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Sunday, 05/13/2012, 08:56 am

Nick Diaz No Shows For His BJJ Super-Fight With Braulio Estima

Continuing a long pattern throughout his career, Nick Diaz decided to no show last night, for his BJJ superfight with Braulio Estima. The match had been finalized for weeks, and with the event broadcasting live via web stream from the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, BJJ and MMA fans from around the world were very excited for the match up.

As of Saturday morning, rumors were flying about the match being in jeopardy due to Estima not being at the agreed upon weight of 180lbs.  Estima, who flew from the UK to make the commitment, was supposedly told to weigh in at 180lbs on the Friday prior to the bout, but according to multiple sources, was 9lbs over.  Upon hearing the news, Diaz was said to be very upset, as he felt Estima had not done his part to come in at the agreed weight.  To be fair, Estima did in fact make the agreed weight the following day, and with the tough weight cut, it only would have served to Nick’s advantage during the match.  So that again begs the question, why not just show up and compete?

Nick’s history with this type of behavior has almost become legendary though.  Along with being known to no-show seminars, previous issues when trying to put together fights with names like Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and as recently as last year with Georges St. Pierre, have all left a sour taste in fans mouths.  Nick’s actions last night, only amplified his previous bad judgement calls, as fans in person, along with all the viewers who spent money on the live stream, were all told that Nick was not there to compete (Estima was actually on the mat waiting for Diaz to show up).

For all his exciting fights, and brilliant performances, there seems to be an equal amount of disappointment from fans around the world. We should all know by now, that Nick Diaz only marches to the beat of his own drum, but at what point will MMA fans get tired of these antics? And in the end, will this be a case of a fighters success inside the cage, being overshadowed by his actions outside the cage?


115 Responses to “Nick Diaz No Shows For His BJJ Super-Fight With Braulio Estima”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    becuase Nicks so fucking Real he does not put up with this fools Bullshit. dont come in on weight? you dont get to fight.. trying to come in 10 pounds heavier. douche.

    • Shogun says:

      Doesnt explain why hes done this bullshit his whole career, but you know what does? The fact hes a fucking cry-baby bitch!

    • Michael dolgos says:

      Hey dumb shit he made weight

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Dude… Estima so egregious missed weight they had to renegotiate for Estima just to make 185lbs instead of 180lbs. Estima never made 180lbs. Both parties are at fault for being unprofessional.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      George Mathews… He never made the 9lbs weight cut. I think everyone is confused here. Watch this VIDEO. Sounds like Estima never intended to make the 180lbs weight limit.

      “I know he’s supposed to be the big MMA bad guy and he’s all tough, he’s supposed to be showbiz, but what is this? When you make an announcement that you’re going to fight for charity and you don’t show up, what the hell is going on? It’s not about showbiz. It’s about being a good person. I don’t know what is going on. … I’m a professional athlete. I never thought he wouldn’t show up. I came from the U.K., I made the weight, I made 185 pounds, I didn’t expect him to not show up. I don’t understand why he’d run away.”

      • According to Braulio, there is video of it, and it was witnessed by Lana Stefenac, a BJJ black belt from Cesar’s camp. This is Braulio’s quote:

        “Unfortunately the so expected super fight Estima vs Diaz didn’t happened. I’m very sad as I did everything possible for it to happen. I weighed in at 180lbs this morning at 10 am as agreed and asked to see nicks weighing too but I was informed by Cesar his Coach that he was 180lbs in the previous night and that he ate and is over 180lbs even though I just let it go an still showed up to fight. What pisses me off the most is that he was telling he was going to give his purse to charity for the childrens hospital and than don’t show up. What kind of person is that. Shame. Ps. I’m sorry for all the ones who stayed up to watch this fight but I’m sure the prelims fights was amazing. Thank u all for the support aways”

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          A video of him weighing in at 180lbs? Because in the video above he says he weighed 185 the day of the fight which is what they agreed to and then changes his story to say that he made 180lbs the day of. What a mess… There is either a language misunderstanding on Estima’s part or he is lying about making 180lbs because he claims not to have even agreed in writing to weighing in at 180lbs and that Ronda Rousey saw him weigh in at 180lbs. He also seems to not understand weigh ins.

