 2 says:

    hahahha, every comment against nick is just a quote from dana or ufc press. fucking gsp zuffa nuthuggers. learn to think for yourself. gsp is lucky he doesnt have to get embarresed by nick. hopefully condit knocks gsps boring ass out so i dont have to watch any more 5 round lay and pray bullshit.

    • randy says:

      How many other fighters get to skip this shit. Seriously you are the one making excuses when every other athlete in every other sport have to do these interviews but Nick doesn’t. Why is it ok for him to say fuck when no one else ever does. God, he is a selfish prick that thinks he more special than any other athlete.

  75. henthemaster says:

    I think his whole f it attitude is marketable. Diaz knows what he’s doing he just didnt know it would cost him the title fight. Every sport needs someone like him. Rodman in the nba, t.o moss in the nfl, man ram in mlb.
    The reason gsp gets by with boring fights is his genuinely nice guy attitude (its hard to dislike him). If everyone was like Nick it wouldnt work, it would be chaos, but 1 or 2 guys like him in the promotion is needed. Also it like you said, makes a cleaned out ww division relevant again.

    Nick Diaz is probably the most underrated and misunderstood fighter around

    • randy says:

      No, it would be marketable if he refused to do it in the first place. What he did was say ok and then run and disappear. His trainer didn’t know where he was. Hell Nate had no idea. If he wasn’t ducking the fight, he would have let someone know he wasn’t going but assured them he would be at the fight. Seriously, if your fiance didn’t show up to the rehersal and couldn’t be contacted for three days. Would you assume she would be at the wedding?

  76. les says:

    Wow, there seems to be a lot of people on here who love to hate Nick Diaz. It’s disgusting.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, I hate him because he just fucked up a fight I really wanted to see. So if you just disappeared for three days and no one had any idea where you were, you would be upset when they were upset? He fucked this up for all of us fans. This would have been a great fight. Nick would have forced GSP to show all his old shit again.

  77. Curtis says:

    Nick i feel for u man i really do and it doesnt seem fair to pull u from the fight after 1 fuck up…… BUT u gotta chance to beat bj penn if u can do that in dominant fashion your gonna really look like a beast… and its gonna seem like george was scared of u. THo hes not. See unfortunately nick im a huge fan of urs but GSP isnt a fighter….. like u said.George is disciplined and calculated he is a step ahead which is why he will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time. So look at it like this u have a chance at 2 big paydays!!!

  78. Mike Diaz says:

    I can tell by reading this thread that now a days many people can not tell when someone is speaking from his heart, instead of blowing purposely calculated hot air. Saying that Diaz could never be on a World Championship level because he didn’t do the marketing is about as intelligent as saying Mike Tyson never would have reached Championship status if he would have refused to sign any autographs. When the UFC gets on the level that PPV boxing reached at its peak, I wonder if it will still hold pressers every week of the year(exagerating) and mandate the fighter to hault his training to attend a week long expo several times before his bout. MMA fans will look back in those days and call those days (UFC 137) the dark days with the UFC brass on egg shells to sell a fight. It is what it is…..PENN NATION!!!!!!

  79. Jason says:

    anyone who doesn’t see the truth in what Diaz is saying as far as UFC wanting to turn the title bout into a wrestling match probably has a GSP fathead in their room. GSP is a bitch who doesn’t want to fight a real fighter. He only wants to fight people that he will beat via decision.

    • slacker says:

      So, you mean when Dana went out of his way to make an unprecedented move and put together the first ever UFC – Strikeforce match, announcing it over 3 months ago (June 1st), he also had a private conversation with GSP at that time, telling him that under no circumstances was he allowed to take the fight to the ground? And he got GSP to agree, but then suddenly, 3 months later, he realized that GSP and his camp might actually decide that they were free to think for themselves and do the opposite, so he better pay off Nick to go MIA, royally piss off all the fans and media, just so he could switch up to an opponent that GSP would also take to the ground? Sound reasoning my friend. lol

    • randy says:

      Every fight GSP will be in will end in decision. No one is able to get past his defences. Sorry if I am wrong hear but when you break someone’s orbital bone in the first round isn’t that trying to finish a fight. That is what happened to Koschek. And yet he went four more rounds to decision for the title. Diaz can’t even attend PR conference.

  80. Richard says:

    If you’re a Diaz fan you think he makes sense.
    If you’re a GSP fan, you understand that he understands where his money is coming from.
    If you’re a UFC and fight fan, you should still want to see this fight.

