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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 11:37 am

Nick Diaz No Shows UFC 137 Pre-Fight Media Call

At this point in time it should come as no surprise that Nick Diaz doesn’t play by the rules.

This afternoon is just the most recent example of that.

Today the UFC scheduled their typical pre-fight media call and scheduled to appear was BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, Matt Mitrione and Cheick Kongo. All fighters, except Nick Diaz, took the time out of their schedules to talk to the media and field questions about next week’s UFC 137 pay-per-view event.

With the fight just 10-days out, Nick is still up to his old antics. The next stop on the media tour will be the pre-fight press conference next Wednesday in Las Vegas. All things considered, one has to wonder if he will continue on his road of silence and missed appearances or if he will start to play the game come fight week.

With the absence of Diaz, Penn took the call over by himself and answered many questions from the media. He confirmed the UFC has not approached him about a five round fight. He stated that he thinks Nick Diaz has the best boxing in all of MMA and he had nothing but good things to say about his UFC 137 opponent.

We will have the Audio of the call hosted shortly for your listening pleasure.

Stay tuned…

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48 Responses to “Nick Diaz No Shows UFC 137 Pre-Fight Media Call”

  1. GP says:

    Why should Nick Diaz change? He’s employed by a fighting organization, not some corporations HR department.

    • Double H says:

      Because, dummy, he is a professional and that’s what professionals do.

      • bryan mccarroll says:

        he is a professional yes….but a professional fighter !!!—there has to be some attitute…its why the nfl sucks now and the nba….the athletes act like professionals=lame

        • Double H says:

          So how about nobody in any sport show up to any media calls, no one does interviews of any sort or any marketing anymore. Ever. Just show up for the game. No commercials, nothing. Should be fun for us fans.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          I would enjoy that the real reason you’re watching them is to see them play the GAME right? Not to watch commercials and interviews.

        • Double H says:

          So you never watch a lead-up to a fight? Never seen Countdown to UFC (insert number)? Really? Odd.

        • Nomorebeatypageants says:

          yeah that would be just horrible… think were we would be at, if we didn´t get the answer to important questions like “how do you expect to win?”, “how did your camp go?” or Joe Rogan screaming about the biggest fight in history… all we would have left would be the boring fighting in the cage thing… think about Sonnen for gods sake…

  2. Brave Reply says:

    I know it would be on EXTREMELY short notice but I say Yank Diaz out and have Bj fight Condit for the #1 contender. Just wishful thinking as a fan.

    • MMAFan says:

      No way, Condit is waiting for GSP to heal anyway. Penn vs Diaz sounds sick on the ground or standing up. Penn vs Condit? Condit has earned the chance at GSPs belt, Penn has fought GSP twice and a third time almost seems pointless.
      Penn looks way better than he has since the last fight he had with GSP but I feel Condit has a real chance of finishing off GSP and Diaz and Penn sounds more exciting than Penn and Condit.

  3. respectexpected says:

    Anyone who dislikes Dana White or the way the UFC is running things will love Nick Diaz. The guy’s a fighter, for him you can schedule a fight and he will be there trained and ready for war. Just don’t expect to hang out and ask him a bunch of questions before the fight. Hit that shit

  4. AJ says:

    BJ and Condit for interim title! Winner fights GSP whenever he’s healthy! F DIAZ!

  5. Mo says:

    I like that idea, It was bj vs condit to begin with anyways!

  6. Cody says:

    Dude diaz vs kosh wouldent even make sense. Kosh has no business in the welterweight devision anymore none the less face a top contender. Diaz vs penn makes more sense than anything. From the time the card was made it should have been penn vs diaz and condit vs gsp.

  7. steven horgan says:

    1 because its part of his job,2 he said he would do it…it all works out 4 diaz not turning up, more time to train and concentrate on the fight……he should be penalised again and im even a big fan of his, its an advantage for him not to show up and just having to concentrate on training….bj is taking time out of his schedule for all this stuff, just shows his dedecation to fans and the ufc

  8. Jack says:

    Keep defending this bum ass clowns. I know a hundred people that would kill for a shot. Hope this dude gets crippled in the fight

  9. Doker Jay says:

    Diaz is trying to prove a point to the UFC…If your a Diaz fan you should be trying to pull for him when it comes to time so we can all see whats going to Happen. Either Diaz is going to prove a point and try and demolish Penn (friends of not) in the first round, or show off all rounds because he can..either way Diaz VIA What Ever He Wants.
    GSP is a little cherry pickin faggot…if he really wanted to prove to the world how good of a fighter he is and that he is Champ, he should have pulled for the Diaz GSP card himself to prove that when its Champ vs Champ, the real Champ should WIN…Diaz.

    If the UFC was going to change the card up at all, it should be Penn VS Alves. Penn Hasnt done anything to be top contender, but knock some cobwebs out of Hughes, but thats by default, look whats Kos did to him as well.

    Changed Card should Be….

    Penn vs Alves
    Diaz vs Lauzon

    and Crop Cop should be let go by the UFC before he dies lol. Its Sad Seeing his rubber ass go down after a big hit.

    • Brave Reply says:

      WTF?!!!! Diaz vs Lauzon? different weight class smart guy AND Lauzon fought less than 2 weeks ago you fucking idiot.
      And why in the fucking world would Alves be in the mix?