        • f**king guy says:

          u dont need proof video since Cesar already said Estima made 180lb weight
          thats proof enough

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Really? I don’t believe it. What I posted was right from the work horse’s mouth. That makes no sense for Caesar to throw Nick, his star pupil under the bus.

    • Jordon says:

      That is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. He is too real to show up to a charity event? Jesus, let’s not be dillusional. The guy is a huge cry baby. Complains about how he wants this and that and how they dont pay him enough and yet he doesnt do what he is suppose to do… He has this woe is me attitude and it is fucking ridiculous. He didnt even bother to tell anybody why he couldnt make it or anything, just left the guy waiting for him on the mat and all of his fans that PAY HIS CHECKS empty handed after dishing out the money to watch him compete. The guy is a good fighter when he actually fights, although he does cherry pick opponents. He absolutely needs to grow up. It is a fucking charity event.

      • danielrchargers says:

        i was talking about Nick being to REAL to deal with Broulio’s weight cut crap.
        other than that, i am ashamed in Nick for dodging something that was for charity…

    • jbeamazing says:

      the guy made weight on fight day Nick herd the day before he didn’t so he left but the guy made wait on time

  2. rob says:

    I was gonna go get tapped….but then i got high…glad i wiziwig’d that match instead of blowing a potential dime bag on it.

  3. Ruben says:

    I wonder how many Diaz fanboys payed for that bullshit, hahahahaa

  4. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Noone on this site knows what happen and until all the facts come out don’t be so quik to judge. I remember when GSP pulled out Diaz fight a week out and said his knee was hurt but then the world found out his knee was fine. Diaz even said that after BJ fight and it ended up being true Then about a week or two later GSP admitted he could have fought and wasn’t really hurt then not more than a few days alter he really did blow out his ACL. I call that bad karma. Whats ok fro GSP isn’t ok for anyone else. Diaz is a bad boy so no matter what happen last nite all you fanboys will never buy it anyway so why even say shit. What about Shane Carwin getting his name run thru the mud by the United states federal prosecuter saying Carwin had boatloads of steroids delivered to his house on multiple occasions for many years from an ILLEGAL pharmacy. They said the amounts fro staggering. One shipment was enough for 10 heavy users for 5 years. So whats Carwin do but not say a damn word himself of have his management. Nop its ok for certain people to do whatever they want and not get questioned but when Nick Diaz does something like stupid ole pot next thing you know all YOU IDIOTS and you know who you are talking a mile shit how pot gives him an advanatge and all that bullshit lies. But same idiots act like Sonnen is a hero and the man is FELON and biggest cheater in MMA with maybe only one exception Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt. bunch of GSP fanboys most of you. I would pay $1000 to see Nick Diaz fight before I would pay 10 cents to see boring ass GSP fight

    • jdubx says:

      i read half of what you typed and decided you’re an idiot.

    • RoyceGracie says:

      Lol wtf are u talking about ur dumb as fuckk GSP blew his ACL he couldnt compete

    • Michael says:

      you mad bro?

    • Mwill says:

      Hey Fitch, GO FUCK YOURSELF! What are you a fucking lawyer you piece of shit! The facts are he did not show up so fuck you!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Idk all the little details about GSP’s injury but he did injure his leg and then over compensated with his other which led to a torn ACL. You should give GSP a little slack. I’ve been hearing that Derek Rose will be out for 6-9 months for his recently torn ACL. GSP will be out for a similar amount of time…

    • Mwill says:

      Fuck all you Nick Diaz fans! Go ahead and try to explain why he no showed an event he was supposed to donate his purse to charity! I’ve said it a million times already, Fuck Nick Diaz but now I’m telling you, fuck all you Nick Diaz fans!!!! I hate to say i told you so, no wait, fuck you, im glad to tell you i told you so!!!! Go ahead and stand by his side like he’s your bro or something. The real truth is he does not give a fuck about you or the fans! The fact that anyone can still try to stick up for him means they are just as fucking delusional as Nick is! I can see a pile of shit a mile away, why can’t you?

      • arturo salcedo says:

        Nick stay at home and smoke some weed, simple is that,that was more fun then getting tap and that’s why we love him he just don’t give a shit, you didn’t paid for the match so quit crying, show or not next time he fights I will gladly paid for.