    Regardless of all your opinions, seriously read this kids comments! He sounds like he’s calling for help. No on should be this angry! Someone watch this guy, pressure seems to be getting to him and I really don’t want to read on here later that he offed himself.

    • randy says:

      That is a really good point, never saw it that way. I really want to see this fight and that is why I am pissed. Why didn’t he just go to it. I don’t understand why he would take such a risk on the biggest moment of his life. I mean at least talk to someone before you disappear like that. When I look at the picture it just makes me think of a kid who fucked up really bad. But there still has to be consequences. This is a very big deal. I have never heard of anyone doing this.

  81. warrior says:

    I like Diaz, but all he had to do was show up to the press conference! Any smart fighter here knows that the road to the top requires sacrifice and dedication. Every other UFC fighter dreams of a title shot. They remind us every time their hand gets raised after a fight. He had his chance and forgot where he came from. Any fighter here knows if a UFC scout recognizes you, you will jump on it and show up to every meeting. Now he is pointing fingers at GSP? What the hek? Diaz was in control of his own destiny. And its funny how fighters complain they dont get paid enough. Promoting the organization is part of making the big bucks. When Condit got the call, he cried and was immediately on his way to Canada! Now that’s hunger! No excuses for not showing up.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, that is what GSP meant about commitment. Even if it was a video shoot he still would have to attend. I mean this is the UFC title. You do everything they tell you to. It fucking sucks but they have the control and the power.

  82. justscrapfoo says:

    Does this seem likely after BJ posting dat video about them trying to get him to talk about Diaz? I think so. There are strings unseen to the public eye..there always is with big corps and etc. Did you see Diaz vs. Daley? Or basically all of Diaz’s fights? You’re crazy to think Nick wanted to back out…which leaves me back to point one…he ain’t scared and maybe…honestly..didn’t know…homie. All in all supportin’ gsp up in hurrr need to check yourself. Peace.

    • randy says:

      I am not saying I hate Diaz, I wanted this fight. I mean he got the chance that we all wish we could get. Yet he blows off this kind of shit. It is just immature and irresponsible. He has to let go of his ego and do what he agreed to do. We all hate authority and doing the stupid pointless shit they tell us to. But we do it.

  83. Artemis Entreri says:

    Nick should be on ritalin.

  84. Troy says:

    Just a fighter not a martial artist. Nick should grow up and be more responsible for his job. Y

  85. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    BJ and Nick are both REALFIGHTERS who love to put on ashow for the fans. i can’t wait to see these two legends and warriors of the sport go at it. This fight should be the main event. GSP is goling to try and and avoid fighting Condit as much as possible look for the most boring lay npray attemped rape by GSP have ever done. GSP has done so much to damage his legacy by point fighting and avoiding fighting in general and I think it has alot to do with Greg jackson. most people think Matt Serra ruined the old GSP who used to come to fight. We haven’t see the old GSP since his epic beatdown of Jon Fitch

    • slacker says:

      All the top level fighters utilize a more conservative, strategic approach so they can hold onto their belts longer. In boxing for example. Lennox Lewis and Roy Jones used to work off and stay behind their amazing jabs all the time. They never took unnecessary risks with big punchers or brawlers. Why risk it when you have so much skill? Or Floyd Mayweather. He tried it for a round with Mosley, got rocked hard a couple times, then came out and grinded out a cautious, but dominant fight all the way to the 12th round. It’s smart. You can hold onto your belt much longer. That’s what GSP is doing as we all know. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you are fairly dominant and displaying a great skill set. Just watch. Jon Jones will be the same kind of fighter as GSP. As the competition in MMA is improving, the top level guys are getting smarter, not dumber.

    • randy says:

      If nothing else we will just get to see two great title fights instead of one.

  86. Dale Samson says:

    Is he not kinda missing the whole point? Maybe if he did all the “PR S**t” people would be more interested in him!
    He says no one wants to “come on a ride” with him, well do more press and “PR s**t” and more people might want “ride with him”
    Yes being ready for the fight is important but not if they dont hype the fight and no one watches it!
    Nick,you bitched and moaned for years that you dont get paid enough or get enough respect then when you get the chance of a life time, you blew it!

  87. Aikidoka says:

    Love him or hate him, Nick’s just gotta know how to play the game. The bottom line is that the UFC is a business that has rules. Nick’s an employee, and if he doesn’t follow the rules…he don’t get paid!!! Also, Nick is a born fighter. And a good one. I’ll give him that. But Martial Arts is about honor and respect. If MMA and the UFC is gonna continue to grow, especially in mainstream TV, the fighters are going to have to show that. Bow, shake hands, beat each others brains out, and then bow and shake hands again. Nick will get his chance at GSP again if he just learns to play the game.

