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Thursday, 02/02/2012, 05:45 am

Nick Diaz Not Happy With UFC's Edit Job In UFC 143 Lead Up (Video)

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26 Responses to “Nick Diaz Not Happy With UFC's Edit Job In UFC 143 Lead Up (Video)”

  1. onanz says:

    Fuck you homie!

  2. I guess says:

    To some people image is everything

  3. WTF says:

    Nick Diaz doesn’t even know WTF he is saying!He sure is a hell of a fighter but man……he has a very low IQ!

  4. CanILive says:

    cause he never said Where you at carlos?! lmao i knew they edited that shit

    • lol…. this is true talks. They did edit it. Watch the end of the BJ fight he yells “where you at Georges?” and they musta dubbed Carlos. Diaz didn’t even know he was fighting Carlos until long after his last fight… unless he said “where you at Carlos” after he said “where you at George” calling them both out.

  5. aaxantonio says:

    nicks unhappy? big surprise

  6. guamy says:

    cant see the video FYI.

  7. Kyra says:

    Leave it to Fox to edit shit how they want. Crazy that they do that. Typical Fox.
    Diaz is actually a smart guy. He speaks the truth. Don’t hate, he’s a great fighter!

  8. Joseph says:

    Is Diaz ever happy about anything? He will be a nobody once GSP is thru w him..

  9. Yes says:

    Classic Asperger syndrome.

  10. 12thman says:

    Nick always makes me feel awkward during his interviews lol but talking doesn’t matter what he’s done in the cage is why i respect him .

  11. Bootch says:

    He talks like a 7th grader!!

    • sandman says:

      have you dealt with any kind of emotional trauma in your youth? It can cause Arrested Development (and i’m not talking about the TV show). nicks body language and behavior leans towards that diagnosis. however, this is only when he is on media tape. in real life, he looks like a normal dude doing whatever with his friends.
      all you smack talkers need to learn some respect, or did you get beat up in the 7th grade by someone like nick? if so, you probably deserved it.
      and for the comment about diaz being a gsp fan… i doubt it. he wouldn’t be calling out the canuck if he even thought he would lose to him. the money is nice, but he ain’t broke. just ask his financial adviser.

  12. slacker says:

    He seemed to be a bit more relaxed in today’s video. He definitely knows he would lose to GSP. Kept repeating about how strong he was. He might as well just have admitted he was a fan! If Diaz manages to get that fight, I will be happy for him that he gets a nice, big paycheque. I think he will be happy to take his beating to get it.

  13. STROWS says:

    sure is a good thing he is a fighter cause damn he is dumb!!!

  14. Kyra says:

    Diaz is the man. Just because he doesn’t speak like a scholar, does not make him stupid. He actually thinks A LOT before he speaks. Something more people should actually do. He is not even close to being the thug, most would want you to believe he is. Top of the food chain.

  15. Bob Dole says:

    this guy is never happy… first he talks about not having a house… getting big fights which leads him to have money for a house but not the time.. never happy… i can sort of understand why so many people like him because like Nick Diaz a lot of people like to complain and are more happy being sad than actually happy.

  16. dave says:

    fuk diaz really cant do interveiws hahah..but he is the best ww out there,…even if he loses he is still the best ww .//just cuz he dont know how to fight for points he loses,,he gets robbed cuz his pure fighter style…i hope he can get passed condit,,nick really deserve this fight,..he was going to go boxing but dana said he would give him a title shot…

  17. GUAMY says:

    dana’s a big corporate prick head. they pay there fighters shit, and cut them for not being marketable. same thing that is wrong with america today is big corporate GREED. fuck you dana and sopa/pipa. COWARD stand up for the people who put the money in your pocket bitch.

  18. jacob lee says:

    lol thats right.

  19. WTF says:

    Who the fuck is talking about GSP bitch?!?!?cause im sure as hell I didn’t mention GSP around here!!!get that thought of him dry humping you OUT of your mind, diaz nutt swallower’!

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