      • jersey says:

        god damn , u couldnt have said it better mwill

    • arturo salcedo says:

      I 100% agree. You nail it

    • Jordon says:

      Youre a fucking idiot. You try to change every article into a GSP bash-fest. And im not even exaggerating a little bit. Look at his previous posts, i swear to god they will you make you laugh your ass off cuz literally EVERY ONE is about how GSP sucks and cheat and all this. You would think GSP fucked the guy’s girlfriend.

      • Hightower says:

        @Jordon, completely agree. the guy claims he’s been watching mma for years and years and says some of the stupidest shit ever. no matter what you talk about he will bring up either jon fitch, or gsp or sonnen. im starting to think this guy is just a muscle head loving douche.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        hahahaha maybe GSP did fuck his girlfriend. In the ass. Before he could.

        • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

          Come on be real when is the last time you ever saw GSP with a girl. Phil Nurse is his -manbitch. you know his little greasing buddy

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          I thought I saw him sitting next to some blonde at one of the PPVs, but it very well could have been a cross-dresser.

        • James says:

          I hear GSP likes to hang out with Eddie Murphy.

  5. Josh says:

    I’m a big Nick Diaz fan, but this type of stuff makes not even want to support him as a fighter. This dude could be the champ if it wasn’t for his attitude. Either way I hope he learns because he messin up his reputation as a fighter.

  6. chris says:

    Diaz games are old he is a sore loser and a mental case. I love all the Diaz’s fans who blew their money thinking this guy would show up. LOSER!!

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I hope there’s more to it that will somehow partially excuse the shit that nick pulled by not showing. If dude made weight, to just not show is inexcusable

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Well Estima was overweight and then made the agreed 185lbs they agreed to the following day instead of the original 180lbs. Nick must have been very pissed to have not shown up. After all reputations are on the line and Nick has never been submitted. I want to hear what Nick has to say.

      Estima must have been taking weight cutting tips from Rumble Johnson.

  8. mike says:

    This is inexcusable guys. Nick can talk tough in the cage, but he failed to show up to a match in which he had nothing to lose against another great competitor. I’m hesitant to even label Nick as a good person. Keep in mind that this was for CHARITY! Nick failed on a commitment that would have helped kids who are dying from cancer. I’m confident that most us on this website are decent people, and would welcome any friendly competition in our own professions that would raise money for a cancer hospital — heck, I would go out there and take a beat-down from Braulio if I knew the money being raised was going to help make this world a better place. It might be possible that because of Nick’s lack of education that he might not be able to see the big picture of things.

    • Blade says:

      I’m a amatur MMA fight with a 4-2-1 record I would go up against any UFC fighter if it was for charity. Yea I would get blasted by them but I would still have done it for those kids. If its for charity I’m willing to do anything to help save lives I may have been beaten but I would still feel good since I helped someone live another day.

  9. ieatvag says:

    at least i can watch nate diaz fight for the 55 belt
    nate = nick 2.0

  10. Junior says:

    One word FIRED

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I can’t wait till the MMA match! Estima vs Diaz! Estima is going to get murdered.

  12. - says:

    people forgot it just wasn’t about the weight apparently Diaz’s money wasn’t going to go to charity.

  13. Dana White says:

    If Nick was upset that Estima did not in fact make weight, Nick should have made an appearance and addressed the Estima, the crowd in attendance and the the fans at home who paid $9.95 for the PPV. That would have been the professional thing to do. It is one thing to not compete because rules were not followed but its another to not even show up.

    • Steve says:

      Theres that word “professional” Nick may be a pro fighter but there is nothing about him that is professional. He needs a good ass whippin and needs to grow up then maybe he can be professional

  14. Tsimanga says:

    Flat out – he was scared, knew he was going to get whooped and bailed. 9 whole pounds… geez, glad real fighters like BJ or Randy were never crybabies like this or we’d have never seen them fight Machida or Lesnar.

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    what a jerk-off.