  88. kris says:

    go cry to your mama nick…. nobody wants to hear that shit.. if you have gone to the [expletive] presscon then none of this would have happened.. you the one who bitched out idiot

  89. Professor Ike Crossman says:

    Theres a lotta stuff these star mma guys go thru… Press conferences… Nick, kick the fuck out of the press guys,,,,… (start with Anderson Cooper on CNN.).. Honestly Nick is gonna get his Dick kicked in by the BJ Penn… This fight with BJ would be a good time for Diaz to stay home…. Diaz is a great fighter but he hasnt got enough greatness for Hawaii’s BJ Penn.

  90. LatinDg says:

    This idiot won’t last in the UFC. Been a pro fighter for how long? Get your shit together ass hole…

  91. unknown says:

    I think Diaz is right about saying that st pierre has no committement. Because if he did he wouldnt of went along with everyone and said I still want to fight him regarding what the public thought. You guys think he is a douchbag or he is dumb but he is not. He is a real great fighter and has some of the best fights ever recorded. Honestly I think he has alot of heart and always makes a great opponent. He is really hard to figure out and is always hard to beat.

  92. Shelby says:

    Nick can fight the best of them no doubt. he’s a talented ass kicker. he needs verbal representation. he’s not the best speaker and needs someone to speak for him. Unfortunately, BJ will kick his ass because he can and Diaz will be out of the picture for a long time. I’d like to see Diaz fight GSP but I’d also like to see the prodigy show up and win and stop his crying about it was’nt my fault.
    We all work hard for a living and not all deals come to us. sometimes we have to go to them. Diaz own up!

  93. Kris says:

    What a fuckn cry baby!

  94. LEPp says:

    There sure is alot. Of. GaySP fans on
    This site,and nick is. Right. . But. It. Seems like the. Ufc and. The. Fans are. Starting to. Get soft. …..if. you are not. A fighter don’t judge so hard. …..its. the ultimate fighter not the ultimate press confrence

  95. BJ Rocks says:

    Sanchez, Sherk, and Florian came to fight BJ and lost. Sanchez and Sherk fought Diaz to survive and won a pathetic decision they should not have one. GSP fought BJ to survive and won a pathetic decision followed by an even more pathetic stoppage. BJ,Diaz, and Condit fight to win.

  96. Doobs says:

    Dick niaz Wow tough guy cry a bit more why would gorges say something do what you gotta do and shut the fuck up maybe they can film you crying

  97. george says:

    diaz is scared of bj penn. bj already fuc-ed him up one time before. he don’t want to fight bj again,but he will just so he don’t get kicked out of ufc.

  98. I understand what Nick’s saying. He’s not whining. He’s pointing out the FACT that our fighting sport… is primarily focused on marketing rather than fighting. He’s a fighter… through and through… and truly has given himself to fighting… whereas others… (more marketable guys) are filmed driving to the gym… training… giggling like school girls and whatnot. Nick is a true competitor. He didn’t want to be apart of the gay ass filming.. which… i dont blame him.. that shit is WWF stuff. Nick wants to fight. And I dont blame him. I’d be pissed off too.

  99. randy says:

    They are both great fighters but seriously look at GSP’s record on wikipedia. He has fought the best and beat them. He doesn’t show all his skill now but it is still there. One thing you have to give GSP credit for though, he controls every fight.

  100. adrian says:

    i dont like nick diaz AT ALL especially after the shit he pulled with the mayhem miller mob job, but i do agree with this interview. GSP IS A BITCH for not taking the anderson silva fight, always talking about how he wants to fight the best. i wish the cards haven’t been switched, but still its going to be a bad ass card that i’m guaranteed to watch. WAR PENN ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!

