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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 03:28 pm

Nick Diaz NSAC Appeal Loses Momentum Before It Even Starts

Yesterday we released a story in regards to the Nick Diaz failed marijuana test that cited an official appeal from his attorney that’s calling for the NSAC to take no action against Diaz for the alleged infraction.

While releasing their official response directly to the state of Nevada (That can be found by clicking here), The legal team of Diaz spoke to ESPN and stated the following:

“Marijuana is the only substance that is prohibited; not marijuana metabolites. The basis to discipline Mr. Diaz is that he tested positive for a prohibited substance. We know he didn’t test positive for marijuana. So, you look to see at WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] whether marijuana metabolites are prohibited. They do not prohibit it in any category. You have to test positive for marijuana, as opposed to this inactive ingredient Nick did.

If there’s nothing in the rules prohibiting marijuana metabolites, why are we here?”

Now The Nevada Deputy Attorney General has fired back through


Christopher Eccles, a Nevada deputy attorney general who represents the state athletic commission, referred telephone calls and email messages to public information officer Jennifer M. Lopez.

In a written statement, Lopez said, “Not only did Nick Diaz violate the law by testing positive for marijuana metabolites, but he also lied to the Commission on his Pre-Fight Questionnaire when he swore that he had not used any prescribed medications in two weeks before the fight.”

Goodman, though, is confident he has a case that will hold up and will enable Diaz to escape a suspension and/or a fine.

The difference between having the active ingredient for marijuana in one’s system and having marijuana metabolites is significant, Goodman said. WADA does not prohibit marijuana use outside of competition.



Doesn’t sound very promising, does it?

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49 Responses to “Nick Diaz NSAC Appeal Loses Momentum Before It Even Starts”

  1. EdSoares says:

    This will be drawn out or a while.

    Just make up some ridiculous story and get your suspension cut in half.

    Hell, lie about the CSAC’s Director.

  2. bart says:

    So stupid! Its perfectly fine for fighters to get drunk off there ass and act fuckn dumb and fuck thier liver and body all up though. Legalize it!!!!

  3. bart says:

    So stupid! Its perfectly fine for fighters to get drunk off there ass and act fuckn dumb and fuck thier liver and body all up though. Legalize it!!!

  4. Who left J-Lo in charge anyway?

  5. Gouldx87 says:

    why does a retired fighter care if he gets suspended anyway?

  6. Thom says:

    the whole situation is bs even the diaz haters know it.. there was nothing in diaz’ body that gave him any kind of advantage in the fight, the NSAC hates Nick and they’ll suspend him for 12 months believe me.

    • Gouldx87 says:

      Agreed smoking weed is in no way gonna help you win a fight

    • John says:

      doesnt have anything to do with whether it helps him or not (which it does help with his anxiety issues) the fact is its illegal and against the rules of the commission he was fighting under

      • Kc says:

        Except that it’s not illegal or against the rules of the commission he was fighting under. NSAC follows WADA rules, of which Diaz broke nothing.

      • Kc says:

        Except for the fact that it’s NOT illegal or against the rules of the commission he was fighting under. NSAC follows WADA rules. Diaz didn’t break a single WADA rule. I’m no rocket scientist but I do believe that implies he didn’t break NSAC rules either. Keith Kizer fucked himself again.

  7. Tyler says:

    Marijuana metabolites stay in your system longer than two weeks so they can’t say that he lied to the commission. If Nick gets screwed by this the commission is fully corrupt.

    • Jam TayLor says:

      They are going to bust him for lying is all they are going to do. Since his camp has said multiple times he stopped smoke 8 days before the fight. Which is within that 2 week mark for prescribed meds, which he has a card for prescribed weed.

      • zetoe666 says:


        it is nothing more than a doctor’s recommendation. you will never hear a doctor say “hey, im prescribing you 3 grams of cannabis a day, to be inhaled 2 times a day.”

        to say that he is lying about taking prescription drugs, is complete fucking bullshit.
        the word used is “recommendation” not “prescription”

        • charlie bronson says:

          i recommend all of yall get lobotomies.
          u r just trolls

          but i will say in cali where he has that card it is considered prescription meds on their fight commish and nevadas does follow calis so he does have a case for bein a liar

  8. ndp says:

    This is interesting in a lot of ways. The same problem is with driving in europe: if they found you positive to marijuana metabolities it’s a s*itload of troubles while in fact makes no sense. If you are a smoker you are basically at risk of jail/big fines everytime you take a car, even if you haven’t smoked in the last week and are perfectly sober.