  16. Lbc87 says:

    Estima cut 9 lbs and made 180 to be fair just another case of Nick being unprofessional this isn’t an Mma fight and in almost all bjj fights you weigh in the day of

  17. Scotty says:

    Everyone should know by now Nick doesnt give a shit what people say and will do whatever he wants if he feels its necessary.. Call him a cry baby but he stands by how he feels.. Examples: He doesnt like all the media, so what he do? He misses a press conference and it costed him the fight.. But to him, he says screw the media, i will be there for the fight and fight.. And stands by it! Example number 2, Condit talked all this shit how he was going to bang with Nick and it was going to be a dogfight/war.. what happened Condit ran, Diaz controversially lost because of it so, he said fuck it im done with the bullshit.. And stood by it.. Same goes here it seems.. Estima missed weight which is a smack inthe face to your opponent and the promotion.. So Diaz says “u disrespect me, we dont have a match”! Its what he does and prolly always will do it! But atleast he stands by it!

  18. xhoochiex says:

    Don’t be scared homie

  19. Alex Daas says:


    have all the facts come out yet? No, so STFU BEFORE YOU END UP EATINt YOUR OWN WORDS.

  20. jones says:

    this writer is an idiot…talking like nick is known to miss fights…he misseed 1 press conference and got pulled off the fight…and u talk about mayhem miller? nick was ww champ at the time and said he would fight mayham at 170 no prob or he wanted to be paid extra to move up in weight and fight some loser ,an nick was still champ at that time,,,it was all risk for nick… nick is very pro..this aint mma,this was a bjj grappling comp and i dont even think nick was getting paid..i cant believe how bias this idiot writer is…NICK HAS NEVER MISSED A FIGHT OR PULLED OUT INJURED OR SICK..and nick was fighting every 3 months last year..

    • Bob says:

      Quit your cryin’. He has a pattern of doing these things. That missed press conference cost him the title fight with GSP. How many plane tickets did Dana and the UFC say they sent him again? This fight with Braulio looks like a duck move to me. He simply didn’t wanna get tapped and embarrassed, which was going to happen for sure. Similar to avoiding Mayhem I think, cuz he had just fought Scott Smith and Frank Shamrock at higher weights, but didn’t wanna fight Mayhem at the same weight, knowing Mayhem would be much tougher. Hell, he tried to duck BJ before he was talked into that fight at the last minute too. On top of all that, there’s all these threads on the UG about him no-showing seminars, and these stories have come from people for years now.

  21. JSP says:

    Clearly it was his ADD, he was dressed in his pink gi and wearing his big girl panties ready to go and when he was leaving his house he saw this beautiful butterfly and decided to chase it for 9 blocks until it got hit by a bus then he got sad and smoked a bowl. Case closed.

  22. Canilive says:

    Then let him go back to competing for his own sake in small comps Saw him at UFC at fox and told him he’s a great fighter and called his name and still couldn’t get him to say what’s up. At least I can say I’ve been ignored by nick now weeeeee

  23. true mma says:

    The hell with this fool. This fool needs to grow up and be a man.

  24. James says:

    GSP is not impressed…

  25. maurice says:

    ive been the biggest diaz fan until he disrespected bj during and after their fight. bj is one of the realest fighters, so to talk shit to him and his team after a fight is just straight disrespectful. i admired him for so long, then lost respect just that quick. so fuck diaz for not reppin ceasar gracie jj at the highest level. and fuck diaz for acting like he beat condit. gtfo


    Nick is the fuckin man.. regardless

  27. parker says:

    I’m a Diaz fan but that’s bullshit, you don’t have to respect Your opponents but have some respect fir your fans and the people that payed to see that

  28. jbeamazing says:

    It’s hard these days to be a Nick fan

    He either needs a better manager or he is a diva like bitch like when he lost to Carlos and said I’m going home I retire maybe he can learn from his brother how to be humble in defeat like a man he probably watched a video on Braulio Estima and then retired from bjj

  29. T.DADDY says:

    what a waste.. great fighter but he just dont care i guess…smh

  30. DMAC says:

    If Braulio would’ve won he could’ve used that to make big money coming into MMA. They’d call him the one and only guy to tap out Nick Diaz etc. I can only assume this was what Diaz thought after the fact. If Nick himself said this was going to charity that’s pretty bad, I don’t see him saying that’s what reports say.

    Sucks the fans didn’t get to see a mega star compete for chump change, Diaz is always trying to get big money so idk why he even entertained this idea but he did.

    Total screw up on Diaz and Cesar part, they should’ve known off the jump that they have far more at steak then braulio.

  31. Donnybrook says:

    Nick just went from HERO (donating his purse to charity) to ZERO (for pussing out)… could care less if the DIVA of MMA ever competes again.