  101. Larry Perriman says:

    Wow!!! I read all of your posts, along with Nick D’s statement/explanation. Confusing bunch of patter about everything but what one should be asking themselves. Nick has a manager, I assume, along with a trainer and sparring partners, etc. And Nick wants us, the public, to buy his story and that none of his entourage told him he better get to the PC or PR or video shoot, or whatever?
    I don’t buy it. His managerial or training team would have insured that Nick Knew he was supposed to hop on the plane.
    I can hear the exchange in my head right now between Nick and his office.
    “Nick, ya gotta get on the plane and do the promo s (expletive) you said you were gonna do to promote this f(expletive) fight.
    F(expletive) that s(expletive) No M(expletive) came and got me
    I ain’t gonna go “pretend” to be mad at GSP standing in some hallway like Sonnen. That ain’t me. I dont do commercial s(expletive)
    Having said that, I truly believe Nick Diaz is one of the most gifted fighters we could hope to watch. His stand up is “in your face” and his ground game is equally sound. I have watched Nick in every one of his televised bouts and relished the anticipated event……but have leatrned not to hope for much post fight likability, until just lately.
    He has earned his Bad Boy image, and rightly so because he never fails to perform well in the ring during the fight.
    He is just very disappointing to me personally because I want my son to like the whole person, not just the fighter. and Nick’s post fight persona is just not very likeable.
    Clean up your Bad Boy image nick and i think you’ll find your fan base will explode overnight. People want “a Hero” a fighter who is a nice guy. In fact that is what attracted me to the UFC and other MMA events in the first place, was I saw two guys trying to punch each other and rip limbs off or break bones, etc. And then help the defeated foe up from the canvas where he had spent the last 15 minutes trying to put him.
    Sportsmanship has helped make MMA fan friendly. Nothing less will keep it so.

  102. King Gareth says:

    Nick Diaz is extremely underrated. He runs triathalons, he is an athlete. If he faught GSP it would be a good fight, unless GSP rubs his package on him the whole time.
    People say Nick Diaz is cocky, but who has proved him wrong so far?? nobody.
    I think GSP did duck the fight, and found a convenient out.
    If Diaz doesn’t have what it takes to be champion, why didn’t Georges prove it by fighting him?!
    Diaz doesn’t have to clean up his image. Why be someone you’re not just to please people who dont care about you?!

  103. sgt thai clone says:

    If they eventually meet up,This might have been a good thing,Now that Diaz is really angry at GSP, can you picture Diaz taunting him from the face-off, it will be epic seing GSP soil his pants in fear…

  104. travis says:

    fuck the press fock georges to if Diaz doesnt want to do a press conference and talk shit about his opponent then why should he i hope Calos Condit beats georges ass so we dont have to hear about that his bitches ass anymore hes not a true champion if he was he would finishe a fight instead of getting off from laying on top of real men like he wishes he was….and if georges fagit ass does get lucky and win against Carlos Condit i still dont think georges wants to fight Diaz because he knows he will get a real ass whooping from a real cagefighter …………Diaz is better and everyone knows that even dana thats why he stopped that fight and again fuck the press talking doesnt win a match fighting does!!!!!!!!!!

  105. polo says:

    Gsp is the Floyd Mayweather of Boxing, Gsp has finally come across the one opponent that might beat him and is making it hard for Nick Diaz to get a match with him. Ever since he won the title is just seems like he does very little in the cage, he only does enough to win the round. The last fight he had was a perfect example of what im talking about. The guys fighting on the undercard were more exciting than the GSP main event because those guy dont have the title yet and they were fighting there hearts out.

  106. Fat Franklin says:

    Real fighters fight. Dana White knew what he was getting with Nick. I blame Dana for thinking he could get Nick to change his ways. Nick is going to bring it in the cage every time he fights. He is not going to bring it to the beauty pageant.

  107. Mma Fan says:

    The article reads like Mad-Libs. I find it pretty fun to read and insert my own spicy words. Nick still has respect for BJ when he made the comment that BJ would fight right away if called a Biaotch. As opposed to GSP who would do nothing in that given situation. War Diaz!


  108. Kevin says:

    All you fags riding gsp’s cock need to go eat a dick, nick is the most under rated fighter PERIOD and for gsp to bak outta this to fight his buddy proves that nick will fight anybody anytime anywhere why? Cuz he’s a mother fuckin fighter and he doesnt care what any half ass critic like the dummies above state, gsp won’t fight nick cuz he knows once he loses that’s the end of his IFC career he’ll b bak to fighting has beens! Gsp isn’t a fighter he’s a poster boy that’s all he cares about taking whatever fight will make him look better, if your the champ you need to fight the best that’s what makes u a champ not a bitch that bakst out to fight ur buddy but at least nick can show you idiots in feb that Carlos can’t stand with nick just like gsp can’t stand with nick. Next year nick will b champ gsp can’t dodge nick forever, mark my words! This strangely reminds me of the kj noons fight when kj kept dodging nick trying to say nobody wanted to see him fight nick but guess what? They had to strip kj cuz he like gsp was a bitch and wouldn’t fight nick, but he couldn’t dodge nick forever.. And what happened once they did finally meet again? Nick fucked his ass up!!!

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