  10. Doker Jay says:

    Twas a Joke, Back Seat MMA Black Belt Fags lol. Relax…Instead of baggin on Nick Diaz Medicine, Maybe you should try it and get off the P^.. this isnt fucking football queer bate So just fucking eat cock and relax. Dont be faggot.

    • Brave Reply says:

      lmao!! HAHAHAHAHA Let me get this right. You ran your mouth about something you know nothing about, Lauzon fighting at WW and we called you on it. And now your saying it was a joke?!! Nice try you scrub. You ARE a fucking JOKE!!
      FYI- I smoke better shit than Diaz does

  11. steven horgan says:

    doker jay i stopped reading that shit after you said diaz by whatever he wants…just an uneducated stupid fucking comment by a guy that doesent know shit about mma………..

  12. Doker Jay says:

    haha it never fails..i love immature guys.

    Chaels, Id fuck you deep in your ass while u cry, and I slapped the shit out of your ears from the back boy.. teach you what Being a man is all about. U prolly call yourself Chaels Son cause are bastard or dont know who their daddy is huh…Well im your daddy now bitch so you can Change your name to “Jays Bitch” next time you reply. I wont be mad, I give you permission.

    Brave..Diaz doesnt smoke shit..Thats for nasty ass crack heads that snort shit. Not into Drugs Sorry. and No, i chose lauzon cause there was apicture of him on main page, and I could think of any one due to the fact im working and have a fucking life, to sit here and analyze whats going to make you faggots happy, so id rather piss your little girlyboys off by saying one wrong thing.

    See Ive trained with UFC fighters, Strikeforce fighter, and Big John, and alot more, I know this sport, I have 5 bouts under me, undefeated, and continueing. So brave, After I fuck Chaels ass, You can taste it on my dick while we watch my highlight reel bitch.

    • Brave Reply says:

      Hey Fag were legalizing Civl Unions here in Hawaii just for you. MMA fighter what a JOKE you are. Awesome TROLL job, basically your saying you come on here to tyoe some made up BS to get a rise out of people. Yes You have a LIFE! Must be really great if you gotta come one here and make bold uneducated statements.
      IMMATURE hahahahahahahaha turn around and look in the mirror, youll see the FAGGOT that you are.

  13. Doker Jay says:

    and Steve, your lil bitch ass can lick my toes.

    Diaz will win, due to strikes AKA what he wants = what ever he wants. Does that make sence to you, or are with these other fuckin retards?

  14. Doker Jay says:

    IM sick and tired of all you backseat MMA fighters thinking this is some fucking fantasy football leage.

    Instead of being an Uncle Tom, You all are a bunch of fucking Dana Whites.

    get in the Cage, Get your bell rung, throw some fucking leather around, get your heart beating and your sences moving…itll give you a wholllle other aspect of the fight game and mind set. You never faught before, then shut your fucking mouth….If you train and dont fight, then shut your fucking mouth…unless your in there jacked up and good to go with an opponent, then talk to me. other than that, your all a bunch of fake ass dumb shits that see UFC at its face value.


    • Brave Reply says:

      U fucking idiot. Everything in the world is worth FACE VALUE. Keep talking BS like ur some kind of MMA fighter. Only queers like you have to come on a thread and post their resume. My 3 year old son could come here and say hes a fighter and theres no way to prove hes not. Keep hiding behind your screen you scrub. Go sit at the kids table this is for grown ups.

  15. Doker Jay says:

    Lmao lol buncha crazy Jungle bunnies lol.

    Bitch you are my day job lol.

    C’mon faghags… Pound away at your lil keyboards like crazed fags for coke lol.

    Your 3 yo sons a faggot ass bitch… Just like his dad.

    See, im like Hendo… Not much of a talker, but ill shut your fuckin mouth like he did Bisping.

  16. steven horgan says:

    undefeated ha ha what a joke…go back to gay bitches that like sucking your toes , you dont know shit, you aint shit and you just a keyboard warrior living out a little fantasy in your head about fighting in a cage..if you knew anything about mma ya would know bj has fought and beat guys that beat diaz , and champions..diaz is good but your delusional diaz fantasy of him beating bj is stupider than your posts..stick to what you know best male foot fetishes..

  17. Doker Jay says:

    Sorry guys cant reply. Im going to go train at Big Johns, then off To BlackHouse.

    Enjoy typing to eachother bout the lives u wish you had an lived lol, getting all pissed at for nothing.

  18. steven horgan says:

    big john is his mother…and i can actualy say i believe ya about black house..thats where he goes to get his toes sucked in abandoned houses with no light getting his toes sucked by crack heads….we all enjoy our lives buddy we dont have to come on to bj penn . com and live a fake fantasy about fighting in a cage…enjoy your time at blackhouse bitch

  19. steve says:

    idk why any of you don’t want to see the diaz vs bj fight. im looking forward to that fight more than any other in the past. like they both have sick boxing and sick jiu jitsu.

  20. Ninjaman says:

    It is not appropriate for a proffesional fighter to not evolve as a person in the sport. Yes they are proffesional fighters and the sport is more then just fighting. This sport has grown because Dana White has marketed it to ensure people are aware of events and expos and all that jazz. For Iaz to simply say I am just a fighter is selfish and not what the sport needs to grow.

  21. Beard Fasade, dammit says:

    A biased article from Pedro? No wayyyyyy

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