  32. GT says:

    What shame. I’m a big Diaz fan. I bought the live stream and had friends over. What a shocker. I really feel bad for Cesar Gracie. I wonder how embarrassed he must be from his students disgraceful behavior.

  33. Bjj BB says:

    i been a fan of nick until he fought bj, the disrespect he showed bj made me hate the guy, don’t get me wrong I’m not bitter bj lost, just mad at how he displayed his lack of respect for sum1 he said he looked up to.. now he’s doing this shit again? what a fucking pussy!! FUCK NICK DIAZ!! (haters of what i wrote comment below and eat a dick)

  34. you guys are idiots says:

    Have you fucktards ever came to the conclusion that nick’s money wasn’t going to charity? They bended the rules for that bitch ass jiu jitsu fighter estima for not making weight, you sign the contract to a certain weight and pay and if you try and bend the rules the day before the fight what the fuck do you think is gunna happen? Plus so what nick didn’t show up does that mean the money they generated for the fight didn’t go to charity? If it didn’t then there is something really wrong here, It’s probably why nick didn’t show up. There’s just so many questions to ask, stop being close minded fucks and start to think before you type.

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      Best post of the day hands down.

    • Pancho says:

      True shit!

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Get your dick out of your hands and YOU think before you type. Estima made weight the day-of, and that’s more important than the day before. And how was it Nick Diaz’s place to just not show up as punishment(?) because of that? It’s the people regulating the event that Estima has to answer to. Diaz signed the same contract Estima did, but you think Diaz can just do whatever?

      Stop trying to rationalize what your hero did and realize that he(like you) is probably just being a crybaby diva.

    • Ko_King says:

      Eat a dick! ( you guys are idiots )

    • Jim says:

      You’re calling others idiots? Irony.

      People who paid to see that fight should by all rights be getting their money back. Anything else is a complete failure of performance in terms of contract law.

      • lol says:

        have you ever been to a concert before fuck head? Well I have been to a few and they dont give you your money back because there is no contract to sign just like this fight, FUCK FACE!!

  35. djcito says:

    He said he has been paid way to much money. That nice home he lives in, that nice racing bike he rides, the financial security he has set up for himself…. That comes from the fucking fans that has supported him over the years, the PPV events, gate sales, seminars, etc etc……………. This guy can go fuck himself from now on. With so many pro fighters now treating this sport as a business and delivering on commitments why the fuck should i support this mumbling arrogant prick anymore?????

    • Alex Daas says:

      dude, the fact is we dont have all the facts. why u so quick to crucify him? The reason hes had the success hes had is because he earned it, if only all mma fighters had such balls. Let me ask you something, who da fuk is this guy Nicks fighting anyway? nobody know his name, but if he was to beat nick then everyone would know his name u can bet ur ass, and u can bet ur ass he realizes this.. Im not saying the guy is not credible, im sayin hes not on the level of fame as MMA guys,, and fame = money my friend. I would prefer to find out ALL that is involved in this situation before i say, Ok Nick fucked up, and even if he did fuck up it would be his first offense! Nick has never not shown up to a FIGHT. this would be the first time PERIOD…

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Sigh… nobody knows him because this is an MMA site and you only know MMA fans. This was a BJJ fight and Estima is one of the best in the world. Go look up his record before you talk shit.

        Also it’s clearly not his first offense as a fighter. THE reason you ever give someone a break from their first offense is because it may not be a pattern in the future. Obviously this IS a pattern for Nick Diaz and he should be punished fully.

        Stop looking for loop-holes for him. If you’re a fan, he screwed you over. Don’t defend that shit.

    • Alex Daas says:

      and by the way, if you wana talk about Nick missing press conferences,, I would prefer a fighter who doesnt show up to the press conference but SHOWS UP at the fight and fukyn FIGHTS!!!,, ANYDAYY over the guy who talks shit at the press conference but lays an egg in the octagon…

  36. Pancho says:

    Everyones jumping to conclusions over dumbshit, he mustof had a legit reason. It’s disappointing nonetheless but let the guy speak first at least.

    • James says:

      You obviously have a poor understanding of how the internet works. Now shut up and grab a torch.