  9. Gomi says:

    The very last two lines eliminates whatever argument the commission dude had.

    So the headline and the last question is irrelevant. (Sal) Goodman will own NSAC.

  10. Nando says:

    I don’t see him going anywhere with this especially considering he lied when he took the questionnaire. He shouldn’t care much if he’s suspended though.

  11. BS Laws need NORML reform! says:

    Nick ended up losing 40% of his purse and getting suspended for 12 months because of an inactive substance?!! Since he made around $250,000 in disclosed monies, that equals out to around $100,000 for the “leftovers” from a joint! Unfortunately, those metabolites are the same thing that employers look for in your piss test and they can last up to 30 days after you last smoked. It is the complete BS that the government keeps telling everyone and lying about constantly. It is the same reason hemp is banned, even though that will never ever get any 1 loaded in anyway, around the country and makes America look like a bunch of jackasses because the rest of the industrialized world uses it. It is an amazing biofuel and textile use product. I honestly want to know as well if alcohol is a banned substance from the athletic commission? There are a lot of fighters that have had issues with alcohol before and they’ve never been busted by the commissions have they? And now they say he could have gotten a waiver for his medical use? Sure tell the guy after you already make the decision. Doesn’t matter his doctor is monitoring his use for it now, and that they could have made the waiver retroactive!! What about Tyson Griffin? He never had a perscription, and they never even bothered fining him or letting people know that he tested positive. Completely messed up bias. I guess his character outside of the ring is why he is being punished now?! This is really silly stuff.

    • jonesy says:

      who told you tha is what he lost ?? 40%? he has not beenfined yet ..who do u think u are? nate

    • zetoe666 says:

      alcohol is a banned substance as well, but its out of your system within 24 hours, so a fighter would have to be shit hammered during the fight to test positive right after the fight.

      sidenote: Marijuana naysayers need to watch “The Union” on netflix or anywhere else online. Learn the truth about the plant, not what the government wants you to believe.

  12. best opinion on the nets says:

    Marijuana is good for the human race. Over the counter narcotics do nothing but FUCK PEOPLE UP. Godamnd government is so full of fucking shit. And these idiots who say its bad are ignorant. FUck this world already. I am ready for the end.

  13. John says:

    How did he lie? Maybe he smoked it 3 weeks prior, which is legal. This whole thing is so stupid. They found trace elements in his system, meaning he may not have even smoked at all. He may have just been in a room with someone who did smoke…like maybe his brother. And why is the NSAC even putting this out on yahoo. So unprofessional!

  14. Fred says:

    Violate the law by testing positive for marijuana metabolites? Medical marijuana is legal in both Nevada and California. Dunno what JLO is smoking. Only thing I can see messing Diaz’s appeal up is the pre-fight questionnaire because he said no prescription medication within 2 weeks prior. On the appeal they admitted to stopping 8 days before fight.

  15. jbeamazing says:

    hey hey hey hey…………………………………………………………….Smoke weed every day

  16. Chartmonster says:

    Smoke that dumb ass Diaz..his asss is grass.. His career is up in smoke..THC ..DVDs.. Mp3s sing it snoop dogg! Suspend him for 6 month and call it a day.

  17. Zack says:

    The only reason weed is illegal is cuz they can’t make money off it. And they can’t tell if your ” drivin under the influence” and fine you or arrest you. It would put everything else out of business. Look at all these pills that have terrible side effects. Take this to help with your back pain but your heart might explode or you might get cancer. Cigarettes kill thousands a year yet they continue to sell them and advertise them Like it’s no big deal. Same with alcohol. The us government is full of a bunch of faggots that are gunna burn in hell. Vote Ron Paul if you have a brain

    • victor_zsasz says:

      weed is not illegal! the TH inside the marijuana is illegal, not the whole thing, the plant is safe, the active drug inside, being the THC, is illegal

    • victor_zsasz says:

      weed/marijuana is not illegal! the THC is illegal, but not the plant itself, just like cigarettes, its not the fag thats illegal, its the nicotine, THC/weed cant be made illegal! the government threatens you with laws, but its not illegal, ONLY the THC!

  18. korine says:

    If medical card is issued every state should recognize it. I haven’t heard of any other prescriptions invalidate a fight.

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