    • Nick "So f*****g higH" Diaz says:

      i was high wen i said my pay gonna go to charity.. F**k that sh*t dawg… they pay me too much but not enuf … i dont even hav a house … im a fighter… dont be scared homie im gonna tap u out… this shit aint fo me u know… i fight too much n i get paid too much but not enuf… donald duck aint real u know.. bugs bunny ate his carrot u know… i do this sh*t team cesar all the way…. my gps didnt work so i got lost.


      f*kin diaz

  37. Bjj BB says:

    (@ you guys are idiots) buwaaaaahahahahahaha!! u still show up PERIOD!! and everything you said is a 100% contradicting statement cause what your saying, you don’t know if its true as well, so go and change your name to IM A FUCKING IDIOT!!

  38. Nick you fucken fag says:

    I can’t believe everyone here is fighting with each other over a piece of shit like nick when he can’t even come and show up for myself let alone the kids he just fuck over. Fucken fag.

  39. frankieedgarblows says:

    Nick Diaz was scared… homie!

  40. D-yan says:

    oh god! lets forget about this guy.

  41. D-yan says:

    who cares dude i can’t watch straight jj anyway its boring.

  42. Nick "So f*****g higH" Diaz says:

    Nick “So f*****g higH” Diaz
    i was high wen i said my pay gonna go to charity.. F**k that sh*t dawg… they pay me too much but not enuf … i dont even hav a house … im a fighter… dont be scared homie im gonna tap u out… this shit aint fo me u know… i fight too much n i get paid too much but not enuf… donald duck aint real u know.. bugs bunny ate his carrot u know… i do this sh*t team cesar all the way…. my gps didnt work so i got lost.


    f*kin diaz

  43. Ben Nusbaum says:

    This is why Nick Diaz fans go back and forth. I like watching the guy work but then he does crap like this. Nate shows up and does his thing. Whenever Nick is in a good place, he fucks it up, be it Marijuana, no-showing, etc. Be a professional, or stay retired.

  44. A.James says:

    I’m tired of Nick Diaz. Let’s move on.

  45. Noah Plata says:

    I think this is fkn hilarious the balls on this guy lol. I didn’t see this coming at all.. First of all does any one know if the weigh-ins are like MMA the day before or if you have until the fight to make weight? If it’s the day before like mma then yea Diaz didn’t have to fight Braulio at all.. The contract would of been nullified, but where Diaz was wrong was not letting anyone know he wasn’t going to compete.. Only Nick Diaz and 5 year old’s do that. I dont have a problem with Diaz not competing I dont even have a problem with him doing a no call no show to be honest I think it’s funny but to all his fans that gave up their saturday and their money that they work hard for the least Diaz could do would be offer an explanation or give someone a little notice, but this guy simply doesn’t give a fuck about anyone

    • DMAC says:

      Come on man the event was only $10 for a mega star and there were plenty of other things to do at the expo for your ” hard earned $10 and your precious time”. Folks are just pissed because they thought they were gonna see a top 5 fighter for bubble gum money. Sucks it didn’t happen but I’m sure there’s a good reason.

      • Nick you fucken fag says:

        What about the 10 and 11 year old boys suffering from cancer representing the charity nick was going to give his winnings to, who only cared about meeting the mega star or mega shit. You go and tell those kids go do something else cuz there’s a lot of other things to do. Your a real sorry human and like your pitch nick the shit.

  46. thetude says:

    nick Diaz along with Chael sonnen has absolutely no respect no respect for anything, or anybody, including his fans, which im am no longer one of. Straight cry baby punk bitch. Loses a fight and leaves the UFC, no shows for a charity event. Imagine the time and manpower that his bullshit hype created, then a huge letdown, i smoke weed too but i have never missed an important event, dude needs to lay off it because it might be taking away his ambishon which is the only negitive side effect. He needs to get off his high horse and either stop fighting or learn a little humility, man i would love to see GSP put on a fucking clinic on diazs’ head, stop wasting people time nick, once again i have to say it, PUNK ASS BITCH CRY BABY

  47. Brend0magic says:

    Cannot believe he’d do this. I guess he truly doesn’t care about anything but himself. Unless theres some serious problem that kept him from coming, this is bullshit and we need an explanation, reason or not. Btw, I still like Nick and will still want to watch him fight if he ever does again, this just put a sour taste in my mouth that’s all.

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